Just as we were taught, there was a building with a sword and a shield in the Southern part of the central square. Adventurers’ Union, is it. Let’s go there. Mm, they are selling grapes. Are the raisins available in Belstead supplied from here?

We stop looking around and enter the union. Then we approach the receptionist. First comes reporting the finished quests.


“Can we receive information on the surrounding monsters other than the ones in the West?”

“Yes. Please wait a moment.”


She stood up, went elsewhere and came back with documents right away.


First is the information on all areas, the surrounding ones that is. The Fear Rabbits, Gray Wolves and Avestruz that we saw just earlier are included in this.

When Fear Rabbits’ HP decreases, their hair bristles and they get angry. When that happens, people with weak mentality receive Ailment Status. It’s probably SPI resistance-based. Well, it has nothing to do with us.

Gray Wolves are simply wolves who attack in groups of three. It’s best to be careful of their cooperation.


“Avestruz are usually very calm, but when they see someone running they mistake them for their own and approach. Nuisance above all, is the fact that when they realize it’s not one of them, they get pissed off and attack. It’s difficult to escape from them, so please be careful. Especially for their kicks.


A special… active…?


“Their eyes are bad, those shitty birds.”

“Uhahaha. I guess it was because we were rushing on horses…”

“Then it’s no wonder one went after you. There’s already a half/half chance one will go after a running human. And since they get pissed off once they approach, they are merchants’ enemy.”


Now that I think of it, his speed increased mid-way, didn’t it. We still managed to escape, though.

Still, special actives, huh? And one that reacts to running speed within their field of vision… “I can’t see well, but they’re going fast. It might be one of us!” and he approaches until he can see clearly, and then snaps at them. Certainly, they’re a huge nuisance.

Oh, and I’m not retorting to the “shitty birds” comment.


“They are recommended for elimination, so please do so.”

“Is there an easy way to beat them?”

“It’s easy once you get rid of their legs. They will roll on the ground clumsily.”

“Those legs, huh…?”

“Their legs are thick at the base, so do a *bam* on their legs a little further down. Thankfully, their meat is pretty tasty.”


That’s a nice smile there, receptionist lady. I’m not retorting though.

Also, the meat is tasty, hm? That is some nice information, but it feels like hunting them could be a pain...

Apparently it’s easier if you are riding something, they won’t be able to attack with their legs, rabbits and wolves won’t be able to reach you either. If you fight them normally, they run around which is pretty nasty, so the priority is to stop them in one place. And when they stop, you need to aim for their legs while being careful for kicks.


What’s left are forests in the North and South, and flatlands in the East. The forest in the North is pretty scarce and at the foot of a mountain. The South is fairly lush though. And the East seems to be similar to West.


In the North there are Murder Plants, Raptors, Slumber Owls.

Murder Plants are plants, but they can use their roots to move? And they fight by using their vines like whips. From what we heard about Raptors, they’re Raptors. They walk on two legs, have small hands and big heads. They are Animals and belong to the Raptor family(?) It seems like they are separate from Wyverns? Slumber Owls stay on the trees and use Sleep ailment on people, then attack their enemy when they sleep?


In the East there are Pigg Monks, Angus Chargers and Grom Hawks.

Seems like Piggs just have «Martial Arts». Angus Chargers have powerful charges. Grom Hawks sharply change direction like lightning.


In the South, it seems like there are just Trolls and Ogres.

However, Trolls have Barbarian and Crusher classes. Ogres have Soldier, Grappler, Guard and Thief classes.


North and South have levels 34~37. East has 35~39, so should I hunt levels 30~34 around the town for a while first? Thinking of this, the old temple area has pretty high levels...


“Level-wise it’d be the surroundings, but we are used to the East, aren’t we?”

“I… guess? In a party 35~39 can be...”

“I can imagine the cows and birds, but I wonder how Pigg Monks will be?”


The Old Temple area has levels ranging from 30 to 38 at highest. However, they receive four times the damage from Light and I have an additional advantage of «Immortal Royalty» reducing the damage I take from Undead. There is none of that here. Everything is up to how will that affect us… right. It’s up to whether we will be able to beat animal-types who have high VIT just as we do.


“For now, how about we take quests for the surrounding areas, and only go take a look at the East?”


“Yes, let’s do so then.”


After leaving the receptionist, we took Fear Rabbit, Gray Wolf and Avestruz elimination quests before exiting the union.

For now, let’s hunt until dinner.


Combat with Fear Rabbits and beating them… is the same as for Rabbits around the first town. They are fairly different from the ones at the start since their level is higher, they are much stronger but pose no problem. When their HP decreases to half, their hair bristles and they get angry. So this is their special action? But well, it does not work on us Immortals. So basically, they are normal rabbits to us.


Next are Gray Wolves. They are slightly bigger and gray-colored wolves who act in groups of three. Alf-san takes on two and I take one to break their cooperation, and they turn into normal wolves. Ske-san uses【Shadow Bind】on one of the wolves Alf-san is holding to stop its movements, and they beat the remaining one. When they beat it, they beat up the one that was bound before coming to help finish off my wolf who is nearly dead.


The drops are Rabbit Meat and Wolf Meat. Also, Fear Rabbit’s Horn and Gray Wolf’s Claw.


Finally, Avestruz. Just like the receptionist said, they did not come at us when we acted normally. And so, we proceeded with finishing the Fear Rabbit and Gray Wolf elimination quests.


“Now now, for the ostrich...”

“But first, we need to check «Riding».”

“Let’s see...”


First we put «Riding» on a summoned servant to confirm. Or rather, Ske-san does. I’m wearing a skirt, after all.


“How is it?”

“Yup, it’s effective. Really easy now~.”

“That’s nice.”


Looks like there is no need to take it myself. The effect might be weaker than me taking it myself, but verification of that… is something I have no intention of doing now.

Let’s summon an Army Horse at triple the cost. I have #1 sit down and get on him.


“...I see, certainly it is completely different. I should be able to fight on a horse like this.”


“Well then, Alf-san is the slowest one, how about we proceed in reverse triangle formation?”




We ride to where Avestruz are, then ride to a place with no Avestruz and we face the Aves… let’s call them ostriches, we face the ostrich that was chasing us.


Ske-san and I rode while opening some space between us, and there, a little bit slower than us rode Alf-san. In such a reverse triangle state we passed by an ostrich, who started chasing us. And when he approached to a certain extent, his speed went up. Yup, he snapped.

While Ske-san and I fired magic, Alf-san continued to be pecked.


“Hnn…? 【Nox Wall】”


When Ske-san placed a【Nox Wall】in front of the ostrich, the ostrich splendidly rushed into it. I see, it might be more efficient to do this rather than aim with magic. By placing walls interchangeably with Ske-san, we were able to beat it with ease.


“I guess this is the easiest way?”

“Most likely.”

“Pecking is not a problem, so how about we gather some meat like this?”

“Nnn… let’s take one in first. We should be able to acquire an ostrich blueprint.”

“The stature does look different~.”

“Ohh, okay.”



〈【Dark Ritual】has acquired “Avestruz” body.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “6” Capacity.〉



The size is medium, same as the horse, hm? 

Following this, the next beaten ostrich was taken in by Ske-san.

The rule of this PT is, starting with the person who beats a mob, we disassembly them in order and get to keep the drops. And so, when it’s your turn you can do as you like with the body - whether to disassemble or absorb it is up to you. If there’s a rare with a completely different body build we probably will end up talking it over, but as long as it isn’t a really nice body, we will end up disassembling it. I mean, like a dragon, or a dragon, and let’s not forget a dragon.

Well, equipment of each of us is completely different and the stats we require are fairly varied, so we won’t fight over items. Above all, the only equipment slots I have is one for accessories.



《Players Ertz and Dantel have unlocked the “Sub-Weapon System”. For details please check the help page.》

〈“Faded Belt Pouch of Protection” has been updated.〉





“Oh my? First, let’s check help.”



※Sub-Weapon System is:

A system that lets you set a spare weapon. It allows you to change your weapon right away, without having to change it within the inventory.

If you equip the spare weapon on a specific item that allows for storing it, you will be able to use it. However, there is a difference in this game compared to others.

Just like the main weapon, the spare weapon will be “outside” and as such, it is necessary to think of the spare weapon’s size and the method of carrying it.



Hm-hm. So it’s a weapon-switch system.

Which is why the belt pouch has...


[Equipment - Storage] Faded Belt Pouch of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»

DEF: △ MDEF: △

«Identification Lv20»

Inventory Expansion: Tiny (10)

Storage Capability: 2

Storage Size: Medium

«Identification Lv30»

When the owner receives a god’s divine protection, a new power is released.

Makes the wearer immune to certain specific attacks.


The Storage-type lines were added... I guess? Can it be that without these, you can’t hold another weapon?


It’s a full-dive game, so think of where to put your weapon… they say. People with short height might have a hard time.


“It was certainly a nuisance. With this, I can easily switch between my bastard sword and a mace.”

“Doesn’t really matter to me. All I use is a staff.”


I take out a disassembly knife from the inventory and put it next to the rapier. Originally only one weapon could have been hung there. Although Disassembly Knife being treated as a weapon… is something I have mixed feelings about, I guess a knife is a knife.


“Is that a Disassembly Knife?”

“It is. It will be easier now.”

“Well, you’re all rapier, Princess. But I agree that a Disassembly Knife is a good idea, I should do that as well.”

“By specific items, meaning belt-types?”

“Seems that way in my case. I can see the number of items that can be sheathed by using «Identification» Lv20.”

“Let’s see...”


Looks like the two’s Storage Capability is at 1. Their size is Tiny. I assume they need the new equipment that Ertz-san and Dantel-san have developed together.


“Would love to get one before the event starts.”

“As for me… well, there is no need to hurry.”


Alf-san immediately contacts the two.

It’s about time I ordered some ring accessories myself.

As for armor, it has slots for Head, Upper Torso, Lower Torso, Waist, Arms, Legs, Back and Cloak - 8 slots in total.

This time it’s most likely an update of Waist equipment… so, it only became able to hold an additional sub-weapon in addition to left and right hand equipment.

In regards to equipment, the treatment feels half-gamelike and half-realistic.

Neck, Ears, Wrists, Ankles, and Fingers all give a total of 14 accessory slots. You can’t equip multiple necklaces or rings on the same finger. Neck, ears, wrists and ankles give one slot for each. There are a total of 10 ring slots, too. There is a large number of equipment slots, so it might cost quite a bit to fill them all.


“Alright, let’s continue.”


This time, we started with using walls on the ostrich right from the start. That spell lasts for a duration and there can be only one wall. In other words, if you make a new one while the previous one lasts, the previous one disappears.


“Oh, got some EXTRAAA.”

“I’m getting pecked by two now, you know?”

“You seem fine though?”

“Well, there is no problem.”

“As a tank… I guess two is a limit?”

“Seems like three at once won’t work. Also, there is no guarantee the three will line up together.”


Two ostriches lined up together and chased after Alf-san, it seems like up to two of them can be caught in a wall spell. Feels like it’s not wide enough for three of them. Also, there is no guarantee the third one will line up with the other two. No, I guess it would work if he ran behind the two?


“It will work if it follows after the two, won’t it?”

“Ahh, right. It would be pretty sweet if they went into them one after another?”


It feels nice to dash on a horse through a plain. In fact, it’s nowhere near a peaceful stroll since there are ostriches chasing after us. But I guess I could take rides around the Starting Town since there are no enemies to chase after me?


For now… let’s catch as many as we can now, but we did learn that disassembling them is annoying work. Yeah, this is pretty stupid.



〈«Darkness Magic» reached level 15.〉

〈«Darkness Magic»’s【Nox Magic Missile】was acquired.〉



“All that drops is meat…?”

“Same here.”

“It’s all meat for me as well.”

“...Well, I guess that for a hunt this is pretty efficient?”

“Agreed. I get to level my defensive skills and «Riding» so it’s not bad.”


I’m using light and dark interchangingly myself, so it’s not bad.


“Ske-san, do you have magic missiles yet?”

“Magi-missiles? I do.”

“I just learned some, how do these work?”

“Nnn… it has arrow-type level faltering, ball’s speed, guiding, ball’s damage, and the cost is between a ball and a lance.”

“...So it’s anti-air?”

“Magi-missiles work best with【Double Spell】. You have【Gravitas】, Princess, so it might be bad for you MP-wise.”

“So, good for enemies who won’t fall with【Gravitas】.”

“I guess~. What’s left is a simple fast one for attacking walking enemies.”


As the name suggests, it’s guided like a missile, so it's a good spell to have.


And since we were near the Eastern part, we moved there. The enemies here are Pigg Monk, Angus Charger and Grom Hawk.


“Doesn’t feel like Piggs are any different, are they?”

“I… guess? Angus have more developed horns?”

“WHAT SPLENDID HORNS! As for birds… can’t see any.”


For now we get off horses and try fighting a Pigg Monk. Now, how did those pitiful Piggs change?


The Pigg attacked by Alf-san approached while swaying its ass, stood up on two legs and… took a fighting pose.


“Hnn? WHOOA!”


A step in and a straight punch came. Alf-san blocked it in a hurry. In contrast to Pigg’s appearance, the sound that came from the shield was not cute at all.

It’s that. It has the same atmosphere as the Fighting Bear boss in the East. In other words, it means it’ll be a normal combat!

Alf-san got serious about fighting.


“A first-look killer?”

“I feel ill will in how the appearance did not change at all...”

“I’ll be joinin’ in~.”

“Yeah, hurry up.”


We attacked Pigg Monk with magic, while it attacked with punches, kicks and roundhouse kicks.

It had a fair amount of HP and when we attacked it for a while, magic power gathered on its hands and… the red light of an attack Art gathered on Pigg Monk’s hands. Right after, «Sensing Danger» had reacted. There was a red line displayed and a punch came my way. I repel the magic power coming my way with【Royal Counter】. Pigg Monk returns to attacking Alf-san.



“Attacking the ranged?”

“It’d be real bad if it came my way!”


From there on we continued attacks and eliminated the Pigg Monk. The drop was no different from Belstead’s one.


“Aww, he was tough...”

“Sturdy as hell...”


Next are Angus Chargers, but...


“...There are no single ones, are there?”

“Pigg was hard, so… how about we stop here?”

“Agreed. We might be able to beat it, but I think it will take too long.”

“Let’s hunt ostriches.”

“Let’s do so.”


We return to the area near the town and hunt Avestruz. We ride near ostriches within their field of vision, beat them and disassemble. We get on horses again and move to lure in another ostrich within line of sight and hunt it.

Sometimes when we disassemble, there is combat with Fear Rabbits and Gray Wolves.



〈«Slender Sword» reached level 15.〉

〈«Slender Sword»’s Art【Reegenreit】was acquired.〉



Hm… six consecutive thrusts? It says nothing about being AGI-based. I need to try it to find out...


“Alf-san, could you lure in a rabbit? I want to try an Art.”

“Nn, sure.”

“Should I use a bind?”

“Oh, please do.”



I had Alf-san bring a Fear Rabbit right away, Ske-san uses a bind on it, and I use the semi-auto【Reegenreit】.

When I focused my consciousness on using the skill, the rapier shone red and I held it to my chest before thrusting six times at a fairly high speed. Looks like it isn’t AGI-based. It’s impossible for me to move at this speed. Also, it appears that royalty motion assist applies to it as well?



“That’s knightly.”

“It feels like it might become my main firepower in melee combat. The problem is that the aim is all over.”


Rapier is a weapon made for aiming for weaknesses, and there is an increase in damage when you hit a weakness. Let’s try using it manually next. It’s necessary to get used to the activation, but manual usage is the thing. I managed to confirm what kind of skill it is.

I trace the movements of the semi-auto as much as possible. I raise the rapier to my chest in a knightly gesture with the point of the sword upwards. From there, I take a step with my right leg forward and thrust.


“I see… looks like I will be able to hit the same place six times once I get used to it.”


I attacked twelve times, but since I did not hit any weakness, the enemy was still there. We beat it with the three of us.


It’s good to use, so let’s get used to it when I play solo. If I hit a weakness six times, it will be stronger than magic. If I make the enemy lose balance with【Break Parry】and from there use【Regeenreit】it feels like it will become an instant kill combo. *Undead excluded.



After hunting ostriches for a while, abruptly… Ske-san asked me.


“By the way Princess, are you an RPer?”

“That’s a sudden question.”

“Oh, you mean the inhuman board’s talk.”

“Yeah, that.”


Apparently there’s a discussion about it on the inhuman board, about how Inhuman players either must like the race they play, or be RPers. Even if one wants to have a different playstyle, unless one likes inhumans they won’t continue playing one for long.

Alf-san and Ske-san are the first type. Apparently they like the armor and skeletons. If we are to play Inhuman, then this is it… they say.

And, in my case it’s? Is the flow of the discussion.


“I see. It was simple curiosity for me. I had a hard time choosing between a Zombie and a Sexy Radish, but eventually chose a Zombie who is human-shaped. And if I’m to remake a character, it has to be right away.”

“Certainly, there is no point in remaking after you raised one.”

“Yes. Then, I evolved into this race, so I continued as is. I’m not RPing in particular either. And this isn’t a race you can really aim to become.”

“Is that so, huhh.”

“With your motions and the way you speak, I thought you’re an RPer.”


I did speak a little about that to Primula-san, but now that I think of it, it was just the Ertz-san and other crafters that were there back then.


“The motions come from the royalty motion assist. As for the way I speak… it has to do with real life, and it is how I normally speak.”


Our Mom is Japanese and our father is an Englishman, so we sisters are halves. When I was born, Dad learned Japanese from Mom at the same time I learned to speak. Because I grew up while listening to Dad learning Japanese, I first learned polite language. Like the one used for translations.


“And then, when we were in kindergarten, my little sister threw a fit - “I hate how Onee-chan talks!” she said. Tomo and Sugu agreed with that, too. Apparently it made them feel like strangers and did not like it.”

“Ahhhh… it’s true that it's rare for kids to speak that way.”

“Which is why when I was with my family, or with Tomo and Sugu, I imitated how they spoke. Polite language no longer feels off so I have no trouble with how I speak now, so you can think of my family and the two as the exceptions.”

“So the mystery of Lil’ Sis speaking fluent English on stream is resolved!”

“There are times at home when we speak English, so it is pretty loose.”


You will speak polite language when you grow up so there is no need to fix it, is what Mom told me.


“With that said, there is no need to flat out deny being an RPer. During quests and events I do intend on going with the flow.”

“You did do that during the defense event~.”


There is also the proposal from Noa-san, the VR actress thing. There is a choice of seriously RP-ing for the sake of that. If there was a problem, it would be that I am already being thought of as an RPer? I am acting natural aside from the motion assist, though.


“Thinking of princesses… maybe I should speak in a little more commanding manner?”

“Ahh… well, certainly?”

“I think a gentle princess character is really nice! Is what everyone who thinks you’re RPing says.”

“From what I see on the board, yeah.”

“I see… Well, it seems there is no need to correct anything so let it be. There are times when I’m conscious of it”

“So you’re the enjoy-RPer type!”


At this point I am no serious-RPer. I am an enjoy-RPer who at some times and in some cases, depending on the mood, does RP.


“Speaking of RP, it seems they found Jobs.”

“Seems so!”

“Eh, Jobs?”

“Go look at Jobs in the Help window, ‘kay?”

“Ohh, there is a “New” mark here.”


※Jobs are:
Literally jobs. Employment is possible.
People who have acquired a Job will have additional “Job” and “Title” positions in the status window.
There are Job Quests, but it becomes necessary to pay even more attention to your relations with Residents.
Therefore, it is especially recommended for roleplayers. If you want to enjoy this world even more, how about you acquire a job?

Job: Clergy Title: Bishop
Job: Adventurer Title: Rank C ※Players registered as adventurers can enable display this via options.
Job: Crafter Title: Blacksmith


“I see… so it is this kind of type.”

“So far there are only “Job Quests” and “Titles”, apparently no “Job Skills” have been found yet. Although “Job Quests” sound special, they are simply normal work. Supposedly you only receive a reward and salary.”

“Which is why it is mainly aimed at roleplayers?”

“Also it seems that “Title” effects are fairly good? They say. What’s left is that there are special areas for workers.”


If you want to enjoy this world even more… huh? I see, there certainly might be people who would like to spend their time like that. This is ultimately within hobby range and there is no must-have skills that come with it. ...Will something change for me if I get to Nether? Let’s look forward to it.


We only rode on horses and put up walls, so we could talk while hunting.



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Luminous Magic» reached level 15.〉

〈«Luminous Magic»’s【Lumen Magic Missile】was acquired.〉


Level 25, is it.

Oh my, «Immortal Royalty» turned 30. Which means I can move one more skill to #1, let’s give him Purification Resistance.

«Necromantic Secrets» will reach 25 with just one more level, so the number of skills #1 can hold will increase again.

As for the rest… it will take a little longer. The next time I learn something, it will probably be from «Spatial Magic».


As we had ostriches run into walls and scattered rabbits and wolves during disassembly, the dinner time came and we returned to the town for the time being.

We stopped by the union to receive the elimination reward before disbanding.


“Good job today.”


“Thank you very much.”


After dinner let’s explore Barberg and see what ingredients I can find.



Now, 9 p.m.. It’s night in-game. Let’s start my ingredient-searching journey until the sleep time. Enter, the first store.

The things that interest me are… oh, there are Adzuki and Soya Beans. From fruits there are Apples, Peaches as well as Grapes. Apples are just Apples, Peaches are called Persias, Grapes are Milveeden-Nealence. Also, there are casks for fermenting.

For now let’s buy Soya Beans, also fermenting casks are necessary, but they are a little expensive? ...They are made from wood, so before buying one let’s ask Primula-san about it.

Also, multiple types of wine.


“Are you a traveler?”

“Yes, an Outsider.”

“Is that so, I see. Our Nealence Kingdom is famous for our wines. The Milveeden-Nealence grapes have our country’s name in them. They can be eaten as is, or made into wine. Other breeds are mainly used for making wine, however.


I see. Which is why there is so much wine lined up on the wall. As for the types…there are four red and two white. However, I’m in black tea faction. And in real, I still can’t drink alcohol.


There is Celery and Broccoli, too. Hmmgh… For now let’s buy Soya Beans and… Apples and Persias.

Let’s get to making Soy Sauce and Miso at once. It sounds interesting to make wine, but I can’t drink it myself.


[Storage] Portable Vegetable Storage (Huge) Rarity: Ra Quality: C Price: 60k
A portable box that allows for storing vegetables used for cooking.
Allows for storing 30 types of vegetables.


This makes me interested as well. This one can store 10 more types, up to 30 total. The price is 60k. In which case, it means there should be one for meat as well. Still, there is no need to hurry and purchase it now.

More importantly...


[Storage] Portable Spices Storage Rack (Small) Rarity: No Quality: C Price: 80k
A small portable rack that allows for storing spices used for cooking.
Allows for storing 15 types of spices.

[Storage] Portable Spices Storage Rack (Medium) Rarity: No Quality: C Price: 150k
A small portable rack that allows for storing spices used for cooking.
Allows for storing 30 types of spices.

[Storage] Portable Spices Storage Rack (Large) Rarity: Ra Quality: C Price: 230k
A small portable rack that allows for storing spices used for cooking.
Allows for storing 45 types of spices.


What I have been seeking… wait, isn’t it expensive? No, huh? It is expensive… Still, it has more slots for storing than vegetables one has, so thinking of my inventory there is no choice not to buy it… is there? This expense hurts!

I buy 10 of Soya Beans, which are number of uses-based, as well as Apples and Persias - 10 each, then head to the Merchants Union. After withdrawing money I purchase Portable Spices Storage Rack (Large) and leave the store.

At the central square I combine it with the Cooking Kit right away, set the kit and tweak the location of the storage, then move the spices into it. So flour also can be stored there? Umm… eggs and fruits don’t go anywhere, hm…?

Maybe there is fruit storage? ...Feels like that would be the case.


Ohh… it was worth spending 230k. My inventory has 42 empty slots now. The almost-full inventory is now full of space like it was all a lie.

It makes me feel like «Spatial Magic»’s【Inventory Expansion】is only used for leveling now. By the way, I turn that off when in a party. Managing MP is a pain.


I put away the Cooking Kit, and after walking around the remaining time I log out.

Let’s talk with Primula-san about the cask for fermenting tomorrow.


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    ... Okay, that actually sounds like a super badass sequence.

    Like, that's 100% Dark Souls Boss Fight aesthetic. You dive in for a blow, only for the boss to suddenly knock you off-balance, pose for just an instant with its sword... and then YOU DIED.

    Also reminds me of F/GO's Bedivere, heh.

    Talk about elegance in battle!

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    Wonder whether she'll end up getting a job when she visits Nether?

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    RP or not RP, that is the question.
    Talking of roleplay, the assist motion, the Job system seem good for unlock that type of thing. Not that concern Princess.


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