Hello to those I meet for the first time and those whom I meet after a while. Aloha Zachou here.


You who have taken this book in your hands, A-san in charge of editing, Yukisan who provided wonderful illustrations for this work, Hani Kuraun-sama who works on the comicalized version, as well as all of you who have seen my work on the net.

The side story that has the protagonist's sister as its protagonist that was serialized in the Dragon Magazine, the "Silver Muse" has come out in paperback format. Also the second volume of the comic version is also on sale, so please support those as well.


For this time's story theme I thought I'd use the "hot spring" Yun and others have enjoyed in OSO.

In the vicinity of my parents' home there are several hot springs.

From the more famous ones, there's a footbath at a train station and few places where geysers were spouting. However, the geysers have stopped spouting because of some local construction there are signs saying these sites used to have geysers.

The locals closely connected to these hot springs pay a membership fee to keep up the co-funded hot spring and are able to use them any time.

When I was small I often immersed myself in the hot water there. However, as time had passed it turned out that I started to mainly use the house's bath and no longer went there.

Since then even more time had passed and it started to feel nostalgic for the first time, which made me go to the hot springs again for a while.

Compared to the time when I was still small, this time I was able to read the poster describing the effect hot springs had, the bath seemed much smaller then when I was small, and I was able to spend more time inside.

The hot spring that felt hot when I was a kid now had a perfect temperature. Moreover, when going in in the morning there was no one there, allowing me to spend time inside extravagantly.

Afterwards I was able to get some good sleep in my bed, that was the trend of how I lived at the time.

Recently I've been feeling it's a hassle and have gone by with just taking a shower, but I've been having a desire to eat something delicious and then spend some time leisurely in a hot spring.


From now on as well please take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end, I'd like to thank you who have taken this book in your hands once again.

I look forward to the day we meet again.


December 2015, Aloha Zachou

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  1. GM_Rusaku

    |  THANKS♪ |
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  2. Dragon_ANGL

    Thanks for the translation! And now I feel a need to go to an onsen, even if I don't know of any in Florida.


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