Chapter 14

Other World Maid Cafe Revolution



How should I get Ilya?

While mulling that and leaving the firm, I was suddenly called to a stop.


"... yes?"


When I turned around, Blackie was glaring at me with an amazing expression.

Nono, I'm not the killer of your parents, okay?


"Are you an elf?"

"... isn't it against the rules to try getting that information without compensation?"

"Are you going to tell me if I get you that woman?"


... excuse me?

I doubted my ears for a second.

After blinking 2.3 times, I tilted my head in confusion.


"What are elves to you then?"

"... I have a grudge against them."


I about-faced.




Nono, for that reason alone I mustn't get involved with you.


"Get lost."

"If I don't have enough money, I'll enter than tournament and win her."

"As someone from the firm? Talk about fixed games. Don't tell me, that was the plan since the beginning?"


In that case the firm is shady after all.


"This is unrelated to the firm. Besides, I'm a mercenary. I'm just hired with money."

"I don't think this is a problem that's solved just because you don't belong to the firm, though..."


However, Blackie seems strong.

Maybe he can win and obtain Ilya for me.

... Still. In that case, I would sell myself out.



"I'm going to make my own move."

"I don't mind. I'm going to do what I want, too. Depending on the result, I'll get my reward."


Blackie come to an agreement by himself and returned into the firm.


"... Solt, was it?"


Just what in the world did the elves do to him.



Be that as it may.

First comes money.

Without money, I cannot pay back my favors.

Without money, I cannot buy Ilya.

Without money, I cannot get proper equipment.

Without money, I cannot go to the royal capital.

Thus, I wouldn't be able to obtain Ilya, either.

Therefore  I finally went to my original target, the guild.


"Money, money, money..."


No matter where I go, the way of the world is tough.


"Ah? Oh, you are..."


When I entered the guild and went to the counter, a receptionist girl called out to me.


Red, frizzy hair and freckles?


"Ahh, from that time?"


The face of that cheeky brat immediately came to mind.


"I'm really sorry for what my little brother did!"


No, if you bow with enough vigor to seem like you'll hit your head against the counter to apologize, it's a bit embarrassing for me, too.

Look, the others around us are watching curiously!

"No, no, please raise your had. It's not like anything happened back then. You're exaggerating."

"Thank you."



Somehow her smile is very relaxing.

Like you can be yourself; like you don't have to be on guard...


"So you're working at the guild?"

"Yes. Ah, I'm Eleanor."

"I'm Alice."

 "I know. My little brother was so annoying about it, sheesh. You're too beautiful, Alice-san. He wanted you to notice him, you know? He's such a rascal, but still a man, I guess."


To think I'd tempt such a stupid brat even...

Just what sin have I created?

No, that doesn't matter at all.


"By the way"

"Ah! You have business at the guild, don't you? I'm sorry."


So quick to change gears~.

You can just let me finish talking, you know?


"Ehm, first I'd like to register as an adventurer at the guild."

"Got it! Then please fill out this form with your name, age, gender, class, and level."

"There's no need for the race?"

"If you wrote that, it might lead to discrimination. The guild however opens its gates to everyone."


I see, that helps.

Wait, if there would've been a problem with my race, Shion-san wouldn't have sent me here alone.

I entered the necessary information on me in the blanks.

It's a weird thing.

I think I write in Japanese, but it's being changed into Somethingish.


"Is this alright?"

"Thank you... ehm... a Mage!? Ah, no, I mean yes, it's alright."


She sure is lively...


 "For validation, could you please show your Status to me? With the race hidden, of course."



I operated the Status and showed it to Eleanor.

She sure is diligent, enthusiastically comparing it to the form. It's kinda cute.


"Yes, everything in order. Thank you very much!"

"No, the pleasure is mine."


For some reason I bowed my head.

I'm a Japanese through and through, aren't I.


"Now, since the paperwork is in order,  may I please have the  registration fee of 1000 Rook?"

"Of course."


I put the ten silver coins I'd received from Shion-san onto the counter.


"I've certainly received the money. With this you're an adventurer and can use all the guilds on the continent, Alice-san."

"Hee, right away?"

"Of course. The information we keep on you is transmitted and exchanged between guilds via magic crystals. When dealing a guild anywhere, you only have to display your Status and you will be recognized."


Heyhey, fantasy, what's this? The internet?


"Also, please take care that there's an update once a year. On that occasion, your registered information will be renewed and a renewal fee of 500 Rook becomes necessary."

"I see."


They're doing a fine business, these guilds.

There should be quite a number of adventurers. Don't they have quite the income with renewal fees alone?


"But Alice, so you are fifteen, huh... You're two years younger than me, yet already an adventurer. You're amazing!"

"Ehhm, well, it's a miracle I'm still alive though..."

"No need to be so humble!"


No, it's a fact.


"Now, it may be a bit sudden, but do you have some work for me?"


I'm fighting a battle against time here, aren't I.


"Hmm, let's see. The good jobs are all being done by other adventurers already, so... Ah!"


Eleanor stared at some documents for a while before she made a smile like she had thought of something good.

How curious.

I have very few memories where the something good that people making that face thought of was also something good for me.


"... is there something?"

"Yes, I've thought of an amazingly good job!"


Saying she thought of a job is weird no matter how you look at it, isn't it?

It is a guild job, right?

With my anxiety skyrocketing, I listened to Eleanor's proposal.



"Welcome back, Master! Mistress!"


On that evening, there was one special-of-the-day eatery where the tired office workers went to on their way home.

It's name was "Milky Way".

No, sorry, I was indulging escapism for a bit.

Putting it coolly doesn't help.


"Welcome back, Master! Mistress!"


I've repeated that mind-twisting standard line innumerable times now.

Every single time, the men entering the store stared at me.

Your stares are hurting me...

What the heck am I doing here?

To put it bluntly, I'm a maid in a maid cafe.

That should say it all.

I've taken other worlds lightly.

If there are slaves, then of course there are also more maids than in the real world——although that way of putting it is strange by now.

In that case, it's not strange for a store to tend to this kind of niche.

No, I've really taken other worlds lightly.


"Alice-san! A mixed juice for table 3!"


From Eleanore in the kitchen came another demonic order.

Right, this place is run by Eleanor's family.

I was employed as a part-time worker.


"... yes!"


With all my strength, I hid my despair under a smile.

... haha.

Stop kidding me!

Even if my heart is male, I'm still acting out a woman.

A maid?

Ahh, a maid, right.

I'll give you maid.

Anyone looking at me right now would think 'maid'.

The frilly, cute headdress decorating my hair.

The frilly, cute dress down to my knees with the apron on top.

My legs clad in knee-high socks, all perfect!

There's no reason I can't do this!


"I'm sorry for the wait, Master! Mistress!" I energetically called out in front of the table of an adventurer-looking group.

I'd carried the shaker with drinks to table 3 and held it up high in front of the customer.

I took a deep breath and made my whole face smile.


"Then, we're going to cast the spell. Do it with me, Mistress!"


I shook the readied shaker in my hands!



"... shakashaka."


"... furifuri."


"... moe?"



"Become delicious! Moemoekyuuun♪"


I put in love and courage and hope with all my strength!

And then I put the perfected Mixed Juich! carefully down in front of the mistress.

That's when I first met the customer's eyes.


"H-hey. Good job, Alice."

"O...... nee... chan."


It was Shion.








"Wai!? Alice!? You're inside the store now!?"

"Tell me earlier! You're horrible, Onee-channn!"

"Don't cry! Hey, you were really professional, Alice!"


That day, the Milky Way was turbulent until late into the night.

And I, I got my first pay in this other world.

500 Rook.

Earning money is really tough.

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    Ever since reading this chapter I've wondered where that spell came from..... but today reading a funny manga I came across that very moe moe kyun kyun spell. I pretty much choked on the coke I was drinking. Hilarious~

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      Always fine it amusing how an almost exclusively Japanese cultural phenomenon happens to be a main stream cultural thing on other worlds in there stories.. No 95% of the world does not have Maid Cafes!!! lol Oh well all logic aside still an amusing story so far. MC is a tad slow mentaly for a level 5 mind character.. :P

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