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  1. Anonymous

    Imagine a Magic Gem +100 exploding...
    Super combo which insta-kills all the boss monsters O.O

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      Looking back at this. spending 5Mg in a single round, that's some hella extravagant splurging right there. A +10 should be fine, with half an Mg being about right for a Boss battle. She may need Alchemic Arts, though.

  2. Hikari_

    Maybe you could make +100 stuff, but it must be applied to some consumable items that could go back, like arrow (that could back to it's quiver). If you put it into a gem where does the gem must go back?

    anyway, if you want to do some +100 matter conversion, you must have a lot of the stuff and maybe your sense level should be high enough.

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      With arrows you take them out one at a time. +10 arrows return to the quiver. But since magic gems are triggered all at once, and aren't fired, but placed, it might just chain. Yun should make throwing axes +10 for magi, lol.

  3. Owl

    /Facepalm My bad

    Went all the way back to Vol 1 Prologue

    It's Magic Power that gives MP, Magic Talent that channels the power into whatever you do, so one is a battery, the other is the wires that connect the battery to the tools.

    And I lost the thread, no idea what my point was. I blame sleep deprivation. zzz...

  4. lesstea

    I just hope he will be able to 'combine' his bow and magic in the future; something like 'magic arrow'? Maybe that's the higher-sense version of 【Bow】; to apply magic attack into his arrows (magic projectile). With that, he won't need to be restricted by his arrows consumption.

    About 【Sorcery】, did he ever say about the requirement level to combine 【Magic Talent】 with 【Magic Power】? I thought it was lv50, because you see, Sei-nee has 【Sorcery Lv25】, right? Considering her main attack is by using magic, and she often party with her guild members, don't you think its level is too low if the level requirement was lv30?

    1. Owl

      The combi-skill for Magic Attack and Magic Defence is Magic Increase (it's on the list below)
      Sorcery is the combi-skill for Magic Talent and Magic Power.

      Since Sei-chan still has Magic Power skill, it might have been Magic Talent that was the limiting factor since she never leveled it up again.

      I know Magic Talent gives the MP ability, but what is Magic Power?

  5. Owl

    "unicorn+bow= [ Mounted Archery] maybe?"
    "I swear the unicorn is still smaller than Yun,"

    = "I need a new pet, I broke my old one..." :P

    "Sei-nee learned [Magic Power] and [Magic Attack Increase] again"

    So basically she's getting a double bonus. Sounds like magic used this way is going to have a terrifying amount of firepower. Another reason why bows suck I guess, ranged magic can double down on the bonuses but bows don't seem to be able to.

    1. Coma

      actualy is Yun that don't want... because bow use attack power... and "Yun" (I really don't know if I should use he or she... so I'll stick to the new sex known as "Yun" ^^') could buy attack and defense increase to unluck phisical increase and than by back attack increase once again... that way "Yun" would have a double attack bonus sense as well... but it doesn't fit really well in the concept of the soloplayer that have mishapen sense and find some interesting way to use them.... that is probably something we can expect from either Myu or Taku that are more the kind of powerplayer those combo fit best ^^

      also it would sound interesting if Yun could enchant arrows... we know that weapon can be enchanted (Lily had Yun thest the enchant art on a staff) but they are destroyed once the spell inside them is used... but what if the weapon was already a consumable one? it being destroyed would not be a problem... and there is also the chance that those +10 arrow that regenerate in the user hand with -1 on their counter could become reusable even after being enchancted with enchant arts... that way aside from the obvious damage power up (exploding arrow, flaming arrow and so on... a kind of arcane archer from D&D) a lot of additiona effects could be added to the arrows themself... like curses or immobilizing spell or the likes... those are more in line with the "not a damage dealer but a supporter" role that Yun aim to fit in...

      1. dragonmage

        As for the Sense mentioned he if i recall right to increase the defense Senses one needs to take blows to for it get exp and his personality is not 1 that would let him take blows on purpose and he uses Enchants to supplement the lack of Atk power with his other Senses giving DEX boosts.
        Yun should be able to add Poisons(used in the form that they apply a status aliment not just the poisoned stat here) to the arrows. I mean shesh he can craft the poisons himself and probably use the 【Synthesis】or 【Alchemy 】in someway to do so making them Poisoned Arrows then apply the【Enchant Arts】Curses normally for major status aliments for i do not think it would be possible to add additional effects to small low grade arrow heads . And as for the Elements added to them that would not happen most likely since it has been state gems of high grade/size need to be used to place the spell into so he would have to craft gems into arrows. Which would be awesome but not cost effective since even now his cost to performance rate is very low in terms of consumables even if they are crafted by him to lower the cost.

      2. Magi-san's fan

        As stated before, it's not possible to attach enchant art/skill on consumables, that included arrows and food items.

        1. Sanngrior

          indeed its shocking how people dont remember such facts. clearly they havent re-read the story enough so shame on them xD

          that said, adding poison to arrows is a tried and tested method in common sense, so im a little shocked she hasnt attempted it yet, maybe its a vol3 thing or maybe later or never.

          1. Owl

            Well, maybe it's because of playstyle. He's not a player, he's an NPC merchant controlled by a player! :)

            I would love to see if Hawk Eye and Snake Eye can synergise, long range paralysis, aerial enemies are dead at a glance! Paralyse in mid air = it's a long way down!

            What can I say, I'm a min/max player too.

        2. Sonoda Yuki

          Ah, but it should be able to apply higher level matter conversion on the enchant stones, right? If they ere considered a consumable you could make magic gem + 10 &/or enchant stone+10. I don't remember Yun trying that. I wonder if yun could compound consumables further to +100, or if +10 is considered the, limit....

        3. Sonoda Yuki

          Also, its possible to enchant materials, IIRC. And if you enchanted feathers, wood branches, etc and then used synthesis... and then use higher matter conversion. Cursed, poisened, and explosive arrows mwahwa... lets not do explosive, since its a +10.

          1. Anonymous

            Probably he/she can't make exploding arrows this way because the materials would have to be too high grade
            About the cursed arrows, I don't see any advantage because he may just target whaterever enemy using Hawk Eyes...
            And I really don't see a reason why he doesn't make poisoned arrows

      3. Yoshiwa

        Yun already found out that enchanting consumables resulted in them breaking. The only thoughts on it were if the skill level increased enough this restrition might lift or if material quality was increased the item might not break, similar to the enchanting practice on rings; Below bronze=insant break, above bronze=one positive, one negative, or two of one and one of the other, any more and it breaks um can't remember if two each was mentioned but either way can't get three positive, and they didn't try any high level materials. Although somthing I just thought of is that the begginer bow and armour had infinite durability Yun should have enchanted them.(:

      4. Jaryk

        Total like where u are going but yun Is caught up in low cost measures of attacking if there is away to enchant the arrows without them breaking or having to use expensive materials that would be right up there with the attack gems so much options with that setup like the super hero hawk eye r green arrow if she had the dark hero personality she be a great sniper/assassin tho they think yun build was weak I think it's was perfect from the beginning I have chosen similar builds in RPGs to create the perfect self sustained ranger/rogue/druid

  6. Coma

    mmm something strange... If I get it right when you get a "combined sense" (phisical increase, sorcery and magic increase are the one we know of at the moment) it actualy remove the 2 "basic sense" that were combine into it (If I'm not wrong this is the explanation that was given in volum 1 for "phisical increase sense")... but if we look at Sei's sense build we can see that those "combined senses" have actualy taken the place of only ONE of the 2 "basic senses"...

    sorcery that is a combination of "magic power" and "magic talent" only took the place of "magic talent" (Sei still have the "magic power sense" in her unequipped sense list)
    magic increase that is a combination of "magic attack increase" and "magic defense increase" only took the place of magic defense increase (Sei still have the "magic attack increase sense" in the list of her active senses... actualy she have both it and the combined version both equipped O_o)

    if it instead was an additional sense unlocked when you get enough of the 2 basic senses... than both magic talent and magic defense increaseare missing from her unequipped sense list... or is it maybe that you can buy back the the basic sense once you have already used it to create the combined sense?

    ... sorry my MMO playtester soul is coming out in search for bugs ^^'

    1. Kadi

      Simple answer: Sei-nee learned [Magic Power] and [Magic Attack Increase] again after they were removed due to getting [Sorcery] and [Magic Increase]

  7. Exceed

    I think there are missing skills for Magi only Tempering Iron and Engraving as her smithing skills

    1. krytyk Post author

      Nope, no missing skills. Crafting skills are supplemented by non-crafting skills. For example attack power increase, hammer and weight reduction allow her to handle heavy stuff and smithing better.

  8. lesstea

    So one day, will Yun take 【Sorcery】, considering he has【Magic Talent】 and 【Magic Power】? I forgot if he ever mentioned it before.

    And I'm interested with what will happen when 【Bow】 ,【Synthesis】, 【Alchemy】 , and 【Craftsmanship】 reach lv30 :)

    1. Abravalis

      Actually I'm wondering why Yun hasn't (couldn't?) choose 【Sorcery】 yet? Because so far every sense had a level up or derivation after level 30. But Yun has already 【Magic Talent】 and 【Magic Power】 over the level of 40 and almost at 50. So even if both need to be level 30 he should have been able to choose 【Sorcery】. But maybe it needs to be 50? Or the author just forgot it (so Yun actually forgot it).
      Another reason might be that he hasn't reached enough SP yet (hasn't leveled enough Sense yet). That could explain why Sei 【Double Chanting】 on lvl 30 although she already has 【Parallel Chanting】 (the higher lvl version) on lvl 20. I hope we'll hear about that in the next volume ^^ On that topic I'm also wondering why 【Hawk Eye】 hasn't evolved yet...

      And we at least know that 【Craftsmanship】 will turn into 【Engraving】. The Bow will most likely branch into something like 【Shortbow】 and 【Longbow】. But I'm looking forward to see the results of the other two Senses you mentioned ^^

        1. All Night

          I swear the unicorn is still smaller than Yun, so I don't believe he'll be riding it unless it evolves or grows.

      1. dragonmage

        Simple reason to why he has not taken 【Sorcery】 it will hurt him more since while yes it will have the same effect as both senses but it will reset to lvl 1 thus he will not be able to craft with mp nor would he be able to enchant until he raises it up. Since his main focus is crafting with MP his G supply and store will take to large a hit from lack of products to sell.
        As for 【Hawk Eye】 he himself does not wish to change it since it is what allows him to be the most useful in a group and hunt with the bow due to the rage of sight + targeting what is in sight when used for enchants.

        1. Abravalis

          The thing about "Sorcery" makes sense. But he could just change his Sense if he wishes to craft.... shouldn't be a real problem there. He could lvl it with enchanting himself while gathering and some such.
          And I don't mean Yun should exchange "Hawk Eye" with something like "Snake Eye" because "Snake Eye" is a totally new sense. I wondered about an evolved version of "Hawk Eye" that could be like "Echant" which got upgraded to "Enchant Arts". So still the same skill with some extra perk.
          But maybe "Hawk Eye" just doesn't give that option.

          1. Dragon Master

            I wonder if you could equip [Hawk Eyes] and [Snake Eyes] at the same time. Then like when they both hit lvl 30 or 50 they can merge to form [Eyes of the Beast]/[Beastial Eyes] or something to that effect. That would be really cool.

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