Okay, let’s play.

I log in and appear on the same same plaza I was when I logged out, so I head to the Adventurers’ Union.


When I tell the receptionist what skills I want to learn, she tells me me where I should go. With that said, it was right next to the reception.

Next to the reception hall there was a space that seemed like a courtyard, and on it, there were several tables. The tables were kind of dark red, well, it’s “that kind of place” so no wonder.

Around them there were multiple men with strong physique, let’s ask them.


“Excuse me, do you have some time?”

“Hnn? ...Sure I do.”

“I would like to be taught «Dismantling» and «Appraisal»...”

“You, Missy? Well, I don’t mind, but...”

“Despite this appearance, I’m an Outsider so there is no need to be concerned.”

“Uh-oh, is that so. I thought ya were a noble girl from somewhere. This helps lots.”

“I’m Anastasia. Please take care of me.”

“Sure, I’m Craig. Nice to meet you, Missy.”


And then I am taught «Dismantling» and «Appraisal»… still, the way he called me “missy” did not change.

Well, let’s ignore this.



〈«Dismantling» was unlocked due to your actions so far.〉

〈«Appraisal» was unlocked due to your actions so far.〉



“Can I get a Dismantling Knife at a smithy?”

“Yeah, you can. Also, you can buy one in general stores, but there’s a shortage of goods now.”

“Because of Outsiders, yes? I arrived in this town just yesterday so I don’t know much, but is the situation serious?”

"...Can it be that you are Inhuman, Missy?”

“Yes, it took me a fair amount of time to get to the town.”

“You look human, if anything… But well, the situation is fairly grave. Good grief, even an Inhuman Missy is acting polite, and yet… ah no, you are human in your world aren’t you."


From Residents… NPCs perspective, we are residents of a different world - Outsiders.

All NPCs know their existence from the divine oracle given by a goddess.

Is what was written on the website.


“Outsiders like you Missy are fine, there is no problem with you. But Outsiders who act rude, really stand out. All we were told from the goddess is to treat you normally, so while we feel bad towards the goddess; there is a talk about banning those who act badly from entering stores.”

“I see. Since we weren’t part of the community in the first place, us being banned from entering stores will not affect them anyway.”

“Pretty much. After all, these stores were already here in the town before this.”

“It isn’t like you are going to ban all Outsiders from entering stores, yes? Then I believe there is no issue with doing that. People like that rarely listen to warnings.”


“Oh, but are there going to be problems if these people are banned from entering?”

“Stores’ doors are usually magic tools. Once banned, they won’t be able to enter and the moment they are refused service they get automatically kicked out, so it’s a non-issue.”

“That’s useful then. They reap what they sow, so isn’t it fine to do so? In our original world people also get banned from stores.”


This game IS an RPG.

But considering it is possible to speak with NPCs like this, it is safest to treat them like humans.

On the official website devs wrote “NPCs possess high-level AI indistinguishable from humans and live their own lives as Residents. Therefore, it is recommended to treat them as “people”.”

An RPG - a Role Playing Game. 

Literally it means to play a role in game, or to “pretend to be someone else”.

If you have decided to act oppressively, then you should accept the result of your actions.

Depending on a players’ actions, the NPCs respond according to their personality settings.

I know TRPGs, and people who played TRPGs can understand the NPCs responses. If you pick a fight with a storekeeper, it’s only natural that you will no longer be able to use the store, right?


“We were told so by the goddess, so I guess it can’t be helped if they are causing trouble?”

“Speaking of which, I don’t know anything about this world’s gods… Is there anywhere I can learn about them? It would be nice if there was a library.”

“Hmm. If you want to learn about goddesses then there’s the church?”

“I’m an Immortal, can I really go to church?”

"...I see. It’s better not to, and you shouldn’t get close to it either.”

“Will I be attacked?”

“No, that’s not it. The problem is the church’s area itself. If you get close you might get purified.”

“I see. So sisters and priests aren’t the issue, but the effect of the place itself?”

“Well, simply put. No one will attack you just because you’re an Immortal. The misbehaving Immortals will get purified, however.”

“That too, is reaping what one sows.”

“Which means you should go to the library, Missy. It’s the fairly big building in the residential area on the West side. It’s detached from the main street just a little――”


〈Your minimap was updated with new information.〉


Oh my... I see, it seems that the route to the library was marked.

Looks like I will not be getting lost.


“Thank you very much. I will go visit it later.”

“Sure. Well, if you are to choose one god, Missy, it would probably be Stellura-sama.”

“Stellura-sama? The plaza’s statue’s?”

“Yeah. She is the goddess that governs light and darkness, life and death, space-time and destiny. For an Immortal, Stellura-sama is most appropriate. Well, go to the library and read about her.”


If she governs life and death, then I would imagine she would hate Immortals… but the way he says it suggests otherwise? I’m curious, so when I’m in the library I should read about gods… about the myths? I should say.

I can understand space-time and destiny. This part is used for the teleportation portal and hence the “Gate and Key” symbol .


“By the way, I will change the topic but… is there a shortage on cooking tools? I want tools for «Cooking» and «Alchemy» as well...”

“I don’t think I have heard about cooking equipment being short? Well… I guess I can tell you, Missy. When you leave the union, move away from the main street and――”


〈Your minimap was updated with new information.〉


“There, is Granny’s general store which is often used by Residents.”

"...Was it okay to tell me?”

“Don’t tell others, okay? When you enter, tell Granny I sent you.”

“I understand. Thank you very much. I have no need potions myself, so I don’t think I will use it that frequently.”

“Sure. Well, that place requires a permit y’know.”

“So, you cannot enter unless you are told about it by someone…?”

“That’s exactly it. The store’s using a special, expensive door.”


In other words it requires… an event flag? Having to hear about it from a resident does look like RPG event flag management.

It seems like there would be other places like this, stores that you can’t enter unless you hear about them from NPC.

I guess this is normal RPG-wise? Becoming able to enter a store only after hearing about it.

I do want the cooking and alchemy sets, as well as a Disassembly Knife, so this is a lot of help.


...Looks like someone else came, so it’s about time I bid farewell.


“Well then, I will take my leave. Thank you for your help.”

“Sure, take care.”


Before leaving the union, I receive a request for exterminating wolves and rabbits near the town.

Should I go to the forest next? ...Let’s go East maybe.

Animal-types in the East apparently are durable and strong, but there are few of them and Eastern forest is easy to walk in.

Brown Boar, Brown Deer, and Brown Bear are enemy types that emerge there, so I take requests for them too.

Alright, let’s go shopping.



Umm, according to the map’s marker, the store is…...that one.

The inside does look like a store, so it must be here.

I quickly enter inside and… I see a granny sitting there.


"...Oh? An unfamiliar face.”

“I heard about this store from Adventurers’ Union’s Craig-san...”

“Hm-mm. What do you need?”

“A set of tools for cooking and alchemy, as well as a Disassembly Knife.”

“Cooking, alchemy and knife will be 3000 each.”


So 9000 in total… I barely have enough...

Actually, all my starting money is already gone from death penalty I got from the sword.

But I still have the 10k I received as bonus which I didn’t collect yet, so I barely have enough.

I might look like a noble girl, but I’m poor.


I purchase these three from the granny.


[Tool] Beginner’s Cooking Kit Rarity: No Quality: C
A portable set of tools for an apprentice cook.

[Tool] Beginner’s Alchemy Kit Rarity: No Quality: C
A portable set of tools for an apprentice alchemist.

[Tool] Disassembly Knife Rarity: No Quality: C Durability: 100
A basic knife for disassembling.
Drop Increase Rate: Tiny


A Copper Pickaxe is 600… pass until later.

Let’s come again when I gather money.


I tell the granny I will come again, and before I go hunt… let’s pick up skills.

Thanks to evolution and rebuild I have 34 skill points left, there’s no problem.

I use 12 points in total and acquire «Cooking», «Alchemy», «Appraisal» and «Disassembly».

My remaining skill points is 22 now.


Oh… I can’t put the Disassembly Knife on the belt?

And it uses simple leather, so it will stand out with this dress. Well, I can put it in the pouch I guess?

It’s something like a shortcut to inventory.


Now, onward. Let’s do Eastern forest assault.

I will go to the library next time.



I proceed on the main street on the East side and leave through the Eastern gate, entering a plain.

Then I head toward the forest while hunting rabbits and wolves.


I kind of want to try using some skill, that I haven’t used before?

Um… let’s try «Dark Magic».

Alright, let’s focus on it as I fight.


It seems like mr. Rabbit takes a single【Dark Ball】to kill, so I beat it and pierce in the Disassembly Knife, then beat another and pierce in again.

This turned into repetitive work, but I guess that’s how it will be.

Let’s head for the forest while beating them.



〈«Dark Magic» reached level 5.〉

〈«Dark Magic»’s【Dark Heal】was acquired.〉


Oh, that was fast?

It seems like magic you learn early is all similar.

During the beta it was discovered that all level 5 spells are healing types while level spell 10 is an arrow type.

Apparently the difference between elements is being investigated now.

Even if they are learned at the same time, spells of each element differ, so they are doing their best to investigate it… is what was written.


I must have a bonus for «Dark Magic» like the one that I have for «Automatic HP Recovery».

I have nothing against my levels going up quickly, so go on and grow up.


As I moved while beating Rabbits with «Dark Magic» and my rapier on the way to the forest, Wolves started to mix in.

Wolves also seem to die with a single hit from magic.

My highest stat is INT and «High Immortal» has a bonus to Dark magic, so I guess it’s no wonder early enemies die with a single hit.

Well, their levels are low, from 2 to 6, so no wonder.

I am level 10 myself.


Rabbits are non-active… is what you would think, but there are Rabbits who escape when you get closer, and valiant Rabbits who assault me

Chasing after escaping Rabbits is a pain… I mean, my AGI is so low that I ignore them. My main target is the forest.

Wolves’ action AI is far superior to that of rabbits.

They leap at me and try to knock me over, aim for my legs, or circle around me while growling.

I mean, Rabbits only rush to headbutt me.


When a Wolf is trying to push me over, I stab it with my rapier and it’s over.

I take out a Disassembly Knife from the pouch, and when I put it against the wolf it turns into particles of light and exchange, an item appears.

...A Wolf gave a single piece of meat. Well, must be because my Skill level is low.


According to beta information, drops change depending on the way you beat enemies.

It feels kind of real so I can understand it, but it’s restricting the ways we can fight, so there are pros and cons to that.

Personally I think that it’s interesting. It’s not good when combat gets too monotone.


When enemies come at me I fight back from close range, when they remain in the distance I beat them with magic and move on.

I want to raise my Skills equally, so I use elements alternately.


In this game, Arts use MP just like spells.

However, they do not have a channeling bar and there is something like stamina.

If you fight, run and move, you get properly tired.

However, we Immortals know no fatigue. Unlife sure is nice, sun aside.

Getting this far took me two weeks since the service started and a lot of hardships, but… well, let’s play at my pace now.



〈«Sword» has reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Sword»’s Art【Distance Sword】was acquired.〉




【Distance Sword】is… a flying slash. Pretty simple.


Wolf’s drops are meat, leather and claws.

Rabbit only drops meat.


The only thing I will use is meat, so leather and claws will probably go to the union?

I only have 1000 money on me, which is kind of sad. I will receive some when I report the extermination quest, however.

Well, fortunately my race doesn’t need to eat so I will save on that.

And I have equipment that requires no repairs, so I save on that as well. I can sell everything aside from cooking and alchemic materials, furthermore, my race can’t use potions so there are fewer consumables I will use.

You could say it will be easy for me to gather money.



Now, while glancing sideways at others who remain at the plain and fight, I arrive at the Eastern forest.

Let’s hunt right away.


...There is more herbs than I thought? Probably of weed level, however.


[Material] Herb Rarity: No Quality: E-
A magic grass that has healing power. It grows all over.


Mgrr… quality is E-, huh.

Was it a bad idea to cut it with Disassembly Knife? Or maybe it’s because I don’t have «Gathering»?

Probably both? Well, let’s hope it will eventually appear.


[Ingredient] Energishroom Rarity: No Quality: E-
A mushroom that makes one energetic when eaten. Often eaten by patients struck with cold.

[Material] Shadlysishroom Rarity: No Quality: E-
A poisonous mushroom that causes your body to be paralysed when eaten.


Yup, as expected of a forest. I came to hunt, but I’m gathering instead.

When you see something, it just makes you want to pick it up


Still, there are no enemies here, are there.

I’m currently wandering around with a Disassembly Knife in my hand.


  〈«Gathering» was unlocked due to your actions so far.〉


Let’s take «Gathering» right away.

The number of my Skill Points turned from 23 to 20.

When I immediately gathered a herb and checked it, its quality turned to E.

The common level is C, so there is no difference in how bad it is, but it should improve eventually. It’s been just two weeks since starting. There is no need to panic.


Materials are expensive so I came to the Eastern forest, but maybe I should have gone South.

Without enemies to fight, I can’t raise my combat skills

Maybe it will be faster to aim for Goblins in the South…


Oh my, a first local… animal is found.


Brown Boar Lv16
It charges right away when it finds an enemy, it’s best to be careful of them.
Dropped materials can be sold for a good price.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Resistance: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Boar
State: Normal


It’s...so big...

I haven’t seen a boar before, but they should be smaller than this...

His height reaches about my breasts?

Well, let’s fight him. I finally found something after all.


The weakness displayed by «Uncover» is its ass and rear legs. It’s a living being, so its throat and chest also should be a weakness, but I can’t tell from this position. I think it will be best to think they are similar to wolves.

I put back the knife with my left hand. Let’s shoot a【Light Arrow】at his ass. And let’s not forget about enabling «Aura of Darkness», too.

Arrow-type projectiles are faster than ball ones and have better penetration, but less impact.

When aiming at weakness, an arrow-type is better. It’s all about collision detection.

The strength of impact when the weakness is hit… the falter effect, is something I’m not really bothered about.

I have «Uncover» so let’s aggressively aim for weaknesses.


I point the tip of the sword at the Boar’s butt and release a【Light Arrow】.

The【Light Arrow】that hit the Boar’s butt shaved 60% of his HP.




Along with a scream? The boar turns around and stares at me with bloodshot eyes.

No, I won’t let you join my party.

I avoid the boar’s charge by moving to the side and pass by with my sword pointed at it. 

Although it felt like I would lose my grip on the sword, I beat him as planned.


I stab Disassembly Knife into the boar that remained.


[Ingredient] Brown Boar’s Meat Rarity: No Quality: C
It has a peculiar taste so it’s necessary to prepare it in a special way.

[Material] Brown Boar’s Leather Rarity: No Quality: C
A boar’s leather, has high durability and defense, but is a little heavy.


Oh, I got two. Excellent.

Hm? No, it’s three. There are two pieces of meat.



Still, I am really low on muscle strength aren’t I?

But honestly speaking, there is nothing strange about losing in strength to a charging boar. I’m just a puny girl, after all… And racially I seem to be low on STR and AGI, too… looks like I need a plan.


One more thing.

I think this body has a poor sense of balance.

Thanks to the system’s motion assist my posture is good, but that’s all.

I am confident that the real me would move better.

And so, let’s do some core training, namely stretches.

Since I can’t really do those moves in the plaza, let’s do it an inn.

Before logging out, let’s exercise my body at the inn. I will have to do it again after logging out, but it can’t be helped.

The official site said that muscle training works, so core training also must work. I want to believe~.

The way time flows is different here, so inside game it should show results right away.


For now, let’s eliminate enough enemies for the quest to complete.

Would be nice if there were more enemies… Maybe I should go to a different place?

Boar’s level was 16.

It might have a lot of VIT, but it’s on High Zombie level. So their levels are pretty much the same.

Both Immortals and Animals have a lot of VIT. But since Immortals have automatic recovery they are more troublesome.



Brown Deer Lv15
It’s said that the more splendid a deer’s horns are, the stronger he is.
Splendid horns can be sold for a good price.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Resistance: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Deer
State: Normal


A big-horned deer... is it?

It certainly is big. Its head is at the same height as mine.

I will use the same tactic. Attack preemptively with magic before fighting in close combat.


I attack with【Dark Ball】, erasing a lot of his bar.

He turned his horns and charged at me, so I moved to parry it.

Then one more【Dark Ball】to finish him off.



[Material] Brown Deer’s Horn Rarity: No Quality: C
A sharp and light horn. It’s fairly easy to process.


I got one horn.



Excuse me, any boars around?

I want to try something I’m curious about...

There is no information on the minimap about enemies...

«Sensing» won’t react either.


I move ahead for a while and my «Sensing» finds a boar.

Let’s try it right away.


Again, I used a【Dark Ball】to lure it in.

The amount of damage was far beyond “luring”, but let’s ignore that.

It only matters that he comes to me.


This time I slip my sword against him while being conscious of «Parry».

The Boar that ran past me, had a line of red light on him… a visual effect of the cut, as he fell down.

I stab in my knife and recover materials.

It was just meat, but there were two of it again. Is it because Boars are large?


Well, looks like the experiment was a success

It’s because I try to resist with muscle strength that I lose.

Which means I just have to activate «Parry» and switch to DEX modifier.

I thought of it when I parried the Deer’s horn. With the first boar I attacked with the intention of finishing him off, so «Parry» did not activate.

Up until now I used both «Defense» and «Parry» at random, but thinking well, it’s «Parry» that is easier for me.

My STR is low and DEX is high, so it’s only natural that «Parry» will become my priority.

But since I already took «Defense», I can raise it when I’m in a comfortable position, using «Parry» when I’m not. If possible, raising them equally... 



In regards to quests, I already done with the Rabbit and Wolf ones. What is left is Deer, Boar and Bear extermination. In other words, I’m far from done with this forest’s enemies.

One of my plainer troubles now is my skirt getting dirty when I gather.

So items do get dirty in this game, huh.

Well, I have【Clean】that I learned from «Magic Ability» on level 10, so there is no problem. It’s a very convenient spell that cleans the entire body including equipment. I want it in real.



〈«Magic Ability» has reached level 15.〉

〈«Magic Ability»’s【Meditation】【Magia Trace】are acquired.〉

〈«Aura of Darkness» has reached level 5.〉





It appears that «Magic Ability» goes up not just with «Light Magic» and «Dark Magic», but also when I attack with rapier, so it’s going up ahead of others.

In close combat «Aura of Darkness» also goes up, which is really sweet.


So, what is this unfamiliar sound effect?

Nnnn… ahh, it’s the sound effect signalling that【Meditation】was enabled.

I’m not feeling any restriction to my movements. It’s thanks to the ring.


By the way, the effects of the two are…

【Meditation】’s is… a skill increasing the speed of MP recovery. You can’t move during its activation.

【Magia Trace】’s is… It’s the same thing as my racial skill. Allows seeing magic.



Still, there’s no sight of Bears.

Let’s aim a little deeper.


〈You have entered a Safe Zone.〉


Oh my…?

The color of the map is different here.



※About Safe Zones
Safe Zones are areas safe of combat. In general, they are the same as towns.
The Automatic Recovery Speed of players becomes the same as it is inside a town and it is possible to log out inside them safely.



Mm-hm, as expected.

It’s noon, so the timing is great. Let’s log out and have lunch.


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