Chapter 3


The town nearby is apparently called Rinnal.

It's a town flourishing due to the local specialty, a fruit called Rinnal, and has been named thus.

But what's a Rinnal?

And what language am I talking in in the first place?

By the way, after you introduce yourself and consent, you can apparently see each other's Status.

Not everything though.

Uncle's Status is as follows:


Name: Nicholl
Race: Human
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Level: 38


Uncle, isn't level 38 really strong?

I can't see information like Skills or Magic.

It's probably valuable information so you don't show it for just a self-introduction.

Let's remember that.


"Unc———Nicholl-san, you're strong, aren't you? Level 38 is amazing."


On the other hand, after seeing my Status, Uncle made a meek face again.


"Throwing a girl like this out is messed up."


What part of my Status is he talking about when he says "a girl like this"?

My age? My level?


After that, we entered while I noncommittally let Uncle's consolation wash past me.

There were some guard-looking people at the gate, but apparently everyone can enter.

They didn't say anything in particular to me.

They did stare though.

Hey, don't ogle a girl too much.

It's unpleasant.

All the way to Uncle's house, I was exposed to the stares.

The beauty I have poured all my effort into gathers too much attention.

This is tough.


"Honey, I'm home!"


Uncle opened the door and entered, and I followed him in.





The moment I entered the house, my eyes met with the wife-ish person sitting at the living room table.

She looked at me, looked at Uncle, and looked at me again.


——Then her face turned demonic.




I reflexively screamed.


"...dear, just what's the meaning of this? You're not going to tell me you secretly saved up money and bought a slave, are you!!"



You can buy slaves here? Hee, this really is another world.


"I-I didn't! Calm down! I ran into this girl when she was in trouble outside town and protected her!!"


Level 38 Uncle was shedding cold sweat as he explained.


Just now, level 38 seemed really weak.

I don't really have anything against him.

But now I do want to test if my attacks are weak or not.




Prod, I hit Uncle in the gut.

For his age, I think he has tight abs.

By the way, as prod-dy as the hit was, I unmistakably hit him with my full power.

I looked up at Uncle, but it didn't look like the attack had done anything.

So it's no good after all.

Or is it?

Suddenly Uncle paled.

It worked?

But when I looked around, I found a demon.

Ahh, so that's how it is?


"Hee? So why did this girl resist you with all she has just now?"


Unable to reply anything to the demon's question, Uncle could only shiver like a newborn, little deer.


"Uhm, so is he strong or weak now..."


No, it's not like I had anything against him.



After that, various heroic tales were shared, and when the misunderstanding was finally solved, Aunty was worried for me from the bottom of her heart.

She's a good person.

It seems she's called Adele.

I asked her to show me her Status.


Name: Adele
Race: Human
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Class: Tailor
Level: 21

Tailor means she makes clothes, right?

Which reminds me, when I came in, Aunty was been sewing at the table.


"Alice-chan, if you have any troubles, don't hesitate and tell us, ok? Feel free to think of this house as your home from now on."

"Ehm... I'm somewhat really sorry. I want to bother you as little as possible."


What's with the people in this world?

Are you saying that I was too sulky back in reality?

Or is this couple just special?

No, this couple must be special, right?

Isn't my greatest fortune bar none since coming to this world that I met this couple?


"Such a reserved girl, aren't you."


Modesty is a virtue, you know?

Uncle is knocked out on the sofa so I'm chatting with Aunty now.


"Uhm, I want to become an adventurer."


To earn money.


"Hmm... certainly, you are a Mage, although still an apprentice, Alice-chan. That should become your greatest strength when it comes to being an adventurer."


Mmmmm, Aunty was murmuring.


"Uhm, is there a problem?"

"Well, becoming an adventurer is open to anyone. For registration at the guild, just pay 1000 Rook and you're good."


Hee, so the currency in this world is called Rook.


"But I'm worried if a girl like you wants to do such a dangerous job, Alice-chan."


Well, I think there all kinds of good professions, like Aunty here being a Tailor.




I'm finally in another world. How could I not adventure!?

Would that be allowed?

No, it wouldn't!

Well, I can't win against a puppy, though.

But the current situation is ultimately just that, current.


"...I, for a long time I've lived shut in a small place. I've longed for the outside world. I wanted to see so much, experience so much. Adventuring is my dream!"


It's not a lie, technically.

Small place = my one room apartment.

And I did long for my daydreams.

Alright, I didn't lie at all!




A tear rolled down Aunty's cheek.

Too easy.


"I understand. If you're that determined, I'm not going to stop you! But at least in the beginning, form a party with our daughter and keep to nearby places. That girl may be a bit mischievous, but her skills are excellent."



Come to think of it, Uncle mentioned he has a daughter.

Aunty has started putting on a bit weight due to her age, but you can still see how pretty she was, and Uncle is eye candy for being in his middle ages.

Their daughter might be something to look forward to.

...nope, even if I look forward to it, nothing's going to happen, alright!!

Just who had to go and attempt playing a girl!


"Thank you very much. That would help me a lot."

"Sure, sure. Okay, I'm going to prepare an early dinner today, so eat something and take a good rest. My daughter will stay out late anyway."


She offered, so I took her up on it.

Dinner consisted of a pie made with the local specialty, rinnals.

I say rinnals, but they're apples! Apples!

So why are they called rinnals!?


By the way, it may be a fantasy world, but they have baths!

Baths made with cypress wood.

Well, I say cypress though I don't know what wood it's actually made of, but it's the best!

So I received a change of clothes from Aunty and entered the bathroom.


The... bath?!

I looked down my body.

First of all, when I did that as a man, there were no bulging breasts.

But, while moderate, now they definitely held dreams!


"...c-calm down."


I'm no sex offender.

This is my body. Ultimately, this is my body!

And to get into the bath, I have to undress.


"What am I saying, of course I have to, come on..."


Ahaha, I laughed.

My voice was so lovely.




I steeled myself, took off all my clothes and got into the bath.

...while making sure to look as little as possible at myself.


"I'm no chicken, I'm no chicken, blubblub."


I talked into the bath water.

Eh? But I did wash my body before getting in?

Washing yourself before getting into the tub is good manners after all.

Yep, while looking as little as possible, I washed myself relying on sensation alone.

With a somewhat slimy liquid.

Well, it is some kind of soap or body lotion, I think.

Not something used for weird fetishes or so, right?

If it is, I'm going to stab Uncle in the gut some day.

I made that decision and just when I'd stood up to get out, the bathroom door was vigorously opened.




My thoughts stopped.

When people relax and something unexpected happens to them, they cannot react right away.


"Hee, you're Alice?"


An utterly stark-naked girl was standing in the door.

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