I was able to release third volume... wait, something came out agaain?!

Yuuki: "Everyone, this way, here! Let's start the fun afterword!"

Tomomi: "Alright! We little sisters corps will occupy the afterword! Hmm... it says there's four pages. That makes me thrilled!"

Sayuri: "I told Tomomi-san it's better to stop. And yet, she forcibly..."

Tomomi: "Pretending to be a good kid all alone. Sayuri's such a schemer."

Sayuri: "I just wanted to say 'earlier, Yuuki-san appeared in the afterword' and that's all... for a while I thought of appearing here..."

Selene: "...dream come true."

Sayuri: "Come true or not, I didn't think we'd suddenly storm into the afterword. Were this to be revealed to Onii-sama afterwards... w-we'll be punished!"

Mika: "Sayuri-neechama, your face is all red and looks somewhat happy. How weird."

Tomomi: "Does Sayuri have a personality that rejoices over punishment?"

Sayuri: "Don't talk about others as if they were perverts! What if Mika-san misunderstands?"

Mika: "What's a pervert? Mii-chan wants to know."

Yuuki: "Well well you two. Let's leave it at that. Also, Mika-chan, pervert is... that's... uh... I'll tell you later. We're at afterword after all! We need to use it more meaningfully or it'll be a waste."

Selene: "...I'm sorry."

Tomomi: "Selene immediately goes troublesome. This time you're on the cover, appeal better to the readers."

Selene: "...appeal?"

Sayuri: "T-that's right! Being graced with the cover and yet... moreover, h-having a hand in such place, it's hidden but that's..."

Selene: "......?"

Mika: "Looks like Selene-neechama has no panties."

Selene: "...I put on the shirt, but changing clothes turned bothersome halfway and stopped."

Mika: "Even when busy, or hurrying, you need to wear panties properly. You'll get cold and catch a cold."

Selene: "...I'll be careful next time."

Tomomi: "Listen Mika. There's high possibility those who don't wear panties are perverts."

Yuuki: "Don't bring it up again! Let's make that talk fade out! Yup!"

Mika: "Pervert? Is that so Tomomi-neechama? Then, Selene-neechama is a pervert?"

Selene: "...I didn't know. To think I was a pervert."

Yuuki: "Stooop! Half of the page was used already, but it's all about perverts!"

Tomomi: "Tchh. I wanted to heat it up. But well, as expected finishing afterword with perverts is no good. Speaking of which, in previous afterword you spoke about us right? In that case, how about every one of us says one good thing about Yuuki?"

Yuuki: "S-stop that Tomomi-chan! It's embarrassing!"

Tomomi: "Don't refrain! Hmm, let's see. Yuuki's good part is... her nice body! I win when it comes to breasts, but your bottom, legs and such.... uhehehehe."

Yuuki: "That's perverted! You're scary, Tomomi-chan!"

Sayuri: "It's different with me but... how you're happy to be bullied."

Yuuki: "You started by saying you're different but, don't look at me as if I was your comrade!"

Mika: "Aaalways saving Mii-chan, like a prince!"

Yuuki: "Yup. That's right I guess. I'm happy too to save Mika-chan. But, I did my best for so long to be feminine, so please spare me with calling me a prince!"

Selene: "...unexpectedly good at retorting."

Yuuki: "It's 'cause Nii-san isn't here!"

Selene: "...kakao-san. Thank you for drawing a cute cover."

Yuuki: "And here goes sudden meta remark?! In that case make it earlier! Eh, uh, the afterword is about to end."

Tomomi: "It went past in a flash."

Sayuri: "Time passes quickly when you have fun."

Selene: "...that's enough for now."

Mika: "Can't it become tomorrow faster, eh."

Yuuki: "Umm, at the end, everyone together."


Thank you for reading!


Little Sisters & (bonus) Sugiyama Ryuu


Hello, kakao here!

"Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka?! Sanっ!"

How did you like it...?!


What happened with that suspenseful development?! There are also scenes like that this time, I hope I have managed to relay the little sisters cuteness and disparate atmosphere in the illustrations, if I did then I'm really glad!

Selene's cute, really cute!

See you then!

11 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Adolf K Weismann


  2. kite25

    thanks krytik san for completing this novel. have been waiting for this novels translation though i didnt expect it to be short and the ending may have come bland to me, although the ending isnt bad but may have been better. In the last parts, i have come to hate the mc because of his indecisiveness but it was then resolved at the end. i was hoping for a twist that the mc may end up with yuki or tomomi . ( wishful thinking and personal bias).

    1. joshua

      He was not indecisive. He was afraid of being cut off from the inheritance. No school. No home. No money.
      Considering he did not just choose a random little sister so he wouldn't get thrown into the streets is amazing in itself.

      He chose everyone, knowing that the terms said he wouldn't get any financial support. He chose poverty with family over lonely rich kid. Can't say which is better. But being homeless with 5 sisters... well, Selene and Tomomi could probably survive with their specialties. The others would get into trouble. Mika would be adopted by Murasaki. So choosing everyone, in effect choosing no one, could mean three freeloaders living with Selene and Tomomi. Probably all becoming Part-Time workers or something.

      So, he was not indecisive. Well, he was indecisive in choosing which little sister... But you get the point.

  3. dfc4life

    I have finally found an MC that can almost compete with Ikari Shinji, seriously, Mariko is wasted on him. Hell, she didnt have a single illustration of herself in all three volumes.

    1. joshua

      Well, he ain't that bad. He isn't a near perfect being like other MC. But he tries his best to be a good older brother even when he barely knows any of them. Probably Mika cuteness helped greatly. Still, he managed to resists the temptations of rub rub any of little sisters. Commendable. Especially keeping his sanity with Sayuri.

  4. Abatis Treefall

    Conspiracy Theory: "Mariko" the not-girlfriend does not exist and never did.

    1. In three volumes (including the all-important "date") there is not ONE picture of her. For that matter, Yoichi-san himself doesn't have a single picture of her that he could show to his sisters, despite her being a childhood friend. Because she doesn't exist?
    2. With the exception of Mariko, Yoichi-san has no friends in class. Not one. For that matter, Mariko herself has not mentioned any friends and has all the time in the world to talk to Yoichi-san during lunch and after school. Because she's actually an "air friend"?
    3. Compared to the sisters, Mariko's lines are almost all past-tense, "and then she said this" and "she asked me that". Because Yoichi-san is making up lines the fictitious girl WOULD say if he had such a friend?
    4. The sisters are lovingly described in detail about their hair, their clothes, their actions and their bodies, especially on their dates. What outfit was Mariko wearing for her all-important date where afterwards, "nobody would be at home"? Her school uniform, which apparently has a ribbon. What type of uniform? What color ribbon? No idea. Just those two lines of description. Boring choice of clothing or the limits of Yoichi-san's imagination?
    5. After being treated like dirt for all three volumes (and ESPECIALLY at the end), Mariko is surprisingly forgiving about everything. His sisters put up with a LOT less than she did and they let him know right away they weren't happy. And then she (even more surprisingly) started getting along with everyone, ESPECIALLY the two sisters Yoichi-san himself has the hardest time dealing with, AND in the areas Yoichi-san can't compete in (cooking and gaming). Because she's actually wish-fulfillment for Yoichi-san?
    6. After Yoichi-san starts worrying about Tomomi-chan suddenly getting a boyfriend, Mariko "suddenly" reveals HER little sister has suddenly gotten a boyfriend. Oddly enough, BOTH "boyfriends" didn't actually exist. Fancy that.
    7. Yoichi-san started lusting after his sisters right after meeting them. He was always VERY aware of their bodies, how they smelled, their choices in fashion, etc. It's as if this is his first REAL contact with a live girl. Also, he only started thinking of Mariko as a "girl" and started lusting after too her after it was brought up by his sisters that it was odd that he WASN'T lusting after her.
    8. In the Big Reveal during his date with Mariko, Yoichi-san realizes that all this time he has been craving little sisters to dote on, and dumps her like yesterday's garbage. That's right, he dumps Mariko, the ONE GIRL in the world that he does NOT treat like a little sister, without a word of explanation. Because she never existed and has now out-lived her usefulness?
    9. With the exception of the ending, Mariko has not once visited Yoichi-san's home, despite apparently being in love with him. Not once did she "unexpectedly" return something of his that he "lost", not once did she notice that has an entire floor to himself and five girls, one of whom "just happens" to be an incredibly beautiful Yuuki-chan who came to her SCHOOL decked out to the nines. There HAD to have been pictures, there HAD to have been gossip, and yet... nothing. Did nobody tell her because there's nobody to tell?
    10. What sort of person is Mariko? Endlessly patient, endlessly forgiving, always concerned for his well-being, making meals for him, listening to his problems and giving advice... Mariko isn't a friend, she's his substitute mother. The kind of person a lonely boy would want if he were trapped in a strange classroom with nobody to talk to.
    11. Speaking of nobody to talk to, why is that? Everyone suspiciously avoided him and one person even clicked his tongue at him and said, "Don't come to me just because your girlfriend isn't with you." The boy is RICH, and yet everyone acts like he needs twelve gallons of deodorant. Even when Yuuki-chan showed up at his school dressed like VAVOOM, not one person asked HIM, the boy she left arm-in-arm with, about her. Is it because he's often talking to THIN AIR, calling it his childhood friend "Mariko" and nobody wants to pretend to have conversations with "her"?

    With this, I hope you'll see the truth and agree that Mariko in fact, never existed. I concede the floor.

    Also, Sayuri is best girl.

    1. joshua

      Well, she could just be another Sayuri. Perfectly planning to grab a rich husband. A schemer. Super nice and super patient. Or of course she could just be his unconscious mind trying to get him to remember that restaurant he ate with his dad all this time. Only, he kept on rejecting her invitations.

  5. Apostrophe this the finale!? If so........then I'm going to sit in a corner for awhile whilst tracing a circle on the ground.

    1. Vivec

      It's written like it's a finale except the author hints it's not the finale while acting like it's the finale. Lets not try to comprehend this and just twiddle our thumbs.


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