Haunted is staring in my direction, looking like one of my comrades.


——Do you want... to be comrades...?


And like that, it's the sixth volume. I hope you enjoyed it.

Long time no see. It's Yanagimi Touki.

The first time I made it to sixth volume... it's something very meaningful to me. I was able to come this far thanks to all of you. Really, thank you very much.


Now then, the sixth volume continued from the previous volume, but let's talk about the Magic Academy's existence that was hidden up until now. The forces of witch's side are far greater than Takeru and the others have imagined, and yet they have complicated circumstances. They are suffering from chaos and affairs in their own world.

This time I focused on expanding the bond with Lapis.

I thought of revealing the truth that was shrouded in mystery up until now little by little.

There still are some mysteries about Lapis left, but I think I will gradually reveal them.

This time's enemy was a vampire who has overcome its mortal enemy, the sunlight with heavy make-up.

Although she has continously spread an odor of a small fry, personally, I had fun writing her.

Aren't people who do their best to make themselves look younger cute?

Despite being a villain she was a worldly person, doesn't that make you want to support her effort in becoming stronger?

That's what I thought but, not really. She's a villain after all.

Since the magic side's darkness isn't limited to her, in the future various people will pop up... probably.

It's about time I'm out of things to write about.

Let' see... then.


——Welcome to the small breast paradise.


This time's Mari has small breasts and Lapis is flat, the sub-character Inia has no boobs too. Kanaria isn't all that big yet either.

This time, let's talk about flat chests.

Great person once said: Big boobs are just a mass of fat. Let alone a symbol of status, it's a drawback. Just like the flabby flabby stomachs and double chins, the large breasts are just fat.

It's truly like that. It's meat.

Troubled that all nutrition goes to your breasts?

Please allow those gentlemen who love small and flat chests to speak too.

That, is it any different from fat? Is what they say.

Waste-less is modest am I right? They say.

They are worth touching because they are modest!

Rather than Mount Everest or Mount Fuji I love the great plains of savannah that spreads all the way to horizon!

——And so!


I'm not really trying to fill the afterword... really, I'm not.


Now then, acknowledgements.

S-sama who is in charge of me and always accurately points things out. This time, the one whom I requested of to make lots of character designs, Kippu-sama who has drawn wonderful illustrations. Hanao Sutarou-sensei who always draws cool action scenes in the comic. Everyone in the Fujimi Shoubou who turned my work into a book.

And to everyone who has read the sixth volume.

As well as everyone who read the afterword of the boob freak.

You have my heartfelt thanks.

Now then, let us meet in the seventh volume. Scheduled to come up next is the story of the Small Fry Platoon that was left behind outside. Although, I don't know if it will come out as it's planned to.

It's still continuing. Look forward to it!

Yanagimi Touki

13 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. bladerain

    What a hilarious afterword! But seriously, the number of weird afterwords like this is starting to grow.

  2. Reaper Phoenix

    I don't want em too big or too small. Just the right size that fit in my hands.
    No, I'm not writing this under duress.
    (Looks sideways)
    Yup. Medium is best.
    (Cold sweat)

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      It's not the size that matters, but the partner.
      *glances sideways*
      ███'s breasts are definitely the cutes— OW!
      the best, ███-chan's breasts are the best in every way.
      No breasts could hope to meet the caliber of hers!

  3. Anonymous

    "I love all human races with or without magic, without any prejudice. Praise humanity. Humanity is wonderful! That's my belief!" by Haunted.
    Now change human races and humanity for boobs and magic for volume.
    That's my view about the breasts. Imagine if everyone thought like this... No more crazy fights in every forum and commentary sections... wait, no more of these funny discussions? I guess the world is actually way better with pettanko-lovers and oppai-lovers

  4. Kaiflame

    This author and his afterwords... :/
    Also, I think your site is still impossible to find on google. XD

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      It's supposed to be, Krytyk added the Meta tag "robots" in the header to disable indexing, globally across his(?) site. He's repeatedly mentioned it's intentional. I still think a robots.txt is more efficient.

      1. krytyk Post author

        I was supposed to ask Simon-sama to do it for me, but I keep forgetting.

  5. tharael89

    while Mari is my favorite girl...

    "Rather than Mount Everest or Mount Fuji I love the great plains of savannah that spreads all the way to horizon!"
    this is going to get him killed XD

    1. babbo3d

      EXACTLY FLAT IS NOT ONLY JUSTICE AND HOPE........ BUT TRUTH you can't pretend to be flat there is not tool that once you touch will deceive you into thinking that girl is flat.,

      1. Sonoda Yuki

        A Large chest may hide dark Secrets (rather, Lies) but a Flat one is Honest.


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