Chapter 4 - The White Witch of the East

After Ouka and the others saw off Takeru, they once again confronted Mother Goose.

Despite what she said to Takeru, the situation wasn't turned around. They had to deal with the remaining Einherjars and Mother Goose.

《"The enemy are summoned Einherjars, but as usual their bodies are that of Dragoons covered with magic-absorbent and anti-magic materials, in other words, Magical Dragoons... mere imitations with hero souls affixed to them. Most likely, the only thing summoned with Hero Summoning were the souls."》

Thanks to information obtained from the wreckage during the battles in the past, Ikaruga was familiar with the mechanism behind Einherjars. Just like magic-absorbent materials were used for making instant charms, Magical Dragoons must have been instant charms for successful artificial Hero Summoning.

《"Although it feels like they can be summoned endlessly, there's definitely a number limit, their uptime shouldn't be too long either."》

But Ikaruga didn't mean to say that they had a chance of winning thanks to that.

There were quite a lot of Einherjars left, and their operator, Mother Goose was still alive and well.

"...won't you back down? Despite what Orochi said, I do not feel any need of sacrificing you."


"This is my wish. Please, I would like you to stop fighting any longer."

Considering what Mother Goose said, it seemed like she gave them some grace time.

As if to say she's not going to do anything as long as they don't do anything, Mother Goose remained unmoving in a prayer's posture.

Looking up they felt compassion and endless impudence.

What on earth was she talking about after causing such destruction and slaughter. They hadn't the least intention of backing down after all this time.

The teams other than the 35th Platoon were the same.

They had no intention to reconcile with nor forgive her.

"Ootori-dono... leave the Einherjars to us. I would advise 35th Platoon to confront the White Witch."

Sage stood back to back with Ouka and said so.

"Can you guys deal with these numbers?"

When she asked, he turned his sword around.

"Even if not as well as you, but we still call ourselves elite... above all, we owe you. Leave it to us."

Ouka was puzzled hearing him say "owe".

It would be one thing if it was Takeru, but Ouka didn't remember anything that would put Sage in her debt.

"One day, I intend to properly show you my thanks. I'd like to finish this fight without either of us dying."

"Wait... did I meet you somewhere before?"

"No. We met for the first time when we formed the alliance."

Sage put on a little smile and started walking towards the Einherjars together with his subordinates.

"Go. Go and end it... this futile war."

She wanted to say something towards his back, but before she could she saw the members of Gods' Embers chase after him.

"I don't owe you anything, but making you owe me here doesn't seem too bad."


"It seems like it's your specialty to fight single, powerful enemies, but we are more suited to fighting groups of enemies."

Without looking back even once, Yuzuho walked away together with her subordinates.

"Once the war is over, I look forward to meeting you as enemies."

Although fearless, the tone of her voice wasn't gentle at all.

Furthermore, even Kyouya moved away from Ouka and the others.

"I'll do whatever I like. You should be doin' the same."

With Nero on his shoulder, Kyouya moved towards the Einherjars with strong movements.

"I've said it before, but I've no intention of settlin' in the Small Fry Platoon. I'll be movin' flexibly."

"...Kirigaya, you..."

You don't have to struggle alone any longer.

The moment she wanted to say that, Kyouya's shoulders trembled with laughter.

"My revenge ain't over yet. I'll murder that shitty priest and that shitty Chairman. You've nothing to do with this struggle of mine. I need to be the one to do it... I won't move on unless I do it...!"


"If it's you, you'll understand... Ootori! I'm goin' to do what I need to do for my revenge, that's all!"

Ouka couldn't say anything towards Kyouya's back as he rushed out.

It was because she understood his feelings to a painful extent.

There was no point unless you fulfilled your revenge by yourself. In the end, Ouka too had fulfilled her revenge by herself. It didn't end with just emptiness inside her thanks to her comrades and Takeru.

Also, Kyouya now had an person important to him remaining. As long as Yoshimizu Akira was there, his revenge won't end with emptiness.

Ouka closed her eyes, and together with comrades faced Mother Goose once again.


"...Saionji, take Suginami and chase after Takeru together."

Hearing Ouka's words, Usagi tried to return a question.

"You're the only one who can provide optimal assistance to Takeru were he to show an opening."

"B-but... I..."

She had no confidence that she'll be able to catch up with those movements.

Of course. Ouka and the others were overwhelmed by the speed they were unable to follow with their eyes. It would be a heavy burden to Usagi who hadn't received any magical strengthening.

But all of them were forced into the same, desperate battles. Despite that, the one who would help out Takeru the most, was most likely Saionji, Ouka thought.

Mari lined up next to Ouka and shrugged.

"I agree. You've quit being human far more than you think, Usagi-chan."

"But I haven't quit being one at all?!"

She felt she was told something horrible.

"You always save us at critical moments. Our Usagi-chan somehow ends up getting the best bits!"


Ouka responded to Mari and reloaded the stake-firing mechanisms on her both arms. Mari expanded magic circles on her feet.

To Usagi, it felt like their backs said "take care of Takeru".

It seemed like Usagi's body would start trembling. She wondered where did the trembling come from.

Was it fear? Tension? Or maybe fatigue?

She noticed that it was actually excitement, because the only thing trembling was her body, but her heart was tinged with heat.

Bearing the gun's belt on her shoulder, Usagi said to the backs of the two.

"——I will not acknowledge your dying, the two of you!

" "Roger!" "

And then, Usagi started running.

To where Takeru was.




Magic Academy West Side's Seventh Student Squad.

With the captain who held abominable magic power, the squad was composed of members with many faults and was entrusted with dirty work of the academy's dark part.

No matter how much they tried to get new achievements, they only continued to pile up stigma. When they were instructed by the higher-ups to leave their comrade to die, they left and decided to join the Heretic Alliance.

Despite becoming heretics, they didn't lose their pride as purebloods.

Protecting the weak, guiding the weak was pureblood's duty.

No matter the reason, they wouldn't forgive those who trample the weak.

Therefore——they despised this war.

They will continue to lend a helping hand to those who need it, regardless of whether they have magic power or not.

They will not show any mercy to those needed to be subjugated.

No matter how much they are stigmatized, even if they aren't understood at all, they will continue to embrace their pride.

" guys. Let me say thanks... for being with me until now. I'm sorry for always troubling you."

Told that by Sage, his comrades paled in astonishment.

Without noticing that, Sage tried to continue.

"If I manage to survive this battle, I..."

"C-C-Captain sir! Let's leave it at that! Don't say any more!"

"T-that's right. Whenever you say such things it never ends too well!"

"You bunch! You don't have to tell him that so clearly, right?! Captain is also bothered by that y'know?!"

The upset members prevented him from raising strange flags.

In fact, Sage always said this kind of thanks to his comrades in hopeless situations, talking about giving a toast once they're back or about eating mozzarella tomato pasta, then leaving sentimental words he rushed in a suicidal attack.

At times like these they ended up in huge transcendental pinch, so his subordinates wanted him to have some self-awareness but...

"Fuu... you're right. No point saying something that doesn't fit me... huh."

Acting at his own pace, Sage ignored his members' words and smiled in nihilistic manner.

It was always like this. Although Sage was a reliable captain, but he was also quite an airhead, making his comrades at mercy of whatever he thought up.

However, even including that, his subordinates admired him.

For better or worse, he was a man who didn't know lies.

"Words are needless, huh. Let's go then. It's not like we started facing hopeless difference in strength today."

Sage poised his swordwand "Hrunting" in front like a knight and expanded a rust-color magic circle as he walked.

Seeing the abominable color of his own, Sage squinted.

The ancient property "Rust"... because it reminded the Pureblood Party of bloodstains, it was hated as an abominable power.

However, Sage knew that it was impossible for the user's mind to be influenced by their property. Just like his adoptive older sister who fell into darkness despite holding a "Radiance" property that was opposite of his "Rust", human nature was determined by their experiences and memories.

Saving one of his comrades wasn't the only reason Sage had come to the outside world.

Sage was asked to by the father who misunderstood his beliefs and disinherited him.

In case something happens, I want you to stop your adoptive sister, he said.

But when he had come to this side, that case had been resolved by Ootori Ouka.

Thus, his only reason for fighting left was to stop this war.

"...we finally have a just cause, a battle worth of us purebloods casting our bodies into. It's dissatisfying to have mechanical dolls as opponents, but there's a meaning to this fight."

Excellent. Without any hesitation, the Seventh Squad challenged this battle.

To stop this war.

Even if no one learns about it, this honor, this pride, it was appropriate for their own humiliation and regret for having acted and despised as a dirty squad.

"Seventh Student Squad's captain, Sage Wallenstein——heading out!"

Waving their wands, the Seventh Squad threw themselves into a honorable battle.




God's Embers' Sixth Miko's Guard Troop.

Starting as a coalition of religions, the organization had changed into Gods' Embers who worshiped a completely new super-existence, but born in the organization were several existences called "miko" who had a potential of being able of communicating with God.

But in fact, there was no miko who was capable of communicating with this super-existence that was God. The might of the miko's faith power capable of miracles... in other words, they were indicated by the amount of magic power and the intensity of their magic.

Among twelve mikos, the power of Sixth Miko was the weakest. Or rather, her miracles were lacking in showiness.

The First Miko whom Mikado Yuzuho used to serve had the most power and had many followers. Even so, after sticking to the First Miko for some time, Yuzuho started to doubt her miracles that were only showy.

She finally snapped when she met the Sixth Miko. Although her miracle powers were plain, Yuzuho was impressed by her benevolence and faith, then over the objections from her surroundings she had herself appointed as the Sixth Miko's Guards' captain.

It was noble of the strong to protect the weak.

But, for weak to try protecting the weak... that pious attitude of the Sixth Miko charmed Yuzuho. As for what happened after she was appointed as the captain of the Sixth Miko's Guard, it was just as she told Takeru when they formed alliance.

Along with a prayer, Yuzuho started walking towards an Einherjar alone.

Her subordinates in the back stopped, fell on their knees and started engraving magic circles with their overlapping hands.

"""""We are blessed by God's hand, and we become capable of miracles. We become apostles of pure spring, we become those who banish the wicked."""""

As they spoke the "teaching" that was the same as a chant, the subordinates connected the engraved circles with the circle beneath Yuzuho's feet. The engraved circles have caused Yuzuho's circle to shine even stronger.

Then, the moment Yuzuho stopped her legs and hit the ground with her spear, her body was wrapped by a silvery-white armor.

"We, shall become the foundation for the weak."

Yuzuho opened her eyes wide and released the power of her subordinates that was inside her.

The five subordinates strengthened Yuzuho, and she held that power in order to strike down evil.

That was the Sixth Guard's cooperation.

"God's Embers' Sixth Miko's Guard Troop's captain, Mikado Yuzuho——heading out!"

This was——the great strength to protect the weak.




Kirigaya Kyouya carried Nero on his shoulder and with a smile, looked up at the sky.

Raindrops started to fall from the clouds.

It felt unsettling. It felt sinister. He could even hear the sounds of thunder.

——It was great weather for a battle.

"Hey, shitty gun."

Kyouya casually called out to Nero.

《"............what is it?"》

"You told me right, that there's no meanin' to contractin' with me unless I have revenge in my heart."


"But in the first place, ain't you all Chairman's property? Whether Ootori Ouka's Vlad or you, what point is there for you to cooperate with us?"

Hearing Kyouya's question, Nero snorted.

《"We Relic Eaters have no goal. We make a contract, receive the compensation and just fight. How were we born, how did we receive personalities, I guess only Vlad's the only one who cares about that. I in particular couldn't care less what happens to Master or Akira y'knoww〜. If you die I'll just contract with someone elsee, even if you turn cripple I'll just switch out."》


《"Having a Master like you is moooost troublingg y'know. You don't die nor you turn into a cripple... the contract meaninglessly continues and your passion went puff, somewhere. I'm so hungry I can't bear it."》

I don't care as long as I get my compensation.

In other words, I'm fine as long as I get to eat and rampage, is what Nero said.

Kyouya smiled.

It was simple. Knowing there was nothing else behind it, it was so sickeningly simple it made him laugh.

Thinking of it now, contracting with Nero might have been inevitable.

Nero's nature was similar to his own.

If it was so troubling then she should just discard the contract, but Nero didn't do that.

Why was it?

《"Still... your vengeance was most delicious of all I've had so far. Aaa-ah, what a waste what a waaaste."》

So that's why she stuck to him.

Good grief, she absolutely dishonest.

If she likes him, then she should just say so.

"You say I've got no vengeance in my heart? You seriously sayin' that?"

Kyouya spat down and laughed baring his teeth.

"I'll feed you the best from now on...! If yer hungry then eat all ya want!"

He caused his anger to boil over.

At the same time, a dark-green magic circle was deployed beneath his feet and poison started eroding Kyouya's body.

"I'm at my best now, shitty gun! Nothin' ties me, I've no hesitation, there's no one stoppin' me, only someone waitin' for me to come back...! So there's only one thing to do! I'll smash you with all my anger for my enemies, there's no stuff better than this is there!"


"——Revenge! Long-awaited revenge! Let's do it Nero! Slaughter them! Let's enjoy blowing away those fuckers' heads!

Revenge. That was their power. The power to survive.

After saying so he extended his tongue and with an extremely vulgar expression, Kyouya started running.

The first Einherjar that caught his eye. That first one to take revenge on.

No grudge against him? Who cares. Everything in front of him were enemies to take revenge on. Who cares if they're good or evil. Just blow them away randomly to forget himself.

When they were still 15th platoon's students, everyone said they're weaklings. Kyouya knew they were laughed at in the shadows as a gathering of ordinary half-assed people who made a clique and acted all-arrogant. Even if they did their best they could only get 4th or 3rd place. They didn't have a sliver of talent, even though they did their best they stood in place.

As their captain, Kyouya was the same. He was aware of the fact he was a weakling.

So what, he laughed.

No matter how much he struggled, he couldn't reach the geniuses.

So what about it, he laughed.

I'm fine being weakling. I'm fine being vulgar.

《"...I don't like it if it's too refreshing you know."》

"Disliking food without trying it is no good!"

Leaping forward, Kyouya shoved the shotgun in front of the Einherjar's eyes.

A buckshot from zero distance.

But the power was too low. Even from so close it was no good.

So what.

Rapid fire. He earnestly pulled the trigger time after time.

It's still no good. Enemy Einherjar won't go down.

The railgun's aimed his way. The magic bullet is fired.

Kyouya awkwardly rolled on the ground and avoided the magic bullet. He stood up maintaining the momentum from rolling and changing into tonfa form this time, he smashes into the Einherjar.

No good. It doesn't work. Einherjar won't go down. Weak. It's too weak. Not enough, not enough, not enough.

Not enough, not enough, more, more more beat him down beat him beat him beat him!

That's how I unsightly continued to do so far!

There's nothing else but tenacity in me!


Shot after shot, he moved slightly forward. His power increased.

And then finally... Kyouya got rid of one Einherjar.

With his breathing rough, Kyouya laughed merrily covered in sweat.

As if to surround him, three Einherjars floated in the air.

Kyouya laughed. Nero Laughed.

《"It wasn't too bad. Hunger〜 is the best spice they say, right? "》

In this hopeless situation, Nero provoked him.

Fine by me. That's how it has to be.

He raised joyful Nero in tonfa form.

And then Kyouya,

"AntiMagic Academy's 15th Platoon——revenge, start uppp!!"

Together with his comrades' regrets, he had gleefully struggled against powerful opponents.

To survive until he wins.




"So, no matter what happens... you aren't going to stop your resistance, are you."

Mother Goose who was devoted to her prayers had opened her eyes slightly and looked at Ouka and Mari.

"Benevolent goddess wannabe, huh. What you're doing is just a massacre. We shall judge you right here!"

" took away the place we belong to, don't think we'll forgive you!"

"Your anger is just. I do not think you can understand our dignity. However, you should avoid tasting pain and suffering."

Mother didn't turn the two's anger nor ignored it, she received it like a mother speaking with her children.

But Ouka and Mari weren't as well-brought up and adult as to back down obediently with just this.

Ouka turned Vlad's two guns at Mother Goose and fired stakes. Mari too, had released the hoarded magic power to send Mother an 《Aurora Canon》.

Although they were nearly impossible to defend from or avoid, the two didn't think their attacks would get through right away. The enemy was the leader of entire Valhalla. Learning what kind of abilities she has was the priority.

However, even as the stake and the shell closed on her, Mother Goose didn't show any movements to avoid or gestures to build up a protective barrier.

And, the moment the attack seemed to have hit her,

——Suddenly, Mother Goose's figure disappeared.

"Transfer magic!"

Ouka shouted and tried to stay vigilant of her surroundings.


"You two cannot win against me."


Along with the voice, something as cold as ice touched Ouka's spine.

The moment Mother Goose's fingertips touched, indescribable terror assaulted her.

Even though she wanted to avoid, her body wouldn't move. The intimidation from behind was extraordinary. Orochi's thirst for blood was incredible, but this woman was on a different level.

Feeling as if they were stared from the darkness of the abyss by something huge enough to cover entire world, the two desperately swallowed their screams.

They realized it was very likely they will be killed.

"'s simple for me to obliterate the two of you like this. If possible, I don't want to do it. The reason for that, is your friend, Kusanagi Takeru-san."

Saying Takeru's name, Mother closed her eyes.

"If I kill you, he will most likely enter God Hunter form without any hesitation. If possible, I would like to avoid that... so that it doesn't go as that man wishes it to."


"You already know Ootori Sougetsu's goal, don't you? If God Hunter is complete and kills him, the world will perish. We can't afford to let the "Seat of God" to be lost along with him. Also for the sake of us arriving at godhood."

Mother's Goose tone of voice lowered.

In it, sounded a firm will.

The will said, I won't give you any more grace.

"——Back down, this is your last chance."

Mother said that in low, rumbling voice.

Even though their bodies shook with fear they couldn't find an epithet to describe, Ouka and Mari looked back and summoning all their courage and fighting spirit leaped away.

"I refuse!" "Not happening!"

Ouka fired a stake and Mari had drawn a bow with 《Aurora Arrow》.

As expected, Mother Goose's figure disappeared.

Ouka spread her wings and Mari expanded the flight rings on her legs, both soaring high into the sky at high speed.

They couldn't stop moving.

The enemy can appear from anywhere.

Rise up and try circling at least a little——


A voice had come from above Mari as she rose up to the sky.

The moment she tried to look upwards in a hurry——a spear that looked like a giant bird has assaulted her back.

"No way——ghghh?!"

The size of that giant bird was comparable with that of a jumbo jet.

It was mostly luck that she was able to avoid it. Hearing the voice she had corrected the flight path downwards and fortunately, she got out of it with just her shoulder being gouged out.

As she held down the blood spilling from her shoulder, Mari tried to launch an attack on Mother Goose overhead.


However, Mother Goose who should have been above, was suddenly below Mari.

A huge axe reminiscent of a guillotine assaulted Mari.

It's blade's length surpassed a hundred meters.

In addition to the constant usage of transfer magic, the scale of her magic attacks was too huge. The magic circle deployment speed and operative procedure structuring speed were instant. It wasn't something a human could do.

Just how much magic power did she have?

I can't avoid it, when Mari though that,


Ouka flapped her wings and charged into Mari whose posture broke as if clinging to her.

Tackled, Mari's body took a く shape.

Thanks to that she was able to avoid it, but the moment Mari looked up to complain——Mother Goose was already ahead of where they avoided to and expanding her magic circles.

The multiple layers of magic circles folded over and over again, completely covering the sky like a geometric pattern.


A strange magic was activated.

An army of angels singing a chorus has suddenly appeared from the magic circles. Seeing the sight that looked like something out of myths, Mari paled.

"What's with you and your magic dammit!"

She had never seen or heard of it. She didn't even know whether it was summoning magic or attacking magic.

And above all, it was too huge to deal with.

"S-stop being slow and stupid!!"

Suddenly, Ouka kicked Mari away.

"Ootori Ouka?!"

At the same time as Mari screamed, Ouka was crushed by an army of angels.

Although Vlad stretched out a protective barrier just before that, Mari could see Ouka be swallowed by magic of non-standard intensity.

The army of angels disappeared right after crashing onto the ground. As if nothing happened, everything fell silent.

Soundlessly, Mother Goose has come down in front of Mari who stood in mid-air, stunned.

"My magic cannot be used by humans. It's natural that you haven't seen it before."

"...Angel Summoning...? You must be joking right..."

"No. It is not Myth Summoning. It is merely a reproduction of gods and Sacred Treasures of Norse Mythology's world using magic power. They are far from being the real thing, mere imitations."

Norse Mythology's world... just now, Mother Goose certainly said that.

While worried about Ouka's safety, Mari glared at Mother Goose.

There was a vital reaction from below. Ouka was alive. Mari had to earn some time for her to recover.

"You... aren't human, right?"


"I'm quite confident of myself too, you know... but the amount of your magic power is abnormal. Continuing after Hero Summoning you continuously use transfer magic, and the mysterious magic on top of that. It's not something you can do without a Magical Heritage."

Even if it can be used, it's not something a human can do. Mari was confident her predictions were on the mark.

This woman was most likely...

"I would like to resolve one misunderstanding, Hero Summoning is not my magic. It's my intrinsic performance."

Intrinsic performance... witches didn't have that kind of thing.

What had those were——

"As you might have guessed——I am a Sacred Treasure. My official name is 'Gungnir"... the spear of God's Authority that the chief god of the Norse Mythology's world, Odin had used."


It was a name of a weapon practically everyone heard of.

Odin's name too, was literally left behind in this world as a myth. The interference between the world of gods and human world had a variety of effects. Many of the S-class Magical Heritages were said to have been created thanks to the interference of Norse Mythology's gods, and among Einherjars there were many who have inherited factors of the gods.

"It seems like you know about me but... the Gungnir you know and I probably don't match, do they."

The origin of this world was the collision of the previous world with the world of the Norse Mythology. At the very least that was what was written in Mineshiro Kazuma's document, and the "Fragment of Mythological World" where the Heretic Alliance's headquarters were, was the best proof of that.

In other words, there was a high possibility of Norse Mythology's nonsense being left in this world.

"The legends of the Norse gods you know of are a result of the history being altered by the collision of worlds. It is not true that the Nordic gods were on friendly terms with humans. In the previous worlds, humans and gods were at war after all."


"Back then, humans artificially made an individual that was a fusion of a god and a human, as well as god-slaying Sacred Treasures, and were trying to destroy the Norse Mythology's world. That individual is the current Ootori Sougetsu."


"The world of Norse Mythology could exist thanks to Odin... by taking the Chief God's life they would able to destroy the world. That man had killed the gods all over the world, and in the end he tried to lay his hand on Odin. As his last act of struggle, Odin transferred the mythological world itself and had it collide with the human world."

Mother Goose squinted and looked down slightly.

"——That is this world's, this universe's origin. After the collision, the world was reconstructed and the history of the original world and the mythological world as well as their systems have mixed together, resulting with this."


"This world's magic is the gods' factor... the power of the gods itself. A concept that didn't exist in the previous world. Therefore, I'm going to set straight this world where's both magic and science, humans and witches——"


"——Like I fuckin' care. Your talking isn't just boring but also damn long."


As if cutting short her story with a sharp knife, Mari knead magic power.

While making countless aurora-colored magic circles in the sky, she ridiculed Mother Goose at full power.

"You start rattling on about stuff I didn't ask about, really. The world's origin? The war between gods and humans? Coooouldn't care less, at the very least, I'm not interested."

Making an expression as if she wanted to spit, Mari showed Mother Goose her middle finger.

"Stuff like world, god, who's good and who's bad, even if I know all of it, what I need to do doesn't change. I'm stopping you... that's unchanged."

That's why, there was no meaning in knowing.

She really didn't give a shit. It was just as Takeru said.

The truth is unnecessary. In order to get what they wanted, they had to get rid of Mother Goose and Orochi.

Seeing Mari try fighting in this situation, Mother Goose slightly furrowed her eyebrows.

'This war is for the sake of remaking this world in a correct form. You, who are a witch should know the distorted values of this world and the grief on the topic of discrimination against magic. I will correct that distortion, I shall give magic to all human beings and make a peaceful world."

"What you guys are going to do is to make it so that nothing happened, and then remake it from scratch right? Is this a damn game? Don't screw around."

Turning her middle finger towards Mother Goose like a gun's muzzle, Mari made a steep expression.

A huge magic circle had already filled the sky.

Mother Goose remained unmoving, she just prayed indifferently.

"What about people who found happiness in this world? What about people who love this world? Just because a self-proclaimed goddess doesn't like it, is no excuse to blank it out."

"...destruction, or restoration... there is no other way."

When Mother Goose muttered that as if enlightened, Mari opened her eyes wide.

"I'll pass on both! I'll change the world in my own way! I definitely won't let you make it so everything had never happened!"

Pouring out, magic power had dyed the sky with aurora.

The blow that had boasted of having strongest attack power among those Mari had mastered.

《Aurora Gate》

The preparations for activating it were complete. She had also completed a protective barrier preventing enemy from blocking the activation, there was no one capable of stopping Mari now.

"This world's hope, despair, sorrow and joy, they're all, all mine! ——As if I'd let you erase them!"

Cracks ran over the magic circle and a huge gate of light emerged from behind her. Many times larger than the one she had previously used, and many times more powerful, the gate roared.

That's when Mother Goose's red eyes were clouded black as if harboring darkness inside.

"Enough speaking then."

With relaxed movement, Mother Goose held her right hand out to Mari.

And bending her fingers, the moment she clenched her hand lightly,

——Mari's left arm burst away from the root.


Without any idea what happened, Mari staggered in the air, sprinkling blood all over.

Next, Mother Goose quietly opened her clenched fist.

Matching her moves, this time Mari's leg was blown off.

There was no trace.

After seeing Mari start to crash down, Mother Goose closed her eyes.

"Just now, I only transferred my magic power into your body. Large amount of destruction isn't required to incapacitate a single human. Please watch over this world's rebirth as you slowly die."

The unavoidable blows have been unleashed from inside Mari's body.

Transfer magic's dreadfulness weren't just the surprise attacks.

Since it was able to deliver any substance anywhere, she should have noted this point first and foremost.

In front of the transfer magic, the protective barrier didn't make any sense at all.


Just a step away from activating the 《Aurora Gate》 it had disappeared, magic power had dispersed in the air.

Although it seemed like Mari is going to crash to the ground after losing a hand and a leg, she had squeezed the last of her power and assaulted Mother Goose with her vanishing flying rings.

However, she didn't have much speed or power left. Staggering she approached Mother and was only able to swing her right fist.

With her eyes still closed, Mother Goose avoided it by diverting her upper body.

Mari's fist only grazed Mother's cheek and cut through the air.

Completely exhausted, Mari fell towards the ground.




Assaulted by an army of angels, Ouka was in a state where she barely maintained the original shape of her body.

She could assert that this was the most dangerous attack she ever received.

Her throat was crushed, her limbs wouldn't move. If she only had her flesh and blood she would die instantly, even with Witch Hunter form she will probably die after a few minutes.

Even so, Ouka didn't give up.

《"Vlad, start up the 'Dracula'... gather blood."》

Despite the fact she was dying, her consciousness was clear. The anger against Mother Goose and the indignation towards herself for letting Mari fight alone was enough for reasons.

Just as ordered, Vlad did his best recovering the blood all over the city, but because Orochi had already sucked out the most of it, the amount of blood Vlad could recover was very small.

《"Continuing combat is impossible. Death can be avoid'd but... this amount is too small."》

《"Nikaido is fighting alone! I can't just rest here alone! The sounds of combat ceased... hurry!"》

As she grew impatient, Ouka's body was gradually regenerated.

Her throat was regenerated, the bones and skin of her limbs connected back, her breathing had also returned.

Although the recovery wasn't over yet, when Ouka forced her body to sit, a blunt sound had come from beside her.

When she turned her face in that direction, she saw Mari's appearance, bleeding.

Ouka raised her body and crawling, slowly approached Mari.


She reached out to touch Mari's body.

It was cold as ice.

Her chest rose up and down slightly. Somehow she was still breathing, but Mari's hollow eyes said how little of life was left in her.

Ouka's lips trembled, not knowing what to do she called out.

"What are you... you... what happened with your limbs...?"

"Don't 'you'"

A faint voice responded.

There was consciousness. She could still be saved. Ouka bit her trembling lips.

"Ugh, Vlad! Give Nikaido a blood transfer and recover her! You can do that much, right?!"

《"I can not allow it...! Master's body is still healing! If I transfer blood to someone else Master's life will be in danger!"》

"I don't care! Do it!"

That's when Mari slapped Ouka's cheek.

But her palm only stroked Ouka's cheek before falling to the ground.

TMG_v11_187"...shaddup...don't be so noisy right at my ear...don't do... needless stuff..."

"Needless you say...? Don't screw with me...!! What about the promise with Takeru?! We're going to survive and go back to where we belong! If you're not here, Takeru... I...!!"

Mari touched Ouka's hand.

" will, use my blood."

Saying so, Mari raised the edges of her mouth.

"My blood... is probably most delicious of all... I mean, it's Nikaido Mari-chan's blood...isn't that natural...?"

"Don't be stupid...!! I can't drink your blood...!"

Feeling Mari squeeze her hand weakly, Ouka gasped.


"...what's with that face... makes me laugh..."

Seeing tears pool in Ouka's eyes, Mari said that, not even acting strong in particular.

It seemed like she suppressed bleeding with magic, but the blood loss was already lethal. If she doesn't get a transfusion, Mari will be beyond saving.

Despite being aware of that, Mari refused Ouka's help.

"You'll use my blood... in order to survive..."


"I won't if I would...I promised...we're all going back alive...also, above aaall..."

Mari squinted looking at Ouka and smiled.

"I'm not giving you Takeru...he's mine...'s no way I'm dying....ghh, s-so..."

Along with another of the countless declarations of war, Mari's eyes regained their light.

Releasing the hand she held, Mari grasped Ouka's collar and pulled her closer.

And, along with her ghastly feelings, she said to Ouka.

"——Hurry up and go...! Go and beat that woman down!"

Ignoring the blood flowing from her mouth, she scolded Ouka.

In Mari's eyes there wasn't even tiniest determination to become a sacrifice.

Told this, Ouka was unable to refuse.

Since the moment they met, their relationship was one big quarrel. They collided repeatedly, competing over everything, it was stormy from the start.

But before Ouka realized, she relaxed herself around her. Mari was straightforward. She was much less hesitant than Ouka herself. That part of her was very similar to Takeru and had ended up easily destroying the wall in Ouka's mind.

Ouka admired a certain part of Mari. She was envious wishing she was as honest and straightforward.

Worst compatibility. Cats and dogs. But while that was true, they certainly acknowledged each other.

Ouka was entrusted with the rest by someone like that.

What kind of rival would she be if she didn't answer those expectations.


Facing down, Ouka clenched her teeth.

Her blue eyes shone behind the long bangs.

Those eyes met with Mari's.

No more words were necessary. All that was left was to proceed according to desire.





Momentarily, Vlad's blood absorption started.

A magic circle appeared and attracted Mari's blood. Her blood entered Ouka's body.

Just as Mari had self-proclaimed, her blood was superb. A single drop held power equivalent to that of a hundred people. There was tremendous concentration of magic power and incredible life force.

At the same time, her memories and experiences, all of Mari had flowed into Ouka.

Her growing up, childhood dabbling in criminal acts. The warm memories of the orphanage. Tremendous sadness when she lost her family. The dark feelings towards Haunted.

Her love for Takeru so passionate it made Ouka embarrassed.


——The new place she belonged to.

The trust and affection for her comrades, too strong to put in a word, irreplaceable feelings.

The pure will to protect.

Ouka had——carried all of it.

"...let's go...Ouka..."

Mari's hand moved away, she lied down on the ground.

Ouka stood up, long fangs peeked out from her mouth.

She wasn't alone.

This power belonged to the two of them.

"Yeah——let's go, together!"

And then, Ootori Ouka's and Nikaido Mari's counter-attack had began.




After defeating Mari, Mother Goose continued to stand in the air as if nothing happened.

"............I will not ask for forgiveness."

Her expression slightly clouded, Mother Goose flapped her robe and tried to leave the location.

It wasn't that she didn't feel anything after massacring the human's in the city and killing Mari and Ouka with her own hands. Just like Lapis who was the same Sacred Treasure, she did have a soul.

It's not like she had a personality right from the start. The phenomenon of souls dwelling in Magical Heritage was something that happened by chance after the worlds' collision.

The only point that differed Gungnir from other weapons, was that she had memories of the previous world left in her. Lævateinn and Mistilteinn didn't have any memories, they were adapted to this reconstructed world from the beginning. Just like other Magical Heritages they contracted humans and started to form personalities by interacting with them. Just like a child growing as it looks at their parent...

But it wasn't so for Gungnir. Her personality was formed from the memories of the old world. After the world's restructuring, she hasn't contracted anyone even once.

All of it for the sake of the gods who had died... in order to change this world into the world of gods once again.

Not knowing human-like thinking, Gungnir acted as a servant of god, holding these memories inside her.

But despite that, she had become a human.

Naming herself as the White Witch of the East, Mother Goose, she interacted with the witches and was accepted by them in this world. Even without contracting, her interaction with people had made her grow.

She discarded her memories of the old world and lived as a human, leading witches is what I should do... she started to think.

However, when she learned that with Odin's disappearance, Ootori Sougetsu as the only one survivor holding divinity had become the God of this world, Mother Goose's goal changed to protecting this world.

On top of that, the result of her struggle was the choice to remake the world.

She also tried to make peace with Sougetsu and tried to stop him denouncing magic that was the heritage left behind by the gods.

『"This world... this world should continue existing as is."』

She once thought the same as Mari and Ouka, Takeru and the others.

However, since Sougetsu's goal was destruction, her wish would never come true. Humans and witches contested each other in a war. After multiple wars and witnessing numerous death, Mother Goose learned of human ugliness.

If the worlds continues to survive, humanity will definitely follow the road of destruction.

It was too late for this world, even if the God doesn't die.

And, she started to think this way.

——I love this world, therefore, I shall remake it.

"A new world, where all the humans shall inherit gods' factors..."

——I love it, therefore I shall remake the world.

"A pure world where humans will not need to fight..."

——For that sake.

"I love this world, therefore... I shall... become a God."

Find Sougetsu and erase him from this world.

In addition, she'll activate 《Deification》 together with Orochi and retake the "God's Seat", then remake the world.

For this long-cherished wish, Mother Goose trampled countless lives, an intention to accomplish it dwelled in her allowing her to overcome the numerous deaths.



"——Such love makes me sick...!"


A voice which seemed to have come from the bottom of hell.

Feeling thirst for blood, Mother Goose looked downwards.

A crimson shadow stared at her from inside the academy crushed by an army of angels.

Seeing that figure, Mother Goose furrowed her eyebrows.


Her murmur was tainted with disgust.

Ouka's figure glaring at her from below looked like the devil incarnate.

Although Mother Goose knew about the Relic Eaters' performance to some extent, Vlad wasn't sufficiently investigated. Even though a thousand years have passed since their extinction, it reminded her very much of the vampires' existence who were present in this world ever since its reconstruction.

The most powerful vampires called True Ancestors have despite their number nearly destroyed the world. Mother Goose acknowledged their annihilation as the only great achievement of Inquisition.

Vampires were a fierce race who had the power that was the natural enemy for the witches.

Moreover, the quality of Vlad's magic power was that of a True Ancestor. It was completely different from Orochi who only had cells transplanted in.

And it wasn't just that...

The magic power's property mutated? Vlad's property should be "Night Blood" but... that rainbow-like luster is...

It can't be, did she drink Nikaido Mari's blood? And that blood is affecting Vlad's magic power? To a level where it's visible with a naked eye?

That's impossible——Mother Goose shook her head. It happened right after that.

Ouka's figure disappeared.


Mother was shocked. She disappeared? Transfer magic?

No. The entirety of the courtyard was wriggling with something black.

No, it's flying around?

Is that——a swarm of bats?

"Ah, no——!"

Mother Goose had forgotten about the existence of vampire-specific summoning magic. It was summoning of magical organisms impossible by anyone but the one called the king of the True Ancestors.


The characteristic of those magical organisms——was that they diffused magic power with their ultrasonic cries.

So Vlad's power is capable of reaching the level of the True Ancestors' king... was Nikaido Mari's blood of quality that high...?!

The flock of bats opened their mouths full of fangs at once and raised a high-pitched scream.

Waves fatal for those using magic reached her and majority of her magic power diffused.

Nhh, I can't use transfer magi——


Flapping her crimson wings.Ouka flew out from the horde of bats.

A stake-firing mechanism appeared on her elbow. Mother Goose immediately crossed her arms in order to protect her face.


The stake that appeared at the elbow was released with explosive power.

It wasn't something that could be blocked with an arm.

Mother Goose's limbs were blown off and it had hit her face. Although she was a Sacred Treasure and wouldn't be destroyed with just this, there was a limit to maintaining the shape of a human.

Cracks appeared on her cheeks.

"Don't think it's over yet...!"

Thirst for blood sprouted from the blue eyes. From that moment, the domination of the 《Count's Fang》 had began.

The stake-launching mechanism appeared on both of Ouka's arms and legs, she matched the ejection of the stakes with her punches and kicks, starting a one-sided rush on Mother Goose. Not considering any recoil, she just continued to swing her destructive power, assaulting Mother.

This scene looked like a human being hit by seventy shells of a warship per second from a warship's cannon at zero distance. Compared to the previous time Ouka entered Vampire form, the power of stakes increased several times.

Ouka's crimson piles had rainbow color mixed in them. That was the reason for the destructive power's improvement.

The "Night Blood" property mixed in with "Aurora" property. The "Count's Fang" produced by magic power specializing in penetration and magic power specializing in destruction was enough to corner even a Sacred Treasure.

An ordinary human wouldn't even leave dust behind hit by this power, but Mother Goose had just retreated.

——I won't let you run.

Ouka grasped Mother Goose's face with her hand and dove directly towards the ground.

And, just like that she had pounded her into the ground. Mother's body crushed the earth, forming a large crater.

Then, Ouka straddled Mother Goose and increased the rate of the stake's bursting even further.

As the ground on they courtyard continued to crumble, Ouka again and again fired her stakes.

Seeing Mother Goose all broken, Ouka swung her arm as if to say it will be the last blow.

Hundreds of magic circles appeared near her elbow forming a huge bombardment mechanism.

Concentrating all the magic on her right elbow, she intended to concentrate all of Vlad's firepower at one point. With this much magic power and a complex operative procedure woven, this blow will make even Mother Goose lose her human form. The amount of magic power she'll lose will also be enormous.


Until the end, Mother Goose looked towards the sky calmly with her cracked-up pupils. The 《Strigoi》 who were flying around disappeared. In order to hit Mother with all her power, Ouka stopped maintaining the magical organisms for just this instant.

Mother's gaze returned to Ouka.


Speaking the magic name, Ouka attempted to fire the crimson stake accompanied by the aurora magic power, at that moment,

——Mother Goose's and Ouka's figures suddenly disappeared from the academy's grounds.




Ouka stopped moving, remaining in the posture of swinging her right arm.

——What happened?

She had no idea. She couldn't hear anything, she couldn't see anything. The perfect silence and perfect darkness spread around her. All she felt, was indescribable lightheadedness.

No, that's wrong.

She could see them. Far away in the distance, there was a myriad of small lights.

They were stars.

Then, was this the night sky?

How beautiful.

The moment she thought that, she had realized she's unable to breathe.

She couldn't catch air. She couldn't breathe, couldn't speak up, couldn't make a sound.

That's not it. That definitely wasn't it.

This——there was no oxygen.

This was,

This place was, it can't be——!

《"Do you know what is the harshest environment for living beings?"》

Mother Goose's voice echoed directly in Ouka's head.

A figure shining in the darkness stroked Ouka's cheek as she struggled in the silent world.

While floating as if she was in water, Mother Goose said.

《"——It's the space. Currently, you are two hundred million kilometers away from earth."》

Mother grasped Ouka's shoulder and had her turn around.

Ahead of Ouka——there was a huge, reddish planet.

《"We're relatively near the Mars."》

Ouka realized that she was losing the oxygen in her body, as well as that in the vacuum there was no oxygen. The oxygen in her blood was disappearing quickly.

《"——This isn't good! No matter how much of a vampire ye are, thou can't survive in this space...!"》

Vlad shouted.

Although many times tougher than a human, vampires used the same fuel in their blood. Space, in where there's no oxygen was a hell even for a vampire.

She was careless. It was a mistake to have the 《Strigoi》 disappear in order to destroy Mother Goose with a single blow. In that moment Mother used transfer magic and of all places, moved instantly to the Mars.

Normally, it's not like the transfer magic doesn't take time to move objects and people. The body is temporarily converted into magic power and moved in form of particles. Since it required a huge amount of magic power in order to move particles of the body, the amount of magic power required is greater the further the transfer.

To move a distance of two hundred million kilometers in an instant, they must have traveled at speed close to speed of light.

The amount of magic power required for that was unimaginable.

Truly inexhaustible. The amount of magic power generated by Mother Goose... Gungnir, must have been immeasurable.

《"Farewell, Ootori Ouka-san. I pray that we are able to meet again in the remade world."》

Mother Goose's appearance disappeared like turning into fog-like particles.

Ouka was left alone in space, gasping in pain as she held her own neck.

At this... rate...!

Death was inevitable. Vlad desperately tried to protect Ouka with magic power, but there was no way of obtaining oxygen. The "Night Blood" property had no magic that could produce oxygen.

Her consciousness was fading. She could tell her brain was dying.

In the space without any living organisms, Ouka thought that she has to die in solitude and felt freezing from the loneliness.

Her thinking was dying. She no longer even thought it's frustrating or sad.

Ouka's skin started to freeze over, and when she was almost exhausted to death in darkness.

——Something warm had grasped her hand.

When she opened her frozen-over eyelids and parched pupils, she saw a shadow.

A hat deeply on the shadow's head, a muffler trailing behind it in space.

Was it a hallucination? Or maybe revolving lantern?

This unbelievable sight made her doubt her own vision.

But, the warmth of that hand was certainly real——

《"...good grief... you sure are troubling."》

That voice was certainly Nikaido Mari's.

Ouka regained her fighting spirit. Strength returned to the left hand grasped by Mari and the stake on the right elbow had burned up with the with power that was supposed to have disappeared.






Mother Goose who left Ouka behind, returned to their previous location.

She ended the combat without waste, but the amount of magic power she spent was outside her expectations.

Witch of Aurora, Nikaido Mari.

Vlad's contractor, Ootori Ouka.

Mother Goose didn't expect for them, with their human bodies to defy a weapon of God to that extent. It was shocking enough to deserve her praise and admiration..

The amount of magic she had to use to transfer to Mars was huge. However, she couldn't let those two obstruct the Mother's and Orochi's long-cherished wish.

She judged that unless she went that far, those two would definitely hinder her plan.

In order to rejoin Orochi, Mother Goose tried to turn around on spot.


That's when she noticed. That she had used more magic power than she had thought.

Strange. I used two trips back and forth worth of magic.

Just when?

"......——It can't be!"


Feeling vast magic power behind her, Mother Goose turned around.

Impossible, along with these words——after turning around, Mother Goose's chest was pierced.

The moment she turned around, an ultimate blow had pierced her chest and countless stakes have extended from her body.

The aftermath of the blow piercing her had blown away all the school facilities in the area at once, which was the result of its power.

As the magic power poured away from her body instead of blood, Mother Goose asked, her lips trembling.

" did you...use transfer magic...?"

The one she spoke to was Nikaido Mari, who was behind Ouka who had pierced her.

Mari, with her breathing faint, had responded while grovelling on the ground.

"Did you think...I wasn't interested in transfer magic devices while in Magic Academy...?"


"Even after coming back here, I continued to research it... like the operative procedures or suppressing magic consumption...lots of stuff."

Hearing that, Mother Goose shook her head thinking it's still impossible.

Mother Goose was the inventor of the transfer magic. She was the one who knew the best about transfer magic.

The reason Magic Academy required a large-scale apparatus, the reason it required a long time to fill it with magic, the reason why the instant charms were so valuable, was all because this magic had a bad fuel economy.

While it could be performed with small amount of magic power with "God's Authority" property, it wasn't so for other properties. Even if it was possible to use it, it was impossible for a single witch.

Even for "Aurora" property——moreover to traverse that distance——the distance of two hundred million kilometers was ridiculous!

And in half-dead state too!

"That's right... no matter how, it's impossible to use transfer magic with my power..."

Mari raised her middle finger of her right hand and drew a magic circle with the tip of her finger.

That moment, a small magic circle had emerged by Mother Goose's cheek.

"That's why——I have borrowed your magic power."

" it's a 《Drain》's magic circle after all...!"

As 《Drain》's name suggested, it absorbed the target's magic power. It was no need to think when was it engraved, the answer was clear.

Back then.

When Mari's arm and leg were blown off and she desperately punched Mother Goose.

It wasn't desperation, it was an attack that was ray of hope in middle of preparedness for death.

《Drain》 unlike Mistilteinn's 《Twilight Enchantment》 could only absorb magic power only from a witch's body. Moreover, in order to absorb the magic from a witch, a magic circle had to be engraved on their body, so it's utility was limited.

It was mainly used for torture and using the prisoners as fuel.

The mass-produced Relic Eater, Guillotine's development was inspired by this magic.

"To not notice a magic circle engraved on you... that makes you a second-rate witch."


"Thanks to this magic I was connected with you, so I was able to find out the detailed coordinates... but I didn't think you'd go all the way to Mars."

Are you stupid? While laughing, Mari lied down on her back.

"It's some nasty magic... I don't really like using magic power of others..."

I mean, it hurts my pride, Mari added with a bitter smile.

Spitting out magic power from her mouth, Mother Goose quietly squinted.

"Using 《Drain》 doesn't convert magic power into your own... just how difficult is it to use the magic power of others..."

Speaking up to that point, Mother Goose asked, wondering the extent of Mari's abilities.

After all, despite being on the death's door, ambition had returned to Mari's voice.

Not only she used "God's Authority" property to for transfer magic, but also activated 《Rejuvenate》 magic at the same time. Mari's missing limbs were already recovered. Their treatment was very fast and the limbs were already regenerated to their previous state.

Both of those achievements were an ultra-high level magic... and the conclusion coming from these facts.

"Well, that's because, y'know——I'm first-rate, right?"

It wasn't arrogance nor bravado, saying that boldly as a mere fact, Mari winked.

Mother Goose had nothing else to say.

"Yes... you're right. I admit my defeat as a witch."

Although her power as a witch was just a part of her, as a self-proclaimed mother of the witches, she had self-depreciated her own lack of skill.

She quietly closed her eyes and leaked out magic power from her mouth.

At this rate her magic power would be depleted. If that happened, the true defeat awaited her.

No. The limit was already near.

The power leading her to Godhood was...

"However, my battle isn't over yet."

...she, had not the least intention of giving up here.

"It seems I no longer have time to spare. I cannot entertain you for any longer."

She faintly opened her eyes and looked up at the distant, rainy sky.

"Because Host... is calling me."

That's when Mother Goose made a little sad smile.

Mother Goose's body lost its shape, turned into magic power's particles and was blown away.

The particles flowed in the air, riding on the wind.

Ouka guessed that it wasn't death to her, but rather returning to her original form, and she tried to chase after Mother Goose in a hurry.

"This is bad! She intends to assist Kusanagi Orochi!"

It was when Ouka spread her wings in order to go to help Takeru.

"——There's no need to head over there. Rest assured, a helper had already rushed over there."

Retracting her spread wings, Ouka looked towards the source of the voice.

There was a group of people coming from the direction of the school gate, including Sage's and Yuzuho's members with wounds all over their bodies.

In front of that group, there was the ex-EXE member and currently the sub-leader of Heretic Alliance, Oonogi Kanata.

"I apologize for coming this late. We rescued refugee's on the way and..."


Ouka rushed over seeing Kanata and Heretic Alliance's reinforcements.

There weren't too many of them, but Ouka knew the elite set of members.

Kanata placed a hand on Ouka's shoulder and looked at the academy with a rugged expression.

"The situation is worse than I thought... there was a shelter in the center that had survived, but to think the headquarters would be lost to invasion..."

"The inquisitors directly under the headquarters' orders as well as EXE were wiped out. When we returned from the Critical Point they were already..."

"...since it seems like reinforcements would come from the branches in the province, although it's quite hard, this is the only time Heretic Alliance can move. We will focus on survival and rescuing people, as well as searching for Ootori Sougetsu. You guys——"

Ouka nodded before Kanata could finish.

"Subjugate Kusanagi Orochi and Mother Goose, right."

As she was about to rush over to help Takeru in high spirits, she was lightly hit in the forehead, stopping her.

"Your treatment comes first. I told you a helper went over there, right?"

Seeing Kanata's appalled, Ouka scratched her head in puzzlement.

"A helper...?"

Kanata answered Ouka's question.

"The opponent is Kusanagi Double-Edged style's instructor, knowing a little of it makes it easier to fare against it so... it isn't just Kusanagi-kun who knows Double-Edged style."

Someone else knowing Double-Edged style.

There was only one more person like that in existence.

Geirskögul (ゲインスケルグ ) - The kanji it's written with is just "Spear" (槍) and its be read as Geirskögul (author was slightly off with katakana pronunciation). In old Norse it means Old Norse "spear-skögul", it's a name of one of the Valkyries who is associated with spears.

Skeggjöld (スケッキオルド) - The kanji it's written with is just "Axe" (斧) and its read as Skeggjöld (again, author's katakana was off, but okay). It's a name of one of the Valkyries, one of the translations says her name means "Axe-Age", she's a Valkyrie associated with axes.

Herja (ヘリャ) - The kanji it's written with is just "Battle/War" (戦) and its read as Herja. A name of another Valkyrie, translations say her name means literally "devastation", but she was also supposedly treated as a goddess of war.

Strigoi (ストリゴイ) - The kanji it's written with is "The Ones Dispersing With Screams" (叫び散らす者) and read as Strigoi. It's a reference to a type of undead/vampire in Romanian mythology. Most likely the kanji name's meaning comes from the fact they disperse magic power with their screams.

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