I was able to deliver this second volume. It's a gift to those cheering me on and supporting by reading the first volume. Thank you very much... something came?!!

Yuuki: "About me having not enough show time".

T-that's... the thing where author talks with the characters isn't it. ...*gulp*. Is this the black history of mine catching up to me, remorse for not becoming a priest?

Yuuki: "This time, I've played a very modest part, am I going to be more active in the third volume?"

Uuu... um, don't look at me with such sparkling eyes.

Yuuki: "Next time's Maumauland, right? Surely, Murasaki-san and I will enter a triangle carnage where we compete for Mika-chan. But I won't lose. I'll go take some pictures with Mika-chan and Mickey **use!"

Stop! That's not from Maumauland. It's the no-good one.

Rather, didn't the characters change in the story?

Yuuki: "If you don't do at least that much, I won't stand out at all. Rather, loving curry and black coffee... just how much girl power do you intend to deprieve me of?"

There's lots of girls who love curry and black coffee, isn't there!

Yuuki: "It might be so, but you should bring out more of my cuteness. Rather than pull it out, you need to push it out. Push my cuteness out!"

Push you say... but in the first place, you aren't one that stands out, are you.

Yuuki: "That's... true, but. Everyone's so cute and I'm the only one hidden... having just one character with such thin presence, the entire situation feels scary like it could all break down."

I see, there's also that...

Yuuki: "Wait, let's not count that! Make it so you didn't hear it! C-c'mon, I must have something right? Like Selene's unique mysterious charm, I'm not familiar with clothes so I'd ask her to teach me stuff. From time to time I'll show my seriousness, I think a slightly depressed character can work."

Eh, ah... yes.

Yuuki: "Tomomi-chan is a little sister yet she has an older sister's charm. This time her older sister's charm was aggravated, but that's kinda feminine and cute. I envy her that more than anything. Flirting with Nii-san on a date like that..."

You've had a date as well haven't you.

Yuuki: "Dates with Mika-chan are a different case."

Then what about Sayuri?

Yuuki: "Honestly she might be the one I envy the most. She's active and straightforward. I too... would like to get closer to Nii-san. But, our characters would overlap... uu. It's troubling."

About Mika... I guess there's no need to ask.

Yuuki: "Obviously, she's an angel! With that said, make sure to make me more active, all right?!"

She said a tsundere's line and went back?!!

Umm, I'll consider it positively. (grin)?!!


And so, I'm presenting the second volume to you. How was it?

For the end, thanks to S-sama who helped me bring out the little sisters' charm. Kakao-sama who made even cuter illustrations than the ones in volume one. And, the thanks to you all who have kept up with me until the end!


Sugiyama Ryuu


Hello, Kakao here.

How did you like "Omae wo Onii-chan ni shite yarouka!?"...?!

Continuing after the first volume, I felt happy feeling the atmosphere after the illustrations were passed! Personally, I'm curious about the continuation and I can't wait to read it...!

Well then, see you again!

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