Epilogue - The Archer and the Atelier

I met up with the 【Carpenter】 NPC and completed the quest, but since I was penniless, I spent four days securing money. Yesterday, I was finally able to complete the store I desired.

I wiped the wooden counter while grinning.

"Yun-san, are you that happy?"

"Of course. This was my dream! Going independent is a man's dream!"

"You're a woman, Yun-san."

Kyouko-san the NPC responded like that. I'm a man so I didn't mind it.

"Well, although I've been only hired, since Yun-san can't manage her money I need to manage the contents of your purse."


"It's embarrassing to continue forever with just a counter in a store, if we have money then we can do renovations and expand it."


That's right, only the counter was splendid. On the contrary, instead of shelves, items were lying on the item boxes, there were sample-use potions sorted by class and Enchant Stones.

Just this wooden counter cost me 300k. And to hire Kyouko-san as a clerk, I needed to pay 50kG monthly.

Because I paid an additional fee to have her work the shop on top of doing agricultural work, it was cheaper than hiring a clerk normally.

For the time being, to have it function as a quarters one could live in I needed 30000kG——30m. It was an endless struggle, but my current goal is to get a high-temperature furnace and a high-level mixing kit. The beginner's mixing kit wasn't good enough to process monster's meat or Vitality Tree's fruits, I've had a shortage of high-grade tools.

Just the furnace's cost was estimated at 1m. And the next level of Mixing kit cost 200k.

"In the first place Yun-kun's business policy is weird. You've limited transactions up to 5 pieces of one kind of good and cheap too, thanks to that we always have problems with stock. If you're selling you should release the limit and sell it for more."

"Surprisingly you've got self-indulgent parts to you, isn't making money a secondary concern? If we sell it cheaply we'll get a lot of returning clients. If the item performance is good, they'll come back every day even if it's a hassle. Also, it's a way to prevent reselling so I think it's a good way to slowly increase the amount of visitors."

At first, I introduced the shop to all my friends. After that, their acquaintances came as customers.

"I think people won't come but I leave it to you. Do you remember the important points?"

"Yes. I have noted everything. I remember the Enchant Stone description perfectly."

"Even so, with only Enchant Stone as the featured product, isn't our assortment kinda poor?"

"Beginner's Potions and Potions, Pills, High Potions and MP Potions and ST Recovery Medicine. There's no other shop that has such an assortment in this town, please have some confidence."

Kyouko-san made a charming smile. I managed to obtain a beautiful woman's smile. An NPCs though.

The reason it doesn't sell is probably the location.

It was the south district, and the only people who would try exploring the south district would be those who want to try having a field.

And even those who buy one, eventually resell the field. As I looked around, no one else other than me had a field covered with greenery.

Occasionally, people look at my field curiously. But since non-authorized people can't harvest it, they think it's just a part of the background.

"Oh right, there's a message from 【Open Sesame】. They want some Enchant Stones for resale too."

"Hearing that makes me happy. Let's get to the main issue then."

For a few days I haven't shown my face at Magi-san's place. Occasionally we reported to each other via friend calls, 'it's not like I'm restraining you, there are times like these〜' kind of feeling.

I did quests or hunted in the vicinity of the Second Town in order to secure money. However, most of the various mob types dropped mainly meat or thread. I harvested high quality wood and any medicinal herbs I could find.

Most of them weren't items I fancied, after consulting with Magi-san, I learned that Cloude and Lyly wanted them. Next time, I'll show my face at their places with souvenirs.

The rank of the materials I've had wasn't low at the moment, I guess I could process it into a higher rank material by using 【Alchemy】.

Also, I've been invited by Magi-san with 'Let's try searching around the Third Town together next time〜'. Certainly, the ore that was around it sounded really appealing, and I wanted to take revenge on that tavern sometime.

Not good, the summer vacations are about to be wrapped up, and I've perfectly addicted myself to this game.

"Haa〜, I've had lots of fun, haven't I."

"Feeling fulfilled every day is a good thing. However, you have no money so do your best."

"You're right. Then, I'll be going. I leave the store to you, it's fine if you do everything as scheduled."

"Have a nice trip, Yun-san."

I stood up from the counter chair and checked my equipment.

Bow's okay, armour's okay. Also... a self-made Iron Ring. One strengthened with an attack enchant.

There's no Iron Ore around the second town, and my stock of Iron Ingots was gone.

"Should I run towards the second town? I could harvest some Iron Ore on the way there."

I said so absent-mindedly and after going out into the sun, I turned around to look behind me.

There was a brand new store made of wood. It was built on the site adjacent to the main street, with nothing on its left or right, the plain store stood out.

On the small store built on three pieces of land I bought there was a splendid sign propped up.

An unique term coined for this game——【Atelier】.

Workshop, 【Atelier】 was coined from the term 【Yell】 as to cheer on the adventurers. [1]

The original purpose of this character——was to devote it to support, the shop's name was made such as to remind me of that. Also, it suggests that there are crafters who cheer me on.

"I'll be going——【Atelier】."

I cast these words into empty air, and sprinted through the town.

While leaving a yellow light behind me, I avoided the players passing by them. I left the town moving outside, today too, the sky was blue. It seems like it's going to be a fun day.

  1. In the original, 【Atelier】 is written as 【アトリエール】 and 【Yell】 is written as 【エール】 and in Japanese it can mean 'a shout cheering people on'. Of course 【Atelier】 means workshop in french too.

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  1. Synalra

    Using honorifics for an NPC feels so weird. But I guess that's just our Yun-kun :D

  2. Kemm

    I have started to read the original WN to check the differences, and there it explains that the name of the store, アトリエール, comes from アトリエ "atelier" (from French, so it's read "AH-T-LIEH") plus エール "yell" (from English, no need to explain the reading, but I think that the meaning is a little different). While the explanation is almost about the same you've given, if you check this, you'll notice that "atelier" in katakana lacks the final ール, so it should be "Atel-yell", instead, or something like that.

    Not like I'm telling you to change it this late in the game; not only would it be a hassle, but people, me included, is already familiarized with the name being "Atelier" (and also fond of it) and it would feel wrong to have it called anything else.

    1. krytyk Post author

      アトリエール (atorieeru) still reads as Atelier, although you won't get the original French pronunciation you would get with アトリエ (atorie). As such it still retains the meaning of "workshop", although "yell" is kinda lost, it's not a significant loss. So yeah, everything as intended. We can't have everything.

  3. Blaxconiox

    'an unique'
    IPA transcription:
    The first sound is [j], not [u:]. So we use a, not an. Other similar examples:
    a university
    a unicycle
    a European country

  4. Blaxconiox

    The rank of the materials I've had wasn't low at the moment,

    Mixing of past and present tenses 'I've had wasn't'

    1. kanel

      i dont know of any rpg where you can build your own shop or where even potion are limited and players have to craft no matter what...in most rpgs crafting is a add on at best...its not nessecery for anything....gears from dungeons and potion from ventors......at best you can craft some buff items

      if there was such an MMO rpg i would be playing it...

          1. kanel

            i played but...sigh....paywall after paywall...to build a farm you have to be a member to build a house you have to be a member to start a castle you have to be a member...thats what the game is...its already ridiculous to ask to pay founder packages when all you fo is translating the game ...even worst those founder packages are extremly expensive ones..

            and while it have its cools parts(ship battles and castle battles thought i didnt manage to play the second one in th beta) its still a generic mmo rpg with tab target gameplay...it lacks the world wide events that make rift feel alive...

          2. All Night

            I like archeage, but the paywall that you need to pass to own land. I understand why they needed it because of large amount of people that could possibly play the game. Otherwise there would be no open land.

      1. MangoLion

        Try mabinogi, it has a wide range of life skills such as potion making (including herb picking), blacksmithing, cooking and alot more!
        it also has a slightly more dynamic combat system than other mmos.

  5. crazybloo3

    There’s no other town that has such at assortment in this town, please have some confidence.”
    should be
    There’s no other shop that has such at assortment in this town, please have some confidence.”

    1. All Night

      I caught that when I went through to edit. I just have to wait for Krytyk to apply my changes :P

  6. Kanel

    There’s no other
    town that has such at assortment in
    this town

    No other shop I think. That's a clear fatigue sign...go get some sleep you deserve it..
    .also my opinion is to finish the second volume so you will have caught up in this and elysium and then start antimagic since antimagic have a long way go...just a thought

  7. victorrama

    I give up. I think Krytyk managed to brainwash me to like traps now. It feels like looking at my dark past....

    1. kanel

      i hope not it would be too big of half prince rip off...

      but i am quite interested with the npcs personality...i think it will have big impact in the future plot

      1. All Night

        You have to remember 1/2 prince was based off other MMO type LNs and made into a manga :P The MC here isn't as gender-bent either.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Actually not, 30000kG stays. 3m turns into 30m instead. Still, thanks for pointing out~.


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