Long time no see. I'm Yanagimi Touki.

The seventh volume, did you enjoy it? Since it's serious talk, my stomach won't calm down. I'm always firing heavy ones, but this time the story was about the platoon members who were left in the outside world.

At the same time, it's the story of 'Revenge'.

Ouka had to make a choice similarly to how Takeru did in the fifth volume. There was no correct answer to the problem, was there. Killing not always equals revenge. But if she doesn't kill, the dark feelings inside of her won't disappear. And surely, whichever she chooses it will result with 'emptiness'.

But for Ouka, there was no option of 'not taking revenge'.

She chose to bear the emptiness. But she is no longer alone. Surely from now on, she will walk forward along with her comrades.

Eh? But somehow, the grey-haired old man's state is... let's leave that for the next volume.


Now then, frmo here on I'd like to migrate into talk about big boobs, but I have something to report.

First, I was allowed to the 'AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon's' short story in Dragon Magazine. You who thinks 'this series is full of brutality' and has a stomach ache! Yes you there who thought "Even though he talks about boobs in afterwords, there's no boobs at all appearing in the book!".

It shall be prepared for your sake! Something like a love comedy swimsuits flirting and platoon's everyday life, that kind of stomach healing medicine!

Look forward to it!


Now, the second one but also important announcement.

It will probably be written on the wrapping but,

『AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon』's


Anime project is under way!


It's not April fools. I'm serious.

Since I was informed about it two days before writing this afterword, I'm surprised myself. I really appreciate it. I'm sincerely glad for continuing this far.

But well, since it's in the planning stage, 'there's no need to panic', that's how it feels. Regarding the anime form, it would be best if you waited for further news.

But I'm really happy. The possibility of seeing moving Takeru and Ouka has become very high.

I can't confirm it accurately, but I'll do my best in the future as well, I humbly leave this 『AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon』 in your care.


Now then, the customary acknowledgements.

S-sama who is responsible for me and always points out things with precision. Kippu-sama who was fired over the amount of character designs this time. Hanao Sutarou-sensei who always thoroughly draws actions in the manga version. Everyone in Fujimi Shoubo who backed me up in various aspects.

And, all those who have took this book in their hands, my greatest thanks. I will still continue. Look forward to eight volume!

Yanagimi Touki

4 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Jay

    Now then, frmo here on I'd like to migrate into talk about big boobs, but I have something to report.

    "from here on"

  2. Oddmoonlight

    I can finally sleep after reading the afterword. Thanks for translating this part as well Krytyk. It just doesn't feel like you finished the book till you read the afterword. Some people sadly disregard it... BTW "Now then, frmo here on" (from)

  3. Pestanejando

    Thank you, KrytyK! Thank you for your time in translating this, It was an incredible volume. Thank you for bringing it to us.
    Happy New Year!


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