Page 002-003:

Myu: "I feel kinda strange... what do I do, it won't stop."
Sei: "I feel so hot I can't bear it, hurry up and come?"
Bottom: "What if they stepped into a 【Charm】 trap——?


4 thoughts on “Illustrations

  1. yoyo

    Thanks - about the scene with Myu and Sei , I can't find it in vol 7 !!!! :(

    can anyone tell where I missed it?

    1. krytyk Post author

      There isn't one. It's unrelated art. Though I don't exclude possibility of something being written for it.

  2. Keade

    I want to see yun in a charm trap state! the three beautiful goddesses must rise! ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ


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