It is Friday today.

I got curious about a certain thing, so while adjusting【Ensol】I start to search Belstead & gather information from residents. Also I need to raise my automatic recovery skill, I’ll die otherwise.

Let’s go to meat’s… Cock-A-Doo livestock owner’s(?) place.


The livestock owner needed a lot of land, so his location was at the outskirts of the town. It was quite time-consuming to get to it. Although Belstead was not as large as Starting Town, it was still fairly large. While talking with residents on the way, I moved toward my destination.

By the way, players started appearing in this area and can be seen in several places in the town. There are still few of them, though. The East is a little awkward for people who don’t have «Cooking».


It’s… here, isn’t it.

It was a wooden building in the outskirts of the town. Compared to other houses it was pretty large.

I rang the bell before entering inside.


“My, welcome.”

“Hello. I heard that you are dealing with meat-related ingredients.”

“What do you need?”

“I actually thought of making sausages...”

“Ahhh… I do have sausages themselves, but I think making them will cost you?”



[Material] Salted Goat Intestine Rarity: No Quality: A Value: 1200
A goat intestine used for making sausages, preserved in salt.
It’s well-processed by a veteran cook.

[Material] Salted Pig Intestine Rarity: No Quality: A Value: 1000
A pig intestine used for making sausages, preserved in salt.
It’s well-processed by a veteran cook.

[Material] Salted Cow Intestine Rarity: No Quality: A Value: 800
A cow intestine used for making sausages, preserved in salt.
It’s well-processed by a veteran cook.



And this is what was displayed to me.

Hmm...it’s expensive? But it does have A quality, doesn’t it? As expected of a livestock owner, is what I should say. It’s not bad to be able to buy A quality items… but I won’t know much unless I make some sausages, I don’t know how much I need of it.


“How many meters does each of those have?”

“Two meters each.”


If I make a single sausage 9cm long, I can make about 20.

From what I remember, when making wieners you used goat’s, for frankfurters it was pig’s, and for bologna it was cow’s intestine..

It’s wieners that are used for cooking, but these are for a festival. In hot dog’s case it’s frankfurter sausages. In which case, I will use piggy intestines. It shouldn’t be difficult to get back in the black. The problem is getting bread for hot dogs? Or maybe the filling ratio…?

Also, based on the stock the livestock owner had… it seems like it would be difficult to continue selling it as the main merchandise during the festival. What a shame.


In case of making sausages, just how long should they be…?

The difference between wieners, frankfurters and bologna sausages is the thickness. It appears that… the difference came from the size of the intestines used, but some time ago everyone switched into artificial casing.

Ahh, then let’s make them into a length and number that will not leave unused material. The remaining materials would disappear in the sea of data. Since there are two meters, then… umm about 14 of them 14cm each? Let’s make some.


“Also, do you possess this?”



[Tool] Sausage Set Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 50000
A tool set necessary for making sausages.
It has everything necessary for making minced meat and tools for stuffing sausages.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.



Oh? ...OHHH, let’s buy it!

A tool for making minced meat will be a lot of help. The expense does hurt, though.

Furthermore, aren’t they selling a meat version of vegetable storage? Great, since inventory was in a horrible state indeed. What is left is to find one for seasonings, and I’ll be set.


...Now, let’s withdraw some money.

How many intestines should I buy…? If I bought 50 of each, it would cost me 200k, which is a little hard on my pocket. More than half of my savings, which would be a little… a fairly painful expense.

Alright, let’s withdraw 170k. I’ll take 25 of goat intestines and 50 of pig intestines, the sausage set and meat storage. Let’s buy some more pig intestines tomorrow, before the event begins.

...My remaining savings is now 150k.


“Thanks for patronage~.”

“I’ll come again tomo… in about three days.”

“If you order ahead, it is possible for me to prepare a higher amount of goods, you know?”


My, so AI can do even that.

Is it by any chance possible in other stores as well? It is possible that it’s also influenced by likability, but I'm here for the first time...

Ahh, but it’s that. I did talk with Alf-san and Ske-san about how our likability is strangely high. About how it wouldn’t be strange if we had a bonus to likability for being the first ones to beat the boss.


In any case, how many should I buy?

How many frankfurters, or rather, hot dogs will sell… I think a fair amount should, but the investment will also be high. The cost for one intestine is high.


“It would be the evening three days later, but, could you prepare 100 of Pig Intestines?”

“It is possible. But it will cost 100k in total...”

“I will withdraw from the union, so there is no problem. Then, please do prepare them.”

“I understand. I will be waiting.”

“By the way… are you selling beef tallow?”

"Beef tallow… you mean, cow fat? We usually throw it away.”

“If possible, I would like to have some...”

“Please wait a moment.”


She went to the back to confirm.

If there is beef tallow, I would like some for making steaks. Just frying on charcoal is alright, but if I had some then my possibilities will increase.


“I’m sorry to have made you wait. It’s a part that we normally discard, and since you are the one who defeated the Fighting Bear in the West,  please have it.”

“Thank you very much. I believe it will sell to Outsiders, so it might be a good idea to try selling it.”

“So there is demand among Outsiders… I understand. I will discuss this with my husband.”

“Yes, I will be going then.”


While leaving the livestock owner’s store, I thought of the remaining materials that I need.

If I’m to make hot dogs the main merchandise, then there is no problem with the amount of meat. Thanks to the sausage set I won’t have much trouble making sausages.

I need to prepare ingredients for bread, as well as ketchup and mustard… if I made 14 of 14cm sausages, then in total it would be… 2100?

A single ketchup can be used 50 times, so 42 of them. As for mustard seeds… I feel like I won’t use too much of it. There is a need to make mustard out of mustard seeds. The prepared mustard will most likely be an item with an amount of uses.

For now, the goal is tomorrow’s stall, but it’s not like that is the only day I can use it, so there is no problem if some is left.


Honestly, the bigger problem is the bread and the seasoning of the sausage. I need to prepare yeast, and I need to examine the usage of the brick oven. Furthermore, I need to make mustard.

Thinking of smoking I did before, maybe it would be better if I started preparing it now?

And I want to try the brick oven, let’s do some cooking then...



Let’s do cooking in the corner of the plaza. I merge the Sausage Set into the Cooking Kit.

Next, I take out the Cooking Kit’s cube and preview before placing it… at this point, I was able to tweak the positioning of tools, so please put the brick oven in the back…

TA-DAH, it’s placed.


Now, how do I use the oven?



※About the brick oven
To use the brick oven you need to use fuel.
First you need to kindle firewood and put it inside the oven.
The temperature of the oven is displayed as a color, but how precise the display is depends on your «Cooking»-type Skill.
You can move things to places with required temperature, or adjust the temperature by adding fuel!
The firewood is lined up next to the oven, this basic firewood will never run out.
If you wish to tweak things, you can try other fuels. There might be good materials out there for using as fuel.
When you put away the brick oven, it will be automatically cleaned.



I see.

Seems like they were fairly particular about the oven system. In case of minced meat, all you need to do is to put meat in, and minced meat will come out, you know? It automatically removes fishbones so it’s pretty useful.

There are two settings for it, one for rough and fine minced meat.



Umm, I think it was possible to search the outside sites from the game.

...There it is.

In large text there is a message saying “The search from inside the game is monitored by AI. In some cases it might result in temporary account ban or deletion, please confirm the terms and conditions”.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with me, as I only search for the way to make bread and sausages. Apparently R-18 sites and outside BBS are forbidden


I don’t need baking paper or baking trays since I’m using a brick oven… probably. There was none in the bread baking set, and it’s impossible for me to prepare it.


What is inside the bread making set is...

A scale, measuring spoon, measuring cup, wooden bowl, wooden spatula.

A wooden board for kneading dough, wooden rolling pin, cylindrical-shaped wooden plate for cutting dough. A thermometer, a hygrometer, sugar doser, and some kind of cloth.

Cake cooler, bread knife, brush, a sprayer.

It seems like it’s well-equipped? There are no molds, but let’s not be bothered by that.


The scale and thermometer made me react with “what about fantasy-worldness?” but thinking well, in this game there is the Machinery race. I’m starting to get curious as of what kind of treatment it gets in this world...


I tried asking an older woman nearby, and apparently scales, thermometers and similar are based on items that were found in a dungeon, but that is all that she knows. Well, she does look like a housewife. It would be scary if she actually knew details.

I don’t know much about Machinery, but they seem to be treated the same as humans. The “All’s fine as long as it poses no danger” stance made me laugh.

Well… yes. The word “dungeon” that suddenly appeared in the conversation… naturally I asked where can I find one, but she said she doesn’t know and laughed. Let’s leave it at that.

As thanks, I gifted her 1kg of Angus’ rib meat. She really rejoiced. Based on the description, it is a high-class ingredient. I have over 300 pieces of Angus meat on me; did I overhunt them? Quite a lot of it drops when I beat them.



Hmm… Let’s use Angus meat and raise my «Cooking» level right away.

Honestly speaking, I'm worried whether【Knowledge of Frying】will allow me to bake bread. If there was【Knowledge of Bread-Baking】then...


Oh right, I didn’t check if there was alcohol.

I put away the kit for now, then catch a woman nearby and ask about a store that sells it.

In the store I buy Red Wine, White Wine and Brandy. Red Wine costs 180, White Wine costs 200, and Brandy costs 600. I bought 3 of each.

After coming to the East, the choice of cooking items has become really rich. It was worth beating the boss. In exchange, my possessed amount of money started looking lonely...



I came back to the plaza again, let’s fry some steaks.

The problem is the parasol. I guess I can’t cook while holding a rapier...

Hmmm… my HP goes down, but I have time while I wait for the meat to fry. Looks like I can manage as long as it’s cooking that does not keep me very busy. It can’t be helped.


As for meat I use… it’s rump!

This time I do not mind the thickness and focus on slicing them roughly the same.


Frying pan is ready, lid is ready, brandy is ready, meat preparations are done, garlic is ready.

...There are no children nearby… alright, let’s do this.

I put beef tallow on the hot frying pan. Next I put garlic inside and fry it. After frying garlic just enough to not burn it, I take it out and while being careful of the temperature I put meat in.

Using the lid freely I fry it from both sides… then put in brandy!

I put fire to it to flambe.


I’m doing flambe in broad daylight in a plaza. HA HA HA HA, this is food-terrorism. But I won’t stop.


When the flame disappeared I took out the meat and put it on Primula-san’s dish to complete it.



[Cuisine] A Rich and Luxurious Angus Rump Steak Rarity: No Quality: B+
A top-class steak made by a skilled cook, capable of making royalty groan from deliciousness.
Satiety +35
Contents: Dish, Fork, Knife
Cook: Anastasia
Utensils: Primula



Fufufu, it’s really well-made. B+ Quality and +35 Satiety is probably the highest I have made so far.

Rich and Luxurious… the luxurious must be from the thickness. As for richness, it must be flambe’s effect. I did use Brandy, after all.

Now, let’s cook the sliced meat with the same method.



Well then, let’s taste it! Itadakimasu

...Yup. It’s cooked to my liking and flambe can be said to have succeeded. It’s as good as the ones I make at home… or maybe even tastier. I’m sure Rina won’t have any complaints with this.

It feels like to improve this, it is necessary to have better equipment and better quality ingredients.

Yes, this is a very good result.


Let’s sell it for a good price! It’s easy to calculate costs for steaks, which is also nice.

I don’t know for how much will the beef tallow be sold from now on, but it should not be too expensive, garlic costs 10. If there is anything expensive, it would be Brandy? It costs 600 each, but can be used 100 times. Might as well cost nothing.

I can make money with this.


The bear soup is priced at 800. This recovers 10 more Satiety, and with this taste… about 1200? Both Satiety and taste-wise.


In regards to the problem with ingredient quality… the drops from mobs are in general C Quality. So are they saying that if I want quality higher than C, it means I need to have my own livestock?

I would need a skill related to livestock and land, and get animals as well. ...I have no intention of going that far. Let’s become a regular customer of one of the players who do it.


Alright, I feel like it will sell, so let’s mass produce it until I get the second tier skill.



〈«Cooking» reached level 30. Gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Cooking»’s Art【Knowledge of Roasting】【Reaction Acceleration】were acquired.〉

〈«Cooking» has reached maximum level, «Cook» was unlocked.〉



Alright, I’m taking it of course.


〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, “Title: Cook” was acquired.〉



Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.


Ah, yes. It’s a crafting-type title.

I don’t care about it so let’s move on to confirming Arts.

………...Majority of my arts have disappeared and were overwritten? All the knowledge-type Arts have been annihilated...


【Magical Chef】
Makes all cooking methods possible, the cooking can have mysterious powers. Adds buff effect to cuisine.

【Local Procurement】
When cooking manually, there are assistance lines. Increases the drop rate of rare ingredient drops.

【Reaction Acceleration】
Speeds the time of the target, but consumes a large amount of MP. Can be only used on ingredients..


Umm, so【Magical Chef】is the higher version of knowledge-type arts. A buff effect is finally here!

Furthermore【Local Procurement】’s is a higher tier version of【Cooking Wisdom】.

What I’m most happy about might be【Reaction Acceleration】. Quality aside, I feel like I’ll be able to make proper jerkies. And I should be able to make natural yeast, too.

And since all cooking methods are available to me, there is no need to worry about explosions.


In the currently owned cooking-type skills, I also have【Reproduction】. It won’t let me use Art customization on it, however.


While cooking, my «Super HP Recovery» leveled up and became able to resist… to a point where my HP went down just little by little. It looks like the effect of super recovery is high. It is a little hard to level up, but it’s a second tier Skill, and race-wise, it’s already going up fairly fast.

My Slender Sword and Self-Defense barely go up at all.


Now, as for bread-making… first I need to make natural yeast.

I take out the large empty bin I bought together with Cooking Wine.

There is no need to disinfect it with boiling water. A single【Clean】is enough.

And then I pour water inside, warm it up with【Heat】before putting in raisins and sugar, before finally closing the lid.

Next, it’s【Reaction Acceleration】time. So how does it work…?

...So it’s the type that allows you to select the amount of time you want it to pass. The problem is whether it’s possible to use it multiple times on the same thing. It is limited to ingredients, so it would be nice if it could be...


Ohh, right. I can try it with smoking I used before. The thing that I sloooppily tried making. Let’s try it again.

I sliced rabbit meat, welsh onions and garlic, which I put in a bin together with bay leaf and pepper.

Experiment time.


I use【Reaction Acceleration】. The time I set was for one day for the time being. By the way, it’s in game time.

...It’s taken LOADS of my MP?! I had confidence in the amount of MP I have, but it took about half of my max MP to accelerate it by one day.

There was a fast-forwarding clock graphical effect displayed, which disappeared once the set time passed.

And for the second attempt with【Reaction Acceleration】... it was possible to set time, which means it is possible to do it multiple times? Like this, it is possible to speed up time while mixing things.

I watch the clock as one more day took loads of my MP. 

When it finished, I take out the meat from the container and wash the salt off before soaking it in water. I moved time forward by an hour before frying it and tasting.

Well, this should be it, I said as I take the rest from water and using «Alchemy»’s【Hydration Control】I dried it.

Then finally, it’s time to smoke. I hung meat slices inside the smoking cylinder and put fire to the smoking wood.

I now have a thermometer, so I can keep the temperature inside at about 70°C.

I’d love to make the time jump forward again, but let’s move the meat around inside first.



While checking the temperature from time to time, I proceeded with making the yeast.

With that said, I only used【Reaction Acceleration】on the things I prepared earlier.

I moved not one day at a time, but about twelve hours at once. I need to stir it up, and above all, I don’t have enough MP.

When the effect finished I checked the temperature, then opened the lid and allowed air to get inside, checked the scent and mixed it up by shaking. I repeated it until raisins inside floated up.

When they floated, I cooled it down this time and progressed the time. It took about an in-game week; about four days later.

The item name properly changed and sediment appeared, so it should be fine.


[Material] Natural Raisins Yeast Rarity: No Quality: B-
A yeast made with raisins for making bread expand.
It’s an easy to make and easy to use, tasteless and scentless, all-purpose yeast.


Scentless yeast from raisins, huh. It sounds like there wouldn’t be too many types of natural yeast? Well, yeast is merely a prerequisite, so let’s get to making bread.

As for smoking… it should be finished soon.

Let’s use yeast to make a base for making the bread.


Umm… I have to use hard flour, salt and yeast.

There is no need to disinfect the container, magic was enough.

I insert the ingredients inside and mix them, then leaving them in body temperature I progressed time.

About seven hours later it started to swell, so I put in more hard flour and salt, as well as water, and mixed again. Then left it be afterwards.

When about four hours passed it started to swell again, I cooled it down to about refrigerator temperature and made time pass. This time it was one day, so my MP was blown away.


This【Reaction Acceleration】is extremely useful, but can’t something be done about the MP consumption? Isn’t this something a pure cook can’t use? Although it’s limited, there’s no way we can let you manipulate time too easily, you say? I guess you're right.

The fact that temperature remains the same when you use【Reaction Acceleration】makes things nice and easy.


For now, it has swelled nice and large so there should be no problem with yeast.

The problem is that I have never baked bread at home. A brick oven is also a first for me. I want to make bread for hot dogs and… french bread for sandwiches might be nice. Let’s make french bread - baguettes.

Nothing good comes out of a novice doing needless things. Remain true to the basics. If you want to try blends, do it after you get used to it.


The french bread’s ingredients were simple. Hard flour, weak flour, salt, water and the base I made earlier.

I mix hard flour, salt and water, take a little of the base...

Mix hard flour with weak flour at 7:3 or 8:2 and mix in while adding water. Apparently this used to be called semi-hard flour? When it gets to a certain hardness, let’s put the base in as well.

And what’s left is to knead. Knead while sprinkling salt over.

Then finally make it round and put inside a container and leave it to ferment… Grow up big, little one...


For fermentation I set temperature at around 35 and humidity at 75. The temperature is one thing, but humidity… let’s make it more humid with【Hydration Control】. Put in the thermometer and hygrometer… think it’ll work? Then, time to speed time.


Then, I take out the thing once it grew about twice its original size. I sentence you to impalement. ...I just put my finger inside to check on the fermentation though.

The hole remained open and the rest also remained depressed… looks alright.


Next is degassing… squash it to a limited extent. They sure say difficult things.

...When you finish degassing, wrap it with cloth and leave it be. It’s called bench rest. About 20 minutes of ticking forward.

Once again do a light degassing, split and form shape. Fold in three, then in two to hide the folds and close it. Put the closed part below and twirl it to make the long shape.

From there it seems a secondary fermentation is needed. After checking the temperature, fast forward.

The finishing touch is… adding notches and sprinkling with semi-hard flour, water, and to  the oven!

………...I’ll cry if I end up failing to bake it, you know? This isn’t an automatic oven...


The biggest problem is, that depending on the site, the baking time differs.

Yes, I know right? The difference in environment… in other words, the difference in equipment shows. I know, I’m not so stupid not to understand it. Which means that my oven type is a brick oven. 

It’s not a steam oven or anything, even if it uses the same kanji. It’s literally a brick oven.


It was good that I at least managed to stabilize temperature at around 230°C. Let’s judge the time by looking at the bread itself.



This brick oven is unexpectedly high-performance, it’s fairly easy to manipulate its temperature. Depending on the amount of the added fuel… well, firewood, you can control the temperature and if you get used to it, it’s actually pretty handy.

Also, the speed of temperature increase when you add firewood is quite high. As expected of a game.


And in regards to the crucial inside of the oven...

Inside there are fuel spaces… there were three slots in total for putting in firewood, two on the sides and one in the back. There are stripes of a different color, in there, which meant that unless you put firewood in those places, it would have no effect.

In the places near the placed firewood the temperature is the highest and the color is deep. The further away, the thinner the color is. It’s most likely for managing the fuel… In other words, if I placed it right next to the fuel, only the right side would be burnt.

Another problem is, that this “color” is moving. The range at which it moves is fairly large. This must be what the “how precise the display is depends on your «Cooking»-type Skill” was about. With that said, it wasn’t like there was a huge unevenness inside the brick oven. While the skill was low level, it was at most a basic indication.


The tool for the oven is… well, something like a scoop. The thing you often see when pizza is baked.

By touching the ingredients with it, the ingredients are sucked in and placed on top of it, so it seems like I will avoid a failure of picking up bread and accidentally throwing it further in. By the way, it’s possible to rotate the ingredient with it. How convenient.


Alright, let’s do it.

230°C. Well, I put the bread in several places that were glowing red, and let’s look what happens.

Apparently it takes 20 to 25 minutes, but it’s a game. I won’t know how long I have to wait until I check it myself.



Oh, let’s take out jerkies and leave them be for an entire day.



[Cuisine] Ripe Rabbit Jerky Rarity: No Quality: B+
A luxurious preserved food made with Rabbit Meat and extravagantly used seasonings.
The more you bite, the more taste comes out.
Satiety +20
Cook: Anastasia



As a result, I managed to make this. Thankfully, this time the quality was properly high. So it was the marination that was insufficient after all. I’ll taste it after the bread finishes baking.


While watching the bread change as if on fast forward, I clean up the smoking tools. With that said, I only discarded the used-up seasonings and cast a【Clean】on the inside. It’s nice that cleaning and putting things away is easy in this world.


And then I leisurely watched the four pieces of bread dough. I need to gain information by using the four as sacrifice.

I put two in similar places on the left and right side, and while I rotated one of them, I left the other without rotating. With this I should learn whether I should rotate them during baking or not.

I left one in the middle, trying to bake it with heat from three directions. 

For the last one, I put it near the fuel and rotated it often to bake it all at once, then after a while I placed it around the middle.

Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.



It seems… about time.

As a result, the one baked all at once was B quality. The rotated one was B-. The ones without rotation were C+ and the one in the middle was C. It sounds like a good idea to just place them in the middle for mass production.



[Cuisine] Handmade Baguette Rarity: No Quality: B
Simple bread made to have hard skin and be soft inside.
Commonly called “french bread” by Outsiders.
Satiety +25
Cook: Anastasia



...Is what I thought, but for mass production there is the【Reproduction】Art. Can it be done for bread?

Umm, the【Reproduction】’s recipe registering… there it is. Wait, I haven’t registered the recipes up until now, have I?

Let’s register the recipes of the things I made just earlier. The B+ flambe steak and jerky, as well as the bread I just made. Of course, the B quality method.

Looks like crafting history disappears when you log out… It looks like it’s best to register a recipe before you forget. Let’s register everything from now on.



Next is… sausages.

But first let’s make some simple mustard.

What I’ll use is yellow and brown mustard seeds. Also salt and sugar, as well as vinegar and white wine, apparently.

Mix a larger part of yellow with brown, then soak it in water and tick-tack-time. When the seeds swell, take them out and crush them.

Then, mix it with salt and sugar before adding vinegar and white wine. It would be nice if it was done with this, but it is necessary to cool it down and speed it up to get rid of acridity.

Let’s register this as a recipe.


Now, the main part - we make frankfurters.

First it was necessary to remove salt from the salted intestines.

So, what should I do about the meat itself? ...Let’s go with Pigg.

What’s left is salt, sugar, pepper and… should I add garlic? Also, water.


The work from here on will be done while continuously using【Cool】. All hail Undead for having low body temperature.

First, let’s feed the meat mincer with meat. Finely-minced please.

I mixed the meat that came out while cooling it down. I want it to be smooth, so I mix it extra carefully. In reality, taking care of the heat is troublesome, but it’s pretty easy when you can directly cool it down.

When I mixed it to a certain degree, I add in water and seasonings before kneading again. 

It became whiteish and viscous, so it should be enough.



I prepare the tool for stuffing sausages, then beat the meat to remove the air.

Then I takeout the intestines that had salt cleaned off them, and gathering everything together, I wait. I’m not starting yet.

After squeezing a little water out of meat, I tie the end of an intestine. 

Then while being careful not to break it nor allow air inside, I filled it.


After filling it to a length I tied the end, then twisted to finish a sausage.

What’s left is… the cooking method. Either boil it in water or fry it on charcoal? It can also be smoked, it seems.

I just need to do them all and register recipes. And when my inventory is filled...



[Cuisine] Handmade Frankfurter Rarity: No Quality: B
Stuffed sausage made with Pigg meat, doesn’t last long.
It has seasonings mixed in, and is tasty even as is.
Satiety +15
Cook: Anastasia



The explanation was just slightly different and both fried and boiled were the same. The smoked one is smoking now.


It was possible to register in a fairly free manner, so recipes are pretty convenient.


  Dough, Finished


  Seasoned Meat, Finished(fried), Finished(boiled)


That’s how it is categorized. There is the category, the kind, then it’s the step, seasonings and cooking methods.

As a cost of freedom, I had to make the names easy to understand or I would end up not knowing what is what at some point.

The number of total recipes possible for register being walled behind microtransactions is quite a strong move from management. There are 100 slots for each crafting, but… it probably won’t be enough.

By the way, the limit is on the level of kinds. If it was on the level of categories then we wouldn’t be troubled for a while, but if it was on the lowest level then it would be nowhere near enough.

100 slots for 1000 Yen, is it? Let’s buy some if I need them.



What is left is to wait for smoking to finish and register that, and frankfurters would be done for now.

I registered the recipe for jerkies as well, but when I try to make them my MP is blown away. Of course, it’s because of【Reaction Acceleration】.



“Onee-chan, what are you doing?”



When I looked to the side, I saw two Resident children. A boy and a girl. They were tanned and energetic-looking kids.

The boy seemed interested in the smoking tool that released smoke.


“Ahh, don’t touch that. It’s hot.”

“Oh really. So, what is this?”

“It’s a smoking tool. There is meat being smoked inside.”


“You shouldn’t get in the waay… I’m sorry, Onee-san.”

“It’s all right, I don’t mind this much. Children being energetic is just about right. I was thinking of trying these now, want some?”

“Really?! I will!”

“Oh youuu...”



The girl pinched the boy’s cheek and pulled it… Here I thought it was a calm girl, but she seemed to be quite powerful.


“You two, I’m saying it’s alright so it is. You shouldn’t do that, from a boy’s perspective it’s unreasonable treatment. I will stop him myself if he goes too far.”


It’s better to think well about when to use violence and cause pain, otherwise you will get hated.

This girl seems smart. She should be able to use it only when necessary.


I gave three slices of jerky each to the two, and two baguettes split into three slices. 

Time for taste-testing!


“Nnn...yup, yes, it’s good for the first ones I properly made.”


“It’s good...”


It seemed to be well-received, thankfully. Children are honest, after all.

The jerky was not one with bland taste, but a tasty one.


With a smile I see the two off.

Let’s make bread for hot dogs. I did make baguettes to try, and for sandwiches.

Still, compared to baguettes I only need to decrease the amount of weak flour and add some butter.

After making the dough, this time I left it in a place that had about 180°C. I learned that it takes about half the time to bake it, so it went down from six minutes to three minutes, during which I rotated it.


And I managed to make bread for hot dogs of B+ quality.

The recipe’s registration name is… Breadog… is too weird. Dogbread it is.

I sliced the bread in two, and inside I sandwiched a frankfurter, then had it together with ketchup and mustard.


Yup, I did not arrange it in any special manner, so it’s a very normal hot dog. If anything, it was fresh and tasty.


The smoking is… about done?



〈«Cook» reached level 5.〉

〈«Cook»’s Art【Set Menu】was acquired.〉



【Set Menu】: Allows you to set multiple cuisines as one.


Oh my?

Ahhh… I see. So that’s what it was.

Looking well, this hot dog… It's not treated as a hot dog. In other words, it’s just bread and frankfurter sausage that are covered in ketchup and mustard.

In other words, they are treated separately. We will treat a sausage sandwiched in bread as a hot dog, but game-wise it’s treated as two separate cuisine items and materials called ketchup and mustard.


...And since I already started eating it, the【Set Menu】did not affect it.

Let’s prepare a new one.

I put a frankfurter on the bread, then poured ketchup and mustard over it, then used【Set Menu】on it.

The cuisine's name is… Hot Dog.



[Cuisine] Handmade Hot Dog Rarity: No Quality: B
An easy cuisine made by sandwiching a sausage in bread.
It’s a food item that's the result of pursuit for ease of eating, it’s popular with young people.
Satiety +35
Cook: Anastasia



Looks like I will often be in care of this Art, which turns multiple food items into one cuisine.

Satiety +35, is it. Considering it’s the same as the steak, that’s a great result. But it seems like the Satiety just doesn’t add up. Need to verify it later.


Still,【Reaction Acceleration】sure is a nice thing. With this I can make cuisine that takes time, like bouillon​.

Let’s finish the confirmation work and go replenish vegetables.



《The party “Kemoner Army” led by Ruzebarm has exterminated the Northern Boss. From now on, the Northern Boss will be weakened and the distribution restored.》 



Dear me, it’s Ruzebarm-san’s party this time.

Kemoner Army… Well, the person himself is a bear. Is he going to make a guild?

With that said, what’s left is just the Coatl.


Now, it’s about time for dinner.

Let’s log out for now.


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