Short Story 1

The 【Making Box】——it provides one random crafting material every day from the selected crafting material type. Moreover, it allows duplicating the items but the success rate varies depending on the item's rank.

Myu who heard that I had an item like that and was unable to exhibit it's full ability came to the 【Atelier】.

"Onee-chan! Why have you kept silent about something so interesting!"

"No, that would definitely turn out cumbersome so I just kept it to myself. Also, don't call me 'onee-chan'."

Spitting out a sigh during the usual exchange, I responded.

"Also, I don't really want anyone to know. Where did you learn that."

"I know, I won't tell anyone. And the information source's a secret."

"Yes yes. As long as it doesn't turn troublesome. But, what do you want with it?"

"What kind of items did you get until now? I wanna know that first."

Complying to Myu's words, I have lined up the herb-based materials I have acquired so far in front of her. From the materials used for creation of potions and pills for 【Atelier】, the bad status drugs I have created myself and unknown crafting materials whose application I didn't know.

Describing each one of them, I taught Myu about them.

"——And these are classified as materials I don't know the use of. There's lots of nuts and fruitish things. Also, these are things I can't turn into seeds by using the 【Alchemy】 Sense's lower matter conversion."

"Since there's so many of these unknown materials, that means their appearance rate is quite high right?"

"That's not it, the Making Box has another function that allows me duplicate them to secure a multiple number."

"I see. So, do you have a guess what might the materials be used for?"

"Hmm. Right now I'm investigating it in the library using the 【Linguistics】 Sense, but my level still isn't high enough to obtain information of that level."

Also, I have no idea what kind of effect they might have. Simply trying it out would be a waste of materials.

"Hey hey, how about you try making a drug with it to try it out, mm?"

"Well, that's one way to do it... I guess."

Until now, whenever I tried the new item's effect alone, an outrageous bad status was applied to me making me lose consciousness and I was unable to learn what was the effect... it happened many times. That's why, it was a good chance in a sense. Myu was able to objectively determine what was the effect.

"...I get it. Then I'll make a potion out of it immediately."

"I'll look around the store until it's ready."

It was the usual thing, not thinking anything in particular I went to the workshop part of 【Atelier】 and through extraction I have produced a solution out of the unknown crafting material.

"I made it. ...hey, what are you doing?"

"Ehh?! Onee-chan you're too fast! It was almost complete!"

What was Myu holding, was the Earth Gel I made the other day. In addition to earthen-coloured synthetic mob's gel-like body, there was the fire element's Heat Gel and water element's Aqua Gel one on top of another piled up vertically, I wonder if she was trying to make a tower.

"The slime tower is almost done! Um, like dumplings! Or something like that!"

"What are you talking about."

Also, the Heat Gel was unable to support the Aqua Gel any longer and has started trembling... no, it's always trembling isn't it. Is it maintaining balance by shaking? Interesting... not!

'Heyyy! We were supposed to determine the potion's effect right!?"

"Oh right. Let's start!"

Myu picked up the three synthetic mobs and returned them to their original locations, then we have went down to the real thing.

"Well then, I'll drink the drug. Myu, look carefully what effect does it have."

"Got it. Leave it to me!"

After getting Myu's confirmation, I took a mouthful of the drug. The yellow tasteless and odourless liquid didn't show any effect as it entered my mouth. I tried to explore my senses for discomfort and the status menu for the effect, but I couldn't tell.

"Hmm. It seems like there's no effect. Now, next one."

After confirming it with Myu, I drank a drug. It had an extremely weak weakening effect and a sweet juicy aroma.

"I wonder if it's something like a salve. Well, I learned it doesn't have a strong effect... this is the last one."

After drinking about a dozen of potions,  we couldn't see any effect strong enough to affect my consciousness, when I drank the last drug, a change has occurred.

—— *ba-dump*. My heart started to bounce incredibly strong. My entire body has started to heat up, and I have squatted down on spot.


"Haa, haa... it's okay. But, something..."

As my consciousness has turned ambiguous, Myu grabbed my shoulder to support me. In the menu, the bad status 【Charmed】 was displayed. So the last drug, was a bad status inducing one... as I carefreely considered that, a change in Myu in front of me has occurred.

"O-Onee-chan. Somehow, I'm feeling strange! W-what is this!"

Myu's eyes were tinged with seriousness, she put some strength into the arms grabbing my shoulders and pushed me down on the floor.

"Wai... what?!"

"I wonder? I'm also... 【Charmed】? I can't stop."

As we were, Myu hunched over as if riding me and she  shallow breath repeatedly. Somehow, I started to feel incredible danger. I tried to push Myu away, but I was unable to resist because of the difference in our stats.

"Helloo. Yun-kun, there's something I want to talk with you about... ah."

"Eh... Ma-Magi-san?"

"No, um, you're having some s-skinship with your little sister, right. Um, sorry to intrudee!"

S-she definitely misunderstood! The moment I understood that in my hazy head still affected by 【Charmed】, my mind has cleared up and I took out a bad status recovery medicine from the inventory, then sprinkled it on Myu.

The effect on both of us has disappeared, and we felt slightly uncomfortable. I need to explain it to Magi-san later, and learn why did this happen.

After that, I drank the medicine again to ascertain it. Myu realized it and tried to stop me in a hurry, but after drinking there was no change in my body.


"Ah, the drugs I drank mixed inside of me, and after becoming one my breath has induced 【Charmed】 state in you?"

"Grr, how embarrassing! It's Onee-chan's fault!"

"Uwaa?! Why are you so angry!"

"Hmph, I don't know you any more."

Puffed up in anger, Myu left the 【Atelier】.

After that, with much effort I managed to appease Myu and solve the Magi-san's misunderstanding. And, among the drug's materials there was a combination that spread out a weak 【Charmed】 status in a wide range. After adjustments it has turned into a perfume called 【Charm Fragrance】 that had an effect of attracting enemies, but that's a story for the future.

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  1. Blaxconiox

    then we have went down to the real thing.
    --> then we got down to the real thing. (This is a colloquial phrase, and as such it may be difficult to determine the correct way to phrase it)

  2. Worshipper

    I love yuri. Incest yuri is even more interesting. And threesome incest yuri is the best *nosebleed* ....

    1. Inuzuka

      Actually, now I'm more interested to know if Yun could make a Gel out of a Healing Potion. Could be useful to have a pet that heals you just by sitting on your shoulder.

    2. Sumguy

      Nah. From the extract, though, he could make a Charm Slime, like with the Poison Slime and the Paralyze Slime. Oh, the havoc it could wreak.

  3. Owl

    Ouch Charm Fragrance + Bomb Mines are going to be so OPed.

    Pity s/he isn't a hard-core player.

  4. Shion

    My saliva drooled from my mouth as i imagined the scene of Yun and Myu embracing on the floor, with Myu rubbing her cute body on Yun's also cute body. Then the effect of the drug left and my dreams were shattered.


  5. Loco15

    After reading so much of Re:Lovely I , for just a single second, expected for something to actually HAPPEN there....

  6. Bareus

    Yun x Myu... now will there also be a Yun x Sei scene :D ? A Yun x Magi scene would also be nice... ~

    Btw I have found no mistakes so far... wonder if it's because you are on break or because it's a short story ^_^ (or both)

        1. krytyk Post author

          Yun is a perfect yet cursed existence. He can engage in both yuri and yaoi, but to put it differently, he can engage only in yuri and yaoi.

          No matter how you look at it, whether its with a girl or a guy, it's not straight in either case.

          1. Fenrir-Bandit

            OMG! XD Instead of Yun X Magi it should be Yun X Claude! There was some Hints of bromance in the novel ;D

          2. krytyk Post author

            Well, if I were to pick one, I'd say Yun x Myu x Sei. Sister threesome~~

    1. triopsate

      She doesn't need to use it to make a love potion, it IS a love potion.

      That being said, what were the game devs thinking when they made that potion?

  7. Luminaris

    NO. NO. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why did Magi-san have to appear!! Not that I hate her or anything but still! That was such a juicy scene!

    1. Owl

      If you wanted to wish, you might as well wish for a 2nd dose of the Charm.

      "Oops, sorry Magi-chan, some of it got on you too!!"

      Yun x Myu x Magi :)

  8. victorrama

    After adjustments it has turned into a perfume called 【Charm Fragrance】 that had an effect of attracting enemies, but that's a story for the future.

    ^ I can imagine Yun making an extremely devious traps with it. Or at least making a 'decoy'

  9. Shu-sama~

    lol, reading this makes me feel very embarrassed and makes me laughing hard. Thanks for the translations~

  10. Shiku

    Squee~! And here I thought it was gonna turn into a incest-yuri scene ... XD
    I was embarrassed to death just by reading it

  11. Sonoda Yuki

    The mixed potion in it's unadulterated and undiluted state sounds like it could lead to some rather interesting mayhem.
    Well, the revised version can still be used as a rather nefarious boobytrap. Why is it that I'm only thinking about evil uses of this thing, I wonder?

    1. midnight

      Guess your naughty thought was the perfect chances of shipping and more shoujo/shounen-ai to yuri/yaoi moments.

      1. Sonoda Yuki

        Just imagine a pit trap.


        "Huh? It's just water?"

        "Ah, My clothes are all wet. Don't look..."

        "Now's not the time to be–"
        Suddenly a potion falls in.

        "Shit! It's... Huh, nothing's happening...
        "There's no poison? Paralysis? Con... confusion?"

        "No, it doesn't seem— HOLY S*** There's Mobs pourin en all over the... Hey, [Surname]-san,are you okay?!"



        "[NAME]-kun, you know... You're really kinda cute~"

        By this point, the mobs number in the hundreds and the pit is almost half full. All of them are Slime family mobs. The damage is slight, nearly negligible, but the feeling is quite uncomfortable when they get past your armour...

        "Di– didn't I say it wasn't the time to be– DON'T STRIP! WE'RE REALLY GONNA DIE HERE YOU KNOW"

        "[NAME]-kun's sooo meeaan~!"


        [For the sake of the public's mental health, the rest of this scenario cannot be shown and has been omitted.]

        1. DracoInduperator

          That sounds exactly like the diabolical sort of thing Cloude would do, doesn't it?


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