Chapter 4


By the time I had caught my bearings again, the enemy had already invaded.

Without reserve she got into the bathtub I was standing in stock still.



"Wash yourself before you get in the tub!"


Nono, is that really what I want to point out here?

I was considerably confused.


"Ehhh, that's such a bother. You're such a sheltered girl, Alice," she complained, but did reluctantly listen to me.


She was surprisingly docile.

Hmhmm, she happily hummed while washing herself.

Nono, what should I be doing in this situation?

Can I just remain a scarecrow?


"E-excuse me...?"

"Oh, I?"


I succinctly nodded.


"I'm the daughter of the house. Name's Shion. Nice to meet you, Alice."

"Haa... it's a pleasure to meet you. ...that's a cool name you have."


Well, I really did think so.


"Right? My stupid pops entrusted his dreams of adventure to me~. Come on, is that really how you name a girl?"


Say what she might, Shion-san isn't as unhappy over it as she would make me believe, either.

Like Uncle and Aunty, she has chestnut-colored hair.

It's cut short, but she has a pretty face and doesn't look particularly boyish.


Her breast are huge!!

What the hell.

Just how much dream did she cram in there?

Did she spend bonus points?


"Hey, Alice, don't be standing there and wash my back, ok?"

"Why do I...," I set on, but obediently did as she asked.


I'm a freeloader.

That must not be forgotten.


"Haa~. Still, Alice, I'm amazed how beautiful you are. Are all elves like that? I've never seen silver hair," Shion-san voiced her impressions as she took a long, hard look at me after we got out of the tub.

For some reason I don't understand, I felt strangely embarrassed and hid my body by hugging myself.

And let me make this clear: This was not a ploy to show off my body!

I was fundamentally embarrassed!


"Ehm... I wonder?"


I've never seen an elf in my life.

As for myself, it's all due to my character creation, the hand of god so to speak.


"You're so sheltered~," Shion-san smiled broadly as I bashfully moved closer.


While putting on an indifferent front, I sat down behind her.

I took a wet towel and washed her back with gentle rubs.





Shion-san first yelped and, surprised, I followed suit.


"That tickles, Alice. Put more strength behind it!"



I thought she was about to report me.

Even at the best of times, this situation is dizzying.

I really wish she wouldn't surprise me any more.


"But if I scrub too hard, it's bad for your skin. It would be a waste, you're so pretty, Shion-san."



Was this the place for such a line?

My role...

Am I really into my role here?


"D-don't be stupid! Uhh... you're so cheeky, Alice!"


Shion-san looks so cute when she puffs up her cheeks!

Thanks to that, my racing heart slowed just a bit, too.

Disperse, worldy desires!


Did my current self just have worldy desires?


"... I don't! I mean, I'm a girl..."


I'm super-down now.

Shion-san got worried about me as I started murmuring behind her.


The next day.

Without wasting a moment, I headed out to adventure with Shion-san. First we stopped in the town to get me equipment.

By the way, Shion-san's Status is as follows:


Name: Shion
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: Swordsman
Level: 14



Is it the wisdom of age? Uncle's level is higher.

Well, he certainly has the abs to match.

Anyway, as a Swordsman, Shion-san fights on the frontline.

Although from the looks of her light armor, she's not a tank.


"Alice, you're a mage, aren't you? Then you can just get your armor from mom."

"Eh? So Tailors really make those?"

"Yeah. By the way, Pops told me to teach you the ropes because of how little you know of the world."


Uncle, good job!

His gentleness is really touching.


"Basically, if you go to any weapons or armor store, you can find mass-produced goods. But to get some of good quality or a one-off item, you have to directly rely on a Smith or Tailor."



That's such a nice term.

Personal! Personal is good!


"And, since I'm a Swordsman, I often rely on a Smith for my weapons and armor, but for someone like you, Alice, you get your armor from a Tailor. If it's too heavy, you can't equip it, right? Metal-made stuff or the like."



When they call me that feeble, it hurts the male heart that I have left.

Along the way to the weapon store, I looked all around me.

In the garden of some private house, I found some firewood and an axe to chop it.


"Just wait and see, Shion-san."

"Hey... you are dynamic for the strangest things, Alice."


Seeming to have caught on to what I had found and what I was about to do, she followed me with a sigh.

After getting into the garden, I laid my hands on the axe.





Just from me picking up the axe, Shion-san gave me worried looks!

My Streeength!

I hate my Strength 0!!

But I'm still a former man!

This sensation is deeply carved into my being, I don't forget it so easily!

I'm not some town chick.

Right, back at home I've chopped wood!




With my arms trembling like a leaf I lifted the axe.

I lowered my hips and took a stance to easily apply my strength.

I tightened my body.

Imagining one rod going through my body, I focused on my trunk.

Right, you don't just swing your arms!

Without using your whole body, you can't split the log!

I finished the preparations and took aim.




Mustering all my strength, I raised the axe above my head and, using the strength of my whole body, swung it at my target.




It penetrated for about 10cm.

It went 10cm?

It did, right?

10cm... just what effect did my strength make?

Isn't this just from the weight of the falling axe alone?





I gently put the axe back and met Shion-san's eyes.


"What do you think?"

"Yeah... I knew this was gonna happen."


Tehe, so she knew.


After being recognized as feeble and having my male pride shattered into pieces like that, I quietly followed Shion-san to the weapons store.

The house and garden earlier belonged to an acquaintance of Shion-san's so it was settled with an explanation.



"A rod, right. Anything else is impossible."

"Yes, I think you're right."


I've become an obedient Alice.

Let's admit it, I have no strength.

But you'll learn sooner rather than later!

I have the world's greatest firepower!



"First of all, your first equipment will be a present from me. You're like a little sister to me after all."



In this other world, I got an Onee-chan!

Accompanied by Shion-san, I looked through the equipment in the shop's corner with the rods.


Rod: 100 Rook
Flame Rod: 1000 Rook
Ice Rod: 1000 Rook
Lightning Rod: 1000 Rook


That's the selection of rods the weapon store in this town has.

As Shion-san said, they're mass-produced and lack both a particular quality or inscription.


"Okay, this Rod, then."

"Whyyy are you that reserved? Make it an elemental rod! You're flimsy so you at least need a proper weapon!"


Shion told me off and put the Rod back onto the shelf.


Is she going to be alright?

I don't have a clear grasp of the price level yet, but 1000 Rook seems expensive...


"Don't be so reserved, Alice. Forget that I said you're like a little sister to me, you are my little sister. At least be a little bit selfish!"


Shion-san smiled at me. That smile really reminds of her dad.

Crap, that struck home.

The tears I had held back were coming through.


"Uhh... some dust got in my eye..."

"What are getting all shy for, idiot~."


Shion-san petted my head.


I resisted, but she just went on and tuzzled my hair.

After messing around for a while, I looked straight at Shion-san and said my thanks.

As well as that word.


"Thank you, Onee-chan!"


For some reason that made Shion-san all agitated and flustered.

I've seen that reaction before, but where...

As for the equipment, in the end I had her buy me a Lightning Rod.

And then we went home once and I got a Leather Robe (with Inscription) from Aunty.

Amazingly, it's high quality!

I equipped everything and finally we went out to adventure.

Currently my equipment is as follows:


Weapon: Lightning Rod
Armor: Leather Robe (high quality)(Inscription: Adele)
Accessory: None


Alright, this time I'm sure I can win even against a puppy!

... I hope.

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  1. jacobpaige

    I wonder if the rods are capable of producing magic or if they just enhance magic of the right type. If they only enhance, then he'll have to hope that exp isn't based on contribution ;)

    1. Void

      To be honest, I am severely disappointed in this story.
      The guy has max INT, and even has "Latent Abilities"...Yet, there's no mention of Magic anywhere. I don't want him to rely on items to do anything.. |: I may be jumping the gun, but there's no magical vibe in this story, even though it's the main focus.

      What about "sensing magical power in the air", or "feeling the invisible mysteries, veiled beyond what the eyes can perceive"? Something? I'm not asking for him to suddenly toss a fireball, I just want the narrative to mention the existence of magic, since, again, that is the main-focus of this MC.

      If the only way he's going to learn magic, is by eating EXP pills, gaining "skill points", or going to school....It'll be extremely boring and in poor taste.
      I don't mind the character-interaction, that's fun. But what's the point of having an entire setting about Combat, yet not allowing the MC to empower oneself in an intuitive, natural manner?

      Also, just because he set his STR to 0, it shouldn't mean that he is forever stuck at "physically inadequate". What, is muscle-training impossible?
      Having *some* game-logic is fine (stats), but too much....Too much is just boring (skill-books, forced to be stuck to stats forever).

  2. Crezz

    "Thank you, Onee-chan"
    While imagine alice's face with light smile and sparkling flower background.....
    ugh the darkness inside me has started to fade..

    Btw, thanks for the translation :)

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    One wonders on how do these things look like, like the elemental rods, the village, the dreams, the dreams, and those dreams that are mentioned...


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