Chapter 1 - Chance Meeting at Nighttime




On that day, the end had come.

The world was scorched, the earth shattered, the sky was stained red in midday.

"Haa, haa!"

I ran desperately to escape the city which was turned into ruins.

Father was no longer there.

Mother also wasn't there any longer.

My home was gone.

The school was gone.

The city was gone.

There was no one and nothing I could rely on, so for the time being I fled in order to survive.

Of course, I was scared of dying.

But, even more so I was afraid of losing my family——my little sister.

"——! This way!"

I turned around and called my little sister's name.

The important name... I couldn't recall what was it.

Even though I could remember the sensation of our hands joined, not only I couldn't remember her name, her face reflected in my eyes appeared hazy like a worn-out photo——

That's when I realized it was a dream.

It was both a dream and a memory.

A dream of what I experienced ten years ago.

That's why I knew what will happen after this.




A building collapsed along with the sound of a tremendous collision.

The rubble of a the building blocked our way.


As I unconsciously stopped moving, an incredible sight was reflected in my eyes.

There was a boy whose chest was pierced with a hand and a girl who skewered him.

The two stood on top of a mountain of rubble and their battle looked like it was at its settlement.

The boy spit blood from his mouth and collapsed, falling onto the rubble.

"How dare you give me so much trouble."

Having blood spat over her in return, the girl sighed as if bored.

Judging by her attitude, she didn't feel any regret after murdering him.


The girl looked our way.

"Ah, uu..."

Despite the large distance between us, I felt paralyzed as she pinned me down with her gaze.

I screamed to myself "run away".

I desperately yelled at myself "take your little sister and run".

But because this was an event of the past, there was no point in that act.

Past couldn't be changed anyhow.

Also... even if my voice arrived in there, it wouldn't help much.

"Heyy, human."

Looking strangely casual, the girl spoke to me as she got off the rubble.

Based on her looks, the girl was 15 or 16——but that was just her appearance, I knew that she isn't normal.

Normal people don't fall from the sky and crash into buildings.

Normal people can't pierce through a human chest with bare hand.

A normal person can't set an entire city ablaze.


The inhuman girl with human appearance stared at us as if to evaluate us.

"...... ."

Meanwhile, I felt very uncomfortable.

After about twenty seconds, the girl suddenly nodded.

"That looks nice, give it to me."


What the girl pointed at, was my little sister.


A quiet scream leaked out of my little sister's mouth.

"A-ah, ."

I trembled as I held my little sister's hand.

I knew I couldn't refuse the girl's request.

I've seen it by chance from my home's window.

How this girl——and the boy who was killed earlier——have appeared in the city's sky and started battling.

And how the moment a flash emitted by the girl's hands fell to the ground, the entire scenery had turned into that of ruins.

Now, I knew.

I knew what happened on that day in my city and all over the world.

And of course, I knew the culprits behind this disaster.

——The mythical gods.

Mayan-Aztec mythology.

Japanese mythology.

Hindu mythology.

Egyptian mythology

Greek mythology.

Norse mythology.

Celtic mythology.

Seven mythologies passed down all over the world.

Gods of these mythologies have come into reality and descending from the world of gods into the human world, they started a war.

A war between gods, war between mythologies.

Ten years ago, the disaster had poured down upon the world for just three days.

In just three days of war a third of Eurasian continent vanished and five billion of people died.

The myth war. That's how it's called now.

"Hii, ngh..."

Of course, my child self had no idea that the girl in front of me was a goddess.

But my body knew how terrifying she was.

And yet——


——I fought back against her.

I punched the one who tried to take away my little sister.


Probably surprised by my action, the girl took on my fist without protecting herself... but, a six-year old child's fist was far too powerless, *pam*... all it was capable of, was letting out a feeble sound.


Still, I continued to beat her desperately.

No, I fought.

Considering the difference in ability between me and her it was impudent and it could hardly be called "fighting", but I resisted with all I had in order to protect my little sister.


The girl trampled over my resistance while laughing.

To her, it must have been like brushing away a fly but my body was blown away several meters and I rammed into mountain of rubble head-on.


My right eye had turned hot as if burning, I held down the blood gushing out with my both hands.

"——! Run away!"

I screamed loudly towards the other side of my field of vision, stained by blood and tears.


In the end, I heard my sister call me with feeble voice.

...possibly because my memory of what happened after that was hazy, the scene turned even more blurry.

After the girl did something to my little sister, she once again approached me.

"...——, ...——."

And, said something.

I couldn't remember what she said at all.

Then the girl extended her hand towards me.

That's when I lost my consciousness.


When I woke up again, all that was left around me was the city's ruin.

In exchange, there were no traces of my little sister left.

No blood.

No body.

There was nothing that indicated my little sister was killed.

Maybe she was kidnapped.

But there was no trace left behind.

Or maybe... something even more horrific was done to her.

The amount of clues: zero.

But... the possibility of her being alive wasn't zero.

"...... I'll slaughter you..."

I was filled with intent to murder.

A pitch black emotion, like magma.

As it welled up from inside my belly I clenched my fist so strongly that blood has come out.

I'll kill the gods who killed my parents.

I'll kill the gods who killed my friends.

I'll kill the gods who had us siblings go through this.

Once I have slaughtered the gods... I'll find the one who took my little sister and get her back.


On that day, my way of life was decided.




"...-san. Raika-san."


I suddenly woke up having my shoulder shaken.

At the same time, my chair let out a loud sound.


This was a classroom.

I wasn't in the middle of rubble.

I wasn't an injured child, but a high school student showered in painful gazes.

"Shinzen Raika-kun. Have you woken up?"

Our homeroom teacher, Hakonogi Ryuuto, a man with an untidy beard asked with a smile.

"Yes... I'm sorry."

"No, it's fine, really. Don't mind it."

Smiling frivolously, Hakonogi-sensei resumed the class as if nothing happened.

The gazes which gathered on me have returned to the blackboard, feeling uncomfortable I sat back down on my seat.

"Raika-san, are you all right? You seemed to have a nightmare..."

Maria Mint who was sitting on the seat next to mine asked worriedly.

It seemed like she was the one to wake me up.

"Yeah, I'm fine..."

I answered so, but I wasn't fine at all.

I desperately hid my quick heartbeat, my breathing also was turning rough.

Pain ran through my head and unpleasant, cold sweat flowed down my back.

And above all, my left eye throbbed horribly.

I suppressed the eyeball that pulsated beneath my eyelid.

That dream again, huh...

I muttered in my mind while still holding my eye.

Ten year ago I lost my right eye during the war and received a transplant surgery.

That's why my left and right eyes had different colors.

The one throbbing was the left eye, one I had since I was born.

The eyeball that had my sisters appearance burned into it on that day...

It didn't get in the way of normal everyday life, but whenever I see that dream it's always aching.

I've seen that dream hundreds, thousands of times so far.

With every time I've seen it, I recalled what happened back then countless times.

——Ten years ago, the Myth War which lasted for three days had left a huge scar on the world.

After three days since Myth War broke out, gods have suddenly disappeared.

Since then up to this day, there was no second coming of gods to this world.

Therefore, many people spoke of those three days as of a "nightmare".

If they think of it as of a bad dream and forget, they won't have to recall it ever again.

However, as long as I continued to see that dream, I could never forget that day.

Even now, after ten years passed.


When I strongly clenched my teeth——a handkerchief was offered to me from the side.

"There you go."

It was Maria's.

I reflexively took the handkerchief from her.

"...thank you."

"It's fine, just don't force yourself too much."

Smiling, Maria returned to taking notes.

I was at a loss for a moment, but gratefully used the handkerchief.

The gentle sensation I felt as I put it against my forehead calmed my mood only for a moment.

"Yo, Raika. Not enough sleep?"

That's when a voice had called out to me from behind.

Kunisaki Kojiro who seats behind me seemed to have spoken to me.

"Yeah, a bit."

"What〜? Are you doing something every night that makes you lack sleep〜?"

"...stop talking foolish and get back to listening to class."

I lightly riposted to Kunisaki who was poking me and also focused on paying attention.

I calmed down considerably thanks to the two and could take class normally.

The time passed quickly and before long we approached the end of classes.

"Well then, next there's an 'examination', so this is enough for my classes."

Suddenly Hakonogi-sensei said so and put down the chalk.

Momentarily, certain tension ran through the classroom.

Seeing that, the unshaven teacher smiled lightly.

"Ahh, it's you first time undergoing 'examination' after entering school, right. Then let me give you a simple explanation."

Hakonogi-sensei put his hands on the desk and looked over the classroom.

"Umm, first, during general examination we found that there's a Seventh Sense Factor in all of you and have gathered you all in this school."

General examination. Seventh Sense Factor.

These two terms I wasn't accustomed to hearing in everyday life had heavy meaning for this school's students.

——After the humanity was nearly destroyed in Myth War, the world had undergone various changed.

Leaving out the unimportant details, one of the major changes was inauguration of Eucharistia - Sacrament Control Mechanism.

Loosely speaking, Eucharistia was an organization that cleaned up after the Myth War.

The past battlefields of gods have a left behind a residual divine phenomenon beyond human wisdom.

The management of such things is part of Eucharistia's job.

The examination was carried out to see if there's any indication of a Seventh Sense.

Seventh Sense was also called Seventh Factor, speaking in a cliche manner it was a a supernatural ability boys and girls were capable of using.

This was a curse spread all over during the gods' battles——it's said to be the influence of the factors, but no detailed information is known.

While it was unknown, it was said to be potentially dangerous.

Thats why the adults decided to manage the factor-holding children.

The results was this school. Or to be precise, this artificial island with a school.

The island's name was Laurasia Island.

Laurasia Island was an island on Laurasia Sea which had formed when Eurasian continent was shattered ten years ago. Built in the center of it was this Laurasia Island.

I have turned fifteen on this island and lived here together with other kids discovered to have a factor in them, as well as Eucharistia's staff.

Well, it was an isolation facility so to speak.

Adults watch over kids as not to allow them to escape. We are unable to leave the island until our factors disappear naturally, which is supposed to happen not earlier than when we're eighteen years old.

The school——since there was no other educational institutions on the island, it was simply referred to as "the school"——was that kind of facility. "Examination" referred to the research of a factor which happened once a month.

If a factor turns positive in here, it will be judged as a serious affair.

The entire world wishes to forget the Myth War entirely.

If it was known that there were people who harbored gods' curse in their bodies, they wouldn't be able to lead decent lives.

The entire classroom was tense but——Hakonogi-sensei just laughed frivolously as usual.

"Well, there's plenty of rumors about Seventh Sense outside, but you don't have to worry so much. In fact, the probability of a positive is lower than 0.001%. You might have heard rumors that people with superpowers killed people, but that's a mistake as well. The fact is that people who held superpowers had went out of control and killed himself. And of that too, there were only five cases over last ten years. The talk of them killing people is unfounded nonsense."

Hearing his polite explanation, several people leaked sighs of relief.

It didn't mean the atmosphere had relaxed completely, but Hakonogi-sensei's words seemed to have eased the tension.

Since I knew those numbers right from the start my mood didn't change at all, but I could hear Kunisaki's sigh from behind me.

That's when, with perfect timing chime had rang.

"Okaaay, now everyone, we're moviing."

Everyone stood up at Hakonogi-sensei's command and moved to the gymnasium where the "examination" was to be carried out.




The "examination" had safely ended.

This year's enrollment had zero positives.

Upon returning, homeroom teacher announced it to all the students.

"Aa-aah, and here I thought I'll be able to use superpower starting from today〜."

Hearing that Kunisaki let out an exaggerated lament, but it was clear to everyone it was just a joke.

Before the long classes ended, the students were free of anxiety for the first time since enrolling and left the classroom one after another with radiant looks.

The peaceful after school time.

It was a scenery worth of being called that.

"Yoo, Raika. What are you doing? ...heck, crosswords again?"

Kunisaki sighed seeing a collection of crossword puzzle problems.

"It's my hobby, is that bad?"

"I can help you with Japanese ones, but that thing you have there is in foreign language."

"To be precise it's in French."

"Bonjour is all I know from that one."

Bored, Kunisaki sat down on his seat.

Watching our exchange from the side, smiling, was Maria who was sitting next to me.

"You are really proficient in languages aren't you, Raika-san. Amazing."

"Only reading and writing. Even teacher said that my pronunciation is 'so-so'."

"By teacher, you mean Hakonogi-sensei?"

Kunisaki asked from the side.

"No, one from the facility I was in before..."

"Raika-san was in the same church facility I was in. We also studied here."

"Hee, is that so."

"Yeah, well."

Same cross was hanging down Maria's and my necks.

It was the proof that both of us have come from the same facility.

"But Maria-chan is British, right?"

"...a lot happened ten years ago."

"Ah, I see."

When Maria answered ambiguously Kunisaki stopped asking any more.

To everyone what happened ten years ago was a topic we didn't want to talk about too much.

Kunisaki returned back to topic.

"Still, well, Raika must have been an excellent student at that facility too, right?"


Maria's expression changed from an ambigious one and answered clearly.

"The teacher helped bring up Raika-san as excellent student he is, they must have been very proud of him."

"Don't talk about any more of that, Maria."

While Maria praised me to the sky, I don't remember the "teacher" in question complimenting me.

Well, what I learned from that teacher was no language but...

There, somehow the topic came to an end, then Kunisaki started to chat with Maria.

Let's go back to solving puzzles, I thought, that's when.



Called out to from behind, I turned around.

There, I saw a single female student——Shishigane Ruirui stood there, joining her hands behind her back.

She was petite, but had very slender limbs.

Her hair extending up to the shoulders had very little pigment and her smile was as adorable as a puppy.

Her uniform was unbuttoned slovenly, and from there, her feminine lines peeked out.

"Ruirui, are you done with your errands?"

"Yup. Instant kill."

Ruirui nodded with a light smile.

"Instant kill, you say. Wasn't the one who called you out a guy... weren't you confessed to?"

"Yup. That's why, instant kill."


Unable to even budge, Kunisaki bitterly laughed.

"He was too noisy for my taste. Weak guys in particular are a 'no'."

Saying so, Ruirui looked between my hands.

"Hey Raika, what are you doing?"

"Crossword puzzle."

"Hee, show meee."

In order to see better Ruirui moved her face so that she nearly touched my cheeks with her own.

She deposited her weight on my shoulder.'s hard to move.


Maria raised her voice slightly.

"Hm? What iiis it?"

"You're sticking to close to Raika-san! Young men and women should know moderation, get away from him at once!"

"Eeeh, it's fine Mariacchi〜. I don't mind iiit?"

"No – it's – not!"

Maria pulled Ruirui strongly, separating her from me.

"Listen, Ruirui-san. You are Japanese as well so you should aim aim to become yamato nadeshiko who knows moderation."

And so on.

For some reason, Maria – a genuine British girl lectured Ruirui who was purely Japanese, about being yamato nadeshiko.

It was strangely surreal.

"So, how were they?"

"What was?"

Kunisaki whispered into my ear from behind.

"Ruirui-chan's boobs, of course. How were they? Soft?"

" clue."

"Whattt?! You want to monopolize it?! While hers aren't as great Maria-chan's alluring D's, there's no way she's any inferior when it comes to elasticity and youuuuu!!"

He cried out as if his soul was leaking out.

I cringed seeing that threatening attitude of his.


Completely pissed off, Ruirui stood behind Kunisaki.

"Ah, wai-ghbhohh!"

It was his own fault so I couldn't even comment on it.

"What are those 'alluring D's' you speak of?"

Maria just tilted her head, puzzled.

"Ah, speaking of which, where's Tenka? Again in the staff room?"

"It's just related to printouts and passing information, I think she should be back already..."

Just when I responded.


*rattle* *rattle* *rattle*


With perfect timing, the classroom's door opened.

"Yahhoo, sorry to make you wait."

The one who enter was a girl even smaller than Ruirui.

The moment she turned our way, her black twintails bounced up.

Her appearance was childish, but she could speak seven languages and just five days after entering this school, she was left with duties of a class committee chairman's.

"Aww, you see, Ryuuto-sensei's precious printouts disappeared somewhere. We looked for them together and before I realized, it was this late."

"Oh my, must have been hard."

"I was all boiling inside already! You need to properly clean up on top of your desks, right."

Tenka laughed merrily.

After that she took her own bag in her hand.

"Now, let's go play. I want to eat crêpe's today."

"Aren't there some in the south ward?"

"Ah, I saw that crêperie before!"

"Then let's have Kunisaki-san guide us there."

Following Tenka, everyone stood up one after another.

Of course, I picked my bag and stood up as well.

Ever since admission, the five of us started acting together.

It was a group of few Japanese and Japan-enthusiasts, but it was surprisingly cosy.

That too, was thanks to the Tenka's skill who put the group together. I originally thought that I won't be able to make friends on this island, and I'm puzzled over it even now.

I didn't think that a day would come when I'll play around with friends like this again.

I was puzzled, but my mood wasn't too bad.





Pretending to fiddle with my bangs, I held down my left eye.


My eye behind the eyelid ached.

I could feel heat on my palm.

"Hm? What happened, Raika-kun?"

Suddenly, Tenka turned around and asked.

"It's nothing, some dust entered my eye."

I lied.

Tenka went "hmm", nodded and returned to her conversation with Ruirui who was beside her.



This happens sometimes.

Not always but... when I look at Tenka, my left eye starts to ache sometime.

Just like after seeing that dream.

I don't know the reason for that.

Nothing I can think of.

I met her for the first time after coming to this island.

Of course, there's nothing that would lead me to think I knew her ten years ago.


Aching subsided in less than twenty seconds.

It was no big deal, but the thought did stay in the corner of my head.

This might be the reason I don't meld in into this circle completely.

In the meantime, I entered the elevator.

Everyone changed their shoes and we headed to the Southern school gate, which was the outlet to South Ward.

As the tingling in my left eye subsided, I lightly chatted with Kunisaki as we walked.




A single girl had come up from the other side.

She had long, platinum-silver hair and white skin.

Drooping eyes and well-ordered features.

It was a girl who had fleeting beauty like that of a fairy.

"Ohh, ain't that Charlotte-senpai. A sight for sore eyes."

Apparently Kunisaki knew her.

When I looked closely, it seemed like people she passed by all turned noisy.

Is she a celebrity in this school?

"Kunisaki, do you know that person?"

When I asked him without special intention behind it, Kunisaki bit into the topic with a girn.

"Ohh! You interested, Raika? Unexpectedly ain't you a ladies man too!"

"No, that's not the case."

"No need to be embarrassed. Aaall right, as a special treat I'll tell you some info I got from seniors."

It's been just five days since we enrolled, but it seemed like Kunisaki has already started building up connections.

Appalled by his energy, I was forced to listen to him.

Her name was Charlotte Lovepain, seventeen years old.

While her personality was mild, she was bad with opposite sex, had few friends and no romantic experience.

Her hobby was reading. She hardly comes out of the dormitory on holidays.

Rather than being lonely, she was a girl who preferred being alone.

Since she was in the library very often, she was called "Bookshelves' Silver Fairy".

While there were boys who yearned for her in secret, whenever they tried talking to her she immediately ran away so she didn't exchange more than three words with any of them.

"And, her three sizes from top are..."

"I don't need that info."

The person herself is right here, what are you blurting out.

"What's with you, it was accurately measured by a pro's eyes y'know?"

"It's fine, shut up."


I used my bag to block his mouth.

Fortunately, it seemed like she didn't hear our conversation, she walked straight in our direction.


She was about to pass beside us.

And right in front of us, she lost her balance.


ISHS_v01_037I immediately extended my hands, supporting her body.

Her waist was thinner than I imagined.

Just now, did she trip without nothing in particular on the pass...?

That's what I felt but I didn't say it as it would be rude if I was wrong.

"Ah!! Eeeh!!"

Embraced, the girl blushed with surprise.

It seemed like she wanted to say something, but was quite unable to do so.

That's when, I suddenly noticed a book fell on the ground.

It fell out of her back when she stumbled earlier.

I bent over and picked up the book.

The title was "The Star Prince and The Princess".

Judging from the cover, it was a fantastical romance story.

"There you go."

I returned the book I picked up to her.

"T-thank you."

She received it.

Her cheeks were awfully flushed, she was red like a tomato.

"...are you all right?"

She looked too strange so I decided to ask her.

"I-I'm all right!"

Replying she shook her head to the sides.

It was hard to tell whether she was affirming or denying but... well, I guess she's okay.

Still, it seemed like she had something to say as she continued to cast glances at me.

I'd feel guilty if I ignored that and just left so I decided to continue the conversation for a little longer.

", you like books?"

"Eh! Ah, yes... I love them."

She answered while fidgeting.

Then looked up and glanced at my face again,

"Um... what's your name?"

"My name? It's Shinzen Raika."

"Raika-kun... is it. Um, I'm a second year, Charlotte Lovepain."

After Charlotte-senpai self-introduced herself,

"Uh... do you read books, Raika-kun?"

She asked.

"Yes. I don't hate reading."

"In that case, I'm library committee's member... so when you come to library I can guide you... um, as thanks."

Senpai said that while flustered.

While what she said was slightly unclear, presumably she meant that the next time I come to library she'll thank me, I guess?

Can it be that was what she wanted to say earlier?

I was convinced by her attitude.

"Understood. I'll visit you sometime."


Charlotte-senpai nodded happily.

"Well then, my friends are waiting so, see you later."

"Yup. Then... I'll wait in the library."

After saying that in the end, Senpai quickly left.

When she disappeared from our sight, Kunisaki unexpectedly approached and pat my shoulder.

"I saw iiit〜 Raikaa〜, that's a great achievement."


"Oh you〜. You are a guy as well aren't you, Raikaa〜. Just recall the feeling of getting in such close contact with that super pretty Senpai."

"Again, shut up, really."

This time I hit him with the bag even more strongly.

"Oww, you talked for quite a long while with that Senpai who's supposedly bad with men, as rumors state."

Holding down his nose Kunisaki still continued.

"Not really, she just thanked me."

"What kind of thanks was it?"

"Apparently she'll guide me around the library next time."

When I answered Kunisaki went "aahhh" and looked up at the sky.

"You, doesn't it mean that Senpai got interested in you?"

"Is that so?"

"If not, she wouldn't promise you to meet again. Ahh, so good for you. If I had as good reflexes as you I would help Senpai and feel those voluptuous boobs by accident."


This time I slammed the bag's corner into his face without saying anything.


I ignored Kunisaki's agony and lower my head lightly to the girls.

"Sorry, Kunisaki is being stupid again."

"Well, he's Kunisaki after all〜."

"Ruirui-chan, so horrible!"

While speaking with each other like the we moved down the gentle slope in front of the school and headed to the Southern ward.

The southern ward of the island was the so-called shopping ward, it had mainly entertainment facilities students needed.

After all, the only ones coming to the stores were students so there was no places where you can buy things like, for example, suits.

It was all facilities where students can play around after school and on holidays.

Since this island was an artificial one, the role of each ward was quite organized.

School was in the center of the island.

Concentrated in the Eastern Ward were island's facilities such as power plants.

Southern Ward was a shopping district.

In the Western Ward there was a harbor.

The Northern Ward had places such as parks.

It was all nicely split up between wards, but the only one for students' exclusive use was the Southern Ward and they hardly entered other wards.

Therefore, the Southern Ward was flooded with students.

Whether you looked left or right, it was full of uniforms.

Proceeding between the flood of uniforms we aimed at the crêperie Kunisaki spoke of.

We did get sidetracked a little in the middle, but after about half an hour we arrived at our destination.

"What do you want, Tenka?"

"Strawberry chocolate whipped cream, I guess〜."

"Ohh, sounds delicious. Then Mariacchi?"

"A banana crêpe maybe."

"Hm? How about you make it chocolate banana?"

"I prefer banana with whipped cream."

"I see. Then I'll get a fruit sundae for myself. Let's try tasting each others' okaay."

The three girls happily picked their crêpes.

"Aww, girls' conversation are so nice."

"You're right."

Since Kunisaki was nodding repeatedly, I agreed with him.

"By the way, what will you get, Raika?"

"I'm not that good with sweet things, if possible - coffee."

"There's no way a crêperie has coffee, how about juice?"

"Ehh! And here I thought I'll get Raika to let me taste his too!"

Hearing this, Ruirui started complaining.

"Come on, order a yogurt sundaeee."

"Even if you ask me..."

"If you order it we'll feed each other, okay?"

Ruirui started to plead like a cat.

Hearing that, Kunisaki spoke.

"In that case I'll buy it."

"You don't count, Kunisaki."


"Haa, I get it, I'll order it. But I"ll eat just a mouthful, okay?"

It wasn't a big expense, let's match everyone here in that case.

Once orders were decided, everyone received their crêpes after waiting for a few minutes and we sat down at the table with the five of us.

"Aww, still, it's great that none of us got caught in by the 'examination', right."

As we chatted while eating crêpes, suddenly Kunisaki muttered that heartily.

"Certainly, if Kunisaki awakened to superpowers he'd use them for perverted stuff."

"Ruirui-chan, aren't you being horrible towards me lately?!"

"There's no way Kunisaki-san would do such a thing, right?"

"Eh, uhh..."

"Don't stammer in a moment like this, Kunisaki."

Good grief, these friends of mine.

Well, being stared at by Maria's innocent gaze it's hard to just lie.

"Speaking of which."

That's when Tenka, who continued to munch on the strawberry chocolate crêpe has interjected.

"I've heard a strange rumor earlier."

"A strange rumor?"


"What what? What kind of rumor?"

While Ruirui bit into the topic, everyone focused their attention on Tenka.

"There's a rumor that someone was caught in 'examination'."


Hearing this unexpected story, everyone was dumbfounded.

"But they said this year's 'examination' had zero positives."

"Ah, sorry about that. It's not about this year."

Tenka apologized for being misleading and continued.

"You know, Ryuuto-sensei said that the probability is lower than 0.01%, in other words it would mean that one person in ten thousands is a positive right?"

"You're right."

I responded.

"And, there's a rumor that there was some girl who had a positive response. And you see, she was sent to a real research institution for an investigation of her superpowers and never came back again."

"...who did you hear that rumor from?"

"From a senior in class committee."

She answered simply.

"That's scary! Then if we failed that one, we'd get sent to that research institution?"

Kunisaki yelled.

"Calm down, Kunisaki. It's just a rumor."


Maria's voice was also trembling, it seemed like she was a little scared.

Tenka had no bad intentions but... let's give her a helping hand.

"It's definitely a rumor."

This time everyone's gazes gathered on me.

"The average number of students in one grade is 200 to 300. Since school was established on the year following the Myth War, there were nine years since opening."

This school had three grades system.

Therefore, there was a maximum of 900 people who enrolled on the first year and increased by 200 to 300 each year.

"Through calculation, including all graduates there were about 3300 students——it's only a third of ten thousands required for one positive. I don't think there's that many one-in-ten thousands people."

"Mmm〜 there's so many numbers in what Raika-kun says I got all tangled up."

Tenka moved her head dizzily.

I shrugged.

"Well, it just means that the chance that the senior you speak of actually saw the girl who was brought to the research institute is low."

"In other words, it means the rumor is not credible, doesn't it."

Maria exhaled with relief.

"Oh c'mon! I told you it's a rumor right at the start〜. Something like an urban legend."

In the end, it seemed like Tenka was just trying to provide a topic for talking about and was now discontent seeing our reactions.

"Rather than 'urban legends' it'd be more like 'island legends' though."

"Uhh〜not you too Ruirui〜."

"Ahaha, sorry sorry. C'mon, try eating my crêpe."

Laughing, Ruirui held out her crêpe to Tenka.


Tenka took a bit of her crêpe.

"〜♪ "

Her mood was fixed really simply.

Patting her head, this time Ruirui started speaking.

"Speaking of 'islands' and 'urban legends', did you knew this?"

"Another rumor?"

"Just listen."

Ruirui started speaking with a smile.

"You see, this island right, it's made artificially right? But no one knows how was this island made."

"Hee? What does this mean?"

Kunisaki asked, puzzled.

"Just like I say. Apparently there's nothing about the method on how this island was made, relation to any country or any supplier, even a document about it."

"By the way, where did you get all that...?"

"I said, it's a rumor."

Ruirui avoided answering my question.

A rumor, huh.

"Well, who cares about who made the island!"

Saying so, Kunisaki changed the topic.

"What's important is that we've got plenty of places to play in. I want to go to karaoke with everyone!"

"A karaoke, huh. I've never been to one so I look forward to it."

"Eh, it's Ruirui-chan's first time going to karaoke? That's unexpected!"

Kunisaki and Ruirui fired up with karaoke as the topic.


This island is very large.

Five days after we enrolled, there still are many places we weren't in.

And it was fun playing around in here with five of us.

I thought so.

"It's good that there's a lot of places we can play in, but it's troubling that there's no church."

Maria sighed complained while playing with her cross.

"Hee, so there's no church on this island. Heck, why do you know that, Maricchi?"

"I investigated in advance. And, for some reason it seems like there's no church located in here, you can't find even a priest of the Holy Church."

"Is that soo."

"Because of that there's no Sunday mass and I can only dedicate my prayers from my room."

"Well, it's a matter of life and death for you Mariacchi, isn't it, uh, but I guess you wouldn't die."

Since Ruirui wasn't a believer, it seemed difficult for her to sympathize so her reply was slightly unserious.

"Yes. I won't die, but it does trouble me."

Not offended in particular, Maria put a hand on her cheek and nodded.

"But y'know, why is there no church on this island?"

Kunisaki asked in order to continue the conversation somehow.

"...well, there's a discord between the Holy Church and Eucharistia so it's no wonder church has no facilities no the island."


Apparently not expecting there would be an answer, Kunisaki looked towards me as I interjected.

"Those two got bad blood between them?"

It seemed like Ruirui was also interested and asked.

I felt like I said something needless, but well, there's no problem telling them.

Lowering my voice and suppressing my feelings I started to speak.

"Originally, the old church had a monopoly on the mysteries and know-how concerning heretics. I mean, it's like priests were doing exorcisms since long ago, right?"

After the Myth War and appearance of gods, with hatred swelling up all over the world the old church had morphed into the current Holy Church.

To speak simply, the word "god" was eliminated from religion.

The phrase "God" in the bible was changed into "Lord" and calling priests "father" was forbidden.

On the other hand, all gods who have caused the Myth War were named "Heretic Gods".

And, when the Myth War had ended in just three days, they spread news that the Lord has destroyed Heretic Gods.

In addition to that, there was a major reform in the doctrine which altered the definition of heaven.

Well, since it was not relevant to today, let's return to the main subject

"And, the post-processing of Myth War was supposed to be done with church's leadership. After all, the Myth War was doing of Heretic Gods. They said that in the name of the Lord the church needs to cleanse, restore and correct this world."

The speculation was that by declaring Heretic Gods as "evil" and eliminating godly phenomenons the "righteous" church would have restored their fallen authority.

However, I started another part of the story.

"Then, Eucharistia appeared and took away all authority concerning the Myth War."

"In short, they stole church's work?"

"Well, speaking frankly – yes."

I affirmed it hearing Kunisaki's question.

In the past this kind of information wouldn't have leaked to the outside.

However, now gods' existence was widely known and divine phenomenons still remained all over the world.

At the same time against all these mysteries humans have dealt with it with Eucharistia's mechanisms they have proved to work all over the world.

On the other hand, competing with Eucharistia on daily basis was the Holy Church who appealed to the public to show that they too have the know-how. That's why, it wasn't that big of a problem.

Although, considering Kunisaki's reaction, it seems like their PR wasn't all that successful.

There, it seemed like my explanation wasn't enough as Kunisaki titled his neck, puzzled.

"I don't really get it. Shouldn't they act all happy, lucky to have someone do their work?"

"Well, there's a lot of adult circumstances in that respect."

Since there was no need to expose church's real intentions, I covered it up with a smile.

"Well, that's how it is so the church and the Eucharistia management mechanism are colliding every day all over. Both sides in discord."

I ended the subject.

"Raika-kun sure is knowledgablee."

Tenka nodded impressed.

But, then she raised her eyebrows and looked at Maria.

"Still, if that's the case it doesn't seem like they'll be making ia church on the island, Maria-chan."

"That's true."

Maria nodded as if it couldn't be helped.

"Raika-kun, isn't it inconvenient for you too?"

Looking at the cross hanging from my neck Tenka asked.


"I didn't pray all that much in the first place, I'm a poor believer."

Answered so.

Then after we chatted for a while.

『"It's nearly nighttime. Students are to return to dorms."』

The security personnel holding a loudspeaker appeared and started making announcements.

Ohh, it's nearly sunset.

This school's curfew was strict, but in fact all that was written in the dormitory rules was "You are to return before sunset".

In other words, the time wasn't clearly determined.

If that's the case then how can students know when does the sunset come? The school examines when is the sunset going to come every day and starts announcing it all over the island an hour prior.

The time after sunset is called night time and any outing is prohibited.

For breaking the rules students are to write an apology and are under house arrest.

There were also other penalties imposed on them.

Hakonogi-sensei also warned us in detail of it.

Because it's an island full of students we need to have a strict disciplines, and so on.

Personally, I didn't have a personality where I would sneak out to play at night so the curfew wasn't a problem for me, but,

"Ehh, it's already night time?"

"I didn't play enoough."

Kunisaki and Ruirui were that type, so they were dissatisfied.

"Calm down, we can play around tomorrow, let's obediently go home."

Tenka pacified the two.

In any case, since the stores are closed when night time comes, there's not much sense going against rules.

Kunisaki and Ruirui stood up reluctantly.

And we returned home just like other students have.

The dormitories prepared by the school were built in several places in all directions, East and West, South and North.

Kunisaki, Maria and I were in the in the Southern dorm, Tenka in the Eastern and Ruirui in the Western.

"Well then, see you."

"See you again tomorrow."

In the middle of crossroads, we split up from Ruirui and Tenka.

The three of us headed to the Southern dormitory.

"Stilll, it's lucky that we're in the Southern dormitory."

"That's true."


Since students often went to the Southern ward after school, the Southern dorm was the closest one to it. And the Northern one was the least convenient.

Talking about that we arrived in our dorm.

All student dormitories had basically the same four story structure.

Boys' and girls' dorms were in one building rather than in separate buildings, but the rooms were completely separated between two sides of the building and going between those rooms while inside was impossible.

Of course, the entrance to boys' and girls' part was separate and the dormitory staff monitored all students at the entrances.

"Well then, Maria-chan see you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow."

"Yes. See you tomorrow."

After we said our farewells with Maria at the entrance, I pushed Kunisaki who continued to wave his hand to her and stepped into boys' entrance.

"Well then, I'll be going up."

"Sure. Ah, when are you going to eat, Raika?"

Kunisaki stopped me as I tried to move up the stairs and asked.

The dorm's cafeteria was open between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., during that time we could eat dinner anytime.

"There's a book I want to read as soon as possible. I don't know when I'll finish reading it."

"What? Then what's more important to you, me or the book?"

He spoke with discontent.

It seemed like he wanted to match my timing for dinner.

While it pained me to turn him down...


"Raika, you're meaaan."

"That sounds disgusting so stop."

"Hahaha, then see you tomorrow then, Raika."

Smiling bitterly I waved to him, then turned around and went to my room.

In other words, to the farthest room from the front doors.

While there was an elevator, the custom was that only second and third years could use it.

Since the room assignment was determined by random upon enrollment, so I was laughed at as unlucky guy by Kunisaki who got a room on the first floor.


Finally reaching my room I opened it with the electronic key.

The lights in the room lit up and I placed the bag on the floor.

Well, just like Kunisaki said, it was lottery that decided rooms.

But I actually thought I was lucky.

No, it was good luck to us. Is it.


*knock* *knock*!!


That's when I heard knocking from the veranda.

I opened the curtains not particularly surprised.

There, was——the one I parted with earlier, Maria.

"Sorry to make you wait."

"I didn't wait so it's all right. Come in."

Of course, it was against rules for girls to enter boys' rooms.

But I let her in not bothered by it.

I won't even retort as to why did she appear from veranda.

It was because I knew that she comes to my room like this.

What I mentioned earlier about having good luck, was because it's easy to get off the roof into the fourth floor with a wire.


Why would Maria sneak around like that in order to meet in secret?

Because it was related to the true purpose we had in coming to this island.




Ten years ago after losing everything, I have become an orphan.

The one to take care of me was a certain orphanage.

No, precisely speaking it was a bit different from that.

I searched for appropriate orphanage myself and entered it.

It was the facility of the Holy Church, which at the time was still called the Old Church.

Still, that church operated countless other orphanages as well.

There was a reason I chose that one particular one from among others.

That facility was——the training center of church's Japanese heretic subjugation branch.

"Teach me how to kill those filthy gods."

After saying so, I was taken in by the facility.

It's been ten years since then.

Every day I ended up vomiting blood.

With my flesh being tormented as daily routine, I had lectures hammered into my head including languages.

I don't remember how many times I called the cold-blooded instructor "inhuman".

And just the other day, I was acknowledged as a full-fledged member.

At the same time I was given the mission to infiltrate this island.

There was just one order I was given by the church.


"Reveal all there is as to what Eucharistia is doing in Laurasia Island."


There were too many mysteries to this Laurasia Island.

For example, just like Ruirui said mentioning urban legends and rumors, it was true that no one knew how was this island made.

While the amount of believers of the church all over the world decreased significantly with the influence of Myth War, the church's information network spread all over the world.

Nevertheless, no one knew when, who, and how did construct this large island.

Moreover, this artificial island wasn't made on mega-floats, but had a foundation built from the seabed.

It was completely different from filling up water that's close to the land.

The Eurasian continent that once existed in here had Norse Mythology's Thor and Japanese Mythology's Takemikadzuchi——two gods of thunder clash in this land.

The pillars representing military arts of both mythologies fought fiercely and the clash led to breaking of a third of the world's largest continent.

And Laurasia Island was built exactly in the middle of the ground zero.

We had no clue just how deep was the hole that was gouged in here.

So how did they build this island in such a place in just a year?

Is that even possible with modern technology?

The island is full of mysteries.

Wrapped even further in mysteries is the Eucharistia.

The Eucharistia was born at about the same time the Laurasia Island was completed.

In addition to that, they made a move when church was still midst confusion and have started general examination as well as cleaning up divine phenomenons, snatching away all initiative.

While there was a great turmoil, there still was great influence of the church.

At the very least, it was something impossible for an emerging force to do... if it was a normal one.

However, it's enough to look at the way things are now.

The Eucharistia is managing everything there is about Myth War and doesn't allow the church to intrude at all.

How they have surpassed the influence of the church and the backgrounds of their establishment is all unknown.

It was all too puzzling.

It was all too creepy.

Is there something abnormal behind them?

What the higher-ups of the church——and I want to know——is the identity of those standing behind the Eucharistia.

The gods who appeared on the earth left ten years ago.

This island and the Eucharistia appeared one year after that.

In that case, was that one year difference really irrelevant?

Or maybe, did something abnormal related to gods happen in the meantime?

Through many years of investigation the church found out that Eucharistia is hiding something on this island.

That's when the church sent me here as I fulfilled the admission requirements.

In order to investigate the thing that stands behind the Eucharistia and what are they doing on the island.


I understood that this was part of a power struggle between the church and the Eucharistia.

However, the reason I wanted to go on this mission was because I thought I might get some clues leading me to gods.

My little sister who disappeared ten years ago.

In order to learn her whereabouts I had no choice but to seek out the god who assaulted us.

Of course, it was unknown whether the ones behind the Eucharistia are related to the identity of the god from over ten years ago.

However, no matter how small the possibility was, if it's to find my little sister I would cling onto it with all strength I have.

That's my real goal in coming to this island.

I intended to start moving tonight in order to fulfill that goal.

In other words... it was supposed to be.

"Maria, it's about time you let go of me."

"No way, Raika-senpai."

Saying so, Maria continued to hug me in my own room for a long while already.

For your information, Maria and I are classmates.

And yet, whenever we are alone she refers to me as "senpai".

During the daytime when we were talking with Kunisaki it was said that she came from the same facility.

It was indeed so——in other words, just like me she was someone who received training of a heretic subjugator.

The way she called ne "senpai" was the remnant of the time when we were in the facility.

Maria who just like me fulfilled the requirements for being admitted into this school had come with me to this island as a backup for the infiltration mission, or was supposed to but...


"Senpai, Ruirui-san clung onto you in the classroom, right? That's why I will cling onto you as well."

"Didn't you preach her not to cling onto people?"

"I'm allowed to do it."

Nonchalantly answering, Maria continued to hug me.


Since it couldn't be helped, I gave up on resisting.

Ten minutes passed just like that.

It was one minute after six o'clock.

The outside turned completely dark and it was about the time the guards finish their patrols.

It's about time to switch over.



This time Maria answered obediently.

While sometimes she acted strangely, in general she was a serious girl.

"So? Did you finish analyzing the magic applied onto the student dorm?"


Maria nodded.

The fifth day since admission——the reason we didn't make our move until today was because we realized there was magic applied throughout the building.

"Applied on this building is the opposite of a barrier for clearing out people——in other words, it's magic that deprives people of wanting to leave this building."

She explained about the magic she was examining in this building over the last five days.

Since her aptitude was higher when it comes to magic than mine, I could trust her with the results of the analysis.

"A trick for detaining people in the building, huh."

"That's right. Raika-senpai and I aren't affected by it thanks to this cross."

Saying so, Maria lightly raised the cross.

This cross was one of the basic pieces of equipment of heretic subjugators, it had an effect of repelling curses and magic harming one's body and mind.

In fact, wearing this cross Maria went to the rooftop——which is outside the building, and came down to my room.

But normal students probably don't even feel like going outside.

"Also, this mechanism also seems to activate during nighttime."

"It seems like... it's too much for just ensuring the rules are abided to."

This level of magic was within the realm of what humans could do.

Therefore, it was possible that Eucharistia had applied this magic mechanism.

Assuming that Eucharistia is the culprit,

"Are they doing something at night that can't be shown to students?"

It was reasonable to think so.

Maria too, nodded silently agreeing with me.

It couldn't be said that we approached the other side but...

"As I thought, there's need of investigating the island at night time."

At the very least, the following action was decided.

"Just as scheduled, I decided to move independently to investigate the island."

"Understood. What mobile weapon are you taking?"

"No need for one."

My mission was undercover one.

In other words, the most important thing was not to be found out, if I end up in a situation where I need to use a weapon it would mean I already failed.

Even if I failed, the only way to escape from the island was by sea.

Thinking of escaping, there was no other choice but to do a sea jack, but if it comes to that the church probably won't cover up for me.

That's why it was better to go without holding any weapon.

"Maria, return to your room. If something happens and I don't come back, contact the church."

"Understood. I don't think there's need to worry if it's Senpai, but please be safe."

I moved on the veranda before Maria did and prepared the wire.

And just like she did, I used the wire to quietly go down to the ground from the veranda.


I moved away from the dormitory, careful as not to be seen by dormitory staff.




First, I decided to go to school.

Honestly speaking, it wasn't like I was certain there was something there.

But if this island itself was made with some purpose by Eucharistia, I just thought that something must exist in the school that was built in the center of it.

And I had no clues in the first place.

For the time being I believed my intuition and started to move carefully on the usual road to school.

...however, even after three times the time it usually took, I still couldn't see the school.

When I stopped feeling discomfort, I realized what was the reason for it.

The surroundings were too quiet.

Because of that I have become strangely nervous about erasing the sound of my footsteps and my moving speed was extremely low.


The silence pained my ears.

The wind passing through empty city felt extra cold.


When I first heard of it I thought it was just simplistic naming, but experiencing it this way was very strange.

Day and night.

I wasn't very conscious of it until now, but daytime and nighttime are two different worlds.

Living beings quieten their breathing, air cools down and sounds disappear.

The silence and stillness was enough for me to hear the sound of blood flowing by my ears.

Buzzing in my heart wasn't fear, but dread.

In this space with all noise disappearing I realized my littleness and how broad the world is.

Facing something far greater than I am, rather than fear I felt awe.

It was the emotion that people once felt towards gods and the nature.

This city, this island reminded people of such things.





Just now, there was a voice.

Hiding in the shadows I glanced at the surroundings, but there was no sign of people.

The surroundings were same as usual... completely silent.

...was it my imagination?

It seemed to sound too clear for that.

No, there's no time to waste in a place like this.

I resumed my movement and headed to school.

After climbing the gentle slope I could finally see the school building.

Passing by the school gate while wary of the surroundings, I attempted to quietly approach the entrance.

That's when.


Suddenly looking at the top, I saw someone on the roof of the school building.

Judging by the hair length, it was probably a girl.

The girl who seemed like she carried moonlight was wearing——a silver knightly armor.

There was a tie at her neck, the hem of her armor spreading like a skirt.

Her appearance seemed as if it was a meld of a school uniform and armor.

While it was odd-looking, strangely that appearance of hers was beautiful.

In silent nighttime, nearly overlapping with moonlight now, standing there she appeared very mystical.


The girl's line of sight moved lower.

Our eyes met.


It was hard to see in the shadow, but her features seemed familiar.

The second year we have passed by at the school gate today as we were leaving.

Charlotte Lovepain.

Her appearance during the day and night gave off a slightly different impression.

When I first saw her the atmosphere around her was fleeting, but now it was sharp and cold like an unsheathed blade...

As I gasped staring at her.

Suddenly, her figure leaped off the roof.


She was about to perform suici——no.

She was clearly aiming at me as she fell, no, as she jumped.

"Come to me, Nothung!"

Charlotte-senpai yelled in mid-air.

Light converged in her hand taking form of a sword.

It wasn't a Japanese katana. It was a slightly wider knightly sword.

Fitted on the silver decorations on the handle was a red gem.

The blade was without a single shadow.

And, the trajectory that blade was traveling aimed at me——!


I threw myself forward as to evade her leaping at me.


I could hear the sound of concrete being gouged.

While I rolled on the ground I saw the swung down knightly sword split the pavement, producing a huge crack in the earth.


No matter what famous katana or sword it is, that kind of thing was impossible.

It wasn't a hammer or an iron ball, there's no way it could split the ground.

Even before that, it's strange for a human to jump off a roof and land on both legs without taking the impact passively.

I stood up, and with the building behind my back I confronted the girl who couldn't be a normal person.

Turning around, the girl stared at me with sharp gaze.

I could feel thirst for blood and strong willpower in her eyes, it was completely different from my impression of her when we spoke during daytime.

It was as if, like that one I once saw standing on top of the rubble...

——It was like a flashback of the god in shape of a girl who fell from the heavens.


My left eye ached.

While I held down my eye with one hand, Charlotte-senpai turned around.

ISHS_v01_001"You, you're Divinity-Compatible aren't you."

Raising the point of the sword she asked.


Holding down my left eye, I answered while covered in cold sweat.

She herself seemed puzzled, but I couldn't understand what she meant either.

Of course, I responded truthfully but it seemed like she thought I was playing dumb.

Senpai's eyes were dyed with anger.

"What are you trying now, if you are walking around at nighttime then——"


Certainly, it was dorm rule violation but what about it?

But before I could ask.

"This is the third war of mine. Becoming the first to adorn my sword is something to be joyful about... but if the opponent is an escaping weakling, it is only half the honor."

The third... war?

Ever since the previous Myth War, there was not even one large-scale conflict which could be called a "war".


A mysterious chill ran down my spine.

"At least fight as not to embarrass yourself."

"Wait! What are you talking abou..."


Charlotte-senpai clicked her tongue in anger.

"If you don't wish to fight——get lost from the surface right now."

She raised her knight sword soundly.

Without a doubt, the killing intent coming from the point of her sword was real.

Her movements from earlier and those during the day were completely different.

I don't know why was I assaulted by a student when I came to investigate the Eucharistia but...

It wasn't the time to think about that now.

...I guess frontal suppression is impossible.

Charlotte-senpai's movements were better than mine.

Confronting her, who held a sword, with bare hands was reckless.

Withdrawing from this place was the top priority.

While I pondered on the escape route, a small light suddenly appeared on Charlotte-senpai's armor by her neck.

It came from the gap between her tie and her collar.

A tattoo... no. It was a pattern drawn with simple lines which for some reason was giving off faint, phosphorescent light.

Moreover that pattern, no, those characters...


『"——r me?"』


...that voice again?

Just earlier I thought it had to be Charlotte-senpai's voice, but her mouth didn't move. Also, hearing it again I noticed the tone of voice is completely different.

Then whose voice is this?

It was hard to hear it, but from what I could tell it was a man's voice.

Is there someone else here——when I looked at the surroundings for a moment.

The girl started running.


Leaving my self to my reflexes I threw my body to the side.

The sword passed above my inclined head.


The school's wall was cut apart——!

Moreover, in a straight line.

The thick glass on the doors shattered on impact, the flying gravel struck my entire body.


I clenched my teeth in pain and entered the building through broken doors.

While running in the hallway I shed cold sweat.

What's with that abnormal destructive power?!

Also, the chill whenever I confronted that sword.

That thing is no good.

It's something out of this world.

My human instinct warned me of that threat.

Then how do I survive in this situation?

I climbed the stairs while thinking.

Escaping when there's no way to escape was a foolish plan, there were no obstacles in the straight corridor. The risk of her catching up to me with her tremendous physical abilities was too high.

For now let's hide for some time before escaping to the outside again.

It were completely passive measures, but that was all I could do.

No matter how I looked at it, it was a hopeless situation.

Not knowing anything about what's happening was real bad in the first place.

If I at least knew the identity of that sword.

If I'm not wrong... she called it Nothung... right.


Once I climbed up to the third floor I stopped moving.

It was because I noticed.

No, because I recalled, would be correct.

I knew that sword.

That's when a shadow appeared outside the window.

What appeared from there was a gray, heroic flying horse

From the sky?!

The flying horse kicked off the air and started running in the middle of it.

On its back, there was Charlotte-senpai holding the knightly sword.

"Go, Grani!"

The girl's striking voice resounded through the windows.



That armor and those characters.

As I thought?!

I gained confidence as to her identity.

At the same time, the flying horse struck the walls of the school building.



Avoiding the rubble I rolled down to the corridor.

The horse flew through the sky and destroyed the building by tackling it.

Witnessing this irrational spectacle many people would turn dumbfounded in amazement.

But I was far from entering that state.



*thump* *thump* *thump*

Because it felt like feelings would burst out of my heart, all I could do was to keep my sanity.

"Don't run, you coward!"

Charlotte-senpai was saying something.

But, I couldn't care less.

Since I was facing downwards, I raised my face,


"I finally found you."


I said that, squeezing the voice from the bottom of my heart.


Surprised by my abnormal state, Charlotte-senpai faltered on the horseback.

I didn't let that chance escape.

I grabbed the fire extinguisher from the wall.


Charlotte-senpai thought I'm going to throw that heavy fire extinguisher and raised the sword to cut it apart in mid-air.

Meanwhile I disconnected the pin on the fire extinguisher and pressing on the lever I ejected it into her face.


Bathed in the fire extinguishing agent, the knight let out a quiet scream.

Succeeding in blinding her I slipped by the flying horse's side and withdrew from the location.




I entered a classroom on the third floor, leaned on the wall by the window and muffled my breathing.

The reason I didn't go to the first floor was because I didn't have the confidence to outrun the flying horse outside.

Much less than it could fly in the sky.

I investigated the possibility of escaping to the dormitory where others could see, but since opponent's purpose was unclear it was unknown whether being seen by others would bother her.

If that was the case, I could end up involving others.

The ones I have become friends since coming here, Kunisaki, Ruirui and Tenka.

As well as those whom I'm not friends yet, but I might get closer to, my classmates.

That has to be avoided no matter what.

Also, there was something I had to ask Charlotte-senpai, no, ask her no matter what.

——That glowing pattern engraved on her neck.

Those were runic symbols.

It was alphabet used by Nordic Germanic tribes, also deeply involved with certain mythological system.

Each rune had one meaning.

The meaning of the characters on her neck was——


『...uhihihi, you look like you're about to die, Milenian*."』



I nearly yelled in surprise, but I endured it desperately.

It was a man's voice similar yet different from that of Charlotte-senpai's.

It was the voice I heard faintly a few times before.

『"——Woah, it appears my voice finally reached ya. It appears that that cross was getting in the way so you couldn't hear me, what an insolent fellow you are as to ignore my great self's call so many times!"』

I looked around carefully but there was no one but me in the classroom.

Then... am I the only one who can hear this voice?

Who are you?

『"——I don't mind naming myself, but the enemy is comin'. Can ya even ask me for my name with your head chopped off?"』

The voice answered while laughing contemptuously.

His manner of speech was horrible.

But it was just as the voice said.

Enemy, you said. You mean Charlotte-senpai? Do you know why is she attacking me?"

『"——Yeah, I know. We've been fighting a war here since forever. You've been chosen as compatible with me. Well, I was the one who chose though."』

Compatible. Just earlier Charlotte-senpai has also said the words "Divinity-Compatible".

Also, war. She said that this is her third war.

A few things connected in my head, but let's put it aside for now.

『"——Uhihihi, you're right. What you need now is power to fight. I'll give ya my ability. Accept it gratefully, prostrating and kissing the ground with your forehead."』

What are you... before I could ask that——suddenly, an enormous amount of information flowed into my head.

The ability given to me. The way to use it. And its characteristics.

The processing power of my brain was forcibly accelerated as countless knowledge flowed in.

There was a huge amount of knowledge big enough to make me dizzy and get a horrible headache, as well as intense aching in my left eye.


Holding my head with both hands, I cried out unable to endure all the pain.

At the same time, the classroom's wall was torn apart.

"——I found you."

Charlotte-senpai appeared holding a knightly sword.

Possibly because the corridor's ceiling was too low, she wasn't riding Grani.

But even more troublesome than that flying horse was this sword.

There wasn't nearly enough space in the classroom to avoid her sword.


I was still in the middle of having the ability transferred into my left eye.

"It's over."

She rushed at me holding the sword.

Her steps crushed the floorboards beneath her as she started the rush.

If I'm even tackled by her in that armor with this momentum, I'll die.

"Take this...!!"

I immediately threw a chair at her.

But it was effortlessly cut apart by her knightly sword.


Senpai was already in motion for the next slash——in other words, the motion for killing me.

I had no way to avoid it.

The point of the sword moved.

One millimeter by one.

Death approached.

Am I going to die here? Am I going to get killed?

Ten years ago my parents were killed, the city was burned down.

My little sister was taken away.

Am I going to die... without paying them back?



Don't screw with me.

Seriously, don't screw with me!

I will never accept this!

If I die here, what was these ten years for?!

What crossed my mind was a mountain of rubble on that day and that ridiculing god with girl's appearance.

Until I find her and have her spit out what happened to my little sister back then I...

As if I'd friggin' die!

『"——Good resolve."』

Hearing the voice I was brought back to original flow of time.


There was a sound of air being cut through above my head.

Apparently I unconsciously tried avoiding the sword and fell on my butt. The sword seemed to have cleaved above me.

The slash that was to cut off my head had cut the windows apart.

The lower half of glass in the windows fell to the outside.

Furthermore, the pressure coming from the sword's swing blow away all the desks and chairs which crashed onto the wall.

『"——Ain't you lucky."』

The voice ridiculed as if he saw a terrible comedy.

Shut up you shitty god.

I spat curses.

It was among the knowledge that flowed in earlier.

This voice was that of a god's.


To humans, they were fear and despair.

Humans were unable to do anything about them.

For example, ten years ago one and a half billion people died just by getting caught up in a battle between gods.

For example now, caught in between the gods' war Senpai and I are about to kill each other.

Humans cannot oppose gods.

To humans, gods were absolute existences.

"Damn scum."

Facing this truth I trembled with anger.

『"——You've got really foul mouth."』



That's when two tongue clicks overlapped.

One was mine, the other was Charlotte-senpai's.

No, wrong.

To be precise, it wasn't Charlotte-senpai's.

Tonight, the one who assaulted me is the same as that guy inside of me, a god.

"You, how dare you give me so much trouble."

The goddess grumbled and raised the sword up to my neck.


Along with the announcement of my death, she withdrew the sword slightly from my throat.

That moment, I moved away the hand that was covering my left eye.



"My name is Shinzen Raika and I command you. Brünnhilde, be my slave."


The power of my left swallowed her up.

At the same time, the movement of her sword stopped completely.


My opponent was confused, unable to move her body.


I stood up, careful that the blade doesn't cut my carotid artery and struck my uniform to get rid of the dust.

Seeing me show so much composure she glared at me.

"You bastard... what did you do?!"

I felt discomfort hearing her act so haughty now and squinted.

"...I dominated you with my evil eye. It's pointless to try moving. Not just your arms, legs and fingers, even your soul itself was enslaved by me."

"Dominated, enslaved you say...! But why do you know my name?!"

Hearing that question I laughed.

"The dragon-slaying sword, Nothung. The horse soaring through the sky, Grani. That knightly appearance. Did you think your identity won't be exposed with this many hints? The one that confirmed it was the rune on your neck——"

I shifted the tie at on her neck and the rune from underneath was exposed to the air.

"——This is the rune which has the meaning of victory. It's yours, Brünnhilde's symbol."


It seemed like she was frustrated having everything pointed out at her as she bit her lips.

Just a minute ago she had the absolute advantage.

And now the situation was reversed and I was the one to hold the power of life and death over my opponent.

"You... your name?"

In the end, Brünnhilde appeared to want to know the name of the one who beat her as she said that.

Once again, this made me enter an unpleasant mood.

"I already told you my name... or is human name not good enough for you?"

I spat that out.

"Then I'll use one easier for you gods to understand——I'm the 'King of Evil Eye', Balor."

    • Kanji for Milenian means "Human", possibly it has something with Milesians in Celtic Mythology.

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