Epilogue - Quest Chips and Quest Completion Rate

After curing Obaba the Pharmacist's illness, in order to replenish my energy I spent the next day lazing around inside 【Atelier】.

Right now, I sat on the stone floor that had a cold-resistance carpet laid on it and gave Ryui a lap pillow.

Ryui couldn't enter 【Atelier】's store with his large adult body so I used the newly acquired EX Skill 【Young Beast Form】 to return him to his previous appearance, when I did he came to me to get spoiled.

It seemed like Zakuro liked the warm carpet too as instead of holding a Heat Gel he lied beside me while waving his two tails in a good mood.

"Ryui turned adult, huh. Which means I have to prepare equipment and stuff to match that, I guess I need to talk with Magi-san and others about this."

I muttered while brushing Ryui whose head was on my lap.

The quest to learn new Mixing recipes from Pharmacist Obaba was still remaining.

But for now, I want to laze around——

"Onee-chan! Is it true that Ryui has turned adult?!"

——But it didn't seem like I could do that.

Opening 【Atelier】's door with all her strength, ignoring the fact cold air was entering the store, Myu entered inside while leaving the door open.

"Myu. It's cold so close the door."

Also, come in more quietly. I wanted to complain further, but another figure has appeared from behind Myu.

"You're hurrying too much, Myu-chan. Haa, haa, Onee-san got tired out."

"So you were with Magi-san, that's an unusual combination."

After Myu rushed inside 【Atelier】, the one who closed the door was Magi-san.

"AAAH! Yun-oneechan changed into winter clothes too! There's less exposure than before, but this is cute in its own right!"

Seeing me in winter clothes for the first time Myu raised her voice with surprise, still, being called "cute" by my little sister shocked me quite a bit.

"Oh right, Yun-oneechan was so cute that I forgot about Ryui! Ryui! Show me your adult form!"

While saying so Myu moved around me to look into Ryui's eyes, but he immediately turned his head away in refusal. The sight made Magi-san and me smile wryly.

"Well, you can't force him if he doesn't want to."

"Uuu, but I wanted to see it."

Rebuked by Magi-san like that, Myu quietly moved away from Ryui. When I looked towards her with thanks, she returned me a bitter smile.

"Rather, where did you get that info? Ryui turned adult just yesterday you know?"

"There were witnesses! Yesterday people saw a big white horse suddenly disappear in the middle of gallop in the plains, and then it reappeared in the town! All we need is to add Yun-oneechan beside the horse, and it all comes together!"

Ah, so that how Ryui's illusion looked like to others. Suddenly we disappearing and then appearing again sure would stand out. While I thought so, Ryui got up from my knees and hid himself with illusion.

"Well, since you two have come all this way I might as well treat you to some cake."

"Yayy! Cake! Caaake!"

"I guess. Then let's exchange information while we're at it."

I took out the strawberry cake and fruit roll cake Myu has previously given up on in bakery, and split them up.

"Wow, there are two types! And these are...!"

"The Christmas cake you gave up on. Well, they aren't as good as those made by professionals though."

"I'm so happy! Then I'll eat both!"

When I poured tea, Myu immediately started to eat and compare both cakes.

"Here you go, Magi-san."

"I'll eat just the strawberry cake. In exchange, I'd like some cake for Ricœur as well."

The young wolf Ricœur got down from Magi-san's shoulder and lined up next to Zakuro, the two expecting to get cake.

"Understood. I'll prepare some."

I prepared dishes for Zakuro and Ricœur, and then poured some tea for myself and exhaled.

"Now, for information exchange, what do we talk about?"

Magi-san said so. What should I start with? I wondered, meanwhile Myu drank some tea after eating the cake and cheerfully answered.

"How about we all say how many Quest Chips have we gotten and how did we get them? By th way, I have 41 of them."

Currently, a week has passed ever since the three weeks-long winter event has started. But she still collected so much, when I thought that with surprise, Myu looked at our reactions and made a triumphant expression.

"You got a lot, Myu. I got 25 chips."

"Ohh?! You work unexpectedly hard, Yun-kun. I took on requests from acquaintances to do cold resistance processing with their armour and did delivery-type quests, so I have 20 in total."

"Then you have finished 【Smithing】 quests already?"

"Yes, and what about you, Yun-kun?"

"I'm still in the middle of 【Mixing】 quests. Just earlier I had to clear a really troublesome quest involving gathering materials."

"Then you better proceed with them. I received various crafting recipes as a reward for my quests."

When I explained to Magi-san that when I finished a 【Mixing】 quest I received another quest at Obaba's pharmacy, she smiled merrily.

"Hee, so if you have a specific Sense you can get a quest corresponding to it. I finished all single quests on the quest board, but I didn't do any of the cumbersome chain and hidden quests."

"Then do you want the information I gathered? I've got hints for hidden quests, but I can't take them on alone."

"Really?! Thank you!"

"Just for Magi-san?! No fair! Tell me too!"

"Good grief, it can't helped. Though they're crafting quests, unrelated to you, Myu."

When Myu finished swallowing a piece of cake, I told her about hints to hidden quest as well.

Since the quests I received were mainly delivery-type quests, I thought of leaving the hidden hints for subjugation quests to Myu and Magi-san.

"Speaking of which, I went to check on the quest board earlier and the current event quest completion rate was posted. Looks like roughly half of them were completed."

"That means we have two more weeks to raise the completion rate, huh."

"But won't that be quite difficult? As time progresses people will prioritize themselves and chip collection, won't they? Rather than take on quests they lack information on, they will be focusing on efficiently completing quests."

Magi-san spoke her concern regarding the event, but I wasn't that worried.

Among players there are verification maniacs and broken gamers such as Myu and Taku. Although it would go on sluggishly for the most part, the completion rate will slowly but surely increase.

Also, although they're inefficient, simple errand hidden quests are probably remaining.

I will take those while I do 【Mixing】 quests.

For the time being I'd like to set 50 Quest Chips as my goal, I thought. The winter quest event still continues.



Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow

Secondary Weapons : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife, Meat Cleaver – Heavy Black, Dismantling Kitchen Knife – Blue Dancer

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (summer and winter versions)


Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

● Faerie Ring (1)

● Substitute Gem's Ring (1)


Possessed SP45

【Magic Bow Lv6】 【Sky Eyes Lv14】 【See-Through Lv24】 【Swiftness Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv18】 【Enchant Arts Lv41】 【Taming Lv21】 【Earth Element Talent Lv29】 【Dosing Master Lv3】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv3】


【Bow Lv50】 【Longbow Lv30】 【Alchemy Lv44】 【Synthesis Lv44】 【Engraving Lv25】 【Cook Lv15】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv5】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv4】 【Physical Attack Increase Lv7】 【Pre-Emptive Knowledge Lv8】 【Vital Points Knowledge Lv8】

Current Questing Results:

● The winter quest event's completion rate——52%.

● The number of Quest Chips owned by Yun——25.

● Yun's current questing situation——in the middle of doing 【Mixing】-type quests.

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  1. DragonArrow16

    Thanks for the hard work. I know it may be a little rude, but since the ext vol looks like a winter wonderland could you start releasing the next chapters close to Christmas time? I know you work hard, but... I need my fix of new chapters!!

  2. Glen

    Saw on wiki:
    【Short Bow】 {D}(lv30)
    【Compound Bow】 {D}(lv30)
    【Long Bow】 {D}(lv30)
    【Magic Bow】 {D}(lv50)
    The more specific Sense the more effective it is, but at same time it has more restrictions, as for (Merged version) they primary used to make free spots for other Senses.

    I presume that once 【Long Bow】 and 【Magic Bow】 reach level 30 they will Give/Marge in 【Magic Long Bow】. Because now 【Magic Bow】 hasn't any classification of Short/Compound/Long, and Yun needs to use both this Senses.

    About resistance to negative effects. Why bodily/spiritual resistance isn't useful? I bet that in future (and already now) there will be mobs with 2+ negative effects statuses, and spending more Sense Spots to prevent them isn't good choice! So the sooner you get and start level it the better!
    Furthermore isn't it is easy to level them up? Each of bodily/spiritual resistance consist of 4 resistances! Even if it said that it is 8 times harder to level up, in reality it is only 2 times! Because you can put on yourself all 4 types of negative effects at once and the exp will combine and go to bodily/spiritual resistance! And as we saw how it is done it is very easy, your partner puts on you all negative effects (which doesn't kill, unlike poison), and you just lay down and wait once your resistance goes up to resist it! Like with how Yun Sleep, woke up and level 30! You don't need do anything!

    1. DragonArrow16

      It would also look cool if instead of gaining something like Alchemic Arts or Synthetic Arts when both hit lvl 50 they would merge into something like Chemistry or something like that since it is more or less the same thing as both. When you say that you would like the senses Longbow and Magic Bow to merge I think that it would be in a way better with the story if Magic bow gains the same derivations that the bow skill gained at 30 where Yun could pick up Magic Longbow that way and then once both base and magic sense reach 50 they will merge into a Mastery type of sense.

  3. Krozair

    Thanks for your work Krytyk!
    Ich love this Storry and am eager to the commming Chapters.

  4. Caudyr

    As I said in another post below, thanks for the hard work Krytyk!

    Now that that's said...

    Hrm...looking at the end of the volume summary, it looks like Yun gained a lot of levels in the 3 new senses she took for the purpose of helping out the twins with their (future) archer companion.

    Makes me wonder if s/he is using them outside of that point now.

    I also wonder if maybe Pre-Emptive Knowledge and Vital Points Knowledge might combine into a single one when both reach level 30, heh.

    Also, wow...Yun's Linguistics is level 24 now, eh? I wonder if there's a derived sense or if the sense will change at lvl 30...or maybe 50? =x


    On top of that, I wonder if there's another sense that'll show up above level 50. I'm sure Yun will probably keep using Bow and Longbow, despite getting Magic Bow...cause they'll stack and all that. At the very least, I'm sure s/he'll keep at least one of them active.

    Can't wait for the next volume to see more questing, though! It's a nice change of pace from simply crafting, heh. =D

    Looks like a lot of the senses Yun's had for a long time are getting pretty close to their next sense, though. I imagine Alchemy and Synthesis will get one at 50 (since...y'know...Emily had the next stage senses for them, we KNOW they exist), since that seems to be the next "level step" for them to appear at after level 30.

    If Enchant Arts is anything like Dosing (or Bow) was, another sense might show up when THAT hits 50, as well...and it's getting pretty close.

    I'm sure Earth Element Magic will probably change/show a new sense at 30, since it's a combat-related sense...and I wonder whether See-Through has a sense derivation at 30, or maybe even 50...

    1. Siegfried

      I´m not that surprised about the Lv. of Yun´s new Senses, new Skills/Senses tend to rise quickly at least until Lv.10 in most games that have a wide level-system(1-100 or higher). You should re-/read the first chapter of Silver Muse. In the timespan of what, 30+20(50) minutes, she got her overall Senses from 5 to 15 and Yun helped the twins way longer.

      1. Caudyr

        You're right. I completely forgot about that fact (with regards to the low level combat senses). Also...tbh, you can't really use Myu as a real gauge because she used a method that would be seen as a 'cheat' by most people. That said, it's still a fairly good growth rate (Yun's, that is) since it's an 'entry' level sense (now that I think about it, Hawk Eyes leveled up really fast, as well).

    2. Berpol

      Some of my thoughts on Yun's skills.

      Her new skills :
      As Siegfried said, new senses rise fast and Yun used them for a day.Personally I wouldn't have taken them and used [Cook] and another sense and weakened myself by removing some equipment.

      The only ideas I have here are scroll making (a written version of Yun's magic enchants) and rune magic (combined with magic to make traps).

      High weapon senses:
      It is possible that no new senses appear at higher levels. After all you worked on that sense for ages.

      Alchemy and Synthesis:
      This shows that Yun is a very casual gamer. Anyone else would have concentrated on these to see what comes next.

      Earth magic:
      I would say that this evolves to rock at 30 and later possibly to metal.
      Combined with a musical sense you get hard rock and heavy metal.

      1. Caudyr

        Ok, I'll go down this list that you mentioned...

        I'll ignore the first part about the new senses s/he took as I already responded to that just above. XD


        For Linguistics, that's actually a fairly reasonable assumption. My guess is that Yun's linguistics skill is continuing to climb cause s/he is writing notes and stuff like that, as well as reading stuff of course. S/he makes use of that notepad so much, and I bet that's increasing the skill a lot as well. For that reason, s/he might hit level 30 soon(ish). Though...if there IS some sort of derivation that allows the creation of magic scrolls/runes/things like that...I could see that being at level 50 (though considering it's a "secondary" sense, it would probably be at 30).

        If there's a scroll/rune thing, though...I bet it'll allow Yun to put the spells s/he can't put into gems into them. I can see some uses for those that s/he can't currently do with Enchant Arts right now...so I do hope that's what happens. It's certainly the next logical step, heh (I'd think someone would've found out about such a skill already, though...).

        I've tried to think of other things a higher level sense could allow other than being able to create scrolls/runes...but I can't really think of anything, tbh. It seems to be the only logical choice...IF such a thing exists and is possible, of course.


        As for the "high level weapon senses"...my guess is that the "base" weapon sense is PROBABLY the one that'll give the additional senses (like Longbow and Magic Bow). It's POSSIBLE that the others may change into another sense or unlock another sense at a high level...but if so I'd say that that would be at level 50 at the minimum.

        I wonder what the level cap for a specific sense IS, though. If it's at level 100, will it forcefully "evolve" into a "Master" sense or something?

        It'd be interesting to see Yun max out the Bow sense...and then see if s/he can retake it again for the bow senses s/he skipped in favor of the Longbow (we don't know if going for the Longbow is what made Magic Bow become available, after all...and if there isn't some other level 50 skill if s/he'd taken one of the other ones.

        I'm sure that'll probably never happen, though...as Yun prefers the longbow, heh (both of the bows s/he uses are that sort of bow).


        Alchemy and Synthesis...I don't think that I'd say Yun is a casual gamer. Yun's just a very "at my own pace" gamer. I'm pretty sure s/he plays PRETTY CLOSE to as much as Myu and Taku do, it's just that most of it is doing crafting and other such activities, instead of actual fighting.

        That said, maybe Yun will talk to Emily and find out something about the senses and the event and push to upgrade them to the next version, so that s/he can do the quests involved? Since there's APPARENTLY crafting sense specific quests for the higher senses, after all.

        I don't think Yun's really being "casual" about it...it's just that s/he doesn't really use alchemy and synthesis unless it's really NECESSARY. I know s/he does it for arrows, but there's not much outside of that that they're being used for (that we know of) right now, is there? It's possible s/he may be using them for the event right now, though~


        With regards to the Earth Magic...I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE! =p

        ...I'm not sure if it'll go to Metal, but going to Rock is quite feasible.

        I'm still hoping to see Yun find a way to put the higher level skills into an object using Enchant Arts. We're still only really seeing the "medium" grade "lower level" stones being used, aren't we (though it might not be FEASIBLE for the higher level/rarer ones, heh)?


        A couple of other things I thought of/noticed.

        If Yun IS going to level up some other combat-related senses...I honestly think I'd rather see her make use of the Stealth sense instead of the Pre-Emptive/Vital Points senses. However, I get the feeling that s/he'll barely touch those two from now on.

        Also...I wonder if Dosing Master is in its "final" level, or if it'll have another skill it'll turn into when its level gets higher. My guess is that if there's another higher level sense that it'll change into before reaching the "last" level...it'll either be at 70, 75, or 80 in the current skill. It was 30 to go to the second skill, then 50 to go to the third...so 70 or 80 is the reasonable assumption if there's a 4th. Going by the way they go, it might be 80 (30, 20, 30...then the 'additional 20' to reach "max level").

        All that said, I still think (and hope that s/he does this) that Yun should work on getting the Dagger/Knife sense...as I'm sure it'll give a correction for the cooking knife weapons that Yun has...and it'll allow her to get some actual Arts for them. Though I realize that this'll probably never happen, heh. I mean, if Yun can get out the weapon(s) in that "slowed down time" that Sky Eyes produces...s/he should be able to change out a sense for the Dagger/Knife one if it's necessary, y'know? =x

        YAY FOR LONG COMMENTS, heh. =x

        1. Alairion

          In regards to the leveled up form of linguistics evolving into something like runes. The reason no one else has come across it is simple(in my mind). The rune sense probably requires multiples senses hitting a certain level. Case in point bodily resistance or spiritual resistance. It has already been implied that few people acquire linguistics as well as several of his other non combat skills. So to find a person who found the right combo of skills AND leveled them up is remote. My thoughts are linguistics, enchanting, engraving, and sorcery all have to hit 50 to get runes. After all aren't runes a combination of these four elements? Then he could add abilities to weapons and armor. Of course he will probably need some new addition to his workshop like a ritual shrine to facilitate the process.

          I also think dosing quests could grant him a title like pharmacist.

          I also picture him ordering riding crop and the riding sense. I can almost picture riding ryui while shooting arrows during a raid boss fight in the future.

          Maybe I missed it during reading, and I am going to reread to check, but doesn't it make sense that cook would upgrade to chef?

          In regards to the dagger/knife sense. I don't think Yun will grab it. I do not remember if it was in the story or in the comments where it was already discussed about how he didn't want to grab another weapon sense and was originally only using the knife to make use of the cooking sense ability that allowed him to find the critical hit point (I apologize for forgetting the correct name of the skill). However that could have changed since he picked up those side skills o try and match the newbie bow user who it sounds like Yun will end up mentoring.

          Lord this is one of the few series I read that I could go on for hours discussing, but my thoughts get all jumbled when I start to write about it.

          So cool.......

          THANKS KRYTYK, You hard works helps bring joy to more people than you may realize. There are so many awesome authors out there who end up being missed out due to language barriers.

          1. Caudyr

            The skill you're thinking of is Ingredients Knowledge, for the record...and I know that, I just get the feeling that Yun might try it out at some point, heh. Won't know if the correction will work with the knives s/he has unless s/he tries it anyway, right? XD

            As for the Linguistics thing and runes...well...that depends. It probably requires sorcery or the magic-based senses at least I'm guessing...but I somehow doubt that it'd require Enchant Arts or anything like that, OR consume them to generate it. It may be something like "You can acquire the ability to create scrolls and runes with the derivation of the Linguistics sense...but you can't use the skills without Sorcery or some other means to consume magic (like with magic senses)."

            It may REQUIRE engraving to carve the runes into objects...or sorcery to imbue them with magic, but I doubt it'll require Enchanting. I also seriously doubt it'd consume it...and REQUIRE THEM to get the ability itself. It'll just require them to properly USE the ability. This all assumes that there's a next level sense for Linguistics, though (which IS reasonable...and it IS reasonable to assume it would have to do with creating scrolls/runes, heh).

            I could see Yun using Ryui as a battle mount as well, but...I think the more likely scenario is him using Ryui more for traveling than anything else. Maybe combat in emergency situations, but it'd be difficult for Yun to aim while riding on horseback (without a lot of practice, anyway). Is there actually a "Riding" sense for horse/mount riding? I don't recall hearing about it...OR any sorts of mounts actually being available, for that matter. I definitely see Yun ordering a saddle to use, though. XD

            The dosing/mixing quests MIGHT yield a title of some sort for Yun, but the real benefit will most certainly be the new recipes s/he learns I'd say. I'm guessing they're going to be extremely good recipes, tbh. ^^

          2. ZaXXy

            what would be funny (regardless if it's 30 or 50) is the higher sense is s/he learned all sorts of different languages in the VRMMORPG and he started to use 'em in daily life (i'll admit that'd be unlikely but then again for now vrmmorpgs are just fantasy) at least it's a better use of time (a la sao) even if them broken gamers are odd

    1. Berpol

      Perhaps Riding first?
      Effects are reduced wind resistance and a better hold on the mount's back.
      At level 30 it gives you Mounted Archery which allows steadier shooting.

  5. Evil Twin2146

    God, these people are addicts. After being mentally worn down in an VRMMO, in order to relax they spend time in that VRMMO, instead of going for a walk or something like that.

    1. StealthAria

      That doesn't mean they're addicts. They play to relax and have fun, but occasionally they get roped into something they don't want to do. Avoiding the game just because an optional part of it is "cutting the nose to spite the face."

      To put it another way;
      That one event was draining, but Yun enjoys crafting and cooking and spending time with adorable animals, which all easily (and freely) available in-game.
      Would you not go to a local store with all your favorite products at the best prices just because they also sell something you don't like?

  6. Mephista

    Not wearing the new rat charm? Well, its a bracelet / ring combination, and he's already got two rings....

    1. Caudyr

      S/he may not have had the chance to test out its effectiveness yet.

      If I were in Yun's shoes, I'd probably wait until after the event itself was over before testing it out as well. That's because I'd want to spend all the time I could to complete whatever quests I could for more chips, though. XD

      I am kind of surprised the "end summary" didn't mention Yun OBTAINING it, though.

      1. StealthAria

        Yun didn't get the charm because (s)he wanted to WEAR it, (s)he got it because of the unique effect, (s)he wanted to study it for use on other equipment. Remember, it has a rather ghastly design and Yun isn't good with those kinds of things. I wasn't shown in the summary because it's only showing what senses Yun has and what Yun has EQUIPPED; anything just sitting in the inventory or storeroom is not shown, if it was the summary would be an entire volume by itself, what with Yun gathering all kinds of design and effect sample to study for crafting, collecting all kinds of possible ingredients for cooking and dosing.

        Those said, it'll probably get worn at some point, just look at the bow rewarded from the camp.

    1. Berpol

      Isn't it apparent?
      Myu 41
      Yun 25
      Magi 20
      Myu is a battle freak and spends a lot of time in the game, I imagine that Yun actually uses his time about as effective as she does. And Magi and Cloude used a lot of time to make winter equipment so they have less tokens.
      But the crafting quest lines should allow them to catch up a bit.

      1. krytyk Post author

        Well, Yun used a lot of his time to help twins and do crafting this volume. Considering that he spent like 4 out of 7 days total to help twins and do crafting, it's a really good number.

        1. Berpol

          I wonder if that arrow delivery is the start for an archer chain quest?
          After all Yun has the best [Bow] Sense and is likely the only one who could finish it.

          1. Caudyr

            Or maybe Alchemy one.

            Next...+10 arrows! Then...+100?! XD


            Maybe this'll be where Yun finds out s/he can actually get HIGHER than +10 arrows for sure (though whether it's cost effective or not is a different matter, heh). ^^


            There's probably a pretty good possibility that Yun could do the entire questlines associated with most of his/her crafting senses...and maybe even the Archer sense if there's one associated directly with that.

            Mixing might be one of the ones s/he does the most, but the others aren't exactly LOW either (though they don't seem to be at their 3rd stage yet like Mixing). Cooking is an exception, I think...that one's also at its 3rd stage isn't it?

            Alchemy and Synthesis look like they're still at stage 1, but my guess is they'll be able to change when they hit lvl 50 or something like that.

            I'm guessing that Engraving probably has another one when THAT reaches 50, as well (that's when Dosing became Dosing Master, right?).

            As for Yun's combat senses...Earth Magic must be close to its next tier, since it's lvl 29 and will probably do something at 30...and Archery...well...s/he's got several archery skills and they're all fairly high level (especially since Magic Bow is a high level sense in and of itself).

            Either way, my guesstimation (yes, I just said that =p) is that Yun will PROBABLY finish the Mixing-related quests early next volume and start doing the other quest lines for the crafting senses s/he has.

            I can definitely seeing Yun getting one of the top numbers for quest completions/total chip count or something like that, just from the sheer number of smaller ones s/he will probably do. XD

            Anyway, thanks for the hard work Krytyk as always! ^^

          2. Berpol

            A bundle with 30 arrows +10 allows 300 shots unless they are destroyed.
            I doubt bigger bundles are needed.

          3. Caudyr

            Raid fights, though.

            Extended hunting sessions, etc. Farming lower level'd monsters for SOME reason or another.

            I can see a few scenarios where an archer would want the bigger bundles (especially if it's easy to "retrieve" the arrows, and the likelihood of them being lost is low)...but I'm sure it's probably not necessary for Yun, heh.

  7. Sherrynity

    Ooh at the beginning I thought the event will be ended in one volume. Looks like I was wrong.

    Thank you for translating our Goddess Yun's holy scriptures~!!

      1. Caudyr

        Same here, tbh. The fact that it's only 1/3 done tells me it'll last at least 1 more volume...MAYBE even 2. =x

        It MIGHT end at the end of next volume, but if the first week was only volume 1...it might be set up to go through 3 volumes, 1 for each week or something.

        I'm completely fine with this, myself...so long as there's no ridiculously huge cliffhangers between volumes themselves. XD

  8. GM_Rusaku

         ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |

  9. Draigoch

    thanks so much.. was unexpected again XD.. so we need to wait next vol to see the finish of quest.


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