Epilogue – Reward and the Customers

【"——Final result calculation initiated. No points will be added for actions from now onwards. After calculation, the results will be announced. I repeat——"】


I woke up when the surroundings turned noisy, I remembered that I was slightly hungry when I was going to sleep so I checked the status. The satiety level has decreased. When I confirmed the time, it was six o'clock in the morning of the last day. I seemed to have slept nearly 24 hours.

I looked at myself, there seemed to be a thin cloth on top of me, Ryui who was carrying Zakuro on its back was already awake, it seemed like it was waiting for me to wake up.

"Good morning, Ryui, Zakuro."

"You woke up, Yun."

"Cloude huh. It's the last day today isn't it. It was all shorter than expected."

"Right. There's still time before results are announced, Magi and Lyly are waiting."

"All right."

"Also, here——the compensation for the damage you received yesterday, or so they said."

While saying so, Cloude passed the items to me he was entrusted with. These items seemed to be my compensation. For me becoming the decoy, also, consideration of the fact that I passed out seemed to be included in it.

Some rare equipment and unique goods, as well as variety of cursed equipment. Also, the book I secretly wanted.

"With this, I've got all the books."

"It seemed like you wanted them, so we farmed mobs to get it for you."

That's... quite a heavy truth.

"...did you read it while I was sleeping?"

"I have no intention of depriving someone of their enjoyment. Also, I've got the complete collection too."

I imagined that he exchanged equipment for them. He did better collecting them than I did, I thought.

"Heey, Yun-kun. Here here."

Magi-san and the others were waiting around the campfire. As I looked around, everyone seemed sleepy.

"Good morning."

"Morning. Good grief, don't go back to bed, you've been sleeping all this time. We were worried since you wouldn't wake up no matter how we called out to you, Yuncchi."


Seems like I made them worry for no reason, while I thought that inside, I still smiled wryly.

"Even so, everyone seems nervous, did something happen?"

"Hmm. There was a party to celebrate the boss subjugation, after that everyone though it would be a pity to waste remaining time and they went on a hunt in the middle of the night."

Magi-san said so, she poured herbal tea into a wooden cup and passed it to me.

The heavy aroma of the herbal tea refreshed my thoughts. I sipped some and spat out a breath after tasting it.

【"——Sending results."】

When the information was transmitted, the reactions to the result sent by mail were; excitement, frustration, resignation, bitter laughter. Although there was a lot of disappointment, in the end everyone looked at their comrades with relieved expressions.

"Now, my result is——"

My own result that was sent to me had big characters written on the top.


【Score(Rank 4 / 2396)congratulations on your prize】


Was written in big characters, I didn't expect to win and my movements stopped in surprise. Seeing Cloude smile happily, glares full of resentment focused on him, he spoke somewhat indifferently.

"There are detailed results too. It seems to be prepared very fairly."

I also looked over the contents, certainly, it was devised in order to judge everyone fairly. Not acquired any Senses 【4000p】, vacancies in party 【40000p】, furthermore there was crafting weapons 【24500p】, crafting armour 【17500p】, crafting recovery items 【18200p】, there was a lot of points added for crafting. Other than that there were points for defeating mobs and defeating unique bosses.

"Bonus treasure box 【3000p】... on top of obtaining items we get points too?"

"It must be because of the difficulty degree. Your diving was just 【500p】 by itself which isn't much. It seems like not the fact you dive but the results that counts?"

"Hmm. Other than that... Cooking 【21000p】?! Isn't the rate weird?!"

"No, it's because of the amount you crafted. The individual rate is smaller than crafting weapons or armour, but it's multiplied by the amount created."

While that was said I scrolled down the entries further. Team negotiations, team cooperation and exchanges with other players, cooperation during the boss subjugation, destroying the weak points and so on.

And in the back there was score with unprecedented rate.

"Befriended young beasts 【100000p】, hey, isn't there one number too much?"

"That'd be the number of young beasts we partnered up with. 20000 for one animal. Well, the rate must be good because of how good our relation is with them."

I don't want to read that deep into the circumstances behind it.

"Well, this is the result of everyone's hard work. Cheers for the week's worth of good work."

"Yupyup. We made it because of the members we gathered! We made a house, hunted, cooked... it was fun!"

Magi-san and Lyly spoke, so they enjoyed themselves? And after hearing that I felt my expression loosen.

"But, Yun-kun, you haven't forgotten have you."

"About what?"

Suddenly, Magi-san let out a daring laughter. I asked her what is it, did I forget something?

"The winners get limited edition items. I wonder what will they be?"

"Items that almost break the game balance?"

That was the only thing I could answer with. In fact, only the top players would get exceptional game-balance breaking items. The content from the bonus treasure chest were items that could be modified with magic materials. I think they won't break the balance.

"For example, a dedicated home? That would be useful."

"Umm, stores and guild buildings can be used as homes... so there's no need for that."


I stammered hearing Lyly's sensible opinion.

Then, I wonder what will it be. And as I thought so, another mail came. Good grief, another mail from management. They should have sent the conents all at once, they're way too business-like when doing these things.


【——Congratulations on winning a prize. Please choose your prize from the items listed below. The chosen item will immediately appear in your inventory.】


"Somehow... there's a selection formula for the prizes."

"Well, it's better than having management deciding one-sidedly. It would be troublesome if crafters like us were given weapons."

Although Cloude said so, his expression turned serious immediately after.

As I skimmed through I saw 【A legendary-class weapon with a usage number restriction】, 【A legendary-class weapon with a set longevity】 【A weapon strengthened with a magical material】, and the armour had the same choices as weapons.

【Special Home's Expansion Rights】, 【Ownership of a Personal field】, 【The Right to Make Your Own Dungeon】, they were field-related items.


"——Crafting-type's 【Making Box】."

That's what has caught my interest.

The description was 'produces one random material from specified crafting-type per day'. And a possibility to change its setting to 'the box can replicate a material item housed inside once a day'.

In other words, if I set it to herb-type items I will get a random herb-type material, if I set it to metal-type, the function will give me a random ore.

The appearance rate varies depending on the rank and the replication function is not perfect either, the original item does not disappear but the replication might fail if the rank is high. While it was possible to change delivery settings, unlike single-item crafting like weapons and armour, potions were mass-produced. The materials for potions weren't limited to herbs. Monsters body parts are also required, there was no immediate income from it, it wasn't convenient in use.

"It's not too convenient but... I'm really interested in it."

"That thing's nice. Maybe I should try it too?"

The magic box seems to have caught Magi-san's eye as well. I felt a bit happy seeing we match.

"Lyly, what did you pick?"

"Me? I chose 【Ownership of a personal field】."

"Eh? Didn't you say you don't need a home earlier?"

"That's not it. If it's a field, then it'll be a vast area I can use as I please. There are many things I need a vast space to craft with woodworking... what should I make as I return? Before that, I need to gather materials〜. Shiacchi will help me out okay?"

Lyly spoke with a nice smile, it felt dazzling to me. In the contrast Cloude was——

"I see. Then Cloude, what about you?"

"Hmm. 【The right to make your own dungeon】, the period is three months."

"Cloude as a dungeon master? That gives me villainish vibes..."

As Magi-san stared at him, Cloude snorted and laughed.

"Although it's for limited period of time, I can freely operate a dungeon. That means I can determine what's inside of the dungeon. I can set the the nodes to tailoring materials and collect them extensively..."

"AHH?! Cloude, no fair! Set the materials to balanced!"

Cloude's handsome face distorted evilly. Although what we picked had its good and bad points, Lyly's appearance with his innocent smile healed my heart.

We've send our requests, and I've confirmed receiving the Making Box.

And, there was a final result announcement.

【——Young Beasts will be contracted to players shortly.】

The last event began quietly.

The contract with Young Beasts. With that announcement as the trigger, Young Beasts faced the humans they trusted most one after another.

All the people who towards whom the beasts were faced were unable to say anything. The contract was a necessary step, but everyone was speechless because they haven't heard anything about it. However, informing anyone was unnecessary as the situation will proceed automatically.

The Young Beasts have started to emit light one after another, the time of contract seems to have come.

"...Ryui? Zakuro?"

I somehow muttered that as I faced the Young Beasts that were wrapped in light. Ryui was wrapped in white light while Zakuro was wrapped in dark red. As for others, Ricœur was wrapped in light blue light and Socks was wrapped in intermingling black and white light which looked like marble. Neshias was clad in mix of golden and vermilion light. I could see various lights shine in the surroundings.

About thirty seconds have passed and when the light subsided, there were Ryui and the others. However, there was a slight difference in their appearance.

"...Ryui has now a longer horn, and the number of tails Zakuro has increased to two."

From Ryui's forehead extended a spiral horn peaking out beyond its short hair, and Zakuro had two black bushy tails now.

As for Ryui, I knew he's a legendary mythological beast, Unicorn. But I don't know what Zakuro is, a fox with a lot of tails?

Other than that, as I looked around the held-up Ricœur and Socks didn't change much. On the other hand, Neshias' nostalgic appearance of a hairball was nowhere to be seen, it has undergone a transformation into a vermilion bird with a beautiful tail.

"The change from before and after was drastic."

Somehow, it felt like something rare.

"Aahh... that cute Ricœur is..."

"What happened, Magi-san?!"

"It's claws and teeth have extended! Somehow, it's both cute and cool at the same time now!"

Ricœur she was holding turned this way, as it breathed heavily with a 'haa haa haa' and let out its tongue we could certainly see that its canines have grown a little.

As everyone stared, Ricœur let out a short howl and collapsed into grains of pale light. What appeared in Magi-san's hands was a light blue stone.

"Ohh? Is the contract complete?"

"Then, next is my turn. Thy name is Socks. Become my kin for I shall be the one to take you in."

Socks started to skilfully scratch its neck with its hind legs. Cloude finished his embarrassing speech, I stared at him with half-closed eyes. Lyly smiled wryly and Magi-san held her mouth trying not to laugh.

"Fuu〜. Come, Socks."

Socks who was grooming its hair was called by Cloude, and instantly leaped in a way unimaginable from its small stature, its appearance changed into that of a stone with black and white mixed.

"So, contract's complete with this."

"But Cloude, what were those lines. Do you want me to laugh to death?"

As Magi-san pointed out, his face distorted bitterly, he remained silent and didn't refute. He seemed to be aware of how embarrassing his behaviour was.

Meanwhile Lyly was——

"Shall we form a contract too? Shiacchi."

Neshias who turned into a beautiful bird didn't take any actions in particular. It's appearance vanished and it turned into a a warm-orange coloured stone.

"That means——it's us now. Well, let's get along in the future as well?"

I bent my knees and beckoned over the two animals to make it easier for them to come up. Ryui bluntly started licking my face, and Zakuro went up my arm and started licking my cheek from the opposite side with its small tongue.

"Uppowah? W-wait a moment, that tickles!"

"...Yun-kun's being licked all over. Oops, that's really stimulating. I feel I'll have a nosebleed."

"Mmmm?! An inspiration for a new armour!"

"That's so nice〜. Shiacchi only gives sweet bites, let me mix in too."

No, help me instead! I thought, but the situation didn't last long. Ah, I leaked out a short sound and the two animals changed into particles. In my hands I've had a stone as white as snow, and a stone with red and black stripes.

"You managed to complete it safely, Yun-kun."

"Yeah, it seems so."

"I'm curious what kind of mob everyone partnered up with."

"Then, my Shiacchi is, ——a Phoenix. It's a name of a completely mythical legendary creature. Well, it's a young beast right now so it's fine."

Lyly, there's no use escaping reality right now. In the future, it will turn into a dreadful existence.

"A Phoenix huh. It can take place of reviving items, so anyone would like to have it."

"W-w-what to do!? Shiacchi will be crushed and used!"

Cloude's words upset Lyly who started to worry, it seemed like he wanted to shoo away the bad people.

"Don't worry. At that time we'll protect you two with our bodies on the line."

"Indeed. I'll help you too when you're in trouble."

"Well, that's it. Just be happy about it for now."

First Cloude, then Magi-san and I spoke to Lyly.

"Now, instead of worrying what's ahead let's announce what's the race of our partners. Next is Cloude, Yun-kun's after that."

"Got it. The name is——a Luck Cat of some type. It seems like a demonic beast that governs over luck."

"A cat that carries both good and bad luck within... it looks like a support-type young beast."

"Fufufufu interesting. In some places black cats are said to be an existence that carries luck to their owners. In other words, an existence that robs others of luck and passes it to its owner. It's peculiar but interesting. I like it."

Cloude who put on a daring smile was a bit repulsive. Magi-san encouraged me next.

"Next, Yun-kun. How is it?"

"Even if you ask how, Ryui is an Unicorn as its appearance suggests. Zakuro is..."

And my other partner was——

"——A heavenly fox."

Both the unicorn and a fox spirits in fantasy games were never main characters, they always had a supportive role behind the scenes as far as I could remember.

"Hmm. Two types that mature late I guess? Well, they're still Young Beasts, we'll see what's ahead."

"Then, Magi-san, what about you?"

"Eh, in my case it's——"

She spat out a 'bfttt'. Why was she so surprised. Ahh, she placed a hand on her forehead and looked towards the sky.

"Nn. It's a mythical beast called Fenrir. It's a name that appears in myths and games."

"If trained well, it seems like it would be the strongest one."

"And what will we do if they turn into giant monsters?"


The three of us couldn't respond anything to Lyly's murmur.

Yeah. These monsters are called Young Beasts. That means we'll discover them in a field somewhere. A Fenrir that stands in front of players, just how strong will it grow to become.

In this sense, the monsters we could contract during this event seemed to have a considerable potential and as long as we could meet the conditions it was relatively easily to contract them.

On the other hand, their bodies were limited to being Young Beasts, seems like management needs to watch over the balance at all times.

"...let's not think of something that dreadful. We're crafters after all."

"You're right. In the near future, let's just pray for the peace of souls of the people who collect materials."

"No wait, they haven't died yet. In the first place, its unknown when will they even appear."

For some reason, I naturally ended up retorting to Cloude who made a cross in front of his chest.

Well, if one intends to create something out of the rare drops that appear, he might end up request subjugation of the mob for said drop. In that sense, he's a man who thinks of the future.

Even so, in this safety area there's a number of Young Beasts, but only about half of them were able to properly make a contract. The rest has reluctantly went back into the forest.

Some people looked towards the fading Young Beast's backs and called out to them with a sorrowful, fearful voice. It was a sad farewell, but the fact that a party of the Young Beasts stayed behind was a remedy. There were people in daze all around who had the hair or horns and such appear in their hands and inventories..

Well, as a souvenir and something to carry around it was a good thing.

"It seems like not everyone involved was able to perform a contract."

"Well, those were Young Beasts that flocked to the safety area for refuge."

As Magi-san murmured, I turned around and stared at their backs in melancholy. I might might be counted as one of the people who have great luck. I thought.


【——All event procedures are complete. After this, within 10 minutes you will be forwarded to the normal server. Various functions used during this event will be disabled and the normal specifications will be returned. ——I repeat——】


The last announcement huh. After hearing they have won, the winners have come together in the end and although they were noisily celebrating, as expected, no one made it too flashy since it was a game. In the end, everyone announced their results and presented the items they have received.

Later, there might be some information passed around in secret too.

"Hmm. It's over, but I can't believe only a few hours passed in reality. Even if I were to be told that now, it would sound doubtful."

"What if we wake up now, and realize that a month has passed instead."

Magi-san and Lyly spoke to each other. Well, if time can be compressed, it must also be possible to do the opposite.

Thinking that way, it seems like Ureshima Tarou might become a popular joke in the game.[1]

"Now then, it's about time. Well, let's get along on the other side as well."

"Magi. It might be late to say this, but, it was fun."

"Yupyup. The summer's over, let's try gathering together often?"

"That might be good too. Everyone goes their own way after this. So, take care of me next time."

As we finished to say our regards, I felt the same sensation I did when the event started.



After the event, there a small change happened to the 【Atelier】.

"Three sandwiches and various potions up until the purchase limit."

"I want five of Yun-chan's full-of-love sandwiches and same for the potions too."

"You... don't say such a thing in front of the person herself. Also, I want the same here, on the right."

Starting with 【Eight Million Gods】 Mikadzuchi, some of the players I got acquainted with started to come to my store as customers.

And the one who was servicing those players, was NPC Kyouko-san to whom I left it. Although I was sitting in the store's corner, currently I was being the store's customer-pulling attraction.

"Now then, I'll come again. Yun-chan."

"Thank you very much for the purchase. Also, don't call me Yun-chan!"

I called out to the customer who was waving to me in the store's exit and and let out a tired sigh.

"Yun-san, are you tired?"

"I wonder. Well, isn't it a welcome change in a way?"

"Then, please go and collect materials. With more customers now, we're lacking several materials."

"Got it. Now then, let's do my best for the store's sake. Let's go, Ryui, Zakuro."

The two animals who were sitting down together with me stood up swiftly and looked towards me.

Seeing that I nodded with satisfaction and hung the bow on my shoulder.

"Now, let's safely and leisurely hunt some."

I listened to the reply of two animals and left the 【Atelier】, after locating appropriately-leveled enemy I collected the materials.

Relaxedly, I spent time in this world in my own pace.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow

Secondary Weapon : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Outerwear, Underwear, Torso, Waist).


Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

▪ Rugged Iron Ring (1)

▪ Substitute Gem's Ring (1)


Possessed SP22

【Bow Lv28】【Hawk Eyes Lv38】 【Speed Increase Lv22】 【Discovery Lv24】 【Magic Talent Lv42】

【Magic Power Lv43】 【Enchant Arts Lv16】 【Dosing Lv20】 【Taming Lv2】 【Cooking Lv20】


【Alchemy Lv29】 【Synthesis Lv26】 【Earth Element Talent Lv13】 【Craftsmanship Lv29】 【Swimming Lv13】

【Crafting Knowledge Lv30】


Accessories obtained during event:

▪Dead Soldier's Bracelet×1

▪Various abnormal state-inducing accessories (poison, paralysis, sleep, curse, charmed, confused, fainted, angry), a set of eight×1

▪Joke accessories×12

▪Cursed accessories×10

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urashima_Tar%C5%8D

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    Nice translation krytykal.

    1. All Night

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        It s not very effective...

        poor krytyka...eeeee i mean poor krytyk:)

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    Thanks for the complete volume 2, Krytyk.

    Some people looked towards the fading Young Beast’s backs and caleld out to them with a sorrowful, fearful voice. caleld --> called

    After the event, there a small change was born to the 【Atelier】. --> After the event, there a small change to the 【Atelier】.

    1. Blank

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      After the event, there, a small change was born to the {Atelier], so more like there isn't really needed.

      1. dan

        Good catch, my mind filled in the "was" and I didn't realize that it needed to be fixed! So it'd be:
        After the event, there was small change to 【Atelier】.
        After the event, a small change was born to 【Atelier】.

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    Thank you Krytyk for translating.

    1. SilenceComes

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      Many thanks for the translation Krytyk, I'm loving this series, and I love it even more because I can relate to Yun! I'm always that solo player that makes everything he needs but is still able to hunt/grind/etc solo.

          1. krytyk Post author

            Not everything changes, and if they do, it doesn't have to be at the same level. Simple as that.

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    My guess would be lager on ryui and zakuro would be able to go to human form.

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