Chapter 2


I am at a loss and there's nothing I can do about it.

No, actually I've been at a loss for a while now, but reality doesn't accommodate you just like that.

Reality meaning the reality of another world, that is.

After noticing I could see my own Status, for a start I did just that:


Name: Alice
Race: Halfelf
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Class: Apprentice Mage
Level: 1
Skill: None
Magic: None


It's true that I set the age to fifteen, but to think I'd really grow three years younger...

Well, I've changed gender, so that may be the least of my worries.

And the name, Alice, is just like I set it.

Alice, because it's so close to my last name Arisugawa.

The clear, nearby lake reflected my appearance.

A pretty girl just like I had made her.

I tried smiling a bit.

Crap, she's too cute.

I might fall for her.

Although it's me.

Didn't I make a slight mistake with the settings?

Are other worlds no fun after all unless you're a man?

...oh, well.

A more pressing issue is the entry on magic.


Magic: None


That's bad.

As a Level 1 Apprentice Mage, I should learn magic after leveling up a bit, but at least at the moment I had none.

Because everything's been true to my settings so far, chances are the Attributes will be the same, too.

In other words, hand-to-hand combat is impossible for this character.

And yet I can't use magic.

This is seriously bad.

My life's not gonna be in serious danger the moment I meet a monster around here, is it?

The moment I realized that, I got scared of being on that meadow.

Am I going to be fine around here, monster-wise?

In my early days, it's not going to be that unreasonable, right?

But because I couldn't see anyone around, I had no choice but to move on my own.

By the way, to see if I couldn't log out or something, I minutely checked my Status, loitered around a bit and spent some more time at a loss, like before.


... all for naught.


I'd seen that coming.

So, first I had to search for a town or so to survive.

Before making my move, I checked my equipment.


Weapon: None

Armor: Cloth Clothes

Accessory: None


Hey, aren't I really gonna die when a monster comes?

To warn myself, to not do anything reckless, I remembered my own Attributes.


Strength 0, Endurance 1, Protection 0, Agility 4, Mind 5


Like this, right?

No weapons, but Strength 0.

Only Cloth Clothes, but Endurance 1 and Protection 0.

Mind 5, but no magic to rely on.



I have to overcome this with Agility.

If I encounter a monster, I'm going to run away!

That decision in mind, I set out.


While fearfully walking around, something like a distant town came into view.

Looks like I'm on top of a hill right now, so I can easily see all around.

I call it a town, but it isn't that large.

Only a bit more developed than a village, I'd say.

However, even if I enter the town, I have neither money nor a place to stay. What's going to happen to me?


Furthermore, you see?

Right now, I am the most perfectly beautiful girl I could imagine.

I checked it earlier, and I'm so lovely I could fall for myself.

Sleeping outdoors will be bad.

If I don't secure a place to sleep securely, it'll be bad.

This place definitely has worse public order than modern Japan, right?

I like the thought of getting attacked by a man even less than getting attacked by a monster.

That would be hell.

First, I have to find a way to defend myself.

In all kinds of meanings.

——but just before reaching the town, I finally encountered a monster!


Level 1 Petite Panther


Enemy Status, says the information popping up in my head.

But more importantly...


It's a puppy.

It's a perfect, mischievous puppy.

It's grown a little horn, but it's still a cute horn.

The fangs a bit sharp, but they're still cute fangs.

I'm a complete dog person, by the way.

I think had my apartment allowed pets, I totally would've kept a dog...


"Eh, woah!"


The cute puppy came charging at me with its horn.

I dodged it at the last second.

Hey, wait, puppy!

That was dangerous

What are you going to do if you stab me with that!

That's not funny!


"...sorry, puppy! I mustn't die in this place, either!"


I readied myself and decided to fight.

Before the puppy recovered its stance from the charge, I punched it.

As expected of my Agility.

With casual ease I hit the puppy.






The puppy's big, round eyes met mine.

I almost got bitten for that.


"CRAA...!" I quickly dodged.

...ap, I definitely can't win this.

This is too powerless, right?

When my limit is prodding a puppy.

Arm strength that loses against a puppy? Come on!

What do I do? What do I do!

While I my thoughts were impatiently treading in circles, the puppy charged again.




I can't dodge that one.

One hit?

Am I going to die in one hit?

Protection 0 means paper, right?

I keep watching the events in slow motion, blinking not even once.




Suddenly, a well-built uncle stepped between the puppy and me.

Why uncle, you ask?

Because I saw his dandy profile that made it clear he's that old!

Uncle stopped and repelled the puppy's charge with his shield and impaled it with his sword.

... doesn't make for a nice picture, does it.

With that, the puppy stopped moving and disappeared like fog.

I see, monsters disappear upon defeat.

That's way better than leaving behind corpses.

A drop item appeared.


Petite Panther's Fur


I wonder, can I just sell these and make my living that way?

Uncle specially picked it up and threw it to me.


"That was dangerous, Missy. A little Missy like you shouldn't loiter around outside town like that?"



Ahh, he means me.

This dandy old man threw me a look over his shoulder and loosened his face into a broad grin.


"Y-yes. Thank you very much."


Alright, perfect yourself!

I originally intended to do so anyway, but now I'll show you what a great girl I can be!

I am a bit excited though.

Although there's nothing that could expose me. I'm not gonna be exposed, right?


"But... this is a surprise. Missy, are you an elf?"



Uncle made a surprised face after looking at me again.


How did he notice I'm an elf?

I'm actually a halfelf though.


"No, I'm a halfelf."

"Hee..., I see I see. You're the cutest girl I've ever seen, so I thought you might be an elf, but I see."


Are elven looks that superior?


"I-is that so. Uhm, thank you very much. For saving me just now."


I'd been on the verge of death. No kidding.


"I told you, don't sweat it. We have to help each other in trouble, right? From the looks of it you're alone; don't you have a companion?"


Uncle answered me with a smile and worriedly looked around since I was alone.

I hadn't had a bad feeling about him in since the beginning, but now he seemed like a genuinely good guy.

Hmm, what should I do.

Mixing in a bit of the truth, I told him my situation.


"Actually, I left home. Uhm, I cannot ever go back, and without anywhere to go, either, I was wondering what to do... probably."


It's true.

I only omitted some details.

And whether I can ever go back or not needs some verification in the future.

Uncle listened to my story quietly.


"Missy, you said you're a halfelf, right... Elven villages are harsh in that respect. Must have been tough on you."


Uncle was moved to tears a bit.

And hey, elves are horrible, aren't they?!

Really elitist, huh.


"Ahh, nono, how should I put this."


But arbitrarily making the elves the bad guys didn't sit well with me either.


"It's fine, it's finy, Missy. Everyone's got a thing or two they don't want to remember!"


Yepyep, Uncle nodded.

What should I do, this person is a bottomless fountain of goodness.


"Still, I see. But it's no good if a missy like you has nowhere to go. Humans aren't all bad guys, either, but it must be tough to live on your own for a girl as ignorant of the world as you are, Missy."


Ignorant of the world, huh.

Is that how I look to you?

Well, I can't fight and I was alone outside of town.

And at least in this world it's true that I don't know left from right.

I got anxious after all.

Seeing my uneasy expression, Uncle gave me one, big nod.


"I'm Nicholl, an adventurer living in this town. I live with my wife and daughter, but if you like, why don't you stay with us, Missy? This must be some kind of fate. I can't just let you to the dogs like this."



Is this what they call a godsend?

Ignorant of the world as Uncle had called me and exhausted to boot, I nodded without hesitation.

It's too much trust in someone I just met, but he did save my life.

And more than anything, I really have no way to survive in this world, so I have to rely on someone.

For now.


"Uhm, it may cause you trouble, but please help me."

"Hahaha, that's no trouble. With someone like you at home, Missy, it'll be cheerful, and my daughter'll be happy for someone her age."

Uncle told me with a wry smile that she'd always been noisy about wanting a little sister.


"I... My name is Alice. Nicholl-san, really, thank you!!!"


When I smiled in relief from the bottom of my heart, Uncle got a bit agitated and flustered.


"O-Ouu! Let's go, Mis... Alice-chan!"


Like that, I took my first step living in another world.

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