17th of May, Friday cont.

Resolve. Zeal. Answer of the Heart.

A visitor who'd come to Mika's room at a time like this, there was only one.

The interphone's LCD screen reflected Murasaki-san's suit.

Tomomi howled.

"Entire crew, first level alert! Prepare anti-trustee interception!"

In a hurry, Sayuri entered the kitchen, confirmed the gas' main valve and opened the window.

"I-is this fine?!"

That's countermeasures for earthquake. A sigh leaked from my mouth.

"Rather, what on earth is that trustee interception preparation."

I opened the front door with the key, when I nodded to Murasaki-san's "excuse me" she came in.

Her taking us to Maumauland felt like it happened very long time ago.

Today she didn't wear glasses.

She stared right at me and calmly asked.

"Did you have any kind of change of mind?"

"Eh? Me... you mean?"

"Yes. I feel like the atmosphere is different."

"I've become more aware and might have turned a bit more like an older brother."

Without moving a single eyebrow, Murasaki-san curtly replied with "Is that so".

Together with Murasaki-san, everyone returned to living room.

You're too scared! My mind wouldn't calm down to an extent where I wanted to retort like that. Still, I resolved myself.

I turned around. Standing as if to protect everyone behind me, I confronted Murasaki-san.

"So, what's the business?"

Possibly, we might be being evicted from Taishido residence.

My heart pounded quickly.

Murasaki-san looked around the room and exhaled slowly.

"It seems like all little sister candidates are gathered. I scheduled to visit all individually, so it saves time."

"What's the bussiness, Murasaki-san?"

With her usual cold look, she closed her mouth.

"If Murasaki-san won't say anything, I'll say it. I... don't need anything else. That's why, give me everyone!"

Murasaki-san lowered her shoulders.

"You are unable to live your life without economic assistance. Your words stating you don't need anything, aren't realistic."

That's right. If I thought as I usually do, I would judge it impossible and stop here.

Despite being a kid I wanted to be an adult... despite being a kid, I wasn't selfish, attempted to be a good kid.

No matter how much I try, I'm still a sixteen year old kid.

The window in my heart opened.

I threw out my little pride out of the window.

What's wrong with being uncool. Being defiant and aggressive, no matter how brazen and shameless, I'll do it.

"Then give me economic assistance. And, give me everyone!"

Murasaki-san, whose cold expression was undisturbed, had opened her eyes wide.

"Are you saying you want all?"

I slowly made a big nod.

"I'm a selfish kid. In the first place, ain't it impossible. Everyone's my little sister you know? Choosing just one is strange! I don't know what kind of contract does Murasaki-san have with Jinya-san, but there's no way Jinya-san would tell me to choose just one."

Now that I have remembered, I could affirm that.

Until now I was suspicious of the person called Taishido Jinya, but now... the me of now, believed in him. If Jinya-san and I are a parent and child, we should desire the same.


"I want to live with everyone like I did until now!!"


Murasaki-san faced downwards.

"And do you really think that'll pass?"

Her voice was terribly cold.

Not just me, these words were cold and harsh to freeze the hearts of little sisters too.

If I anger Murasaki-san, I don't know what'll happen.

Still I... my heart moved forward. I cut through the fierce raging snowstorm, my heart leaning forward, step by step going forward... forward!

"I'm not as reasonable and mature as to endure it and choose just one. The six of us together. Nothing else will be considered!"

Murasaki-san raised her head and stared straight at me.

I won't look away any more. No matter how coldly I'm looked at, behind me, there's an important family I need to protect.

Even if I'm thrust at, I'll bite back.

I won't stop just because I fall just once or twice!

I'll move forward until my legs break. Even if they break and I collapse, I'll move on my hands and knees.

I won't escape any more. I won't deceive myself. We will move forward... towards the future.

Selene, who should have been scared behind me, before I realized had muttered by my right side.

"...Onii-chan. Now, is the time you take step forward... that's why, I"ll do my best with Onii-chan."

Staring at Murasaki-san's face, Selene pleaded.

"...Murasaki-san, please make us and Onii-chan siblings."

It wasn't just Selene. Tomomi stood by my left side as if to snuggle up to me.

"Can't let just Nii-chan handle it. Nii-chan might be a year older than me, but we're eldest son and daughter, the fact we're equal doesn't change."

Tomomi declared with a smile.

"Murasaki-san. If you're to say Nii-chan alone is unreliable, I'll support him as the eldest daughter."

Lining up beside Tomomi was Sayuri.

"Right now, we've left the rails... it's time we find our own way."

Calmly, Sayuri appealed to Murasaki-san.

"Let us decide our path by ourselves. It might be a selfish desire, but it's the path Onii-sama had finally found."

Yuuki stood next to Selene. Naturally, all of us held hands.

While holding hands, Yuuki looked back and reached out to call Mika over.

"From now on as well, we'll continue striving to become accustomed to being siblings. We can do it right, Mika-chan?"

Mika made a big nod and took Yuuki's hand.

"Yup! Mii-chan, Nii-chama, Nee-chamas, we're a family! A proud family!"

Standing connected, we confronted Murasaki-san.

"Murasaki-san. Jinya-san's... please tell us about the will left by Father."

Still with a cold mask-like expression, Murasaki-san quietly spoke.

"I understand... I shall... ans..."

Murasaki-san's voice trembled. We held each other's hands tightly.


For a moment I couldn't believe my ears. To confirm I asked again.

"You didn't say... 'won't answer' have you?"

Once again Murasaki-san restated.

"I shall answer. In the first place... I have scheduled to tell Yoichi-san about it."

"Eh?!! I-is that so?"

"Everyone, it seems like there's no objection."

My own enthusiasm seemed embarrassing.

Still, it seems like clashing my feelings with Murasaki-san wasn't for vain.

And then, Murasaki-san, with a smile like spring sunshine melting snow, said this.

"Yoichi-san. Happy birthday."

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  1. Guessing

    I see. so all of it was a test, and the inheritance was meant to be given to him at a specific date and that is his is birthday, the fact that he stands firm despite the challenging look and intimation that Murasaki did to him, to be able to stand up to her was just a step to him being mature enough and him not choosing selfishly and wanting to care for all of them, it's like this is what their father wanted to happen all along. he wanted to see if he would care and love his sisters even though they have different mothers, and him wanting all of them is the outcome that his father was wanting.

  2. Nobody

    I... don't understand...
    His birthday was the cutoff, but then why was the "choose one sister" even a thing?
    I don't get it and that annoys me...

  3. Roaming Reader

    "What's the bussiness, Murasaki-san?"
    bussiness -> business

    "Then give me economic assistance And, give me everyone!"
    needs a period after assistance


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