13th of April, Saturday

Onslaught. Counterattack. Annihilation.

The first weekend after moving has come.

I've continuously worried ever since last night, and in the end I was unable to decide anything. I got out of my bed and washed my face and teeth.

This week I've been going straight to my little sister candidates' rooms so the refrigerator was empty. The tableware and cooking utensils were uniformly aliged in the kitchen, even though there were sponge and detergent, there were no seasonings at all.

"What to do about breakfast..."

Just when I thought of changing clothes and going out to a gyudon or hamburger stall... that's when.

*ding-dong*, the door's chime rang out.

I checked the intercom's LCD screen, but there was no one at the entrance hall of Taishido residence. Just when I was about to change the view to what was in front of the door, came loud clanging sound of a door being opened... a burglar?!

I looked for something to use in the kitchen. Knife was no good. It was hard to intimidate with it, it could result with a fatal wound if the opponent was stabbed.

Then I took out a brand new frying pan out of the kitchen's storage space, it could be used for both attacking and as a shield... I think. With a frying pan in my hand I stood next to the living room's door, it was a blind spot for someone who was entering, I clung to the wall tightly.

As I waited while holding the frying pan's handle, I've heard *tap tap tap* sound of footsteps approaching.

Oh my god. The enemy's not alone. There're several burglars. It might not be just a robbery. Maybe they are trying to kidnap me for ransom? I can't beat this many people.

Living room's door opened.

Argh, if it's come to this I'll at least take one of them with me. I swung my arm equipped with a frying pan... and I was held strongly by my elbow, I couldn't complete the swing... at a girl.

"Nii-chan, that's dangerous. What are you doing?"

"Wai... wha... why are you here, Tomomi?"

Tomomi was wearing a reddish brown jersey, and she gently let go of my elbow.

"Even if you ask me why, it's not just me."

Little sister candidates poured into the living room.

"Waa! The TV in Nii-chama's room is so biiig. And the room is all super big too!"

While holding Maple in her arms, Mika started to run around the living room. She was wearing her usual pink frilly apron-like dress.

"Onii-sama's room is the entirety of the seventh floor. As expected of the heir of the Taishido... I'll prepare breakfast immediately."

Holding an eco bag with plenty of ingredients stood Sayuri, she was wearing a modest one piece and smiled. She took the frying pan from my hand.

"Just say a single word and I'll come over to make food every day."

Once in the kitchen, Sayuri checked on the seasonings and the refrigerator.

"Oh, as expected. Please rest assured. I have everything that's needed right here."

"Ah! I want a large serving!"

Tomomi raised her hand and appealed to Sayuri.

"I don't have enough supplies for several people."

"What's that, stingyy!"

Are all of them acquaintances? Rather than that, why did they come to my room.


Selene showed up in the living room by crawling on the floor. This one... she's wearing the same T-shirt as the one at the time we met. I sincerely hope you change your clothes and wash it.

A figure crawling on the ground while dragging her long black hair, it was scary and looked like a scene from a horror movie.

"H-hey! Are you okay?"

"...Onii-chan, water please."

"Gg-g-g-got it!"

I took out a glass from a cupboard in a hurry, twisted the faucet in the kitchen's sink and filled the glass. After making Selene sit down on the sofa, I gave her the glass with water.

"...going outside is hard after all."

"You're not outside. This mansion is a building."

"...outside of the entrance is different world..."

After drinking the water, Selene started coughing. Is this girl really all right?

Mika also sat down on the sofa in front of the TV and placed Maple beside her, she operated the TV with a remote control and immediately turned on the anime-specialized channel.

"Waaai! It's Orange-chan!"

As Pretty Girls Rangers Fruity was airing, Mika's pupils shined.

At that moment, Selene raised her face. Her pupils... were also shining.

"...you like Orange-chan?"

"Yup! Nee-chama likes her too?"

"…I do."

"Then we're friends."

"...nn. Mika-chan, can I hug you?"

Suddenly, Selene asked Mika.

"Eh, umm... sure! Since we're friends!"

Selene hugged Mika and started to grope her body.

"...okay, this is enough."

"Is that all?"


Although it was a very mysterious method of communicating, it seemed like Mika didn't mind... so let's ignore it.

As anime loving friendship (?) bloomed, I finally noticed.

Yuuki wasn't there. As the tallest one she should be standing out... what the hell happened?

As I looked in the corridor by the entrance, I found Yuuki in a T-shirt and an overall, she was sitting down in the corner of the corridor while holding her knees.

"H-hey Yuuki, what happened?"

She raised her face, there were tears in her eyes.

"Nii-san! T-there's a lot of g-girls... I... I am...!"

Trembling lightly, it seemed like even though they were her sisters, the fear of girls didn't subside.

"Are you going to sit in a place like that instead of coming over here?"

"I g-gg-get it N-Nii-san."

Her legs were shaking like those of a newborn fawn, but she stood up somehow.

A smell of fried bacon and eggs flowed from the kitchen. There was also a smell of toasts, it all strongly stimulated my apetite.

Sayuri held a frying pan in her hand and smiled while looking at Tomomi.

"Tomomi-san is the oldest daughter, so please take the initiative and act like a role model by helping out."

"W-what eldest daughter! I'm Nii-chan's little sister!"

"Please prepare the plates. I have my hands full with bacon and eggs."

"It feels like I'm being used and it's annoying."

Sayuri and Tomomi's line of sight met and sparks appeared between them, then, Mika bounced off the sofa standing up.

"Mii-chan will help out!"

She quickly ran to the kitchen, but her feet suddenly tangled.

"Watch out!"

It was too late when I raised my voice. Mika was falling straight ahead to hit the ground... and when I though that, the one who showed her super-fast reaction speed was Yuuki. She gently held Mika from behind and supported her.

Mika didn't know what happened, and stood there while spacing out.

*popp*, Yuuki released Mika's body. Mika turned around and stared at Yuuki. The tall girl straightened her t-shirt and asked Mika.

"Are you all right? Running around the room is dangerous."

"Yes! Thank you Nee-chama! Mii-chan will be careful."

Seeing Mika's smile, Yuuki's expression loosened. From her perspective Mika was only a child and not a woman, she was too weak to target her.

Mika turned around once again, and this time she walked to the kitchen slowly, she tried to take out plates from the cupboard. However, the shelf was too high and small Mika couldn't reach the top.

Tomomi shrugged.

"Can't be helped. Geez, watch out since it's heavy."

After taking out the plates from the cupboard, she handed them to Mika.

"Thank you Nee-chama!"

"Nee-chama you say... well, if a shorty says it, it can't helped."

It seems like even Tomomi had to admit that Mika was adorable. Well, that's that, but I'm worried about that awkwardness between her and Sayuri. And just as I thought of that, a trembling voice called me from behind.


"Selene, why don't you try to emulate Mika a little?"

"...next time, if there's a chance."

"Haa... I get it, water it is."

I sighed and took an empty glass from her hands.

For a while now, I've been running between them not knowing where to look.

After turning off three stove outlets Sayuri turned towards me.

"Onii-sama, I apologize but today I could only prepare something this simple."

"It's more than enough. Thank you Sayuri. By the way, why are all of you in my room?"

"Let's talk about it in details as we eat."

"Need me to help you with anything?"

"Then, please prepare cups with instant soup."

Sayuri washed the lettuce with water and placed it into bowls as a dressing and smiled to me.


A bacon and eggs on toast, in cup there was a potage salad, it was a complete western-style breakfast. There was a large six-seater dining table. I was sitting in the middle, on my left and right were seating Sayuri and Tomomi. On the opposite side Mika was on the left, then Yuuki in the middle and Selene on the right.

Everyone was eating breakfast together around the same table. I thought it will be lively...

But until everyone finished eating, no one was speaking. An awkward atmosphere was reigning over the place.

After Selene finished eating, she suddenly stood up and went to Tomomi's side.

"...a, ahh... my body by itself..."

Without any real reason, Selene suddenly threw her arms around Tomomi.

"H-hey! What are you doing all of a sudden!"


"Ahh! Stop this! Don't grope my breasts!"

As Selene plunged her face into her breasts, Tomomi turned bright red up to the tip of her ears.

"...dizziness was healed."

She suddenly moved away from Tomomi, muttered and went back to her own seat. Tomomi was still blushing, and she raised her voice in confusion.

"A-Aa-anyway, the bread was really tasty!"

She tried to change topic. Even so, I wonder what Selene wanted.

Sayuri had a slightly proud expression on her face.

"It's because I've made it last night. Even though it's handmade, the fully automatic home bakery has been used. Onii-sama, did it not suit your taste?"

"It was delicious. By the way, you said you prepared it yesterday. Does that mean it was decided that you will gather here today?"

"Yes. That's how it is. It looks like Onii-sama was not informed about it. Keys to our rooms also work as the key to Room 701 which will be shared in the weekends."

"I haven't heard about that!"

It were only two weeks, so not even a single day could be wasted, but for it to happen in such an unexpected way. Tomomi beside me nodded.

"So that's why Nii-chan was all nervous and stood there holding a frying pan. You must've thought it's a robbery or something."

I was started by Tomomi's lucky guess and confessed obediently.

"Eh, that's right. I haven't heard anything, and I was surprised right after waking up."

I wonder if this was also part of the will. Well, it was too late now to ask Murasaki-san about it.

"So, all of you are acquaintances?"

"Nope, you're wrong."

"No, you are wrong."

Tomomi and Sayuri spoke at the same time, and glared at each other again.

"I will explain everything to Nii-chan, so why don't you leave it to me?"

"The role to relay everything properly to Onii-sama should be left to a calm and composed person like me."

"I-I'm the oldest little sister."

"Then, all the more you shouldn't be a bother. I will explain everything to Onii-sama."

"No fair! That's right, let's have a match! Rock-paper-scissors, the one who wins will do the explaining!'"

"I must refuse."

Tomomi and Sayuri were like oil and water. I guess I need to arbitrate here.

"You don't need to have any matches. Ah, that's right why don't you do it instead of them, Selene. Won't you explain it to me?"

"...too tiresome."

Seriously, you... can't be helped. Since it's impossible for Mika, let's ask Yuuki.

"Yuuki, please explain."

Awkwardly, Yuuki turned towards me.

"G-girls... if there's so many... it's impossible! I-I'm too nervous!"

"What girls, they're your sisters."

"I-it's our first meeting!"

I reluctantly confirmed it with Sayuri.

"Is that true?"

"It is indeed."

"Ah! Nii-chan, shouldn't you look at me as you ask that?"

Tomomi wasn't a bad person, but I felt like she could make the story confusing.

"Even though it's the first time you meet, it feels like you're getting along well..."

"Nii-chan acted friendly with us right from the beginning as well, right? Maybe it's because we're family?"

Then Sayuri added

"It's a bit too much to call us a family... but it certainly is mysterious. Surely, even though we don't know each other, it might be thanks to sharing Onii-sama's existence."

"What are you going to do about a change of clothes? Are you going back to your rooms?"

Mika smiled innocently.

"See, Mii-chan brought a sleepover backpack so it's okay not to go back!"

Tomomi showed a V sign to me.

"I've a survival set!"

Sayuri shrugged lightly.

"I prepared Kyuu-chan's food and water in advance, I also plan to stay over."

Next was Selene who murmured with dazed expression.

"...can I use the net?"

Yuuki still hasn't regained her composure.

"I-I'm the worst, I can just borrow some of Nii-san's clothes. Ah! Don't worry, I brought my own clothes properly... ahahaha... ahahaha."

In any case, it seems like everyone was prepared to stay over. Hey, they're staying over?!

I went to the hallway to carry in the backpacks and carrybags that were lined up at the door. The little sister candidates followed me like baby ducks after their mother.

"You can put the spare things there, and those rooms are spare, you can pick the one you want to use."

Speaking of which, there were six rooms that could be used for bedrooms, a perfect number. It might be a coincidence, but it's one room each. As soon as I declared, everyone begun to look for a room. Tomomi immediately headed to the widest one.

"Ah, the room Tomomi opened is probably the widest one."

It was equipped with all the furniture for storing, and it felt like a hotel room because of the bed. Its bed was a wide king-sized one.

"Cheh... a miss."

Tomomi muttered disinterested. Sayuri too checked the room next to the one Tomomi has found and closed the door gently. Yuuki fearfully stood in the hallways instead of searching for the room.

And looming behind Yuuki who stood like that, was Selene.

"...careful, it seems like I'm going to fall."


Yuuki let out a silent scream. Selene reached to Yuuki's chest from behind and continued to grope it suspiciously.

"...as I thought..."

After muttering quietly, Selene let go off Yuuki. For a while now, Selene's been doing whatever she pleases.

"W-ww-w-what are you d-doing all of a -s-sudden..."



Selene stared back at protesting Yuuki, just by being stared at Yuuki was unable to continue.

In the midst of such interaction, a young voice echoed in the hallway.

"Ah! Mii-chan likes it here!"

One person, Mika who headed to the room in the back had a smile on her face. There... was my room.

Everyone chased after Mika and Tomomi roared.

"N-no fair! I like it too!"

"Include me as well."

"M-Mm-me too."

"...then, so do I."

Everyone carried their luggage to my room.

"Uuoooi! Wait a second! That's my room!"

"Dat's what makes it good! Let's sleep together Nii-chan."[1]

"I feel like Tomomi-san is plotting something indecent."

"I-I'm not plotting anything! 's all right since we're siblings. By the way, what does Sayuri mean by 'indecent'?"

"T-that's... I wonder what?"

As Tomomi retorted back to Sayuri, Sayuri made a fake smile and raised her eyebrows.

"Mii-chan will sleep together too. But Maple says that he'll pass since it's too narrow."

"I'll curl up in the corner."

"...Onii-chan. Hurry up and set up WiFi."

In the end, the all broke in my room and made themselves comfortable. Tomomi occupied the chair in front of the study desk, scared Yuuki curled up in the corner of the room, Mika quietly sat down in front of the TV. Selene fell on top of the bed and Sayuri stood there troubled.

"Onii-sama. I have a suggestion. Since this room is so cramped, how about moving into another room together with me?"

Selene who was lying on top of the bed slowly stood up. She unsteadily walked towards Sayuri and clung to her from the front.

"Wai... wh-what are you doing?"

"...ah...just half asleep."

"You're not half asleep are you? Umm... why are touching my chest?"

"...because I love boobs?"

What an outrageous girl, that Selene.

"A-are you a pervert?! At any rate, please let go of me."

After being glared at by Sayuri, Selene released her immediately and fell on the bed in an exaggerated manner.

"Let's depart, Onii-sama."

Mika stared at me anxiously from below.

"Nii-chama is leaving?"

"I'm not going. Rather, everyone get out of my room! I beg you!"

"Let's have a match then! Nii-chan VS Strongest Little Sister Corps. A thrilling series of five matches. We'll decide on what the person who takes three says!"

"Don't arbitrarily decide that!"

"That is right. Please don't try to take lead Tomomi-san. It's Onii-sama who has the initiative. Of course, Onii-sama will choose me, isn't that right? It's fate."

"For a while now you've been trying to sneakily monopolize Nii-chan, as long as this Tomomi-chan's eyes are black, it won't be allowed!"

"Don't think you can do whatever you please just because you're the oldest, I object."

Tomomi and Sayuri squared off again. Meanwhile Mika was alternating and looking at both of them, tears appeared in her eyes.

"S-stoop. I have so many Nee-chama's now, so don't quarrel."

It seemed like Mika's voice didn't seem to reach Tomomi and Sayuri as they heated up.

Sayuri snorted loudly.

"Onii-sama, It's not necessarily a requirement for the oldest daughter to be the representative, is that not so?"

"Y-you're deciding on a leader?"

"If Onii-sama appoints me, I will do anything. If only Onii-sama... is satisfied with me, I will do my best to prepare a breakfast full of love every morning, I will even make you boxed lunches. Leave everything related to the house to me. Please let me serve you beyond what a little sister would."

She was appealing more strongly than during the time we met before. I thought Sayuri was being impatient. Probably, she was competing with Tomomi.

"Were Nii-chan to have a girlfriend, wouldn't that be a position of that girl? Well Nii-chan, that kind of girly hobbies are kinda stiff. Rather than that, for Nii-chan who has no hobbies, a friend-like little sister is a best match!"

Deep inside of my mind I was worried about the 'decide it here and now' atmosphere.

"Same to you, if Onii-sama were to make some friends that would suffice. Can you really fulfil your duties as a little sister? Were you to continue to challenge Onii-sama's schoolmates to matches and beat them, wouldn't it result with him being isolated in the school and hurt?"


"Then, can you have a match with me who does the entertainment play better?"

"A-as if I could do a play for entertainment! Game's are fun because they are played seriously!"

"So you intend to go seriously at Onii-sama's schoolmates and fight them off after all."


Sayuri magnificently aimed at Tomomi's weakness——the fact that she was a competition-crazed idiot. If she's not stopped, Tomomi will go berserk.

"I-it's okay Tomomi. Even if you go too far in a game, I'll just apologize."

"T-then Nii-chan will make me his little sister?"

No good. I need to properly decide, but I haven't thought of a proper answer yet. I didn't have enough time. And as I pondered like that, Sayuri smiled gently to me.

"Onii-sama. If you select me, I will get rid of all your worries."

At this rate I'll be overpowered by Sayuri. Ever since she made breakfast, her strategy to take initiative has begun. As expected of the one holding the highest preparatory-power (studying me) little sister candidate...

"...just like in the manual."

Suddenly, Selene who continued to lie down on the bed face down muttered and turned her head to the side. She stared at Mika who was about to cry. Rather than worried about the two's quarrel, Yuuki was worried about Mika and held her hand. Sayuri's face paled when she heard Selene.

"W-what are you saying, I don't understand."

Tomomi's eyes were moist, and she rode on what Selene said.

"That's right, exactly! Sayuri is acting perfectly as it was said in manual Murasaki-san gave us, I-I couldn't do it properly, it was frustrating!"

Tomomi yelled and sharply pointed at Sayuri.

"S-such a manual does not exist. I don't know what are you talking about."

Next, Tomomi stared straight at me.

"I'm not lying. L-let me say this, Japanese food is impossible for me... b-but I thought I can do it if it's oden... t-that was all I used from the manual."

Sayuri turned to me looking as if she was about to cry.

"It's a lie! Tomomi came up with the existence of the supposedly existing Onii-sama manual to make me the bad guy! Please believe me, Onii-sama!"

Yuuki who continued to hold Mika's hand quietly interjected.

"I couldn't become a cute little sister according to Nii-san's preferences... or rather, I don't have much presence as a girl, so I think Sayuri is amazing. I admire you as the very perfect little sister."

It might have been a follow-up or something, but as Yuuki testified Sayuri's expression further solidified.

Tomomi crouched, aligned her line of sight with Mika's and asked.

"How about Mika?"

"Umm, mm, what's a manual?"

"Did you get a white book from Murasaki-san?"

"Ahh! Mii-chan knows it! But, there is a lot of difficult kanji so she can't read it. I'll read it when I grow up, for now it's closed."

Is that so. In the first place Mika didn't know what's that manual. Sayuri's shoulder started to tremble and spasm.

"I... I don't know any... manuals. There is no way... such a thing exists."

"About that manual though, I... I've seen it in Selene's room on the first day."


"You shouldn't have kept the existence of the manual from me. Sorry, I was careless and found the manual. Even though Sayuri worked hard according to the descriptions in the manual."

Sayuri started to scream while holding her head.

"NnnoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How embarassing. I wanted to become Onii-sama's perfect little sister who can cook well, worked hard...! Even though I worked so hard! I did my best! And yet, everything was seen through... uuu... I even made excuses... I, I'm a wicked scheming existence so dark it seems like I have a black hole built in inside that distorts even the light!"

"C-calm down Sayuri. It's my bad."

Though, it seems like Sayuri didn't have time to accept my apology.

"Selene-san is horrible. Telling Onii-sama about the existence of the manual..."

"...trying to match the other party... is tiring."

Tomomi looked at Sayuri with pity.

"Well, were I good with dating simulation games maybe I would have thought 'Let's capture Nii-chan!' like Sayuri did."

Sayuri drew closer to Tomomi with bright red eyes.

"Of course! Or rather, my way of doing things should be normal!"

"E-ei! You're too close! Nii-chan, Sayuri's close! Like, super close!"

What's up with that 'close' chant. In any case, let's try to calm Sayuri down for now.

"Sayuri. Take a deep breath. It's all right, everything is fine. Put a hand on your chest."

She turned away from Tomomi and faced me. Her eyes were hollow. When I wondered what is she thinking, Sayuri took my hand...

"I-I understand. I'll put a hand on my chest."

*ponyon*... and so, my hand has wrapped something warm. Tomomi roared.

"Wai... wh-what are you doingggggggggGGGGGGGGGGGGG!"

Sayuri muttered, her pupils were still hollow.

"I put a hand on my chest. Suhaaa... suhaaa..."

"To me it seems like Nii-chan is groping your boobs though!"


Driven to her very limit, Sayuri was stunned and her awareness returned.


She screamed.


And I too, was influenced and raised my voice.

"How long are you going to touch Nii-chan!"

Tomomi pulled my hand away from Sayuri's breast. Sayuri lost all her strength and fell to the floor.

"Fate... the thread of fate... was cut off. Need to die. I... want to die."

"...don't die. It's just an accident."

Even the person who triggered this accident, Selene showed sympathy.

I was at a loss in this chaotic situation. Unexpectedly, a ringtone of a smartphone rang out. Tomomi picked up the smartphone that was on top of my study desk and threw it to me.

"Uwah! Don't throw it."

"You properly caught it, ain't it fine."

Geez. With her low girl power Tomomi could form a set with Yuuki. When I switched the smartphone to call mode, I couldn't believe my ears. Rather, since the call came I thought it was Murasaki-san.

The caller's name was not displayed.

"H-hey. What happened Mariko?"

And the moment I answered, both Yuuki and Tomomi concentrated on listening. And Sayuri who was sitting and muttering "I want to die" looked up at me.

Selene who was lying all limp on the bed tossed about and turned towards me.

"Just now, a woman's name without honorific!"

"O-O-Onii-sama, you have a lover? Oh you〜"

"As expected of my Nii-san. Bbarely entered school, and already has a girlfriend, amazing. I'm no match for you."

"...for Onii-chan to have a girlfriend... I want to die."

Only Mika was curiously tilting her head.

And Mariko was being herself, she was worried about the bustling noise.

"Ah, no that's... the TV! It's the sound from TV."

For the time being, it seems like I convinced Mariko.

"So, do you have any business at this time in the morning?"

Mariko seemed to be worried whether I woke up properly. I moved the smartphone to other side.

"Even so I try to maintain my regular life's rhythm. I'm not bragging though."

She was worried whether I ate breakfast properly.

"Y-yeah. I'm all right."

After checking whether I was safe (?) Mariko was satisfied and cut the call.

Tomomi and Sayuri communicated by looking at each others' eyes, and nodded to each other.

"Nii-chan's girlfriend... it's not time for sisters to quarrel."

"Agreed. Although I felt like dying just a moment ago... now I want to know what kind of person is Onii-sama's lover."

Since Tomomi and Sayuri thought of something no-good, I explained in advance.

"She's not my girlfriend. Mariko's a childhood friend whom I knew in elementary school and reunited with by chance."

"C-childhood friend! Nii-chan that, that's a flag isn't it!"

"Fateful reunion with a childhood friend? I feel more destiny in the works than there is in my existence."

I sighed and turned my line of sight to Yuuki, this time she was the one who had a blue face.

"I-if by chance Nii-san's girlfriend... comes over to play, I... I might not be able to bear it! I'm nervous even with my sisters! If I meet face-to-face with Nii-san's girlfriend, I-I might d-die!"

It's troubling that my little sisters seem to be on the verge of death for a while now. Mika quietly tilted her neck.

"Nii-chama, what is 'girlfriend'?"

Since I couldn't find an answer, Tomomi proudly stuck out her chest and explained on my behalf.

"Listen Mika. Girlfriend, in other words Freundin. A girl friend. Nii-chan is going to flirt with that person!"

"Ehh! Mii-chan will be neglected?"

"It may become like that. We need to unite and respond to her attack."

"Nii-chama, Mii-chan doesn't want to be neglecteddd."

She clung to my leg like a koala and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. It really gave a feeling of being scared of 'neglect'.

"Is she more important than Mii-chan?"

"In the world there is something like things out of order... things that cannot be put in order."

It was not only Mika, Tomomi looked at me nearly crying as well.

"Surely Nii-chan's girlfriend must at least be using real guns and be able to fly with planes and helicopters, an amazing person right?"

What kind of human being is Tomomi imagining.

"No. She's definitely able to do seasonings without deviating a single gram and her cooking procedures must be perfectly following the instructions. Of course she doesn't even look at the recipes!"

Mariko's bento had a slightly charred fried eggs, she was an owner of extremely normal cooking ability.

"Surely, she must be a girly and cute person."

Yuuki curled up and turned small. Certainly, Mariko's girl power might be high...

"...she's a person who can walk outside."

Selene. Your hurdle is too low.

All the little sister candidates concentrated their gazes on me.

"T-that's why, you see... emm."

I was at a loss how to further explain about Mariko, but then the door's chime unexpectedly rang out. I fled towards the intercom.

"Y-yes, Taishido here!"

"Yoichi-san, Shinonome here. Is it fine to enter?"

On the intercom's screen was reflected a woman wearing a suit.

"P-please come in. I'm opening it now."

I operated the intercom and unlocked it, Murasaki-san entered through the opened door and came to living room as she was. As if I was a bait, everyone moved to the living room.

Little sister candidates had meek expressions. Murasaki-san quickly looked at all of their faces and turned towards me.

"Has the little sister been decided on?"

"E?! Y-you don't mean I have to pick now do you?"

"Yeah. If it's possible then please do."

Gaze of the little sister candidates stabbed into me once again. Everyone was anxious.

"P-please wait a moment, Murasaki-san."

"How long is a moment?"

"How long... hey, the deadline should be next week..."

As my tongue turned numb, Murasaki stared at me intently. Unable to withstand her frosty gaze, I diverted my line of sight. That didn't solve anything. Even I knew that kind of thing.

Murasaki-san sighed lightly.

"I understand. Next week... I will listen to the answer next week on Sunday morning."

She told me so as if it was a final ultimatum.

After a small nod Murasaki-san quietly left the room. In that back, I felt a hint of disappointment. It felt like Murasaki-san was disappointed by me, who couldn't decide.

The moment she left the Room 701, strength drained of all little sister candidates other than Mika.

"That person, I'm kinda bad at dealing with her. My wild instincts tell me 'she's dangerouss'."

"I am the same. How unusual for our opinions to match."

"For me, she would be an object of fear even if she weren't a woman."

"...the referee in charge... scary."

Mika tilted her head lightly.

"What happened? Nee-chama's are weird. Right Maple?"

Only innocent Mika didn't feel the intimidating pressure and maintained her original presence.

As soon as she was released from the tension, Tomomi raised her hand.

"T-that's right! I brought a game with me that everyone can play. Since we're staying at home and have free time, let's play together. Hey! It's okay right, Nii-chan?"

"Um, I that's... i wanted to study though..."

Keeping up with studies in private school is hard. But it was impossible to study in a situation like this.

"If you don't associate with her, your girlfriend will hate you?"

She pulled that out again. Can't be helped.

"Eei. Then let's do this. If I win then you won't mock Mariko any more."

"Theeen, if I win you will make me... oops, making me little sister is out. Other than that, Nii-chan will make one of my wishes true."

"I-It's unfair. Since it's a game Tomomi-san brought, aren't you the one most advantageous?"

"I-I'll pass on it. I haven't actually played any games."

"If you don't, I'll cling and rub my cheeks on you. Since you're weak with girls you won't be able to stand it!"

"Y-you're terrible!"

"Fufufufu. I'm fine with being terrible! Mika will play a game?"

"Yup! You see, Maple says 'serious mode on'!"

"Then, Selene?"

"...is it fine to use my controller?"

"Hohou. A capable one."

I dropped my shoulders disheartened. Dejected... or rather, strength left me.

"Heyhey, Tomomi. Can this game be played with this many people?"

"All right I said didn't I. It has left its name in the history of computer games, a super masterpiece sugoroku-type board game. With the expansion pack even six people can play. There is a lot of luck based elements so even Mika should be able to win."

"What kind of game is that?"

"It's Super grand strategy railway king. Doesn't Nii-chan know it? Starting in Tokyo, you are to purchase companies all over the country to get to destination station, even Taishido group appears although it's under a different name! As the next president this is where you can't allow yourself to be defeated! Right?"


In the end, we played a game during my weekend and was defeated, I ended up penniless. Moreover, not even once in ten thousand years was ranked among the top, and was only a B-class... I was usually at the bottom. I couldn't even act like a manager in the game. By the way, overall top during these two days was an unexpected person.

Since she was lucky and innocent triggering 'being serious against children' which made others little sister candidates careless, Mika took the top spot.

Overall second place has gone to the 'has concealed her presence' and wasn't on top even once, Selene has been multiple times on the second place. The third on the ranking was Tomomi who was owner of the game, but she nearly tied with Sayuri who was fourth.

Their performance was not bad, but the two of them mainly focused on dragging each other down.

Even in the middle of playing Yuuki was conscious of other little sister candidates and couldn't unleash her true strength because of tension. Her performance was still better than mine though.

The winner's, Mika's request to me was "Mii-chan is still not convinced", at first I didn't know what she meant, but I learned it soon enough. Please, spare me any more of unreasonable requests.

Notes and References

  1. Soine is used here, meaning 'sleeping together with no sexual intentions'

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