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    1. Sonoda Yuki

      Yes. And as someone on v4's SDB noted, commando + [Action Restriction Release] = oh myyyyy~

      1. Kemm

        I believe that this "underwear" is rather "innerwear", that is, the clothes worn under the outerwear, like a shirt under a pullover. Just note that Taku's is called "Ranger shirt".

        1. krytyk Post author

          I've been going through that for a long time, really. At first it was Innerwear, then I changed to Underwear. These two are to some extent exchangeable with "Underwear" being more flexible one, with underwear being defined as "clothing worn under outer clothing".

  1. Owl

    An evil build I thought of would be Hawk Eye with Snake Eyes. Long range paralysis, then poke the target to death with arrows. Or try to use Synthesis with Status Potions and Arrows. Don't even need to get close. Mages too, Hawk Eye + magic = mage sniper.

  2. Inuzuka

    Attack Increase and Defence Increase combine into Physical Increase when they both his Lv30 right? So would Magic Attack Increase and Magic Defence increase be Magic Increase or Mental Increase?

  3. Me?

    Myu is going for a Jeanne d Arc build.... "Ruler" perhaps? Taku is *gawk*.... Nitoryu. (O_O)

  4. Mathes

    Does anyone know which of taku's sense requires magic power? They all look physical to me.

    1. lesstea

      I guess using any Arts will give experience to magic related skill. Afterall, you used mana to do it, right?
      Ofc compared to Yun who often used active skills (enchant, alchemy, synthesis, etc) and Myu (recovery), his growth won't be that much.

  5. lesstea

    Imagine having 'Speed Increase', 'Action Restriction Release', and 'Discovery'. Wouldn't it be easier to spot the harvest spot and moving around in the jungle?
    I really hope Yun will take 'Action Restriction Release'. It'll be a good scene to see an acrobatic archer :)

    1. Mathes

      Well he was trying to avoid duplicating his sisters senses when he chose his so it seems doubtful that he'll take it. I'd like to see a sense for attacking vitals ( i forgot what they called it ) as a combat addition. And i think the book mentioned a basic jump booster that could be used for harvesting mobility.

  6. lesstea

    I hope Yun will become, let's just say, something like 'magic archer'
    After I saw the cover for vol 2, did (s)he finally level up his Taming sense?

    1. Sanngrior

      i want to see if yun goes for the action restriction release aswell for part of her(?) combat set, would be very mobile like a scout.

      that said i also want to see if she(?) finally gets a chance to raise taming for a combat pet, and what it does at lvl30


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