Now, what shall I do today?

It would be good to secure beef ingredients in the second area, but… before that, I need to search the town. It would be nice if there were some new ingredients.

Now that’s decided, let’s do what needs to be done and log in.




Alright, let’s play today as well. We’re exploring Belstead. With that said, what I’ll be exploring is stores in it.

It seems a fair bit smaller than the Starting Town? Or rather, that town just seems to be too big.


Umm, the stores of cooking-related Residents are… over there? It’s all stores and no stalls.



“I’m an Outsider, no need to worry.”

"...Ohh! You must be the person who beat the Fighting Bear and came over! Please take your time!”


There is really a lot of detail in this game, seeing as Residents’ reaction changes depending on your outfit. ...In my case, it is a little cumbersome.

Well, more importantly - the merchandise. The choice is fairly plentiful. There’s a lot of vegetables that weren’t available in the Starting Town. The seasons and geographical regions are strange, but it’s a game so it’s best not to bother myself with it.

Nappa Cabbage, Radish, Bean Sprouts, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Welsh Onions, Cucumbers, Burdock, and Sweet Potatoes.

Milk, Butter, Margarin, Cheese, Honey, Eggs, Raisins, Potato Starch, Wheat Flour (three types).

Tomato Ketchup, Mustard Seeds (three types), Vinegar (three types).


With this I can change cabbage in my soups to nappa cabbage, and I can add welsh onions. It could also be good to change potatoes to radish.

And having this good of a flour assortment, might be good for making bread, too. The problem is lack of yeast, but… they are selling raisins, so I assume they are telling us to make natural yeast?

By the way, in the Starting Town there was only general-use flour.


Umm, let’s buy 20 of each vegetable. And 40 of nappa cabbage, radish and welsh onions since I might use them quite often.

I bought 3 of milk, butter, margarin, cheese, honey, potato starch and flour.

Let’s also buy 3 of ketchup, mustard seed of all types and of all vinegar types.

Also five of eggs and raisins.


The number of uses for them all seems to be strongly influenced by the appearance. There are bags, boxes and bins.

In general the ones I bought 3 of can be used 50 times. Honey and mustard seeds, 25 times. Eggs and raisins 10 times.

Raisins were in a bag, while starch and flour were in large bags. Milk was in a bottle, while honey and mustard seeds were in small bins. Butter and margarine were in glass-made boxes. Eggs are in packs of 10.

These items that have limit to their uses work in a way that if you use 3 eggs for one cooking, it takes only one use. If it was any different, the costs of seasonings would be overwhelming...

By the way, if you try to be stingy… and try pouring the limited-uses item into an empty container, there is a brainwaves check(?) and it explodes. It looks like the system did not allow that.


Huh? Dear me… my inventory is full and I can’t buy it all. The inventory has 50 slots in total from the start, and with the pouch it goes up to 60. But in total I would have 72 types after buying. I have nowhere near enough, do I?


“Did something happen?”

“I’m full with all the ingredients and I wondered what should I do.”

“Ohh, I see. Then, do you maybe have a Portable Vegetables Storage?”

"...Portable Vegetables Storage?”

“It can only hold vegetables inside, but is very useful.”

“Then I would love to buy one in that case...”


I was taught about a store that deals with it. It seemed that it wasn’t anything special and a very commonly used item. Also, it seemed that they deal with cooking-related tools, so let’s hurry and go check it.

The store was nearby.


" ‘elcome.”

“I heard you sell Portable Vegetables Storage.”

“Yeah, we got ‘em.”


[Storage] Portable Vegetables Storage (Small) Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 12000
A portable box that allows for storing vegetables used for cooking.
Allows for storing 6 types of vegetables.

[Storage] Portable Vegetable Storage (Medium) Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 24000
A portable box that allows for storing vegetables used for cooking.
Allows for storing 12 types of vegetables.

[Storage] Portable Vegetable Storages (Large) Rarity: Ra Quality: C Value: 40000
A portable box that allows for storing vegetables used for cooking.
Allows for storing 20 types of vegetables.


Hooh, uh-huh. Let’s buy the large one. There are 14 types of vegetables alone, which is why my slots are so cluttered. Being able to hold 20 types of vegetables within one slot for 40k is cheap.

There were other interesting things, too.


[Tool] Beginner’s Bread-Baking Set Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 5000
A tool set necessary to experience baking bread.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.

[Tool] Bread-Baking Set Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 20000
A tool set necessary to do full-scale bread-baking.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.


[Tool] Beginner’s Brick Oven Set Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 30000
A set of tools containing the main brick oven and other tools, useful for basic experience.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.

[Tool] Brick Oven Set Rarity: No Quality: C Value: 60000
A set of tools for full-scale usage of brick oven.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.


It’s a bread-baking set and a brick oven. Seems like I can do full-blown bread-making? There is cheese, so I could make pizza if I wanted, too. But before that I will need to get used to the brick oven.

I will buy it, but it sure is expensive… Looks like I need to go to the union and withdraw some money.


I head to the union and withdraw 80k, then buy large storage, brick oven set and bread-making set. Everything cost 120k in total.

And then, once again I head to the vegetables store to purchase them. I immediately merge the two new tool sets with the Cooking Kit, then move vegetables into storage. There is 6 remaining places in the storage. And in the inventory I have 59 used slots, leaving only one left to use.

This is bad.


Let’s tell the people on the cooking board about these items. My fellow cooks will surely be delighted. It costs a fair bit, but they will definitely buy these.

When you share information, it’s best to use your name instead of doing it anonymously...




Now, I wrote down all that’s necessary, so let’s sort the inventory and go beat some cows. Please, give me your meat.

Let’s leave things in the Adventurers’ Union’s storehouse and put things up on consignment. After I finish putting things on consignment, I can take requests at the union, so I won’t have to come back to take them later. So, let’s put up 1cm steaks and boar soup on consignment. Then I put alchemy materials in the storehouse.


The fixed requests to take should be for Piggs and Angus around the town? There are also the same requests as those in the Starting Town, but… from this town’s perspective, they are for the Western forest, which is only natural.

The new requests in this town are… for Axel Hawk1Google it, Forest Wolf, Aquilegia, King Slime, Army Horse, Tokkei, and Troll… let’s put them aside for now. I don’t know which mobs are where right now.

Alright, let’s go.


I guess I have no choice but to only avoid linked mobs… It’s still too hard for me to take on a few of them solo. On the previous map it was easy, though. It does feel like I came to an area appropriate for me.

Oh, found a single enemy. Let’s lure it in with magic right away. Solo hunting! I’m solo, so let’s raise my close combat skills. It was easier to raise magic skills in the PT.


Angus’ weakness was the usual neck and legs. Looks like weaknesses don’t change for animals… Most likely the chest is one, but since they walk on four legs, in general it’s impossible to attack it.


After receiving a magic attack, Angus charged at me and tried to thrust at me with its horns. I parry this dash attack and guard myself from a headbutt. It only swings its head so the horn attack is plain, but it has high attack power, so I parry it.


Since my goal was to raise my close combat skills, I did not use magic and took turns attacking with Angus.

When I guard myself I lose a fair amount of health, so it was necessary to look at my HP and pick one between parry and guard. When I parry there is no damage and I have automatic recovery, so it’s all up to the frequency of headbutts.

To beat one I lose roughly 40% of HP… I probably won’t die from fighting two at once, but a link of 3 Anguses is too much for me.



Oh, I forgot.

I need to customize my skills or it will be a waste. Let’s tweak Arts for «Sword», «Defense» and «Parry».


Ummm… so performance is attack power, consumption is MP consumption reduction and cooling is cooldowns, and the special is for sub-effects.


Performance: increases the power as it increases… but also decreases consumption. Oh, it also worsens cooling.

Consumption: improves the costs, but lowers attack power...

Cooling: when improved, the special and costs are improved but attack power… it decreases more than in consumption’s case.

Special: decreases performance and costs.


Which means? Nn… I only have 2 stages so far, so it might be best to go for performance on attack Arts. For «Defense» I should also go for performance to increase the guard’s performance.

For «Parry»’s Arts… cooldown and consumption are more important than performance. But【Parry】Art itself does not have cooldown, so I can take performance for it.


Alright, let’s secure meat for next crafting days.



[Material] Flesh of the Living (medium) Rarity: Ep Quality: C
Flesh and meat taken from a living being.
An item found useful by Immortals, but the use for it is unknown.



...Oh myy? A sudden Epic drop.

Found useful by us…? Flesh… ohh, can this be a material for parts? In which case it certainly would be useful to us, but I don’t know what else is needed, so it is hard to say anything.

Still, limb recovery items are important, so it is certain I need to find a way to craft them. The problem is whether I will find it by just looking around?

...It’s pointless to worry about it at this point, let’s put it aside.




So, I spent three days of delivering piggies and cows.



〈«Sword» reached level 30. Gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Sword»’s Art【Delay Slash】was acquired.〉

〈«Sword» has reached maximum level, «One-Handed Sword» «Two-Handed Sword» «Slender Sword»… and others were unlocked.〉


A large amount of «Sword»’s derivations have been unlocked, but the one for me to learn is «Slender Sword». Let’s acquire it for 6SP.

The art I received was one that dealt damage a few seconds after slash, at the place the slash had passed. Of course, if the first slash missed the enemy, there was no additional attack.


And since the «Sword» Skill went up, my three defensive skills also followed all at once.



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Defense» reached level 30. Gained “2" Skill Points.〉

〈«Defense»’s Art【Blocking】was acquired.〉

〈«Defense» has reached maximum level, «Small Shield» «Large Shield» was unlocked.〉

〈«Parry» reached level 30. Gained “2" Skill Points.〉

〈«Parry»’s Art【Break Parry】was acquired.〉

〈«Parry» has reached maximum level, «Attack Diversion» was unlocked.〉


【Blocking】made the enemy stiffen if the damage taken upon blocking was below a certain treshold.

【Break Parry】caused the enemy to lose balance when successfully parrying.


【Break Parry】seems like it would be very useful to me, but【Blocking】is tricky. I don’t have a shield so damage often goes through my guard, so it probably won’t work for me.


«Armor» also seems to have unlocked three derivation Skills - «Cloth», «Light Armor» and «Heavy Armor». It doesn’t have any Arts so I turned the notification off. Following the equipment’s identification results, I changed «Armor» into «Light Armor».


And in regards to «Defense» and «Parry», these two turned into a small problem.



〈You have fulfilled specific requirements, «Self-Defense» was unlocked〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, a specific Skill has been modified. Modified skill: «Self-Defense»〉



Apparently this was a derivation of «Defense» and «Parry», as well as of «Footwork». Moreover, it seems like requirement feels like harassment since you cannot acquire «Self-Defense» if you possess evolution of either «Defense» or «Parry».


Furthermore, what is making me curious is that there is no information on «Self-Defense» anywhere on the BBS. In other words… if you have evolution of either of the skills, it doesn’t even show anywhere? If it was displayed somewhere, people who raise both would have noticed, and it was unnatural for it not to be on the BBS.

Other than that… It must be because «Defense», «Parry» and «Footstep» taken together are rare. Is it because normally you only pick one of them?

Shield-holders take «Defense», speed-based players take «Footwork», and «Parry» is a maniac skill. When you fail «Parry» you receive all the damage. Furthermore, if you fail to parry with your weapon, your weapon’s durability decreases. And when you fail shield parry you also receive damage. That’s not very good way to tank, is it now? Is what they say.


And then, when it was unlocked, it was further modified and the modification was also strange.

It changed from «Self-Defense» to «Princess’ Self-Defense». I guess you can all already tell, it’s a race-based modification. It does have “princess” in it.


So, about this «Self-Defense» skill, it’s a derivation from the three Skills but has a combined effect of «Defense» and «Parry».

It takes good points from both skills… is what I would like to say, but I bet it won’t be like that. That seems impossible from a game balance perspective...

Or it might be that it will have good Arts but it will have low adjustment. The “Do your best, person inside” kind of thing? I mean, the moment someone takes those three, it starts getting dubious whether they will be able to master them.


In any case? I have learned that they have gone out of their way and prepared a derivation Skill, there is no choice but to pick it up, is there?


The biggest problem is the cost of 10SP, but… let’s take a look at it first.


«□□-Style Princess Self-Defense - ◯◯»
Out of many techniques passed down by the royal family, this technique is for protecting yourself with ◯◯.
“Hard” makes your Skill use STR modifier, while “Soft” makes your Skill use DEX modifier.


Ho-hooh…? Let’s take it!



〈Do you wish to acquire «Princess’ Self-Defense»?〉




〈You currently possess «Slender Sword». Will you link it with «Princess’ Self-Defense»?〉


This is also YES...


〈«Slender Sword» was linked. Following, select either “Hard Sword” or “Soft Sword”.〉


From my perspective, this one is a no-brainer. Soft Sword it is.


〈The result is «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword». Will you acquire it?〉


Is the Enten-style the style for soft sword? So, it’s a Dexterity-focused self-defense style taught in the princess’ palace, among which there are slender sword techniques.

Well, in any case, I’ll be taking it.


〈«Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword» was acquired.〉


Now, there should be some Arts...


【Royal Defense】
Uses specific equipment to block attacks, parry impact. Overwrites【Guard】and【Parry】.


Ohh, so it replaces the Arts that were supposed to be in the lower tier skill.

Both «Defense»’s【Guard】and «Parry»’s【Parry】disappear and become【Royal Defense】.

In exchange,【Royal Defense】can do both, and both are modified by DEX… is it? Up until now【Guard】was STR based and【Parry】was DEX based. I’m really happy to have both influenced by DEX.

From here on my skill level will go up, and probably the lower level Arts will be overwritten.


I acquired a really nice skill. It’s good enough to make me want to keep quiet about it.

No, it’s possible that this is the reason why it’s nowhere to be found on the BBS. I’m sure that normal «Self-Defense» is also close to this?


Then, let’s check it right away. Let’s go into combat! It’s a combat Skill so it’s best to check it in combat. Or rather, that is the only way to do it.


Speaking of which, ever since I took «Slender Sword» I started receiving royal motion assistance. Furthermore, when I took «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword» it further changed a little. Most likely, the style setting has been applied?

I’m not used to it, so my movements are awkward, and I’ll have to fight while being conscious of it for a while.


When I stand normally, my left foot is on its heel and my right one has the back of my foot raised. When I pull out the sword it is the opposite, my right foot is on its heel, while my left has the heel raised high. It must be for the sake of stepping in.

Won’t it look quite professional when seen from the side?



Now, the enemy is an Angus.

I did the usual actions towards a single Angus… attacked preemptively with magic and lured it in. I parried the thrust upwards that came from a charge, then guarded a headbutt.


This is nice. It’s far easier than it was before I changed my skill. The fact that damage goes through does not change, but the amount of damage is greatly lowered.

And the biggest gain is that it’s much easier to defend with everything being based on DEX. I have «Butō», so unless I receive an extremely strong attack I shouldn’t lose my balance.

I can guard without worries now, but… I guess my main is parry? There is no need to go out of my way to guard. The skills have been merged, so whichever I do, the same skill will receive experience. I will only guard when surprise attacks come.


Also, the damage I deal has clearly increased. My skill has turned into «Slender Sword» after all. I’m also looking forward to second tier magic.


While channeling I parried Angus’ attack, then countered with magic that I cast on the tip of my sword and stabbed in. I guess this is a stable way to fight.

If I focus on increasing firepower, I can also add an attacking Art to it. With that said, using large amounts of MP all at once is pretty harsh on me since I cannot use potions. Continuous combat while adjusting the combat style little by little is an Immortals’ strong point… I believe?

Because I normally use the weapon’s intrinsic ability, the【Spiral Magi-Amp】, I don’t really use attack Arts. I mean, there is a moment after using them when I stiffen and can’t move.


Above all, close combat is quite fun. Let’s not bother myself with small difference in beating speed~.


And stab… now, let’s disassemble.


[Ingredient] Angus Rib Roast  Rarity: Ra Quality: C
It is a widely-used all-purpose meat, but is quite hard to acquire.
Due to Angus’ harsh temper it’s a rare ingredient, often eaten by nobility.
Ideal for steak, roast beef, sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.


Ohh, got a big one… is what I want to say, but isn’t one of those dropping every time? Is the impression given to me by the drop rate. Although, sometimes it does not drop so I can’t say for sure.

And so, I believe there are other types as well, but for the time being it’s ribs, shank, rump and rib roast - these four. Well, I did have rare drops today so I guess it’s about time I go to sleep?

It’s hard to say it’s a rare drop when it drops every time, but considering a single Angus drops 2kg of ribs, 2kg of shank, 2kg of rump and 1kg of rib roast… I guess it is rare in a way?


Oops… an Orb is complete. With this I have 25 of them. Whenever I use【Libertà】I use one up, so I need to stockpile.



《The party “You don’t mind if we beat him, right?2Actually an Archer quote from Fate/Stay Night. It turned into a meme in Japan. https://youtu.be/G61mBb7QHqk?t=13 <the first line starting at 0:13” led by Cecil has exterminated the Western Boss. From now on, the Western Boss will be weakened and the distribution restored.》 



Oh my, in the West the boss was a Killer Bee, wasn’t it? I recall they said they don’t want to go there, but it looks like they went after all. Well, starting this week it should start affect distribution, so they could not allow themselves to take their time.

Cecil-san’s PT has two spellcasters, so they are advantageous in the West. ...No, I’m not retorting to the PT name. By the way, the limit is 40 characters.



Ohh, right. I can now customize first-tier Skills, so let’s tweak them.

Put it into performance aga… oh? Hnn… the increase of firepower compared to consumption is weirdly small? I don’t seek heaviness in blows so… it might be better to stop at upgrading performance twice...

No wait, considering the way I use them it might be better if attack Arts were heavy. Let’s put all three into attack power. It will be troublesome to use them during combat anyway. It is possible to switch at any time, as long as it’s outside combat.

As for the【Distance Sword】...I should do the same? But it can be used in a similar manner to magic, so let’s stop at 2. When special increases the range goes up… nope, this is trash. Attack power goes down too much. With these changes in values… let’s improve consumption.


Now, the problem is that because【Guard】and【Parry】were merged into Enten-style, their customizations are… it can’t be helped. It’s impossible to customize them now, since Enten is below 10.

For the Arts that aren’t merged yet, I continued to improve performance for【Guard】and cooldowns for【Parry】, same as before. Especially in【Parry】’s case, not being able to use it because of cooldown isn’t funny. It’s a fatal problem to me. From here on, there should be enemies who attack from distance.


It looks to be a kind of downside for new Skills at low level, but I don’t think Enten-style will max out on level 30… it did take 10 of my SP. Thinking of that, it does seem like I could customize it better than I could do the single ones.


Alright, let’s go back to town while hunting and then go to sleep.





So, today is Thursday. School is over, let’s log in right away.

Seems like about three Skills of mine will reach second tier today. Let’s do «Cooking» on Saturday. I’ll put out a stall on the tournament event grounds and sell while cooking.


When I spoke with my little sister in the morning, I noticed that the tournament information details were updated.

A little early, from 10 a.m. it will be possible to teleport to the event stage from Stellura-sama’s statue at the plaza. There, it is possible to put out a stall like on some festival, so I thought I might as well sell some of my cooking in there. I’m not participating in the tournament anyway.


...Oh my?


What appeared in my field of vision is… a bird? That’s… the Southern forest. It makes me curious so let’s go take a look.


Yeah, it was a bird after all. It appears to be of a different type from those that are kept in the town, however.



Tokkei Lv22
Really fast to quarrel, attacks with powerful kicks and is dangerous.
Its meat has no smell and is very light.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Resistance: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Cook-a-Doo
State: Normal



Oh my? Something bothers me about it… can it be, Toukei… a Shamo Chicken? The family is Cock-a-Doo, hm? Then this is the evolution of the ones that are domesticated in the town? It is an entire size larger, but it is a chicken. Feathers of the Tokkei’s head are black, and its legs are a bit robust.

Well, there’s no change to the fact I found chicken meat. Looks like I’ll be able to put up a grilled chicken stall.


Charge! You’ll be dinner!



[Ingredient] Tokkei Meat. Rarity: No Quality: C
Tokkei who had his feathers removed and internal organs taken out.
Thus meat has no smell and is very light, but internal organs aren’t edible and are discarded.

[Material] Tokkei Feather Rarity: No Quality: C
Feather taken from a Tokkei.




When I stabbed the disassembly knife in, I acquired an already-prepared meat and feathers. There were three feathers that I received… I guess they are a by-product, so let’s leave it at that.

With this I should be able to roast them whole? I do have welsh onions, so let’s make some roasts.


Alright, let’s hunt Tokkeis today.

Beef skewers are also nice, though. But since there’s a chance, I would like to secure some chicken meat. And honestly, I already have a large amount of Angus drops. It seems like I won’t be troubled by their supply for a while, so let’s prioritize hunting for chicken meat.



The grass was not very tall so I did not have problem with my field of vision, but it was still a forest.

With that said, it was no jungle and I had no problem walking. It must be the effect of «Butō», and «Walking» from my leg equipment.


So far the only mobs I see are Tokkeis, but it can’t be that there is just one type of monster in the Southern forest area, is there?


...It wasn’t the case.

There was a Troll. What do I say… it’s like you made a goblin much larger and fat.

The general felt like a lean macho, but the troll… yup. Just his arms are all muscly and he seems to have developed with very poor balance.

His weapon was a log. Or rather, a raw tree trunk would be more correct. It’s a tree that only had branches cut off roughly. He is probably going to swing it around… in a forest? Is this a mistake in placement? He won’t be able to. Also, this means we can use terrain and fight them? ...Well, let’s try it.


Like usual I used magic as a preemptive attack, then with a tree behind my back I faced him.

Naturally, when magic hit the troll he started to target me and come my way, but… he is slow… I shoot one more spell at him before the troll arrives in range for close combat.


Along with a *whoomp!* sound, the troll did a full swing with the trunk.

Because it was swung horizontally, I moved a little to the side so that it hits the tree behind me and attack the troll. I heard an unsettling sound behind me, but I continued to stab in addition to attacking with magic.

When another horizontal swing came I repeat the same action. However, I hear a rustling sound behind me, so I reflexively confirm what it is.

Both the trunk that the troll was holding and the one that was growing from the ground, seem like they will not last too long.


...Can it be that Trolls... have automatic recovery? He is healing, isn’t he? He is tougher than I expected. But… it could be said he is as tough as his appearance suggests.


After repeating the same action for about three times, a crackling sound could be heard from behind me… and when I turn my gaze to the back, I see a tree fall over loudly.

The enemy still had about half of his HP, but… the growing tree seems to have lost.


In the end, two trees have become a sacrifice for the sake of defeating the troll. By the way, the fallen trees did not remain and did not change into items, they just turned into polygons and disappeared.

...Is it because the troll doesn’t have «Logging»? Or maybe because it was too damaged? It feels like either might have something to do with it, so I can’t really tell.


Conclusion: Trolls have a lot VIT and automatic recovery, but is dumb.



〈«Automatic HP Recovery» reached level 30. You gain “2” skill points.〉

〈«Automatic HP Recovery» has reached maximum level, «Super HP Recovery» was unlocked.〉

〈“Faded Rapier of Protection” has adapted to the holder.〉



Oh my?

But drops first.


[Material] Chamaecyparis Rarity: No Quality: E-
Wood that can be gathered in the East. The so-called Hinoki.
It is a wooden material with very high durability. It’s hardness is medium. It is good for processing.



I don’t...need it… And the quality is really low, too! Is it because he was smashing it against growing trees? It was easy to beat him this way, so from here on I will continue to sacrifice their quality.

I’m not going to use it anyway… And above all, Hinoki can also be gathered in the Eastern forest. There is no reason at all to aim for a Troll’s drop to get it. What an unfun mob...


Next, about my weapon.

It did say that “It changes its abilities depending on its master’s combat style”, after all.

So, how did it change?


[Equipment - Weapon] Faded Rapier of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical rapier that has changed its appearance for the sake of its new owner.
Its thin blade has a sharp point, and has extremely high stabbing and cutting attack power.
It feels light to its owner, but it weights just as much as its appearance suggests.
It changes its abilities depending on its owner’s combat style, it is a weapon that fulfills the wishes of its owner.
Although its color has faded, it is made from a mysterious metallic material, and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
It deals Physical Damage based on Dexterity and Spirit, and Magical Damage based on Intelligence.
It functions as Magic Catalyst.
【Libertà】: Consumes an Orb and grants bonus damage to next attack.
【Spiral Magi-Amp Lv33】: When you pour Magic Power into it, the rapier is clad in a spiral that amplifies damage.
【Ensol】: The sheath can be used as a parasol.

 «Identification Lv10»
ATK: △ MATK: △
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Attack Type: Thrust, Slash
Applicable Skills: «Slender Sword» «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense» «Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv20»
When «Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense» is active, adds adjustment to guarding and parrying.
When «Magic Ability» is available, it is possible to pour magic power into the weapon to amplify attack power.
Counter-Attack Increase: Tiny
Weapon Guard Effect Increase: Tiny
Impact Absorption With Weapon Guard: Tiny
Parrying Effectiveness Increase: Tiny
Critical Hit Rate Increase: Tiny
Critical Damage Increase: Tiny
Magical Attack Power Increase: Tiny
Channeling Speed Increase : Tiny
Defensive Skill Art’s Cooldown Decrease: Tiny



Umm, compare to how it was before for changes… where’s the screenshot… there it is.


Before the change physical damage was based on STR and SPI. Now it’s based on DEX and SPI.

Also, on the weapon there is now an intrinsic【Ensol】.

And the Applicable Skills had «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense» added to it… it would be those three.



It is possible to use the sheath as a parasol.
A membrane of light emerges and protects the holder from sunlight and rain.
In the shadow created by it, Immortals take reduced damage from sunlight.
Furthermore, by pointing it in the direction of attack it can be used to protect from Light Element magic.



Ahhh… what do I say. It now has a weapon(?)-like ability.

It turned into a rapier-type magic catalyst and a shield? At the very least, that is the main effect. It seems like it does not focus on rapier attacks too much.

My【Guard】and【Parry】effectiveness went up! Yay! ...Thanks to the weapon. Well? My main is magic, so I guess this is fine…?


What I was curious about was【Ensol】, and it seemed that it activated when I pointed the sheath’s point to the sky.

It looked like I was able to maintain the effect by holding the sheath in my left hand while I held the rapier in my right to fight.【Ensol】’s activation came from the “sheath”, so the rapier remained free.


By the way,【Ensol】’s graphical effect was a gray membrane which spread from the sheath and looked like a parasol. It had a fairly extravagant design, too?

To be precise, it had two colors, dark gray and light gray just like the equipment. It is possible to tell the differences in color, so I could tell it was a parasol.


Even as I moved the sheath, it maintained the area of effect on me. It had an effect of blocking light from reaching the owner.

Thanks to the addition of a parasol ability I turned even more princess-like, but… normally, this is something an attendant or maid should be holding.

And, more importantly. This is useful, but on the other hand it will make «Automatic HP Recovery»-type Skills go up slower, won’t it?


Oops, let’s evolve my «Automatic HP Recovery» to «Super HP Recovery». The used SP is… 3. It is a Monster Skill.


AAAaa! AAaaaaAaa! I die, I’m DYINGGGG.

...If not for【Ensol】, I would have died. Aww, the sunlight is as strong as ever… And way too merciless. I let my guard down.

Due to the Skill evolution, the effect has decreased and the damage from Mr. Sun has outpaced it. The automatic recovery’s data is masked and the precise amounts are unknown. It’s about time the sun goes down, but it seems that I will need【Ensol】for a while.

By the way, I can use【Ensol】without problems when holding it in my left hand, right? Even though the orb-creation ring is supposed to be my left hand equipment…

Is it because the sheath is included in the right hand’s equipment, and they’re saying that I can do as I like? ...Let’s make an inquiry.



…………Apparently it’s intended. In other words, there is nothing wrong. The reason is just as I thought it was. Looks like I can use it without worries.

During combat I hold rapier in my right hand and a sheath parasol in my left. It’s not made with cloth or plastic material, so it has no effect on my movements.


Now, let’s continue hunting.

...Honestly, I wish Trolls did not appear.



〈«Sensing» reached level 30. You gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Sensing» has reached maximum level, «Sensing Danger» was unlocked.〉

〈«Uncover» reached level 30. You gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Uncover» has reached maximum level, «Intuition» was unlocked.〉



Of course, I’m acquiring them. 6 points each and 12 points used in total. My remaining SP turned to 41.

The magic-type Skills evolution is near and yet to take, and there is «Mining» which I yet have to take because there was no chance for me to, so I’ll be really low on SP. I feel I might not have had enough if not for the rebuild.

On Saturday, «Cooking» should evolve. My magic should evolve on Sunday. Then starting from the next week, I guess I’ll be working on «Alchemy»?


Now, about «Sensing Danger» and «Intuition», it seems like they give an even stronger system assistance.

«Sensing Danger» adds a color that shows the enemy’s attack range like it is displayed in normal MMOs. As the skill level goes up, it probably increases in detail. The effect of showing the enemy’s position has also become more precise.

While up until now, the previous Skill gave me a vague indication of hidden things, «Intuition» now shows them in color. The enemy’s weak points are now differently colored depending on how much the weakness multiplies damage.


It’s good to see differences appear when Skills evolve. It’s makes really worth working for them.

Now, let’s continue with delivery time.



[Material] Troll’s Magic Stone Rarity: Ra Quality: C
A stone that is a lump of Troll’s magic power.
It can be used for various things.


Oh my… I would love to learn what those “various things” are. I don’t know what it is used for, so it’s hard for me to get rid of it.

Well, it’s about time to go back and go to sleep. For now, I intend to continue doing the core training, but I wonder whether there is a point? I already had a Skill emerge.





A wild   ingredient   has appeared!


Yes yes, delivery time~.

Thanks for your fresh meat.


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