Alchemy… Alchemy, hmm?

First I need to check the Alchemy Kit. There is no alchemy in real, so I can’t even imagine what’s inside.


...There is just a table and cloth pieces with magic circles drawn on them. A cloth for synthesizing, cloth for refining, cloth for extraction and insertion, as well as cloth for decomposition it seems. In other words, they are for the Arts that I will acquire from here on.

I won’t know the details unless I level up my «Alchemy». All that’s written on the cloths is what they are used for, and the details of the Arts are unknown.


Now, what is necessary for potions are Distilled Water, two Herbs and Stimushroom. I have large amounts of Herbs and Stimushrooms. The problem is Distilled Water. ..Can I buy a Distillizer by itself? It’s definitely going to be cheaper than continuing to buy distilled water.

Well, I can’t tell whether I will make as many potions as to continue buying it? I myself can’t use potions. And the effect of «Mixing»’s potions is higher. 


The amount I have on me… looks like the Distilled Water will be gone first. Still, I can make about a hundred with them.

I can also pick up branches and make arrows with Tokkei Feathers.

As for other recipes… the easiest one is fertilizer? It requires a scoop, but it only needs weed and soil. I can get those anywhere outside the town.

It’s also possible to make glass… For silica glass it uses three pieces of quartz sand. For lime glass it requires limestone or shells extraction...  My Skill level isn’t high enough.


Alright, first let’s make HP Potions with the materials I have on hand. Depending on how high I can get with that, we will think further.



When I was smoking meat, I leveled my «Alchemy» up to level 5. Back then I made HP Potions, so I’m doing the same thing this time. I put materials on the spread synthesis cloth and only use【Synthesis】.

Releasing clouds of dust when I fail, I continue to put down materials and repeat it. Crafting Skills could go up to second tier really fast as long as you have materials to use, even failing to craft raises the Skill level

Sometimes I succeeded in making HP Potions. And since the quality is dependent on the number of attempts and not the number of successes, they are C-rank. Let’s deliver the crafted potions to a store.



〈«Alchemy» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Art【Refining】was acquired.〉



Allows for changing materials into their higher or lower versions.


I still have materials on me, so I continue. Let’s raise it high up.




Probably because of the small amount of time it takes, just crafting 100 times did not raise it higher than cooking the same amount of things.

Out of 100 attempts, I succeeded in making 32 HP Potions. The former half was mostly failures, but the quality was C for all of them.


I can understand now why «Alchemy» is so unpopular. With two Herbs, one Stimushroom and one Distilled Water all you get is one potion which quality stops at C. Salute-san, or rather, «Mixing» uses only one material to make a B+ quality potion instead.

And so, if you are just making potions, it’s far better to make them with «Mixing». I mean, it is a Skill specialized in making potions. Although it takes time, if you increase the amount of materials you can make multiple at once, so there is no need to be bothered making them one by one.

«Alchemy» is quite fast. All you need is to put down materials. The problem is the MP consumption, but with my Max MP and recovery, as well as the automatic recovery bonus inside the town it doesn’t seem like I will be troubled.


Well then, what is the strength of «Alchemy», hmm? Is it a Skill that can do things wide and shallow…? If you want to make things, you can always do it with the main jobs. For now… let’s level it up to the second tier skill. It should reach it soon enough.



Let’s go to granny’s place.


“Oh, forgot to buy something?”

“Do you have a distillizer maybe?”

“That will be 4000.”


Costs a bit… Most likely things like this are the majority of kits’ costs and the remaining price is the little things. I will buy it though.


“Ahhh and… you have a shovel mayhaps?”

“What will you use it for?”

“For digging sand to make glass, and soil to make fertilizer, most likely?”

“If you want one, then take this one. If you can take two, then buy both.”


A spade with a sharp point and shovel with a dull one. Did they match the names to their appearance? A spade and a shovel, these can sometimes be easy to mistake.

My inventory is constantly at its limits, so I only bought the spade for 200. Also, about 40 potion bins. With this I should use up 280 of Herbs I have on me.


“If you want to make glass, go to the Southern coast. You will find both quartz sand and shells there. ”

“Understood. I will do so.”


I received some happy information. When I run out of potion materials, I should try going there.

After leaving the store, I continue working on potions.



〈«Alchemy» reached level 15.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Art【Extraction, Insertion】was acquired.〉



After doing 40 attempts, I succeeded with 21. Well, it improved.


【Extraction, Insertion】
Extracts or inserts components.


It allows me to select a thing to extract, and select a thing to insert… I guess? With this I am now able to make glass, but I ran out of materials for HP Potions.

The glass recipe sounds high level. It does require【Synthesis】【Refining】and【Extraction, Insertion】all at once. And so, won’t it be pretty good for experience? The problem is.. that potions can be delivered for a contribution quest...


But thinking of it again, this event is going to last for an entire week. Looks like there is no need to overthink it. Let’s go to Inbamunt in the South. I warp through the statue.




I instantly moved into the location where I could smell the scent of salt, then head further South. Since I’m here, I might as well investigate some.


It’s only natural considering what area it is, but in the South of the town there is a sea, so there is also a port. It seems possible to buy seafood ingredients there.

That store sells fishing rods and swimsuits… swimsuit aside, there’s also fishing, hm? No, it seems like I should be able to buy from fishers, so there is no need to fish. It’s not like I enjoy fishing.

...No, there might be an effect on quality? The things you buy from Residents is in general at C quality. There is a possibility the ones you fish yourself might be of higher quality. ...Let’s put it aside. It’s an MMO so if I put my hands into too many things, I’ll die.


OHH… that’s a beautiful sea. It’s reflecting sunlight and sparkling.

Some of the coast is treated as part of the town. Let’s try whether I can gather inside the safe area. I open my Alchemy Kit, spread an extraction cloth and put on the sand I scooped with a spade.

When I used【Extraction, Insertion】I was shown a list. It’s telling me to choose what to extract. So I extract Quartz Sand… and poof, it explodes. Sea sand scatters all over, covering me.


...Seriously, Management? What kind of harassment is this. So it’s possible to gather it, but it scatters when I fail.

Ahhh, there’s sand in my cleavage… and in my clothes...

...【Clean】...this is the correct choice, isn’t it. That’s some harassment you do there.


While getting covered with sand I continue to scoop it and put it on cloth before using the Art. I don’t want to admit, but the experience I receive is sweet. It is an Art that I learned on level 15.

From sea sand it’s possible to get six of Quartz Sand. It’s also possible to extract lime from sea sand, but I receive only one. From shells and corals I receive two of lime.

If there are shells and corals among the sea sand I scoop up, it sounds best to remove it and place on the side. However, it seems like they need to retain at least half of their full shape. It seems like broken off shells do not react. In sea sand’s case, it seems like Lime is extracted from small pieces. Which is why the rate is low…

For now the number of extractions is everything, and I would like to raise it to C quality.



...Time for dinner, is it? I use【Clean】on myself and then log out. After stretching my body I get up, help out Mom and dinner starts.


“Onee-chan, what are you doing now?”

“I’m eating dinner.”

“HAHAHA! What a coincidence, me too! ...That’s what I meant.”

“I’m leveling Alchemy, just as planned.”

“In the South?”

“There are materials for glass that can be gathered from the beach.”

“Glass, hmm?”


While we talked during the meal, suddenly we heard a discussion on FLFO coming from the TV speakers. It sure is popular, isn’t it?

There was a single man displayed on the TV.


『”Good evening everyone. I’m Future Software’s, Free Fantasy Online’s… uhmm… the most important person, Yamamoto Ittetsu.”』


The person in charge of development and managing has appeared.


“Why did he start thinking in the middle…?”

“Isn’t it for kids to understand better? It can be played by elementary schoolers, so I guess it’s necessary to match words for younger kids.”


While answering my little sister’s question, I listen to the interview.


『”I was wondering for a while now, but you are responsible for both development and management? Isn’t that confusing?”』

『”Yeah, well. To put it more simply, I’m just bringing everyone together. There is a development team and a management team, so I talk with the leaders of both teams on the situation and confirm things so that they don’t blow up in a strange direction. I am the one who has the best grasp on what all teams are working on. Which means I’m holding reigns of each team, so that their work does not clash with each other. It’s best if the most important person does that.”』

『”I see… in other words, you are in the most stressful position.”』

『”That’s… well, I can’t deny it… but my stomach is made of a superalloy.”』

『”That makes me envious…”』

『”Well, in fact, it’s the leaders of each team that are having a harder time, so I’m not so… you see. I’m going around and talk with everyone to have a grasp on everything and that’s my work. It’s the team leaders need to do their own work AND have a grasp on what each member is doing, then report it to me for me to adjust things.”』


It’s the inside story of the game’s development and management.

Future Software is a famous game company. Its popularity is on the top level. They are selling goods, and are the very top of Japanese game companies. It has such high potential that other companies can’t even compare.


『”Now, onto the main topic. Let’s talk about the game. I hear you have an important announcement?”』

『”I do. On the 1st of August there is an update, and we have a second batch of 40,000 players incoming. And in the latter part of August, we plan to have the Second Official Event.”』

『”Ohh, finally the second batch!”』

『”Our servers are stable, if we are to increase the numbers then the time is now… is what we decided. By all means, those who wanted to try it, please acquire the game. However… this game is made to be quite real. Players who can’t distinguish games from reality are asked to give up on playing.”』

『”Ahhh… speaking of which, is it possible to PK in this game?”』

『”It’s not recommended, but not forbidden either, so you can play as the bad guy.”』

『”And are there rules in regards to that?”』

『”Of course there are. We aren’t relying on morals, you know? If you want to play the bad guy, make sure to read it. “I didn’t read it!” “I didn’t know!” are no excuses. This is the very reason why we waited for law to be prepared for VR.”』

『”So VR isn’t a lawless realm.”』

『”If you have been a victim of malicious actions, please put an inquiry with the management before deciding to stop playing the game. You bought the game because you want to enjoy it, right? We also made it because we wanted you to have fun. We are logging everything in game and the management sometimes watches videos in a way policemen do patrols. Malicious actions can be a reason for a lawsuit. In such cases we are capable of using the videos and logs, so we will pluck you naked. You will have a painful experience.”』


Speaking of which, there was something like that written. The villain-play, villain roleplay rules.

Constantly going after a single player, blackmailing with real life information and assaults with sexual context (of course there is the sexual guard, too) are all out.


『”Let’s end the rough talk here, is there anything else?”』

『”How about we talk a little about the update. Everyone… especially you, top players. We are adding a guild system.”』


Along with the guild system, there will be guild quests added… hm?


『”Furthermore, we are adding elite mobs to fields. The next area’s mobs have slightly lower levels than elites, so when you are capable of beating an elite it will serve as a sign that you should aim for the next area. Their drops are ones that you can normally acquire in the next area, so there is no need to hunt especially for them.”』



“So there will be mobs that have low respawn rate.”


『”Also… ohh, good news for you students. It will be possible to load your summer homework into the game, so do your best? By the way, depending on what data you load, you can get your account temporarily suspended. At worst you can get banned, or even put a lawsuit against, so be careful.”』


The data will be on a server separate from game servers and linked, so if you try to put in a virus you will make an enemy of all students, and the company itself as well.

Is what they said. Well, threats are important. And they probably would do it if they had to, this company.


『”Oh and, I think it’s alright to be taught by other players who are already working, but if your grades go down because of that, our company will not take responsibility. Also, since the things you load are stored on our server, I don’t recommend doing your work in game. We’d be happy to get your business information, but you will definitely get angry at.”』


“I’m not happy about this AT ALLL! If I saw homework in game I would get dejected.”

“Hee, maybe I should do the homework in the library during the summer break?”


『”What’s left are some small adjustments to features and bug fixes. We will put patch notes up about three days before the update, so please check them. And lastly, please watch a video collection we have taken ingame. You who are players already, please look for yourselves on the videos. I think there should be a link to it on the website later, too.”』


The beginning of the video was just a line of sight of someone walking through the Starting Town. That was all, but within the sight there were various beastmen, giants, machinery and fairies - a truly fantasy sight.

It must be the special camera deployed by the management. There was no person there recording. Which is why everyone acted naturally in the video.

The video had started moving from the town, to a combat scene.”


“Mm, it’s possible to set gore level. Let’s make it R-15.”


They were videos of people fighting bears in the forest, fighting turtles in the North, and plenty others. Is this some new kind of service? Then what appeared next was...


“Oh, it’s another party’s Coatl battle!”

“From before we beat it, is it?”


When I thought so, several windows appeared and there were multiple parties displayed fighting Coatl. There were also parties that wiped.


“I see, so that’s how other parties fought. The reason they died is poison.”

“Yeaah. It’s an enemy that needs to be brought down, or it’s over.”

“Ah, it’s us.”


The video changed from the parties that wiped, and our battle which started in the middle grew gradually bigger. It must be because we beat it first.


"...Aina-san and Karen-san must be writhing in embarrassment seeing this.”


The two are my little sister’s PT members and her real friends.

Their full names are Yanase Aina-san and Matsukane Karen-san.

The first one is Nadia-san, and the latter is Helen-san. The two are beastmen and changed their colors, so I don’t know just how many people will realize it’s them… but that’s not the problem. My little sister and I are pretty easy to distinguish, so because of us they will be… yup, do your best.


And the moment the boss video was over, next, the combat tournament was shown.


“Onee-chan’s stall super stands out...”

“Looks like the line was bigger than I thought.”


They showed combat here and there, the battle for the 3rd places and semi finals, as well as the final before ending. It was a fairly long video.


“By the way, the verification team said that they found the library.”

“Speaking of the library, when I read a book, my «Magic Ability» evolved into «High-Class Magic Ability».”


“It says it needs «Magic Ability» on level 30 AND proper knowledge of magic.”

“Seriously…? I need to read it...”

“«Linguistics» Skill was necessary for it, though.”


“The problem is whether it’s possible to relay it by telling others. I guess it would make a lot of people come in waves to the library otherwise, so I guess it will unlock? Like, reading aloud?”

“I guess we need to verify that part...”


I finished my meal, took a bath and dealt with everything. The plan is to meet up with my little sister before going to sleep. We need to examine the unlocking of «High-Class Magic Ability».




I log in and… there’s a downpour of sand and rain, and I’m dripping wet. Now you’ve done it. You end up like that because you didn’t get to an inn, they say. By the way, “Wet” is a Status Ailment. Increases damage received from lightning attacks by ×2, increases freezing rate and decreases AGI.

After activating【Ensol】I use【Clean】.  A mysterious membrane has appeared and repels everything, so the ground under my feet doesn’t get wet, it’s pretty great. One way or another, it’s my first time in the rain. Up until now, through some miracle it was always sunny weather. ...And sunny weather isn’t the best either, since it deals sunlight damage to me.

The pretty sea sure is rough now. This area… let’s move from it. I gathered a lot of material for glass before dinner time, so how about I go gather some potion materials?




Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice from above, and when I looked up, something small and green fell on my breasts… or rather, has been repelled by the sexual guard and with “OUFGH” it rolled on the sand. It was writhing and its HP bar quickly decreased until it stopped in the red zone.

For now… Let’s use【Light Heal】. She has few HP left… It’s a safe zone so I did not receive any damage. As for her, she received purely fall damage.


“A Fay… are you alright?”



We were on a wet beach, so she got up completely covered in sand. Let’s quickly clean her up with【Clean】.


“So it was you, Princess, huh. AWw, sorry ‘bout that? I was doing bad weather flight training when I got hit by strong wind...”

“I see. You are a Fairy?”

“I’m Fairellen, a Fairy! I guess I’m one of the top Fay? Take care of me!”


Apparently it’s difficult to fly in bad weather, so she came here to train it. On the shore there are no objects that can get in her way, she says. And the only ones who appear on the beach when the sea is rough, are pretty much only players.

By the way, apparently it’s better to fall on the sand since falling into the sea is no joke. You will drown right, I understand.


“So you are a Fairy… then, do you have the second tier of «Magic Ability» unlocked?”

“See, I don’t have it yet. I have been looking for it since the beta on BBS’s magic board.”

“Actually it’s unlocked in the library. I’m meeting up with my little sister around half past nine and going to the library. If you don’t intend on taking the «Linguistics», how about you come with us? We are going to verify some.”

“Seriously?! Is «Linguistics» 3SP?”

“It was 3 indeed. First, we will be verifying whether you can unlock it by reading the book aloud.”

“I see, half past nine… there is still time so I’ll continue training. I’m definitely coming.”

“Understood. We intend to put out the verification’s information on the board later.”



I registered as friends with Fairellen-san and we split for the time being.

While heading to the statue in the middle of the city, I contact Ske-san and Tomo. ...Naturally, it seems they are coming. Let’s gather the materials for potions until it’s time.




I come back to the Starting Town.

For potion materials go West… is what I want to do, but I haven’t unlocked it yet. Nnn… looks like my «Light Magic» is about to go up, so if it’s to level it up, I should go East. I can sell meat, so yes, let’s go East.


I gather Herbs and Stimushrooms in the Eastern forest. I can also gather Shadlysishrooms… well, let’s gather them. Sounds like I’ll be able to use them for leveling up my skill.

Mushrooms aside, there was also quite a number of Herbs, so it was easy to gather. Recently I haven’t been gathering too much, so my «Gathering» skill remains on level 20. I need to think of leveling it up as well, and while I purchased a pickaxe and unlocked the skill, I haven’t mined anything yet

If there was something unexpected, then it would be cooking selling for more than I expected. Looks like it’s not necessary for me to mine ore to earn money. Still, considering that I don’t know how long I can use this equipment, there might be a need to gather materials for weapons...

But it’s an MMO, so I don’t need to do it myself… So, what do I do?


One way or another, being among top players can be tricky. It’s best to have gathering-type Skills matching the places you can be in. After all, everyone first gathers for their own equipment, it takes time until the materials start going on stalls and on consignment.

The things they don’t use, they sell them to crafters they are in the care of. And they get money that way. And so, maybe I should go not East, but North or West to earn… but since cooking with Eastern ingredients sells, I can’t say anything.

Thinking of Skills I possess and earning money, I should remain in the East. Even if I’m to go to other places, it would be at most to get fish. ...It feels like the range of my movement is quite small, but I guess other players are also similar.


...And so, I continued to think while gathering. Sometimes there were monsters attacking me but they are weaklings to me now. I parried them and struck back with «Light Magic» only.


My «Light Magic» hasn’t gone up yet, but considering my movement speed is low, it will take time for me to return, so let’s head to the library.

I gathered 104 Herbs, 50 Stimushrooms and 36 paralysis mushrooms.



In front of the library there was Rina’s PT, Tomo’s PT, Ske-san and Alf-san, as well as Fairellen-san. There were 14 of us including me.


“Alf-san, you don’t have magic, do you?”

“Yep. But if I have a requirement cleared, it might be easier for me if I eventually take it, right?

“Well, certainly. It’s a little early, but it seems like everyone is here, so let’s begin.”


Humans, rabbit and fox beastwomen, a Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Machinery, Zombie, Dullahan, bones, and a Fairy. This is some amazing combination.


“Princess, you knew Fairellen?”

“No, we got acquainted just a few hours ago.”

“See, I charged right onto Princess during flight training~.”



It was an accident, really.

For now, we enter the library and inside we find a number of people. Looks like there are other users inside.


“Oh my, if it isn’t the verification team.”

“Mmm? Oh, that’s an amazing combination.”

“Princess, let’s involve these guys. It’ll be easier that way.”


Seems like everyone but me knows them? They seem to be beta testers.

Vanguards are frontliners who want to progress… in other words, move forward. On the other hand, the verification team finds it their duty to explore the details of the game’s setting, Skills and functions. They just love learning and investigating things, so they publicize everything, and are an existence everyone is grateful for.


“Nice to meet you, Princess. I’m Shirabesuki1Meaning “I like investigating”.. Please take care of me.”

“Same here, please take care of me. I’ll go get the book from earlier.”


I head to get the book on magic. Without that, we can’t start.


“What are you doing?”

“We are unveiling one of great mysteries!”

“HOOH? That makes me curious.”


Ske-san announced grandly, but we are just unlocking a second tier Skill.


“Shirabesuki-san, your «Linguistics» level is?”

“Just like suggested by Princess’ information that Imouto-chan wrote down, I read the picture book and acquired it. It seems to be a must-have skill for us!”

“Did it go over level 10?”

“Ehh… it’s at 8.”

“A bit too low, hm. ...In a way, it might work for verifying. Then Shirabesuki-san, please look at the book from behind me. Everyone else, please listen to me reading.”


With level 8, not everything will be translated, so let’s try whether me reading it for him will help. And I read aloud for everyone else just as planned.



“――And it ends here.”

“『”It’s here!”』”

“『”«High-Class Magic Ability»?!”』”

“Everyone from the verification team, could you spread this information?”

“Leave it to us! First we need to examine which keywords are necessary to unlock it. If there is no need to read it at all, it will be easier to spread that way.”

“By the way, my «Intuition» reacted to this book - “Stellura-sama and the Darklight Species”.”

“By «Intuition» you mean… the second tier of «Uncover»…hmm...”


Looks like people who unlocked it, pick it up right away.



“This Fay started screaming in a way completely unbecoming of a lady.”

“Three types of combined magic were unlocked…!”


“Water and earth unlocked «Wood Magic», water and wind unlocked «Storm Magic», and wind and earth unlocked «Lightning Magic»!”

“There is some here, too. Fire and wind unlocked «Scorch Magic», and fire and water unlocked «Ice Magic», also Storm Magic like yours.”


So Fairellen-san has water, wind, and earth. And Tomo has fire, water and wind.


“Ice has “Glacies”, scorch has “Ignis”, storm has “Ventos” spells. But my SP is...”

“Wood has “Frons”, lightning has “Tonitrus”. And my SP is also...”

“Ah, I unlocked «Enchant Magic».”

“Uh? I don’t have it?”

“It seems to be elemental enchanting magic.”

"...Is the requirement a number of support spells cast? Can you do something like a magic sword?”

“The requirement seems to be using support magic over 100 times. “Elemental” buffs weapons, “Shield” buffs armor.”


The one who unlocked «Enchant Magic» was a female Elf from Tomo’s party. She seems to be a support… a cleric-type character, so she picked it up right away.


“Seems like there are plenty of Skills that require «High-Class Magic Ability»?”

“Combined magic is often treated as difficult, high-class magic! This is wonderful information. The magic board will definitely turn lively. We need to gather up the information on combined magic!”

“My «Light Magic» is 29, so once it maxes out, it seems like it will combine? Let’s max it out while gathering. ...But I’m going to sleep for today.”

"...Well, I will eagerly look forward to it. There are few people who take both light and dark.”

“Is that so?”

“Either【Light】or【Night Vision】 works, so… Since light has a healing derivation, more people take light.”

“I see. I had night vision from the start, so...”

“Ohh, yeah. Racially.”

“Yes. Well then, I’m off to sleep.”

“Good night. By the way, my «Linguistics» went up with this, so it seems to have had an effect.”

“I just thought it might work, so I’m glad it did.”


I registered Shirabesuki-san as a friend, bid everyone farewell and log out in an inn.


Tomorrow let’s level up my «Light Magic» while gathering, and aim for the second tier of «Alchemy» skill. My «Gathering» also seems like it will go up to the second tier.

Good night.


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    Hmm Ice magic with fire & water magic ? I can see why water, but fire, because of the temperature manipulation ?
    And Storm and Lightning not the same, i imagine Storm is more a weather manipulation then and Lightning, well, electricity and magnetic manipulation
    But i like the fact that mage need to go read books for progression. A little RP-flavor for the intellectual mage archetype !

  10. AfterLemon

    Maybe the combined Light and Dark magic will compensate for Princess’s slow movement speed?


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