It has been a while. It's Yanagimi Touki.

Celebration! 10 volumes reached!

The unthinkable double digit. Honestly, I didn't think I'll be able to continue it for so long.

While I'm a very minor light novel writer, I know how tough is the industry and when I have started the series I have resolved myself to a certain extent writing in a way I'll be able to end it anywhere.

"It seems like you'll be able to release three volumes."

I was really happy when I was told that by the person in charge, after that it was five volumes, eight volumes, I had come up to this point as if walking up the stairs. And like that, I have surpassed 10 volumes, being able to continue it for a little longer.

I'm very thankful. All of this, is thanks to the readers who have followed it so far.


Now then, we've reached 10th volume. The captain of EXE that didn't have much screen time so far, Kurogane Hayato had received his own confrontation.

Even so, this volume, it ended up having a high ratio of men unbelievable to happen in this series.

Didn't at least eight men have appeared? really... stinks of men...

But I think that at times it might be good to have a volume like that. It's already the 10th volume after all.

This time, I especially liked Usagi's sniping scene.

It could be thought as of a sniping that makes her inhuman, but having a sniper that goes beyond human level might or might not have actually happened before. Well, sniping from such a ultra-long distance at a target moving at high speed surely would make her inhuman...

Just like this time's sub-title Witch Hunt War (first part) says, it's continuing.

The next volume would be having the magic side clashing for real against the Inquisition's side.

Look forward to it!


Since there's a little bit space left, I should fill the rest of the page with boobs talk... is what I want to say, I wonder. I mean, I'm not being forced here by anyone and it's a customary thing to let authors write something from themselves... though it's not like anyone is reluctant to do it. It always ends with irresponsible jokes and weird stories, the authors always end up averting their eyes whenever they attempt to re-read it after forcing themselves to write those...

——What agony is it to bear!! I cannot hesitate just because of some jokes! It is something I have to do from the start until the very end!

Now, let's go! Explode my libido! Overflow my passion!

This time's theme is!




——Sorry, impossible (vomits blood).

It appears I can only go this far. Heck, rather than to write about manboobs, it's several tens of thousands more meaningful to write about the mediamix, I think. On the topic of anime, there's an official announcement on the band of the ninth volume.


And, the ones responsible for its production has been determined to be Silver Link-sama!


Yayy! Let's celebrate!

At this stage I don't know how much details can I reveal, but the scenariowriting and character design are steadily progressing. Although I kept you wait for a long time, despite my poor ability as an author I'll do my best to write a good work, so please wait for more news!


Now the credits. K-sama in charge and Kippu-sensei in charge of illustrations, Yasamura Yohei-sensei to whom I'm indebted for comic version. Everyone in Fujimi Shoubou's editing department. All of the people engaged in the animation of the work.

And to those who have taken this book in their hands, you have my thanks.

It's still continuing! Let's meet in 11th volume〜.

Yanagimi Touki

6 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Azurea

    *Slow claps* Another volume has ended... now... the cruel cruel wait for Volume 11.
    But even more so... The blood churning wait for the AMA anime. >w>

  2. Anonymous

    Yanagimi Touki-sensei is completely crazy! His afterwords are probably the best ones I've ever read!


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