62 Housing

I’m back, Belstead.

Second areas are too low for me, so I can only go to a third area. Ohh right, there was no need to go back to town, I could just go East from the forest in the South.

Is what I thought, but it might be better to put away the prize money I got from PKs. 50k each for a total of 300k, hm? In addition to that, there’s the money they carried on them. This is some sweet extra earning.

I deposit it at the union, write the information on【Return】on the BBS, and jump to the third town in the east, Barburg.


As usual, there are few players in the East. Even more so since this is a third area.

Oh my… it’s the person who was the officer of the mobile troop. I can tell since he has a Wyvern with him.


“Oh my, hello Princess. Did you do an image change?”

“Good day. My equipment changed with evolution, so I tweaked my haircut a little.”

“I see, it suits you well.”

“Thank you very much. Still, I think it’s my first time seeing a Tamer in the East.”

“I managed to tame this kid here, but a problem has emerged, you see...”

“...His meals?”

“Indeed, he’s big as you see, so he eats a lot. And he’s a carnivore, which means East… and so, I came over.”

“Meaning you don’t disassemble them and feed him to whole bodies?”

“Yes. Looks like it’s possible. It’s faster to make him eat them whole rather than disassemble.”


I see. I can absorb entire bodies, so I guess eating them is also possible.

In regards to feeding large carnivores, it certainly makes sense to come to the East. In which case, there will be more opportunities to see Tamers.

On another note, the sight of such a meal is heavily mosaicked.


“I should get exp in these parts too, so yeah. I’ll be off.”

“Please take care.”


I see off the Tamer guy and I too summon #1 as a Wyvern, then fly South.


The enemies in here are higher level than me and I will die if surrounded, so I get down in a shallow part of the area.

It’s a forest so I switch the Wyvern, it’s 30-tier so the Capacity it takes is a little… Let's summon a Skeleton, Armor and two Owls. If I summon a Wolf with two extra arms, the costs are kinda high, so...

Let’s also absorb some bodies to increase Capacity while I’m leveling. What emerges here are Trolls and Ogres, so they should be sweet for that.


...I see. So those Troll Barbarians aren’t using logs, but actual weapons. The weapon they hold are two-handed axes, hm? There is no other enemy in the surroundings, let’s get to it.

I have the armor stay on standby and take the target of any reinforcements that come. One of the Owls is to attack sporadically and have the others focus on being vigilant of the surroundings.

Above all, I want to practice forms and raise my close combat Skills, after all.


I throw a【Dark Lance】at the barbarian.

Hm… about 30%. I guess that’s about it for a mob of appropriate level for me? No, considering that he’s a large animal-type which has a lot of VIT, it might be pretty high for a shot without anything extra.1She does indeed say “animal-type”, possibly author’s mistake? I think there should be a category for “Ajins” or demi-humans(?) like goblins, orcs etc.

The jumping slash of the two-handed axe… was deflected and struck into the ground. Using the opportunity I change the blade to Death and slash at him from backhand. After that I use a Bind and do six thrusts at the troll with【Reegenreit】.

Oh, he died. I can’t practice forms like this. It’s fine for leveling, but…let’s seal this combo for now.

Normally you would go all-out to slaughter them right away, but… in full dive and without even a semi-auto option, there is no choice but to practice.


Now then, these give sweet capacity, so let’s look for the next one.


Just as it was written on the BBS, there were Troll Barbarians and Crushers, Ogre Soldiers, Grapplers, Guards and Thieves. Thieves often attack from surprise, so I need to be careful of them.


Trolls aside, Ogres are strong.

Trolls have high automatic recovery so they are harsh on people with low damage, but it doesn’t concern me. They are more troublesome than strong.

Ogres are purely strong. It could be said that they are similar to humans, and power-type rather than technique-type. The type that uses high body ability to press the enemy.

I have no problems in particular, but it looks like enemies have finally started using Arts.

Barbarians use «Two-Handed Axe» and Crushers use «Two-Handed Hammer».

Soldiers use «Two-Handed Sword», Grapplers use «Martial Arts», Guards use «One-Handed Hammer» and «Large Shield», and lastly Thieves use «Short Sword».


As for the easy points, it would be that there are no links of them. And it could also be said that enemies being only close combat type is also one. In other words, they are good for solo playing. However, the enemies themselves are strong, so the base exp might not be that nice?

My goal is mainly Skills, so I have no problem with it.


“#1, take target.”


I have the armor take the extra enemy that came to help.

And in the meanwhile I use a bind, then thrust with Art at a weak point to beat the enemy I was fighting with before I switch with #1.

For now, this is pretty stable. If there were three or four enemies that came at once I would have Owls attack them and remain in the sky.

This is an easy hunting ground for flying players. Though I guess it’s pretty inefficient?


Looking at my Servants again, what makes me curious is… the difference between blueprints that can equip items and those that cannot? Well, it might become possible if you customize them to grow some arms, but...

And speaking of Servants… I can’t summon Ghost-types either. I can absorb their blueprints and acquire Zombie and Skeleton versions of it, but either there are no Ghost-type Servants or I’m missing something...

It would have been better to use a Ghost-type blueprint for magic attacks rather than an Owl.


It has been nearly two months since the game started. ...Just two months, hm? Area-wise, we are still in the third area. Moreover, we barely even touched the unexplored lands. There’s still plenty of things to do.


I managed to enhance my equipment, but it will take time until I can do so again. My Servants equipment is… steel, was it. For now I will skip Cobalt HSS, but… it’s still unknown what is above that, wasn’t it?

In a shallow part of a third area’s mine there is Molybdenum and Vanadium, but… if I want anything better, I need to dive deeper.

Should I set unlocking third areas in other directions than East as my goal for the time being, hm? The ones explored so far are Felforge in the Northeast and Bellafont in the Northwest. It’s still unknown what is there in the West, and there is a sea in the South.

Thinking of Alchemy, it would be Northeast and Northwest.


I don’t think «Kokon Musou» will go up that easily, so let’s prioritize leveling «Magic Catalyst». It's a first tier Skill, so it goes up fast.

Should I use the login bonus for leveling Skills? There is an expiration date on it, so let’s go back once the effect ends. Until then, let’s continue combat.

Alright, let’s do this~.


〈«Magic Catalyst» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Magic Catalyst»'s Art【Material Barrier】was acquired.〉

〈«Darkness Magic» reached level 30. Gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Darkness Magic»'s【Nox Ray】was acquired.〉

〈«Magic Catalyst» reached level 15.〉

〈«Magic Catalyst»'s Art【Magical Break】was acquired.〉

〈«Shadow Magic» reached level 5.〉

〈«Shadow Magic»'s【Shadow Fang】was acquired.〉


Phew… the effect is off, I guess this is about it.

«Kokon Musou - Single Sword Style» and «Spatial Awareness Ability Expansion» have no Arts. Probably the only effect of those two Skills’ level rising is adjustment bonus.


【Material Barrier】
Spreads a shield in front which stops physical attacks.

【Nox Ray】
Releases a dark laser which has high penetration.

【Magical Break】
The Magic Catalyst you use smacks the incoming magic and destroys it.

【Shadow Fang】
A wolf fang assaults the target from the shadow.


Nnn… nothing that I would really use?

If enemies line up, I might use Ray type spells. But, explosion type is the more likely one for me to use.

Both【Material Barrier】and【Magical Break】are something that pure spellcasters like Ske-san would use… but it feels poor to me, who has parry and reflect.

I think【Shadow Fang】might be useful. It’s a spell that doesn’t fly from me, but emerges from a shadow near the target. It’s possible to use it for surprise attacks, so it’s not too bad. The problem is that the direction it targets depends on the position of the light source.

Well, there are just things that will not be used depending on your build and combat style… it’s nothing unusual. The amount of options increases, but nothing forces you to use it.


I【Return】to my home and dismiss my Servants.

Then while taking my leisure time in my room, I confirm the Housing Menu.


There are three types of kitchen alone. Increase to cuisine’s quality and bonus to buff, hm? In addition to that, there are housing versions of each cooking set. Getting all these will blow my money away.


[Furniture] Cooking Box Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 1m
Installs a box which allows for storing food ingredients
Unlimited storage.


If anything, I want this. It costs 1m, but I would be happy to have unlimited storage, even if limited to food ingredients.


There are also three types of alchemy facilities. There is also unlimited storage, but… it isn’t for alchemy ingredients, but for things made with alchemy. Well, there are just too many ingredients that are used for alchemy.


[Furniture] Chemical Room Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: Altering 700k or Extension 1.3m
Either extends the building with a new room, or alters a room by engraving a refining circle into it, for the sake of greater benefits.
Alchemy Quality Increase: Large

[Furniture] Chemical Shelf Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 1m
Installs a shelf which takes space on the entire wall and allows for storing goods made with alchemy.
Unlimited storage.


If you have free rooms you can get it cheaper, but extending a building is quite costly. In my case I have a royal villa and loads of extra rooms, so I can use the cheaper option.

Both Chemical Room and Chemical Shelf cost 1.7m in total, hm… Half of the money I own will be blown away. Though it is pretty normal for MMO to have storage cost more than the rooms themselves...


〈Akirina has come to visit.〉


Oh, it’s Rina. Let’s have her come over.


“Yahoo, Onee-chan.”

“Welcome. Though I don’t have anything yet.”

“Are you remodelling now~?”

“Confirming things at the moment. Hm…? Heheh...”



I make the window visible so that Rina can see it.


[Furniture] Wild Magic Silkworm Rarity: Ep Quality: C Price: 400k
Barely overcoming traps, you manage to capture a Wild Magic Silkworm.
Magic Silkworms spit out thread that has very good compatibility with Magic Power, and can freely manipulate it.
The thread these spit out is called Wild Magic Silk and is treasured by the royals and nobles.
By the way, they do not make cocoons, but trap houses. From today on you sleep outside, bastard.

[Furniture] Domesticated Magic Silkworm Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 800k
Wild Magic Silkworms have gotten a taste for food and… were domesticated. Such good boys they are!
Their thread is called Royal Mana Silk.
It’s soft and glossy, and so super-precious that many would like to have even a handkerchief made of it.
“I’ll exchange it for food! How thick do you need it?!”


“...Aren’t they crafty.”

“For now it looks like we can collect silk with this...”

“Did Dantel-san say anything about thiss? Is there some kind of requirement?”

“...Like a room size requirement?”


[Furniture] Magic Silkworm Cultivation Box Rarity: No Quality: C Price: 300k
A box used for cultivating Magic Silkworms which spit magic threads.

[Furniture] Magic Silkworm Cultivation House Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: Altering 500k or Extension 900k
A room used for cultivating Magic Silkworms which spit magic threads.


“There’s a box for them, so it doesn’t seem like it.”


Certainly, if there is a box size item for them, then the size shouldn’t matter. Maybe the Chancellor knows?

No, wait… rather than ask the Chancellor, maybe I should ask a maid? She isn’t working at all and only stands on standby, but she is here.


“Do you know of Magic Silkworms?”

“Of course. They prefer regions rich with Mana. Or rather, they die if there is little of it.”

“And what is “Mana”?”

“Magic Power drifting in the air is called Mana. Magic Power possessed by an individual is simply called as is. I do not know whether it is still distinguished in such a way on the surface, however...”

“I see, thank you.”


So the concentration of mana is the answer… most likely it is super important?


“Then isn’t Dantel-san in a pinch? It means that he has to build a house in a place with high concentration, right?”

“As expected, that would be too much of a pain in the ass. I understand the need to match the environment, but… ahh, I see. It’s this.”


[Furniture] Mana Concentration Amplifying-Barrier Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 3m
Stretches out a barrier over a plot of land which allows for artificially increasing Mana concentration inside.
It is used mainly for cultivating precious magic herbs containing Magic Power.


“I see, expeeeensive. 3m, huhh...”

“This, doesn’t this need Magic Stones or auxilliary Magic Power to maintain the barrier?”

“Won’t some of the gathered Magic Power be used up for maintaining it?”

“But wouldn’t that make it trash on land where there is less Magic Power than necessary for maintaining it…?”

“Nnn… ah, meaning he needs to use this?”


[Furniture] Magic Power Scattering Device Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 2m
A magic tool that absorbs Magic Power from you or a Magic Stone and scatters it in the surroundings.
Normally it is used jointly with Mana Concentration Amplifying-Barrier


“About how this set blows away 5m.”

“This must be why all Magic Power-related things are so expensive...”


Magic Power Furnace is also quite expensive...


Seeing how I can select it without putting up a barrier or anything must mean that concentration here is high. Dantel-san should have plenty of money, so let’s only pass him the info.


“Onee-chan, you pick up a kitchen?”

“The number of cooks increased quite a bit, so I’m thinking of going with Alchemy Room first~.”

“Aaah, it did increase a fair number since the event.”


From what I see on the Cooking Board, it looks like I was overtaken Skill wise, too. If I had to pick one, I’m a combat main, so no wonder.

And since I already have a master, might as well put some effort into Alchemy instead. The opportunity is just right.


Let’s turn one room on the first floor into a Chemical Room and set up a Chemical Shelf. farewell, let’s meet again, my 1.7m. 

I bring my little sister right away to take a look, and it had properly changed. As expected of a game.


“Ohhh… fantazzie...”


Magic circle-like drawings are engraved not only on the walls, but also the floor and the ceiling. They shine slightly and they appear to gather in the middle of an alchemic table.

In other words, this is an extra-large scale refining-circle. No wonder the bonus is “Large” when it’s this big.


“What’s left is… I guess I want an ore vein?”


[Furniture] Mini Ore Vein Rarity: Ra Quality: C Price: 500k
A small facility that absorbs Mana from the surroundings and refines it to generate Ore and Gems.
Few materials can be gathered from it and the materials themselves are nothing great, but they replenish fast.

[Furniture] Ore Vein Rarity: Ep Quality: C Price: 1m
A facility that absorbs Mana from the surroundings and refines it to generate Ore and Gems.
A normal amount of materials can be gathered and the materials themselves are so-so.

[Furniture] Large Ore Vein Rarity: Le Quality: C Price: 1.5m
A large facility that absorbs Mana from the surroundings and refines it to generate Ore and Gems.
A large amount of materials can be gathered and the materials are based on the house owner’s Base Level.


“I see, nice. I should get back the investment money right away… if I am to buy, I should go with Large Ore Vein from the start.”

“The money I made when I made a killing with cooking turned 6.2m...”

“How much did you use today?”

“Nnn… about 3.2m”

“That’s housing for you. No mercy.”


Umm… considering the appearance, let’s set it up in the backyard. In the front there is a lake and a flower field of Crystal Lotuses, and the back is a field on which I set the Ore Vein.

We go over to it to see right away.


“Isn’t it more of a “ore mountain” than Ore Vein?”

“Well, won’t the mountain grow smaller when mined? We’ll know once we try.”




“...Onee-chan, your «Mining» is?”

“Nnn… oh, it went up. It’s 9!”

“Let’s raise it a little more...”

“...I guess.”


I didn’t raise it at all, did I… It would be sad if I couldn’t make use of a 1.5m facility, so let’s raise «Mining».

The three Skills called “gathering” Skills reduce the gathering tool’s durability loss based on level of the Skill and apparently add a bonus to the number of materials gathered.

It might have been better to use the Skill Experience Ticket in here.


“...Oh? Magi Iron…is it? Iron Ore that contains Magic Power.”

“Heee! I think it wasn’t found yet?”

“Is that so? Let’s put it up on the BBS’ Smithing Board.”

“Ol’ man and others will rejoice.”


I throw an SS on the BBS and start clanging again.

Chromefelm, Molybdenum, Vanadium… and sometimes Magi Iron. Also, I get Gems. Almandin, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Nephrite, Celestite and Hematite, six Gems total for six elements. Their sizes are mostly Small and a few of Middle.

I managed to gather about 20, but one of my two Pickaxes has died and the other is on verge of death.


“The further your gathering Skill is from the recommended level, the more damage goes into the tool~.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t have gathered everything if it wasn’t for the tool made by Ertz-san.”

“Still, a lot of stuff came out. Is there information out on each of these Gems?”

“So far the only ones using Gems was «Craftsmanship», right?”

“For making accessories with «Craftsmanship»… and I guess for making staves with «Woodcrafting»?”

“I have empty accessory slots, but… my money melted soo...”


Chromefelm and Molybdenum have no alchemic recipe for them… oh, this looks like it will sell. Let’s bring it to Ertz-san and get some money.


“Do you have any Magic Stones of about Middle size?”

“I don’t know which one will be Middle.”

“I think it usually is linked with the enemy’s body...was there anything that dropped a Middle size?”

“What about Skeletons?”

“That one is Small. Angus and Horses are of Middle size, but...”

“Those guys don’t give any Magic Stones~.”

“Can’t be helped. Let’s try with an Orb.”


I bring my little sister and go to the alchemy room, but I have her move away. A place to install Expansion Core… there is one. I put it in.

Then first, I take four Magi Iron Ore and use【Extraction, Insertion】to change them into ingots. My «Alchemycraft» is still low, so I have a pretty hard time completing them.

And then, I processed the Gems I gathered earlier with【Disassembly】. I removed the excess dirt and similar from them. After confirming how the system works, I get to the main dish which are the Middle-sized ones.

This part was all preparations. Let’s enter the main work.

I put the Magi Iron Ingot and Orb, as well as an Almandin of Middle Size on the Refining Circle. Time for【Synthesis】.


“OHH! It’s the mysterious phenomenon often seen in anime where the heroine's hair and skirt flutter!”

“T...this is my new power… nope, now it’s not the time to say that.”

“About how Onee-chan’s HP visibly decreases.”

“Was using an Orb overdoing it?”

“Uhee… even I started receiving damage. THE CRAZY ALCHEMIST…”


My Magic Power is being sucked out as we speak. I need to finish synthesising while holding it back as much as possible.

I probably will not die thanks to my MDEF and the fact this is Safe Zone, but… this is a waste. It looks impossible to completely hold all of it back, so I adjust the flow and compress it as much as possible.


[Material] Almandin Magi Iron Rarity: Ra Quality: B-
An Ingot with Magic Aptitude which had an element granted onto it.
Just by being able to make one makes the crafter a proficient Alchemist.
Made into a weapon grants it elemental attack; made into armor grants it elemental resistance.
Element: Fire


I did not fail, but… considering I had support of two bonuses to alchemy, this quality is pretty trash… If not for the bonuses it’s hard to say whether it would even become C quality, hm?


“Oohh… finally an elemental metal!”

“A lot of verification is still necessary, but for the time being it looks like we will be able to make elemental equipment.”


An ingot with magical aptitude + Magic Stone (Middle or higher) + Gem (Middle or higher) are necessary. It is still necessary to investigate what abilities it affects. If I am to do it, I will need Ertz-san to help me out.

I can make ingots of it, but I cannot make them into weapons.


“With that said, we can’t make a weapon with a single ingot.”

“Won’t other metals work?”

“It needs to have magical aptitude, so Magi Iron is probably the minimum?”

“I see~.”


For now, I need to raise my «Mining» and «Alchemycraft» or there will be nothing of it. Gotta buy Pickaxes from Ertz-san. And I should also buy storage for mining-types.

For today let’s buy a Pickaxe, then aim for a third area in the North tomorrow.


Let’s use Water of Recollection and Pure Soil, as well as Orb to make Magiclay.


“You are being super fluttered… Onee-chan, won’t you die at this rate?”

“I leave heals to you!”

“I only have Light and Holy, y’know?”

“Ahh… ah? Speaking of which, Light is no longer my weakness, so I guess【Light Heal】is safe? Holy is no good as always.”

“Seriously?【Light Heal】”


〈«Alchemycraft» reached level 20. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Alchemycraft»'s Art【Temporary Repair】was acquired.〉


I complete it while being healed by Rina.


[Material] Magiclay Rarity: Ep Quality: C+
An all-purpose clay with high Magic Power aptitude.
It is most suitable for making Dolls.
It might be better not to ask what materials were used.


“This is some sad quality. Guess it’s more difficult than elemental metals.”

“Felt like you could barely manage it even without heals…?”

“Speaking of which… if I make the room dark, I will be able to craft with a bonus to my stats. It should get a fair bit easier that way?”

“So light affects the bonus?”

“Looks like the darker it is the better, when I’m alone, it might be best to do it in complete darkness.”


Now then, I can roughly tell what this Art does based on the name, but...


【Temporary Repair】
Temporarily recovers equipment’s Durability. Requires a main material used for the equipment piece.


Well, obviously. Regardless of whether I will use it, it is better to have it than not.


Let’s focus on «Alchemycraft» for today, and then do shopping at Ertz-san’s place before going to sleep. While at it let’s talk with Dantel-san about Magic Silkworms and I could talk with Salute-san on information about Witches.

Let’s craft Magiclay en masse. I nearly die, but the materials are easy to get and the experience is sweet.

Alright, let’s make stuff~.


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