16th of April, Tuesday

Tuesday – Competition ✕. Cooperation ◎. Onee-chan.

Today, I've been called out to by boys from my class. Although it felt awkward since they called me by my surname, but as someone who told Selene to 'meet with people' I need to adhere to my own advice.

I found the boys from the model club and asked them where I can find a shop with good assortment in the neighbourhood. It appeared like there was a shop near the station.

After school, when I said I'm going to do shopping there, Mariko stuck closely to me.

All of the plastic models of the robots looked the same to her. I investigated in advance and purchased a huge plastic model an amateur shouldn't touch as well as a set of tools.

Mariko was surprised after seeing the size of the box I had in both of my arms.

After parting ways with Mariko, I went back and entered the Taishido residence while holding a huge paper bag with the box and walked towards the Room 601. The room opened immediately after I sounded the chime.

"It's a game Nii-chan! A hug game!"

The moment I entered the front door, Tomomi had clung onto me. It was an enthusiastic reception like one of a puppy vigorously jumping at its owner who came back home.

Since both of my hands were occupied I obediently allowed myself to be hugged. Her breasts... hit me.

"At least let me put down the baggage. Also, why did you call hugging a game?"

"Before, there were other little sisters there so I couldn't act spoiled like this."

"So you were worried about that?"

"Cuz' it was embarassin'. There were girls smaller than me, if I acted mushy mushy with Nii-chan, it would be weird. But I want to act mushy mushy!"

Tomomi was writhing as she hugged me. What's up with that 'mushy mushy' of hers.

That's that, but it seems like she was too embarrassed to do it in front of her younger sisters, Tomomi might have been conscious of the fact that she was the eldest daughter. She phrased it in a weird way though.

"Um, could you be a little more friendly with other little sisters... or rather, with Sayuri?"

She puffed up her cheeks and the corners of her eyes rose up intimidatingly. Like usual, her emotions appear on this girl's face as straightforwardly as ever.

"It seems like me and her sooomewhat don't match."

"She's not a bad person."

"That's a line you usually use to improve a bad guy's image."

She has some scheming (?) aspects to her, but Sayuri is a serious and decent girl. I think Tomomi could learn a thing or two from her.

And if Sayuri could learn from Tomomi and act more honestly... nono, I can't merge them together, they're human beings.

Tomomi took my hand and pulled me to the living room. On the table, instead of cola there was a pet bottle with green tea prepared.

"Nii-chan prefers green tea over cola, right? I took care of it."

She puffed her chest proudly and her chest shook with a *bayoing*... even though I know she's my little sister (candidate), why am I so conscious of it. Calm down, me.

"Speaking of which, didn't you keep documentation about me secret?"

"He? W-ww-wwhat is that about I wonder?"

Your voice is getting weird, o' eldest sister.

"I noticed it among that pile of magazines last week."

"Ahahaha. You've got quite sharp eyes. Being able to notice things like that can save your life on the battlefield!"

Tomomi opened the bottle with tea and started to drink it with big gulps to cover it up.

"You also read the manual written about me, and tried to entertain me... isn't that no different from Sayuri?"

"That's wrong, it's all different! I-I wasn't really trying to act like it said to. Also, even though there was data I didn't become 'the perfect little sister'. I'm not as skilled as Sayuri is."

Although Sayuri was quite clumsy, she was also calm and skilful. The character she made has collapsed on Saturday, but I felt like she has become more open.

From the way Tomomi acted, she really seemed like a little sister. I was quite impressed by that.

"So jus' accept me as I am, Nii-chan!"

She pursed her lips and plunged towards me as I sat on the couch and outstretched her arms to hug me. I responded with an iron claw on her head.[1]

Normally I wouldn't do it to a girl, but it couldn't be helped if it was Tomomi.

"I'm not going to! Also, we're not having any matches today."

"Why! Stingy!"

Tomomi swung her arms up and down and tried to escape my iron claw by moving her face to either left or right. Her line of sight stopped at the giant paper bag I brought.

"Uwaa! Dat's Super Free Will from the Perfect Series! Is it Nii-chan's hobby? That's cool... I had no idea. The original ZEKU are cool after all. Ah! But Nii-chan can't assemble plastic models right? Then, could this be a present for me?"

She took out the huge box from the bag and rubbed her cheeks against it.

"Yuup, it can't be helped. Nii-chan can't assemble over nine hundred parts. Tomomi-chan will do it perfectly!"

"Nope, that's not the case. Today I'll be assembling it, and you'll help me out."

"Ehh?! Nii-chan's gonna do it?"

"Of course I will! That's why, please teach me."

I straightforwardly asked her to teach me.

"Nii-chan... can it be, your first time?"

"Actually, yes."

"Having your little sister handle your initiation, that's a bit pathetic."

"And what about you?"

"A big one like this... it's my first."

"...let's do it."

"Yep... if it's together with Nii-chan, I think a big one... should be fine."

Tomomi and I put our hand on the forbidden... we moved towards the huge box at the same time.


Until the fruit of our love was born, we continued to do it in silence. I was responsible for the lower body, it was first time in my life I used nerves in my fingertips this much. My hand was trembling with nervousness, and Tomomi used her practised hand to show me her techniques.

"Nii-chan, move faster!"

"G-got it, like this?"

"Ah! Now you're too being too impatient! Here... carefully... you need to treat the gate like this... see?"

Tomomi leaned over and guided me excitedly. Occasionally her breasts pressed against my upper arm and their softness made my heart skip a beat. However, she didn't notice it as she was too concentrated on the plastic model.

Thanks to her, I was accustomed to it and the plastic model took form around 11 p.m.. We so concentrated that we forgot even about hunger and thirst and as a result we have neither eaten nor drank anything at all.

The parts were all beaten up, but there was a sense of accomplishment when the three-dimensional object has been assembled. It might become a habit.

I stared intently at the completed robot that stood in the middle of the table.

What I created was the lower body, right foot and right hand... mainly the things around the waist and a part of the wing that was attached to its backpack. It could be said that most of it was made by Tomomi.

It struck a pose after we moved its joints. This guy moved! The range of its motions was beyond what I expected, once again I was impressed. Its knee slid despite having a layer of armour on its joints, as expected of something bearing a name 'Perfect', it had great performance.

Tomomi looked at me as I stared intently at the plastic model and muttered.

"Actually there's still a lot to do, like painting it, I want to do it but... well, let's do it one day. Seeing Nii-chan play with it so excitedly, you seem like a little kid."

"W-why! I was just a little bit impressed."

"So you don't need it? Then gimme! I'll do the finishing touches and make it super cool!"

"Nope. It will decorate my room. It's quite bleak as it is now."

"Tchh. Stingy!"

"I'm fine with being stingy. But thanks for making it together with me, Tomomi. I absolutely wouldn't be able to do it alone, the way you teach makes it very easy to understand."

"T-that's pretty normal. You're just Nii-chan and yet... uuu..."

She hung her head with a blush on her cheeks. I intended on praising her properly, but was it not enough? Tomomi hesitantly looked up while fidgeting.

Could it be that she was embarrassed? Although she hugged me without any concern, I have no idea what are her criteria for embarrassment.

"It would be fine if you got used to cooperating like this, rather than continuously competing against everyone."

"I-I'm always cooperative!"

"Oh, really?"

"It's true!"

Fine. I'll get on it.

"Then, prove it to me with this game."

I took out the game I got earlier.

"N-Nii-chan, that! That's Ice Climber!"

She pointed at the cassette and opened her eyes wide. She was so excited it seemed like she was a puppy waving it's tail.

It was a game I came across in a game shop that was near the hobby shop.

"I guess the gamer Tomomi, has the hardware for it, right?"

"Of course I do. Also, seeing as you have that game, I see you in a new light."

I didn't think that I would be evaluated once again just because I had this game.

It seems like the dull me, from the viewpoint of Tomomi must've been lacking 'male power'.

This Ice Climber is a family game designed and released on Famige, a classic action game.[2]

Two players can play it simultaneously, they climb up the mountain by using pickaxes. Since you can either cooperate or kick the other player down, it often becomes a fierce survival game. Simple and yet deep. It became a really popular game.

In the middle school, I've been bashed around while playing against a friend who loved retro games.

Even if it's just once, I wanted to successfully climb together with the other player.

"Let's do it, come on! Let's hurry and play it Nii-chan!"

She connected the cables in no time and did the settings for Famige. After that she inserted the cassette into the terminal with a 'huff' and started the Ice Climbing.


Five minutes later——despite Tomomi insisted 'it's cooperation', she left my body behind exposed to snowy mountains and allowed me to freeze to death.

Despite us making a plastic model together, the beauty of cooperation was still overpowered by Tomomi's instinct that made her struggle to win.

"Nii-chan's weak."

"Weren't we supposed to cooperate?"

"Since it's a game, somehow...."

As Tomomi stuck out her tongue and winked, I spat out a big sigh.

"It was Nii-chan's turn all the while, it's about time I have mine. Come Nii-chan, my servant... I asked my friend to give it to me."

The cheerful Tomomi seemed to enjoy her time with me.

She used the TV's remote and through the settings screen she changed from Famige to Blu-Ray recorder. She clicked the eject button in front of the recorder and put a disk on the empty tray.

"What kind of disk is that? A movie or something?"

There were only fifteen minutes left until 12 p.m.. Well, I don't mind a short extension.

"It's a DVD about how siblings get along."

She stood up vigorously and happily laughed.

"Hohoo. So you robbed it from your school friend."

"I won it fair and square. Noow, I wonder what's in there."

"Could it be that you haven't seen the contents yourself?"

"I thought it would be nice to watch it together with Nii-chan. It would be boring to know the contents ahead, not fair. Matches need to be fair and square right?"

She loves surprises, what can I say. The moment she pressed the play button, a loud and realistic sound came from the surround speakers... a horny female voice rang out.

『"Onii-chan not therree! Ahn♪ Ahnn♪."』

Momentarily, Tomomi looked away from the screen and roared.

"I-It was supposed to be different!"

"That's my line! Hurry up and press the stop button!"


A high pitches voice similar to a person talking under effect of helium gas called out 『"Ahn♪ Ahn♪."』, the sound wrapped Tomomi and me from all directions.

"You sped it up! I beg you, stop it! Please!"

She was stunned, and the remote control spilled from her hands.

"Ah... but in a way, it's a cooperation play of brother and sister, Nii-chan."

"Y-yeah... hey, what are you talking about."

I picked up the remote control that rolled on the floor and pressed the stop button. Both the audio and video disappeared, and everything settled down. Tomomi pursed her lips.

"Nii-chan, isn't it okay to watch it till the end? I was surprised since it suddenly began, seems like it's an edited version which already starts with a climax?"

"As if! Only a pervert would watch a video about doing it with a little sister with his own little sister (candidate), also this is something you aren't supposed to watch until you're 18+!"

"You're not honest. But since I was able to see how Nii-chan loses his composure, all in all the result was good."

Tomomi smiled with satisfaction.

"What 'good' result. You're blushing and lost your calm as well haven't you, you were pressing the speed button rather than the stop."

"That was my hand slipping or something."

Once again, I stared at Tomomi's face as see laughed in embarrassment. She looked at me seriously.

"Do you know why I brought a plastic model with me today?"

"Cause Nii-chan wanted to make it with me?"

"T-that's one thing, but I also wanted to show you how nice it is to cooperate with other people."

"But I'm cooperating with Nii-chan?"

"It's not just with me... among the little sisters, you're the one who's most grown up so I'd like you to act more like it."

As I seriously appealed to her, within half a second she started hesitating and got depressed. It felt as if she was going to run away with a tail behind her legs.

"B-but I'm Nii-chan's little sister... I want to be spoiled. Since I'm a little sister, it's fine for me to be spoiled right? I haven't felt like it before... I-I don't know what should I do..."

I gently stroked Tomomi's head as she hung it down.

"It's fine to act spoiled."


"Just as much as I spoil you, I want you to spoil your little sisters."

"S-should I spoil everyone?"

"Spoiling someone feels unexpectedly good. You have the other person trust you, and you make them realize they need you."

"I-I see... so there's such a thing."

As if she realized something, Tomomi's eyes turned round. I continued.

"Also, if you become everyone's big sister, you can take the leadership as the eldest daughter, and I'll be able to count on you as well. In exchange, I'll spoil you all you want. That should be fair, right?"

Tomomi was a competitive freak but she also wanted 'to be acknowledged by others' is what I felt. In other words, a desire to prove her strength to others. Rather than one-sidedly deciding that, she wanted to be acknowledged by someone, and thought it would be fine to have someone who acknowledged her.

"I'll spoil Nii-chan, and Nii-chan will spoil me... that sounds nice."

"The eldest son and eldest daughter being equal doesn't sound bad right?"

She responded to my words with a big nod. The tail I imagined on her was waving at full strength.

"Got it! I'll do my best! I see, so being the eldest daughter means I'm Nii-chan's equal. I didn't think of it that way. I'm Nii-chan's little sister, but being little sisters' elder sister might feel good as well!"

If she has awareness of being the elder sister, she will start feeling consideration towards the weaker ones and treat them with affection. That's what I prayed for from the bottom of my heart.

I wonder if I will get used to Tomomi after she changes and is acknowledged.

Before I knew it, it was already twelve o'clock midnight.

Notes and References

  1. http://i.imgur.com/38QaZ30.jpg – Demonstration of iron claw by courtesy of Minami Haruka
  2. Famige – Family game platform, most likely a reference to NES which was called Famicom

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