50 Summer Means Camping Day 2

Nn… ahh, we are in the middle of the event.

Ellie, Abbie, me and Rina are lined up together… Everyone has a weapon at hand. This isn’t a safe zone, after all.

Also, there’s that. Maybe I should have Dantel-san make us pajamas. Sleeping in full equipment feels kind of bad.


Now, I slip out of the bed so as to not wake the others up and… Letie-san and Dorie-san have a double bed, hm? I wonder when they acquired it.

There are people awake here and there. ...I think I saw a discarded armor and a bone-turned body lying on the ground, but it must have been my imagination.


“#1, was there no issues?”



I left Servants summoned, but it appears that nothing happened. My minions have high enough AI to leave them on watch while we sleep.


It’s the second day, has the quest changed?


Life on Deserted Island Second Day 

We somehow managed to survive the first day. Split into various roles and secure necessary things.

  1. Investigate the island.
  2. Decide a leader, acting organised is more efficient.
  3. Secure a stock of food.
  4. Improve the base’s facilities.
  5. To do things, you need tools.
  6. Tools to protect yourself are also necessary. Search for materials.
  7. Be ready for the worst by preparing potions.


Hm-mm… This quest looks more like a list of things to do, is this support from the management? What should I do, hm…?

First, impossible things for me are improving the base, preparing the potions and crafting equipment. Let’s leave these to people with specialized skills. And so, 4, 6 and 7 are a no go for me.

Conversely, it is possible for me to explore the island while gathering materials. Or to help secure a stock of food. Also… I can prepare tools with «Alchemycraft». 1, 3 and 5 are possible for me.

And 2 is unknown to me. Is this a recommendation to form a raid or a union? No World Quest has started, so we can’t force anyone… putting this on hold. There is no point thinking about it alone.

Thinking of our party, it would be 1. Alf-san and Ske-san don’t craft, so they will want to do combat. It’s all right to leave them to travel elsewhere while maintaining party, but… I also want to level my combat Skills. My base level will turn 30, it’s the time when I look forward to evolving.


That person has a green fairy behind them, so they are streaming, hm? It’s an event, so I guess there’s no way to pass up the opportunity. There were some people streaming yesterday, too.


“Ah, morning, Princess~.”

“Good morning, Clementia-san. You are sexy as always.”



It’s Clementia-san the Sexy Mandragora. She tells me that she started North.


“How were the enemies?”

“Stroong. Wyverns and Lizardins, as well as large land turtles.”

“Nnn… what are Lizardins?”

“Umm… crocodiles? Ahh, I have a screenshot.”

“Size aside, this is certainly a crocodile, isn’t it?”

“But this is on land. Is it based on lizards and crocodiles? Is what the top teams are thinking.”

“So the body is that of a crocodile, the lifestyle that of a lizard?”

“At least at this point.”


Wyverns are staple sham-dragons. It’s the ones with wings instead of arms.

The Land Turtles are Giant Sea Tortoise. They are about 1-meter-big turtles carrying a heater shiell armor on their back. Was shiell supposed to be shield?1Heater Shield is an item from Dark Souls, I assume author tweaked the name. Also, Tasha played DS enough to memorize the game’s items...

So far, the only enemies found in the North are those three.


“There was ore in the North.”

“So ore-types are North, food is mainly in the West and in the East there are herbs?”

“Yup yup. What do you plan today, Princess?”

“No plan for now. Alf-san and Ske-san are still sleeping.”

“I see, I see. We who have special circumstances regarding food are one thing, but other inhumans are apparently having a hard time~.”

“To me, the only thing different so far is the event map.”

“Right~? Finding this grassland has secured food for horse-types.. Wolf-types are apparently hunting in the forest.”

“Weren’t players omnivorous?”

“They are, but it’s important whether you can secure food by yourself, rite? Also, apparently by eating their natural food, the recovery amount increases.”

“I see.”


So there were such hidden factors, too.

On the other hand, there were people to whom gathering fruits was cumbersome, thanks to which they avoided being caught in a trap. Apparently there were a number of people who fell victim to fruits.


“I have a Monster Skill «Plant Knowledge», you see. And first of all, my Satiety recovers with «Photosynthesis».”

“While I can eat, Status Ailments don’t affect me, and I can tell them apart with «Cooking».”

“Looks like the more the person needs a Skill, the smaller the chance they have it. Hahahaha.”

“The worst one is confusion rather than poison?”

“Yup yup. Also, Bursting Fruits.”

“Ahh… the stench...”

“It’s a rotten odour. If a Fragaria matures too much, it turns into that.”



It seems that once they ripen enough, they remove themselves from the tree and burst in mid-air. And then serve as fertilizer for themselves. Looks like to the plant, the odour has no meaning.

Well, the rotten smell has nothing to do with me thanks to my race, and it’s switched to a different smell, it’s a non-issue.


As I had some leisurely chat with Clementia-san, people started waking up here and there. Even if I wanted to cook, there are no ingredients unless I go gather some.


“Princess, you had Distilled Water, right? Could I have some to eat?”

“Then I’ll give you a big bottle of it.”


“Well, it’s just water.”


Aside from the bin with water I passed to her, I sprinkled some distilled water on her and a sparkling light effect of «Photosynthesis» appeared.


“Is Distilled Water okay?”

“Perfectly fine. Water that was processed in some way feels kinda tastier? But clear natural water is better than distilled. To me they are treated as ingredients and there is a difference in Satiety between them.”

“I see. So natural water is the best, next is distilled water, and last is【Water】”

“Yup. I want to absorb as much good water as possible. It feels like it would have an effect on evolution.”

“Certainly, you ARE a plant, so it could have.”



The two of us twitched at the sudden bird voice, the direction is… I look East.


“That was a really uncute voice...”

“It was really raspy...”





A big chorus has started, players who sleept soundly jumped out of their beds. Along with a “SHUT UP!!” yell.


“I guess you could call this a staple, but...”

“Being actually pranked like this gets on people’s nerves...”

“If at least they had a little prettier voices-degozaru...”



Well, it is husky and raspy… Most likely this makes hair stand on humans’ necks.







Birds came in droves, while dashing this way...


“Enemy raid! ENEMY RAIDD!”


“Shields go forward!”

“Ranged, prepare to shoot too!”

“Knock awake the envious bastards who can sleep in this state!”


It was such a nice and quiet morning… which turned into a battlefield all at once, hm? Well, there were post-battle scars here, so we did predict this.


  1. Seed Kokke are charging right in. Let’s drive them back.


Before anyone realized, there was an addition to the quest. Feels like there are secrets and it changes accordingly to the situation. The enemy’s name is Seed Kokke… huh.

Nnn… Let’s change my Servants to flying types. Umm… make them owls and give them magic. Mix in among players and bomb the enemy.


It’s not like all players are in the center, but a fair amount of them have gathered. At first glance, there are more of the first batch here. Well, this is the center so it’s easy to move around from here? And with this many of us here, there is no need to be as vigilant of enemies we can’t win against.

Likely because of that, large shield holders moved in front right away, then other physical attackers holding weapons such as two-handed swords and bows followed them from behind. Behind them were casters on stand-by.

Spear holders protruded the spears from gaps between shields and set them on the ground.


“They look like birds… it’s okay, right? I’ll cry if my main weapon breaks, y’know?”

“Heh, go cry on ol’ man’s shoulder.”

“Wouldn’t it be safer to hold it in both hands and use Arts?”

“Hmm… got a point there. Let’s do so.”

“If it breaks like that, you get labelled as klutz.”

“Naw, that’s not happenin’. I’ve been using a spear all this time.”


Anti-charge spears are usually one-time use, so if they are to do it with their main weapons I think using Art might be a better idea. Weapon-wise, they look to be the first batch. They should do well.


“Princess, can I ask you to take lead? Let’s form a union.”

“Will we make it? I don’t mind though.”

“It’s enough if you just take the lead.”

“Understood. I’ll make a room.”

“Please do that.”


Cecil-san says so, so I use the party menu to set recruitment state for an union of more than four parties. The recruitment name is… ehh… 39 characters. Alright, let’s go with this.


“I love the union name.”

“I get you. Thinking of this I get a little motivated.”

“What’s uuup?”

“The name Princess is using for the recruiting union is “WHOA! BREAKFAST IS COMIN’ RIGHT AT US?!”.”

“...Chicken meat!”



I accept all the requests that come at me.

Rina and Tomo, Ellie sent requests too. Looks like Mead-san formed a party with Fairellen-san, Clementia-san, also Mohican-san and a Wolf person.

Looks like all acquaintances joined in already so… let’s leave it at automatic accept. It’s cumbersome.

It’s not a World Quest, so people receive a buff from me only when they enter the union.


Seed Kokke’s are Lv35+... pretty high level. They are of the old temple area’s class.

First, players holding longbows started shooting, following that were short bows and finally casters use area of effect spell Explosion.


“Well then, my fellow casters, let’s go?”


“One, two…!”

『“【Nox Wall】”』

『“【Lumen Wall】”』

『“【Flame Wall】”』

『“【Meer Wall】”』


A little distance in front of the tanks appears wall-type magic, and every single enemy charges right in. As Seed Kokkes come out with their HP decreased, the front liners finish them off.



“I was wondering what those Seed Kokkes are, but they have plants on their heads and necks.”

“Hnn? You’re right. Maybe ones with one on the head are males and on the neck are females?”

“Who knows? Anyway, corpses are in the way!”


This isn’t a World Quest so for people with «Disassembly» the bodies remain. During such defensive battles, it might be better to turn it off…?

Still, what is this out of place feeling? At times like this it’s best to consult others.


“Cecil-san, also Mead-san, and… Rina… is no good. Ehhh… Musasabi-san, could you come here?”

“What is iiit?”

“I’m coming.”

“What’s up-degozaruka?”


They came after a moment. Rina is the intuitive type. She’s helpful when things are happening, but it’s dubious whether she will be of help analysing the past.


“I felt something was off about those Kokkes, do you have any ideas?”

“Something was off-degozaruka?”

“Yeah, I also felt they were strange. So it wasn’t just me.”

“I don’t know whether it will serve as a hint, but they were very easy despite their levels.”

“That’s true-degozaruna. Is it because all they did was to charge in-degozaruka?”


I take a look at the Kokkes once again.

Mead-san commented and Musasabi-san agreed with her, and just as he said they continue to only single-mindedly charge forward. And then they kick the tanks that are in front of them. As far as we could see all of them do the same thing.


“Certainly, they only charge forward.”

“They are stupid-degozarunaa.”

“Ahh, I see. So that’s why it felt out of place.”

“...They are TOO stupid?”

“Certainly! I think it’s a special AI for this event field, but is this because they are birds?”

“You mean the thing about birds forgetting after three steps-degozaruka?”

“There are joke mobs so I can’t deny it completely but… doesn’t that charge feel like it had a purpose?”



Cecil-san’s and Mead-san’s voice overlapped. Seed Kokke… seed, as in plant seed. Someone said they have plants on heads and necks, right… ah, I got a bad feeling.


“#1! Bring me one body with a plant on the neck!”


I had #1 drag one body to me and I cut off Kokke’s head right away. A bad feeling is something that often is on the mark.


“Ahhh… I see. That’s what they came with-degozaruka.”

“This one… only has some fresh leaves.”

“Then let’s have a specialist confirm it. Mead-san, please call Clementia-san.”


I have Mead-san, in whose party she is, call her. It would be good if «Plant Knowledge» was helpful, but if this is an event key it probably won’t work. The second day is too early.



“Can you tell what this plant is?”

“Uwhaa… I can’t tell precisely, but I can tell it’s a really nasty one. Encroaching & brainwashing type.”


I knew it… we all feel the same about it. So it was not Kokkes themselves, but those plants that made them move like that.

«Intuition»…! Not just me, but all four of us looked into the same direction. The direction was behind us. In other words, the Western forest.


“This also makes me curious...”

“Looks like it’s no time for ‘SURVIVAL CAMP YAAAY’-degozarouna.”

“That wouldn’t be too fun for us, combat-lovers.”

“Gets me excited~.”

“For now, we first need to deal with those. They only charge forward, do we encircle them?”

“At this rate the materials will get all busted-degozarukarana...”

“The problem of «Disassembly» has come into the fore, eh… Encircle them it is.”


Right after a strategy meeting we send instructions. Let’s have everyone get to action.


“Clementia-san, do these require some special treatment?”

“Nn-nn. Looks like they die together with the host.”

“That’s good news. It would be troublesome if we had to cut them off and burn them.”

“True~. I’m glad we don’t need to beat them both.”

“Right? Now, let’s go join the battle. They are high level, pretty sweet for exp.”



My Servants are doing well attacking the enemy, so it seems I will earn quite a bit. It would be a little troubling if only their Skills leveled up though. I need to level my «Luminous Magic» and «Darkness Magic».


“‘Sup with those guys? Completely doped ain’t they! GYAHAHAHA.”

“Time to earn!”

“IM SO HARDDD! Right bro?!”

“Don’t swing it at me?! I’m not hard at all?!”



It’s good that Mohican-san is having fun.

These Kokkes are seriously drunk with heroism considering they ignore how they are being attacked from behind and continue to stare forward. This is very easy for everyone but tanks. Bonus stage. Let’s earn some exp in close combat too.

Alf-san was mixed among tanks. Ske-san continues to single-mindedly cast spells. Seeing how he inserts binds as well, he is completely aiming for leveling.

I should use «Spatial Magic» myself.



〈Race Level has increased.〉

〈Servant level has increased.〉

〈«Slender Sword» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Slender Sword»’s Art【Pommel Ferire】was acquired.〉

〈«Luminous Magic» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Luminous Magic»’s【Lumen Pillar】was acquired.〉

〈«Darkness Magic» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Darkness Magic»’s【Nox Pillar】was acquired.〉

〈«Spatial Magic» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Spatial Magic»’s【Gravitas Area】was acquired.〉

〈«Necromantic Secrets» reached level 30. Acquired “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Necromantic Secrets»’s【Change Arms】【Quick Change】were acquired.〉

〈«Necromantic Secrets»’s new customizations have been acquired.〉



“We won! I’m going for a bath!”

“That ain’t a line to say after we actually win. Also, all that it means, is that we clean off dirt.”

“In the current situation we would have to start by making an actual bath.”


Nnn… that was really sweet.

I need to disassemble bodies and confirm the Arts… My level increased so my MP recovered to full, this helps. In the end, I used «Spatial Magic» and it drained my MP quite a bit.

Now, disassembly time.




That took quite some time...


“Then I’ll be distributing things. Make sure you have space… I guess you do.”


“It was a foolish question.”


In raids and unions, items that drop get moved to a drop list. Leader distributes the items from the list by pushing the distribute button, and it remains like this until people resign and leave, or a week can pass until the items disappear.

When I push the distribute button, the system automatically throws the items in each players’ inventory. In this case, if someone’s inventory is full, they need to make space or their items will be thrown onto the ground.


What I acquired was… well, chicken meat and feathers.

Honestly speaking, I feel the question “are we going to eat meat encroached by plants?” but it appears there is no problem data-wise, so let’s eat them with taste.

As for feathers… they’ll go to Primula-san. Will probably turn into arrows.


“The union… let’s leave it as is. There might be something else.”

“Sounds fine? They did write “form one for quest?” kind of thing. Here, meat~.”


I accepted the meat from Rina, but I’m still missing other ingredients, you know? Of course, not just Rina but also other members from yesterday brought theirs...

Let’s make it into a wild meal with salted meat only. On the other hand, feathers gathered at Primula-san’s place. Of course, I exchanged mine with meat, too. I guess that is about it.

Now, let’s go back to where the bed is and… confirm the Arts and other things.


Oh my? Isn’t that the light of evolution? Ahh, Alf-san and Ske-san reached 30 with this.


“FU-HAHAHA! Finally a Lich! «High Immortal»!”


Sorry to bother you when you are so excited, but hasn’t your appearance degraded…?


“...Didn’t your looks degrade?”

“Eh? EH?!”


I resummon #1 as an initial Skeleton and make him stand next to Ske-san who is staring a hole in his own bones. This should allow us to find a difference.


“You are slightly… darker?”

“I see. Ash-colored? No, more like dark… the light feels damped?”

“Looking closely, it’s more different than I thought.”

“Right. Good for you! I had no evolution this time!”

“You had your evolution early!! What about you, Princess?”

“I’m still 27. I want to get to 30 during this event.”


By the way, there has been two ghost-types with us since earlier. Who are they?


“Oh, they evolve?”

“They’re second batch apparently. It’s their Lv20 evolution. I acquainted the two just earlier.”

“Already at 20, hm? That’s fast.”

“Those of the second batch are students in their summer break, so yeah. And levels go up fast early on, too?”

“I see.”



They are kids younger than Primula-san…? It’s my first time seeing a completely humanoid ghost-type. They are half-transparent humanoids with faint coloring.

One of them has light purple hair and eyes, the other has yellow hair and eyes. Both of them have a bob cut hairstyle. Rather, don’t those two look too similar? Colors aside, it’s hard to tell them apart… ohh, this yellow one is a girl, right. And the purple one… is probably a boy.




Hey, even their voices are similar… They seem to be twins?

After flying around a little, they came over to me.


““Princess! Real, the real one!””

“You are saying as if there was a fake me somewhere.”

“Ame is Ame.”

“Thorin is Thorin.”

““Take care of us!””


Huh? Ahh…! They are the type to refer to themselves with their name. Feels like a mystery when it’s done during introduction.


“I’m Anastasia. Please take care of me. I don’t mind being called Princess at this point.”


“You are younger than Primula-san, yes?”

““Twins, middle 1, school is secret!””

“That’s right. You need to keep your personal information secret.”


When I say so with an index finger at my lips, the two also go “shh” and giggle. These two’s sync ratio is pretty amazing.

Primula-san was in middle 2, wasn’t she. These two are pretty small.


“Ame-san is a boy, and Thorin-san is a girl?”

““Amazing, correct!””


If they are about middle 1, from here on the boy will start growing faster.


“FU-HAHAHA! Finally the equipment idling in my inventory is…!”

“You started to kinda look the thing?”

““Oh right, there was equipment!””


The two also have equipment? Aren’t they well-prepared.



“...Can it be that you two are Extra Races?”

““Yup, correct!””


So that was it after all. Theirs clearly isn’t normal equipment… In which case...


“Hooh, key item evolution?”

““It’s this~.””


The two said and brought lanterns they were holding nearby. They were black lanterns of the same design, but the color of the flames inside was different. Ame-san had blue, Thorin-san had green.

Furthermore, Ame-san had a scythe. Thorin-san had a wooden, unusually long stick. And it seems that both of them had armor as well, they equipped dirty black robes. The curious thing was that their equipment was half-transparent just like their bodies.


“Scythe one being a Reaper… and what is that stick?”

“I wonder~.”

“Ame is a Soul Harvester!”

“Thorin is Soul Router!”

“Hm… I get the role then.”

“Thorin-chan, can I ask what that stick is?”

“It’s Ferryman’s Rod.”

“Nnn… ahh, it’s THAT!”

“Ahhh… I understand. This length does make sense. It’s that...”

“And Ame-san’s is Reaper’s Scythe?”

“Reaper’s Great Scythe~.”

“A Reaper and Ferryman-type twins, huh...”


Ske-san wears a little dignified… vestment, is it? And a mantle. In his right hand he has the usual staff, in his left a book was newly added. I can’t read what’s written on the spine, but… isn’t it THAT?


“Ske-san, is that book the one from before?”

“Yup, the one that was a key item.”

“Ahh, I knew it… Necronomicon, is it.”

“HA HA HA HA. This thing has a magic empowering effect. In other words, Magic Attack Power UP!”

“That is nice. My key item disappeared right away, you see...”


He evolved so looks like he is going to confirm his skills. I need to check my own Arts.


【Pommel Ferire】
Strike with the pommel. A fast attack, stuns the target.

【Lumen Pillar】【Nox Pillar】
Creates a circular pillar of magic reaching the sky, deals multistage damage to enemies in the area of effect.

【Gravitas Area】
Increases gravity in the specified area. The strength of gravity is dependent on Skill level and can be controlled.

【Change Arms】
Instantly changes a Servant’s equipment into that of a different template

【Quick Change】
Instantly changes a Servant into a different template.


Hmm… 【Pommel Ferire】is definitely STR-based? I cannot count on damage, but considering it’s fast, it might not be too bad.

Pillar type is a placement type circular multi-hit spell. It is used in a different way from wall-types. Pillar type is used for immobile enemy, wall for moving enemy.

【Gravitas Area】is an alternative version of【Gravitas】 that changes from single target specified usage to coordinates specified area of effect version. Feels like the MP cost will be nasty.

【Change Arms】and【Quick Change】are… «Necromantic Secrets»’s handy magic. 【Change Arms】makes me more happy. At least so far there was no situation where I had to instantly change a blueprint, so I can’t tell how useful【Quick Change】will be.


“Nnn… Princess.”

“What is it?”

“Your minion Skills are the type that improve in party~and so on, right?”

“Yes, correct.”

“Hmm… Then it’s a different thing.”

“Is there a Lich-specific thing?”

“Princess’ «Immortal Royalty» was it? It’s something similar, but it only raises the stats of the Servants I summon.”

“Ahh… like a creator bonus kind of thing.”

“In other words, if I summon them under Princess’ party, they are stronger than yours.”

“Seems so.”


Ohh, finally different ingredients were carried in. Let’s cook. Lots of things happened and it’s nearly noon already. In the afternoon everyone will go explore, so let’s cook until then.


“Mmmh… Monster Skills unlocked at 30 are great… I want them, but...”


Alf-san also appears to be troubled over something.


The change to «Necromantic Secrets» at 30 is… above metal there is now Armored Skeleton. Speaking of which, there was a skeleton that was wearing armor from the get go. So they will be able to wear armor from here on? Well, my base level is insufficient, so I can’t summon an Armored Skeleton yet.

I cannot do lv30 summons yet, but Skill build has become possible so let’s think about it.

Currently my Servants have 6 bases, 6 races and another 3 from my «Immortal Royalty». And thanks to the Skill reaching 30, second tier Skills were unlocked...

Nnn…? I see… considering how Servant Skills work, sometimes Skills are stronger when they are put in normally rather than shared with my «Undead Royalty».

My Servants have their Skill level based directly on «Necromantic Secrets». Up until now I passed them my «Super HP Recovery» at Lv26. But now that the Skill is Lv30, they can use their own «Super HP Recovery» at Lv30. Which means that my «Super HP Recovery» loses when it comes to effectiveness.

This will require a serious verification and general reconstruction. It’s hard to do while cooking. Let’s first deal with cooking first.


“Thanks Tasha-mama!”

“Yes, make sure to be careful.”



When I passed her dinner, Abbie clung and rubbed her head against me, so I pat her head as I spoke with Ellie.


“One way or the other, you are playing along well. We’ll be off.”

“Two deaths and you are out, so be careful.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I am off!”


I see off Ellie’s party of four. Abbie was leading three puppets, so there were about seven human figures going into the Western forest.


“All right, Onee-chan! I’m off!”


Rina heads to the Eastern forest.


“Tomo-kun, how about hunting some tasty meat in the North?”

“Ohh, let’s go theeen. It’s fine, right?”


“It’s still pretty inefficient in the North with just a single party… And I would love to mine some ore while at it.”


Tomo and Sugu’s party is going to hunt North with Cecil-san, hm? I hear that Sub-Dragons are pretty strong. According to Cecil-san, in the North anti-air is a must have, and if possible, it’s best to have blunt weapons. Also, at least two parties are recommended.

Tomo has magic, Sugu has twin blunt weapons. As for other members, one has a one-handed sword but is a tank, then there is support magic… the so-called cleric type, and a longbow, so they are well fit for hunting in the North.

If anything, Cecil-san with his twin swords seems to be having the hardest time?

Well, take care.


“What do we do, Princess?”

“I do want to do some leveling. Hunt and gathering, I guess?”

“Since you are here, how about you two come?”

““Can we?””

“Isn’t it fine? It must be hard for you to team up with other players, right?”


If someone forgets and ends up using «Holy Magic» on them like on others, they might die~. In that way, teaming up with us is safe from accidents.


“Well then, I will invite you to PT.”


“Mm, there was a Skill like this… In this situation there is no option not to put it on Servants...”


I dismissed #2 and #3, then invited Ame-san and Thorin-san, then we head to the Western forest. One reason is because we are curious about the «Intuition» reaction, another is that the evolvers want to verify things. I want to think about some of my Servants skills, so let’s leave East and North for later.


“«Physical Resistance» is better when I give it, but their own «Super HP Recovery» is better… the higher version of «Automatic Recovery Trait» is «Recovery Trait»… hmmm.”

“Princess, what do we do about summons?”

“How about you get two up, Ske-san? Can you summon 30-tiers?”

“I ca...n, probably.”

“Then let’s do so. It seems that you get a bonus for summons, too.”



Ske-san summons one medium-size and one small minion.

As for me… the added customization must be this.


A supporter that shares the summoner’s crafting and gathering skills.
However, they cannot participate in combat and can only craft from already existing recipes.
They have no restriction on gathering, but they cannot go further than set by the Skill
They are hard to target by the enemy, but they still are targetable, so let’s be careful.


Ahh, let’s have this. I wanted to gather, so it’s perfect for now. A worker-limited Mini Skeleton… the size cost turned from x2 to x1. Let’s have this… at triple cost and with four arms customization.


“Oh, is that the worker thing?”

“Indeed. Let’s give him a gathering knife I received from Ertz-san and a Disassembly Knife.”


Seems like they cannot even hold combat Skills. Gathering would progress well if we could summon a lot of workers, but they are the extreme type that can only escape when an enemy appears.


“Well then, #1, gather everything within range. Run away if there is an enemy.”






Ame-san hangs his lantern on the scythe’s handle, Thorin-san the rod, and they follow us while levitating. Ghost-types’ flying apparently does not use MP. In exchange, apparently actions such as walking are pretty difficult.


“There...we go! Hmm...”

“Looks like you pass through enemies.”

“There is more damage when I stay conscious of the blade when I swing it?”

“You two have some pretty special equipment, eh? Mine is SIMPLE!”


My equipment can be called pretty special, too… Although the weapon has the shape of a rapier, it’s in fact also a magic catalyst and a shield. It must be because that is how I use it, however.

When Ske-san is channeling, the book in his left hand moves and shines suspiciously. Let’s admit that it’s cool. Yes, it’s really nice. A book whose pages flutter when you channel magic.


The two are from the second batch so their firepower is low, but it’s good to have extra attackers. Moreover, they are a flying magic attacker and hit & run attacker.

Furthermore, when we are near Ame-san, we get a buff that decreases the damage taken from light and dark magic. And near Thorin-san we receive a buff that slightly increases the damage we deal with light and dark magic. Apparently both are the lanterns’ effects.


And when we beat an enemy, a light is dizzily pulled to Ame-san’s lantern… is sucked in and the lantern flashes. Then, after dizzily leaving the lantern, it suddenly is sucked into Thorin-san’s lantern… and a light ascends from the lantern.


“Completely being taken upwards, huh?”

“Ame gathers!”

“Thorin sends!”

““With the two, acquired experience slightly increases!””

“Heee… take care of us from now on...”

““Leave it to us!””

“A slight increase in experience acquired, sounds rare?”

“It is rare~. It’s a staple effect, but I haven’t heard of it in this game before.”


We hunt while talking, I receive the materials #1 has gathered and put them in the inventory. Looks like I need a bag-type storage for a worker? Since there is my pouch, I should be able to make a bag like that. Well, it cannot be helped now, so I take them from #1.


“Speaking of which, can you do hate management?”

““Hm, NOPE!””

“Inexperienced, are you. With that said, enemies here are too weak and will not serve as practice.”

“How about the North? Even if the two fail, they can escape into the sky...”

“Up there are Wyverns, so ain’t that impossible?”

“Nnn… need to see it at least once until I can say anything.”


When you are partying, managing hate is important. A miss with hate management can make the party crumble all at once, so I would like it if they practiced at something that is not a boss.

The cooperation confirmation is… almost unnecessary. There are three magic attackers. One attacks from above, so they don’t get in the line of fire. Alf-san and Ame-san probably won’t get in each other’s way. The two in the sky are twins, so it will be fine.

If the enemy has no anti-air, it might also be a good idea to have Thorin-san take the target. All she has to do is to cast magic from the sky. In such case Alf-san can put the shield away and turn into a two-handed attacker?

With more people, there are more possibilities… Oh my, «Intuition» again?


Mmmm…? This is an issue for PT chat.


“Alf-san, this is not the usual, is it?”

“Yeah, yup. You think so too? It might be PK.”

“Ho-hoone? You two, go up into the sky.”


“#1, let’s【Quick Change】you into Metaske Doggo...”


I see, 【Quick Change】 is useful in situations like this. The recast is long, but that cannot be helped.

Let’s use【Ensol】’s light magic damage decrease effect.


“Let’s hope the area of effect light won’t come.”

“If they are aiming for us, it will come for sure, right?”

“Can I endure it~?”

“But I have a feeling that the only ones that would aim for us are the second batch, right? Well, to us that is the most dangerous attack, so it’s best to think they will use it.”

“Riiight. Ske-san, stay by Alf-san’s side.”

“We can’t protect our Princess, hm.”

“Our Princess is a parry tank.”


I glance at #1 who was away in order to gather, and it seems like it was worth raising his AI level, wasn’t it? All things aside, I AM one of the top players. I did teach #1 things such as countermeasures against PKs.

He is waiting with his two-handed sword lowered, in a lowered posture, and is searching with «Tracking». I tweaked his Skills, so #1 is enveloped by «Aura of Darkness».

It’s unnatural if we suddenly start to talk only on party chat, so we need to put up a facade.


“Speaking of which, is there anything like rare mobs here?”

“I hear there was something similar~.”


“Apparently it’s unknown whether there are just few of them, or they are rare spawns.”

“I see.”

“By the way, they are in the Eastern forest.”


«Sensing Danger»… it’s not AoE, but a single target aiming for me?

Can…’t avoid. I deflect【Light Lance】with【Royal Anti-Magic】. The instant I saw white, it was confirmed to be «Light Magic».



“Lance-type doesn’t have too high projectile speed, you know...”


“You think you can purify a «High Immortal» with just that?”

“DAMN! GUAAAH! When did he…?!”

“#1, finish him off just like that.”


I deflected the arrows that flew at me. Two casters, one bow… who are the remaining ones? The person who used «Holy Magic» will be eaten by #1. He completely mistook the magic to use. The correct choice is【Lumen Explosion】, you know?


“Newbie PKs? Well, that saved us.”

“Khh… Light Ar...”



Ame-san delivers a surprise attack to the caster and his magic miscasts. Ahh, there are two bows. Thorin-san started casting before they took action.

Also, there are two assassin-types concealed, aren’t there.


“Alf-san, did you notice?”

“I can see them, no problem.”

“Then I leave the two to you.”


The bows have been annoying since earlier, so I’ll aim for them...


“【Nox Magic Missile】”


“You thought you were hidden?”



Ske-san flushed out one of the assassins with a spell and had Servants assault him. Ske-san himself seems like he has nothing to do. Even the two Servants are higher levels than the assassin.

The other one that came out was blocked by Alf-san.


“First of all, we Immortals are almost immune to criticals, y’know?”


“Well, there’s no point in saying stuff to PKs. Just beat them right away.”


Both turned into 1 vs 1 fights. They were ill-prepared. What did they even come here for?

Oh well. While deflecting the arrows that come at me I walk toward the enemy. He has a short bow, its first Art is【Arrow Rain】, but its effectiveness is dubious in a forest like this. He probably won’t use it.



“How rude. I’m just parrying, aren’t I.”




“Could you not treat me like some monster?”


“Ah, #1. You cleaned up the other one? Then I leave this one to you, too.”




Hm? Ame-san and Thorin-san also seem to have finished. Alf-san and Ske-san… are playing around? Ah, they died.

We received 0 casualties. The magic they used was the higher sort among the second batch, but we are the higher part of the first batch. Moreover, we are buffed to the brim.



〈«Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense»’s Art【Royal Stance】was acquired.〉



“And all cleaned up. By the way, Ske-san, since when did you start recording?”

“Eh? Since the first spell flew at us~.”

“So right from the opening.”

“It’s not fun if I don’t take it from the start. HA HA HA HA, I’ll put it up on the board.”


Well, I don’t mind if he does as he likes with that.


“Why didn’t they use AoE as the opener? Did they, like, take only «Holy Magic» and had no «Luminous Magic»?”

“【Purify】is on Lv10, right? He had it pretty high, but had only «Holy Magic»?”

“Was it because they wanted to make sure I am dead first? They probably knew I’m giving everyone buffs.”

“But in that case, shouldn’t they know that you are a «High Immortal» and a parry-type at that, Princess?”

“I guess they did not expect that you were on a level where you can deflect all arrows? I’m surprised myself.”

“Is there really someone inside there, Princess? Aren’t you actually an AI?”


““Does【Purify】not work on «High Immortals»~?””



Eh, did I not touch on Purification Resistance on boards?


“...I don’t remember telling anyone? Ahh… I might have told Rina about it...”

“Me too… I didn’t tell anyone?”

“I didn’t have it until just earlier, myself.”

“Ame-san and Thorin-san have it, right? Are you middle or high?”

““Eeeeh… middle!””

“Then small resistance like me.”

““Ooo, there is Purification Resistance: Small!””


【Purify】is the first purification attack, so it’s probably a Purification Attack: Small? Purification of middle tier and below will barely work on me, though.

Anyway, the new Art is...


【Royal Stance】
Lowers Attack Power and adds a bonus to defensive Skills. Merge of 【Guard - Parry Stance】.


Nnn… it’s not bad, but since I have the position of a magic attacker, lowering my Attack Power isn’t good.

Should I increase my Attack Power with【Royal Stortz】while under effect of【Royal Stance】? Feels like I could do it, but this is up to calculations. I need to try it until I can tell.


“Well… there is still time, let’s explore.”

“Nn, agreed.”

“Let’s do so~.”



I return #1 back to a worker, receive the materials the PKers left and we resume exploration.

It would be nice if we found something.

Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv27
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 69


«Slender Sword Lv21» «Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv21» «Light Armor Lv22»
«Luminous Magic Lv20» «Spatial Magic Lv20» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv23»
«Sensing Danger Lv19» «Intuition Lv19» «Butō Lv16»
«Cook Lv19» «Alchemycraft Lv19» «Collecting Lv8» «Mining Lv7»
«Appraisal Lv31» «Disassembly Lv28» «Identification Lv32» «Discern»
«Magic Linguistics Lv1»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv21» «Necromantic Secrets Lv30» «Aura of Darkness Lv36»
«Physical Resistance Lv41» «Physical Immunity Lv37» «Magic Resistance Lv14»
«Life Absorption Lv26» «Super HP Recovery Lv26» «Super MP Recovery Lv7» «Automatic Recovery Trait Lv23»
«Supervising Undead Lv30» «Immortal Royalty Lv37» «Royal Authority Lv35» «High Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.
Alchemist’s Disciple: You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.


Necromantic Secrets:

Rabbit, Wolf, Deer, Boar, Bear, Horse
Goblin, Orc, Ogre
Zombie, Skeleton, Living Armor
Golem, Caterpillar, Turtle
Ant, Spider, Snake
Kokekko, Hawk, Owl, Avestruz


Bronze One-Handed Hammer, Steel One-Handed Hammer, Steel One-Handed Sword, Steel Two-Handed Sword, Zelkova Round Shield, Steel Large Shield, Steel Small Shield


Capacity: 6305

AI level: 51


Bones: Steel One-Handed Hammer, Steel Small Shield
«One-Handed Hammer» «Light Armor» «Small Shield» «Dance» «Sensing Danger» «Body Enhancement»
«Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Recovery Trait» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


Dog: Steel Two-Handed Sword
«Two-Handed Sword» «Avoidance» «Body Control» «Covert» «Tracking» «Body Enhancement»
«Super HP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Swift» «Lightning Fast» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


Armor: Steel One-Handed Sword, Steel Large Shield
«One-Handed Sword» «Heavy Armor» «Large Shield» «Strong Defense» «Dance» «Body Enhancement»
«Magic Resistance» «Super HP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Recovery Trait» «Medium Undead» «Armor Body»


«Kick Strike» «Surprise Attack» «Darkness Magic» «High Class Magic Ability» «Sensing Danger» «Body Enhancement»
«Flying» «Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


«Kick Strike» «Avoidance» «Body Control» «Riding» «Sensing Danger» «Body Enhancement»
«Super HP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Swift» «Lightning Fast» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


«Sensing Danger» «Magic Power Isolation» «Collecting» «Mining» «Appraisal» «Disassembly»
«Magic Resistance» «Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»
«Physical Resistance» «Physical Immunity» «Purification Resistance: Medium»


Racial - Own Skill Addition (Except Worker):
«Physical Resistance» «Aura of Darkness» «Purification Resistance: Medium»


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