The Academy's Glossary

This section is reserved for the explanation of some terms so that wisdom translated from the language of old is not lost. Mainly it shall house words that carry on double meanings, of words and phrases that are written differently and read differently.

Organizations and various groups of people


Banshee (バンシー) - It's written as "Covert ops" or "Spy" (隠密) and read as "Banshee". A reference to a certain type of spirit from Irish mythology.
Dullahan (デュラハン) - It's written as "Witch Hunter" (魔女狩り) and read as "Dullahan". A reference to a legendary headless creature from Irish mythology.
Reginn (レギン) - It's written as "Smith" (鍛冶師) and read as "Reginn". A reference to a legendary smith from Norse mythology.
Seelie (シーリー) - It's written as "Doctor" (隠密) and read as "Seelie". A reference to a type of good spirits from Scottish folklore.
Spriggan (スプリガン) - It's written as "Knights" (騎士団) and read as "Spriggan". A reference to a legendary creature from English folklore.


Valhalla (ヴァルハラ)  - It's written as "Fantasy Cult" (幻想教団) and read as Valhalla, references to a location in Norse mythology.

Character specific:

Takeru and Kanaria's:

Soumatou (そうまとう) - It's written as "Magic-Sweeping Sword" (掃魔刀) and read as "Soumatou" (そうまとう). The "Soumatou" is a reference to "Revolving Lantern" (走馬灯) and how it's sometimes associated with the phenomenon of "life flashing before your eyes" during the near-death experiences.


Strigoi (ストリゴイ) - The kanji it's written with is "The Ones Dispersing With Screams" (叫び散らす者) and read as Strigoi. It's a reference to a type of undead/vampire in Romanian mythology. Most likely the kanji name's meaning comes from the fact they disperse magic power with their screams.


Stardust Aurora (スターダスト・アウローラ) - It's written "Auroral Meteor Shower" (極光流星群) and read as "Stardust Aurora".
Aurora Fortress (アウローラ・フオートレス ) - It's written "Fortress of Light" (光の城塞) and read as "Aurora Fortress".



Bahamut Enchantment (バハムート・エンチャント)  - It's written as "Dragon Ruler's Enchant" (覇竜の付与) and read as "Bahamut Enchantment".

Crystal Vanish (クリスタルバニッシュ) - It's written "The Way Crystal Glitters" (水晶は斯くも輝く) and read as "Crystal Vanish". The Japanese reading is quite ambigious.

Geirskögul (ゲインスケルグ ) - The kanji it's written with is just "Spear" (槍) and its read as Geirskögul (author was slightly off with katakana pronunciation). In old Norse it means Old Norse "spear-skögul", it's a name of one of the Valkyries, one who is associated with spears.
Skeggjöld (スケッキオルド) - The kanji it's written with is just "Axe" (斧) and its read as Skeggjöld (again, author's katakana was off, but okay). It's a name of one of the Valkyries, one of the translations says her name means "Axe-Age", she's a Valkyrie associated with axes.
Herja (ヘリャ) - The kanji it's written with is just "Battle/War" (戦) and its read as Herja. A name of another Valkyrie, translations say her name means literally "devastation", but she was also supposedly treated as a goddess of war.


Akashic Hazard (アカシックハザード) - It's written as "Invisible Disaster"  (不可視災害) and read as "Akashic Hazard". It's a reference to theosophic Akashic Records.
Calamity (カラミティ) - It's written as "Crimson Lotus Princess" or just "Crimson Princess" (紅蓮姫) and read as "Calamity".


Section still in construction.

This section is a part of the Great Editing Time event that is to come to the world of AntiMagic Academy. The event shall result in erasing of all or almost all furigana from the text. The double meanings explanations shall be moved to the glossary under the chapter when they appear for the first time (example), after which they will not reappear, but be easily accessible in this glossary.

Note: AntiMagic Academy Volume 10 translations shall be written in the new convention and will be the first one to be subjected to the new doctrine.

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