46 Swimsuit and Quest

“...It’s about time, I should move.”


Let’s head from the library to Inbamunt in the South. Apparently my swimsuit was finished, so it is time to fulfill the promise with Tomo. I plan to take my time on the beach within the safe zone.

I quickly jump to the South and walk further South to the beach. It’s a game, so there is no need for a dressing room~.


“Oh, you came.”

“Aren’t you early?”

“I had no other plans today, see.”


Tomo was already waiting for me and I received the swimsuit from him. First check it before wearing.

The swimsuit is light blue with white flowers, and the pareo is made with thin white fabric. With this size I can tie it not only at my waist, but also at my chest.


[Equipment - Armor] Bikini with Pareo Rarity: No Quality: B+ Durability: 140
A clothing made by Outsiders which is made having shore and in-water use in mind.
Helps with swimming, dries quickly.
Creator: Dantel

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Applicable Skills: «Swimming»

«Identification Lv20»
Viscosity Resistance Enhancement: Small
Water-type Magic Enhancement: Small
Water Damage-type Resistance: Small
Status Ailment Resistance - Wet: Small

«Identification Lv30»
Enhanced With: «Sewing»«Alchemy»
Enhancement Material: Aquatic Organisms


Looks like Lv30 Identification starts touching upon enhancement of equipment. ...It’s not very particular, however.

The bonus to abilities is Small instead of Tiny, hm? The staff that I tried at Primula-san’s place also had Small. My equipment’s effect types themselves are very good, but… it appears that it already loses when it comes to the increase bonuse. A swimsuit is a full-body armor, so it might have something to do with it, though.


“As expected of a top crafter. Strong.”

“At this stage, there aren’t many areas where swimsuits can be put into good use. Just wearing a swimsuit isn’t enough to beat the sea...”

“Are there no rivers or lakes?”

“Apparently there are some in the West… is all I know.”


West for me is mostly the direction for seeking herbs and replenishing water. South works for making glass. For main crafting and hunting, I go East. The hunting grounds are up to the build, after all.

Well, let’s use the system to change clothes. I put the pareo around my chest.


“Yup, looks good. I have no complaints.”

“Yep, nice body as always!”

“Right? Well, it’s an avatar, though.”

“Don’t say it...”


Tomo was wearing normal short pants, or rather, a trunks-type swimsuit.


“A straw hat would be nice here.”

“Ohh, yeah.”


Speaking of which, the damage I receive increased when the amount of direct sunlight hitting my skin increased. This might be a good idea for leveling my skills.


Mr. Sun shines brightly, wind blows through, touching the pretty beach and seawater. Seawater shakes lightly and fish swim inside water elegantly.


“This world sure is pretty.”

“Right…? It’s fun running around hunting monsters, but this kind of time is nice from time to time.”


Well, if we move our gaze out of the safe zone we immediately notice scenes of carnage, but let’s not bother with that.


“Alright, let’s swim.”


Water’s temperature was just right. I was splashed water at, a classic action at the sea, and responded wordlessly with a kick.



“Thought our family’s women would do “that”?”1By that, she means frolicking at sea, the “kyakyaufufu” thing. These kind of things can be really hard on westerners to surmise.

“...Not at all.”


There is no need to hold back with Tomo. Let’s enjoy the sea which I have no plans on visiting in real for the foreseeable future.



We swim and play around with the sand. And when Tomo’s satiety decreased, we take a break. I did prepare a meal, so let’s have some leisurely time on the beach.

When we were swimming, we unlocked «Swimming», but there is no need to take it, is there?


“There were no hindrances I expected… Yup, it’s tasty.”

“Rina is in the middle of hunting like mad.”

“Rina can read the mood. I meant other players, mainly guys.”

“I see.”


As we were chatting about silly things and ate, a ringing sound came from behind.


“Having the time of your youth, hm…?”

“What are you doing… Norbert-san… you are the last person I expected.”

“I just saw you by coincidence, you know? I thought it’d be good manners to tease you...”

“That’s some unpleasant manners there...”

“Now that I saw a really nice sight, I’ll take my leave as not to get in the way. Thanks for the treat.”


He walked away along with a jingly sound. So he really only passed by...


“Speaking of treats, Dantel-san asked for a screenshot.”

“If we are taking one, I would like to take a good picture.”

“Hm… it’s nearly sunset. Either aim for the evening, or wait for the moon.”

“Both will come anyway if we wait.”


We finish eating and play some more in the sea until sunset comes. The atmosphere changed as the sky was dyed crimson, which also affected the water surface reflecting the sky.

Now, it’s photoshoot time.


“How is it?”

“...Seems kinda off. Take another from there next.”



Pictures taken without permission are one thing, but when I have pictures taken I am particular about them. I change my position, angle, pose and take pictures until I am satisfied.


“The night is coming...”

“Nnn… I prefer this one.”

“Hm. Then let’s go with it.”


When checking the screenshots we erased ones we did not like, and when the night came we further carefully selected the best ones to save.


The water surface shaking with waves started to reflect moonlight, and scenery turned very magical. The warm scenery of the sun is made stand out by the tranquility of the moon.

In general, Residents are quiet at night, so we only heard the sound of waves as we watched the water surface lit by the moonlight.


“This is a sight you won’t notice if you only go around hunting, eh…”

“It might be nice to go around and have fun taking screenshots in various places...”


There is no way we can pass up this atmosphere. A fantastical direction… this, it should work better with the dress. ...Let’s use both. I have no other plans for today, so let’s have him keep me company until I’m satisfied.



“This came out so well that it makes me wanna make it a wallpaper, y’know? The swimsuit version would be this one, simple is best.”


In a dress appearance I made a sorrowful expression with my left hand at my chest and the right hand extended toward the camera. On my right palm is the Moon.

The swimsuit version is me just sitting on a rock, looking at the moon.


“If I had one thing to nitpick, it would be that the dress color is lacking...”

“Isn’t that something for the next occasion? I do feel like putting it up on the BBS.”

“Speaking of which, I saw that my private thread had appeared?”

“So you found it… the “Watch Over Princess” thread...”

“I felt like I should not look inside, so I didn’t, however.”

“Well, it ain’t a thread the person herself should follow… It’s turned into something like idol paparazzi, y’know? How do I say it... royal guard, groupies, a fan club...”

“...Let’s let it be as long as you don’t cause trouble for other players. As long as it causes no trouble, I have nothing to say.”

“Well aren’t you tolerant, as always.”

“If everyone is having fun without causing trouble for anyone, they are free to do so. With that said, the swimsuit version is only for acquaintances. Dress’ one… there is no problem putting it up on the boards.”

“If I put it up, it would be on the fanclub-turned personal thread, hm? Can’t really put it up on the chatting thread.”

“Send them to me, Rina and also Dantel-san.”



Need to send it to Rina, or she will definitely sulk.

As for the personal thread… let’s leave it be until a problem appears that requires me to act. According to Tomo, the cultural standard is high so at this point there seems to be no problem. It’s a good thing.

Wait, maybe writing something from myself would be a good idea. I will put up the SS while at it.


“『“As long as you enjoy yourself without troubling others, I am not going to say anything. Conversely speaking, if some kind of problem comes up and I have to act, know that the thread will be crushed”』...In other words, the thread received official permission?”

“It’s best to decide such things at the beginning, you see. If I report my own thread to the management, it will disappear for certain, right? If someone receives harm by someone carrying my name as a banner, it will also harm me since my name is used. At that point, a fanclub is already beyond help.”

“Well, certainly, ehh. Celebrities sure have it hard.”

“Rather than allow sudden chaos, it’s best to make it clear early on.”


If I ignore a problem, I will end up being told “that’s irresponsible!” you see. Even though I did not make it myself. Unreasonable, right?


“Ohh… the person herself appearing and the SS put up a fire under everyone.”

“Nnn…? Aren’t these comments Ellie and Abbie…?”


Well… fine. Let’s not think about it. Mm? My «Intuition» is...


“HELLOES, TOMO=SAN. Musasabi here.”


“Off with yer headd! IIYYAH!!”



Tomo and Musasabi-san started playing tag. Since it’s a safe zone, it’s not like either of them will be harmed in any way, though… but isn’t that BATORU kinda serious?


“I wonder what drives him that far...”

“Aren’t you sinful...”



So you came back, Norbert-san.


“I saw Musasabi-san run this way. I thought I would see something interesting.”

“I see?”

“This is the only place with access to sea at this point. If it’s not something taken beforehand, then by coming here… and so, he comes to see and there’s a swimsuit you? Was the flow of things.”

『“Monopolizing Princess’ swimsuit appearance is punishable with DEATH! Give up and DIE!”』

『“Wait, you’re a friend right?! You’ll get a swimsuit SS y’know?!』

『“...You serious-degozaruka?』

“He stopped right away.”

“Well, that’s how it is~.”


Musasabi-san has calmed down, so we relax as we look at the Moon. A flower field would be nice, but the sea is not bad either.


“The event starts in three days-degozarunaa!”

“Mm-yeah. My preps are all perfect.”

“I can’t wait for the deserted island survival!”

“First we will have to secure food and bedding. It’s just bedding in our case, however.”

“Our PT has no cook-degozaru...”

“There’s none here either, y’know.”

“Neither has minee...”

“There should be things for you to eat, like fruits.”



Well, being able to eat them will be a trap… It wouldn’t be interesting otherwise. With that said, won’t «Identification» solve the problem?


“«Identification» is useful, but not absolute-gozaranyo...”

“There are items that aren’t generally known, with few information about them, you see… For example in the case of herbs, you need «Mixing»-type skill to see detailed information.”

“In case of monster meat we don’t know if it can be eaten, and some don’t drop if you have no «Cooking».”

“I see. So a type of distribution of roles...”

“It is probably affected by the Skill level too-degozarouna.”


We leisurely relax on the beach at night. Oh, there is someone fishing. Seafood, hm? Grilled fish sounds nice, and so does sashimi. I can also make meunière​. There is also shellfish.


After talking for a while, Musasabi-san and Norbert-san returned to the town.


“How is your party doing, Tomo?”

“We are participating in the West, but having a hard time~.”

“West, huh? Mead-san said that Status Ailments are harsh.”

“Right now, we do our best with our parties while exchanging information sometimes.”

“I see. The road East itself was easy, but enemy stats are on the high side.”

“It sounds impossible to escape from the horses and birds. East is harsh without base fighting power”


They are all animals-types starting from the forest East of the Starting Town. Animals have high VIT and are tenacious. Insects and animals of the same level are completely different, so depending on your build, your hunting grounds will change.


“In the North, it’s easy up until the third area, but mobs in the third area start using fire and earth magic. They say that if you try to rush through, you can easily die~.”

“Turtles, was it?”

“Yeah. They have high defense but are slow, but then they suddenly start using magic. Seems like it’s easier to fight them at close range.”


Apparently on the boards… everyone shares information about areas with towns, but recommends keeping information secret on areas other than that. If you want to enjoy an adventure, move from the area with towns to an unknown area.

According to investigations, areas without a town have much fewer safe zones. Well, they are undeveloped lands, aren’t they? Of course there’s no safe places there~ is the developers’ message.

In a way, this time’s survival event is a tutorial for how to act when you move away from the town routes. They said there are no safety zones in the event field, so we need to create a base and take turns keeping watch? Sounds risky for parties with few members.


“Now, it’s about time we go back.”

“It’s already this late? Quite some time has passed.”

“Been here nearly five hours already~.”


It took us a fair amount of time taking screenshots, but I guess that’s fine. I change equipment to my usual one and return to the town.

Should I continue reading books? I should reach the second tier skill soon.


“Well, thanks for today!”

“Yes, thank you, too.”


We separate at Inbamunt’s portal. I jump to the Starting Town and walk to the library.



〈«Linguistics» reached level 30. Acquired “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Linguistics» reached level limit, «Magic Linguistics» was unlocked.〉



«Magic Linguistics»
Knowledge of Magic Language used in magic circles. Magic Languages still has many mysteries to it. 
Everyone is frantic about it thinking that if they decrypt it, they should be able to not only arrange your spells but also create new ones.


6SP, is it? I’m taking it, of course.



〈«Magic Linguistics» was acquired. Magic Customization was unlocked.〉



Hnn?! Help… HELP...


※Magic Customization
Allows you to customize each spell in the direction of your liking.
By battling with the customized spells, you can further use the impressions and battle style to change them even more to your liking.
If you change it enough for other people to clearly distinguish it, it will definitely leave an impression on that person.
It is possible to switch the customization anytime outside combat.
In fact, it is a system best used in conjunction with trying it with combat...



How much you can change spells is… up to «Magic Linguistics»? For change in stats probably INT is necessary.

The crucial directions of customization are… “Single Hit”, “Multiple Hits”, “Cost Saving” and “Special” - these four. So they are split into attack power, cooldown, MP Consumption and special effect-focused categories. The description is a little different for defensive magic, but the content is more or less the same.

It was correct to focus on «Linguistics» which I will not be able to raise during the survival event. Thank you, Doggo-King.

Now, I should get to setting up the directionality right away.


Single Hit: Attack Power, Main Effect Enhancement.
      Heal, Enchant, Lance, Resist, Explosion.

Multiple Hits: Cooldown Decrease. Reuse Time Decrease.
      Arrow, Burst.

Cost Saving: Decrease Used MP.

Special: Secondary Effect Enhancement.
     Ball, Night Vision, Magic Missile.


This should be about it?

The one that gets me curious is the Special. In cases of attack magic, it focuses on additional effects. In case of defensive magic it focuses on secondary effects. Most likely in case of Ball-type spells, it enhances the faltering effect. Night Vision gets increased duration. Magic Missile would get improved guidance… is what I hope as I set it as Special.


What is remaining is… «Necromantic Secrets» and «Spatial Magic»’s directionality.


Single Hit: Attack Power, Main Effect Enhancement.
      Life Assignment, Gravitas.

Multiple Hits: Cooldown Decrease. Reuse Time Decrease.
      Force to Convert.

Cost Saving: Decrease Used MP.
      Inventory Expansion, Raum Escude, Raum Sphere.

Special: Secondary Effect Enhancement.
      Necromancy, Poisonplode, Medusa Skin.


This should be it. I could not tweak【Dark Ritual】or【Necrosummon】. It was also impossible to tweak «Magic Ability»-types.

I acquired【Medusa Skin】at Lv25 of «Necromantic Secrets». It’s a support magic that I can cast on a selected target. For a set amount of time, when the supported target receives a close combat attack they will petrify the target at/with a certain probability. It would be nice if the probability and the effect improved with Special customization...

As for «Spatial Magic», well, yeah.【Gravitas】aside, everything goes to Cost Saving. You guys are too cost-heavy and I can’t use you...

Unlike Arts customization I don’t have to try it right away, but I hope… it will have an effect.


Now, it’s about time for dinner.



After finishing dinner and other things, I go to Master’s place… but before that, let’s stop by the union.

Umm… hm, if I am to buy, I should do it now. I purchase four Magic Stones from Medium-sized enemies. I leave the union and first use【Magic Stone Processing】, then next【Magic Stone Refinement】 to make a Huge Magic Stone.



“It’s you.”

“I brought a Huge Magic Stone.”

“Hooh… should I make it?”

“Please do.”

“Wait here then.”


I pass to her the Huge Magic Stone I made just earlier.

As expected of a general store, the goods she deals with are really varied… There is cold medicine, potions, ropes, pickaxes, shovels, ribbons and so on.


“This is the last Expansion Core.”

“Thank you very much.”

“It’s a little shame that there is no trouble with you at all, but it’s a good thing that a disciple is talented.”

“The basic recipes and the information on magic power control were extremely helpful, you know?”

“Studying usually requires the disciple to live together with the master and takes many years. Outsiders’ growth is just too fast.”

“Speaking of which, is there no mid-tier Alchemy Kit?”

“There isn’t. You already have the alchemic circles. All that remains is your knowledge and skill.”


Taking that into consideration, Alchemy has pretty low required investment for kits, doesn’t it? In exchange however, acquiring Refining Circle Expansion Cores is kinda difficult. But expansion cores are only for removing the quality limitation, and if you are only making items of average quality there is no problem...


“Oh right, can you make Cold Medicine?”

“Of course, I can. You taught me, after all.”

“A season for colds is coming, help me out a little.”


〈『Stock Replenishment』Quest has started..〉


『Stock Replenishment』
You can’t call something a household medicine when it’s not in stock at all times. It is necessary to prepare medicine to be ready for use anytime.
Make flavor medicine and deliver it. Depending on the number of goods made, the reward will change.
Requester: Megan
Completion Reward: Increase in likability from Starting Town’s Residents.


“Up until when is the time limit?”

“It’s fine if you make it within 28 days. It’s not like I’m at my wit’s end.”


The time limit was added to the quest form.

The cost of materials is apparently covered at set price upon delivery, so there is no need to bother much about it. It’s the town stock, so the higher-ups will cover it.

I take it as a sign that I am trusted enough that they leave the town stock goods to me. It is no wonder to me that some quests start with likability as a condition.

Let’s move to Breyurich in the West right away and craft until it’s time to sleep.


“Then I’ll come again once I make them.”

“Make sure they are all C.”



After leaving the Master's store, I jump from the statue in the central square to the West, and head to the herbs store.



“Can I have Elder Flowers, Turmeric, Basil, Cinnamon, Jasmine and Dandelion?”

“Are you maybe an apothecary?”

“No, I’m an alchemist. I was told by Megan-san to help out with replenishing stock.”

“Ahhh, so it’s the season already. Please wait a moment.”


Normal Cold Medicine requires Olive, so to get it I have to go South… Well, fine.


“I made you wait. Please take care.”

“Yes, see you.”

“Thanks for your patronaage.”


Since I have come West already, let’s scoop some water to replenish my stock. I do end up using a lot of it.

Now, let’s diligently make some medicine and go to sleep.


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