In this city that has Inquisition's headquarters in it there was a very strict atmosphere, since the entire world had entered war.

However, the civilians were living their usual, stupidly peaceful life.

It's not a big deal. What war, it's happening in some far-away land. Even if witches attack us, the inquisition will do something about it. This city is safest. The witches had lost once, they won't win with humanity.

Despite various incidents that have happened in the past, people did not change.

Not everyone thought the same, but only about a half had evacuated.

This place, having the Inquisition's headquarters is safest. That's what they thought.

And at such times——the war had suddenly spread.

In front of a drunk that in one hand was holding souvenirs he brought back home, humans wearing robes had suddenly appeared along with a flash of light.

In front of female high school students slandering their class mate, suddenly appeared people clad in red, knightly clothing.

A boy looking at the sky in daze saw a giant shadow stand on top of the building.

The civilians in the city had seen appearance of strange humans and giants.

Still, the people living in the city didn't panic.

They didn't escape from reality, they thought of a reason for it and pretended not to see it.

"Must be some kind of festival."

"They must be shooting a film."

"Some insane group of people."

Exposing their lack of sense of crisis, they haven't noticed their lives were in danger.

In the corner of the city, walking through the city after separating from its parent, a small crying child had bumped into a white woman. When the little boy had looked up, there stood a white... pure white woman.


The woman had smiled lightly towards the boy and pat his head.

She bent over and said to him.

"I'm sorry. I cannot go, look for your mother."

The woman had embraced the boy and pat his back.

"But it's all right. You will surely meet your mother soon."


"Because world is going to be reborn."

Smiling to the boy who understood nothing, the woman stood up.

Imperceptibly, next to the woman stood a man in kimono.

"...are you prepared? Gungnir."

Looking with demon-like red eyes at the woman, the man said.

The woman had erased the smile, narrowed her eyes sharply like a blade and joined her hands together in front of her chest.

As if to pray to God.

"——Yes, Host. To end and remake the world."

In that moment the whole area had been wrapped in a pure white magical circle and a tragedy had rained down on the city.




Watching the sight of the entire city being drunk in the sea of screams, a man in priestly clothing had took a deep breath and spread his arms wide.

"Ahh...hhaa! I can't bear it... this airrrr... how much have I longed for this day to comee..."

Exaggeratedly he raised his voice as if singing, his blonde hair swayed in the wind.

The man with a complacent look put the rosary on his chest between his teeth and strongly chewed on it. After chewing it enough, he had swallowed it loudly.

"Tonight, the despair of the century is upon us! It's the beginning of a caaaaaarniivaaaaaaaaaallllll! The Hexennacht is beginning... HA!"

With flushed cheeks he laughed complacently and sent his feelings to someone else through the darkness of the night.

"Now, what will you do? What will you do what will you do what?! Can you save it——everything! If you come to save it, I'll come at my fuuuuulllllllll force to stand in your way! After all, that's the very reason I live for!"

Even though no one was listening, the man had loudly declared so towards the sky.




Inside AntiMagic Academy Chairman's room, Sougetsu looked at the city without change.

Sitting in the chair, he was elegantly drinking brandy, dressed as if he was going out for a holiday night he stared at the city whose streets have filled with agonizing cries.

"...it's begun."

Behind him, as he made a gentle and relieved expression as he raised the brandy to his mouth, stood a red girl.

Sougetsu had casually raised one hand and held it out towards the girl.

The girl had expressionlessly overlapped his hand with her own.

"Now... it's your turn, Kiseki-chan."

As if to respond to his call, the girl's eyes shone red.

The very culmination of variant had raised a wail..

In the city. In the mountains. In the rivers. In the sea. In order to swallow everything, it sung a song of joy.

And smiling, the girl spoke to her beloved——


"Onii-chan, wait for me——I'll destroy everything right now."


——Her beloved brother, inviting him to the deepest darkness.

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  1. seventhprince03

    Killing him will result to world end. Letting him live might delay the world end for a year or two but the white head menace will try to commit his unfathomable suicide again. Ahhhhh this series is so interesting. Thank you for the translation.

  2. Cyregnosis

    Is it me or almost everyone I knew in this LN wants to destroy their world.

    Well… Good luck Takeru


      Wasn't Takeru's job to kill Sougetsu? If he does that, the world will end anyway.

      1. Lurik

        if Takeru kills Sougetsu, the world will end and if he doesn't kill Sougetst, the wolrd will also end! Problem!!!!