I finish dinner and take a bath, then log into the game.

Since I have reached my goal, let’s take my time examining «Necromantic Secrets».


“Oh, welcome back~.”

“I’m back, Nephrite-san.”

“Ertz went to eat.”

“It is dinner time after all.”


There, Primula-san has quickly come over.


“Heya! ‘Sup Primula!”

“Good evening.”



And started placing her stall with familiar gestures. Next, a line has formed in front of the stall and Primula-san started servicing her clients. Looks like everyone lines up to repair things.


 «Necromantic Secrets»
【Dark Ritual】
Absorbs enemy corpses to acquire their blueprints or flesh.

Using the acquired flesh, creates a body based on a blueprint, summons a spirit into it.


Me? I’m glaring at the UI. In addition to the arts description, there is a new UI for «Necromantic Secrets» in the menu. One for managing summons. The thing that catches my eye is Capacity at 0 / 500k and AI Level 1 / 101. The number of summons is 0 / 1(?), I don’t know how much Capacity I gain at this point, so I can’t tell if 500k is much. AI level is max 100 at default, and probably 101 thanks to «Supervising Undead». And the number of summons capable at once is purely level-based.

Furthermore, there is a slot for templates, but there are none so I can’t tell what it does. And in the customization UI, there are Class Customization and Body Customization. But I don’t have anything yet, so it’s unknown what they do.

Well, in other words, I barely know anything at this point. For now, how about I do some Dark Rituals on Rabbits and Wolves?


“Hmm… I’ll be going out for now.”

“See ya.”

“See you lateeer.”


I leave Primula-san and Nephrite-san, then head toward the Southern gate. Rabbits and Wolves are in all directions, so let’s get done with them before the second batch comes in three days.


The escaping ones are normal Rabbits, the ones that attack are trained Rabbits. In other words, rabbits have two types of AI, one that escapes and one that does not. The type that escapes is annoying, and so I stab the Rabbit soldier with my rapier.


Oh my… it says there are overlapping functions. Let’s make it so that the «Necromantic Secrets» body remnants are off… and the «Disassembly» is in charge of leaving bodies. This should work.


Pointing my rapier at Mr. Rabbit’s remnants, I absorb them with【Dark Ritual】.

On the ground there was a black(?) shadowy(?) magic circle from which a large amount of hands appeared to pull the body in… No wonder it leaves no materials.



〈【Dark Ritual】has acquired “Rabbit” body.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉



Before confirming, let’s first absorb a Wolf.

...It takes a little time to pull them in with【Dark Ritual】.



〈【Dark Ritual】has acquired “Wolf” body.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉



To confirm that the capacity is the same, I beat one more. While at it, let’s try to move away during the ritual. Verifying~verifying.

If you move away too far during a【Dark Ritual】, it will fail and the body will disappear. It’s well, that. I’m curious whether the Skill level influences the speed at which it’s absorbed, but at this point it’s impossible to verify it. Let’s note down the time it takes to absorb a body and compare sometime later. Now, next.



〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “1” Capacity.〉



You serious? Rabbits and wolves are stuck at 1? No, well… they are the first enemies.

What is important is how much capacity is necessary to summon. Let’s go back and check the UI… no, I can do it here. If an enemy comes I can always raise my capacity, right? If anything, I do want rabbit and wolf meat too.


Now, among templates there are Rabbit Zombie and Rabbit Skeleton, Wolf Zombie and Wolf Skeleton names. Hnn…? Hmm-mm… I see.

So the initial cost is [(Summon’s Evolution Levelx10)xSize]. Rabbits and Wolves haven’t evolved so they are [(1x10)xSize].

The size is dependant on how large a Servant is, and the costs are [Tinyx1, Smallx2, Mediumx4, Bigx6, Hugex8]. Rabbits and wolves are x1 so they are treated as Tiny.

In other words, Rabbit and Wolf’s initial costs are [(1x10)x1 = 10].

And on top of this cost, there is additional cost when customizing and possibility of summoning with extra cost for bonus stats.


Next, about customization and extra cost summon...

Class Customization… is impossible. I don’t know whether it’s impossible for Rabbits and Wolves, or whether my level is too low, but at this point it’s unknown.

Body Customization… it is possible to add custom parts from the list, customizing them to an extent. It appears it is possible to add arms for example, but it looks bizarre. At most it’s possible to add four parts. The cost are harsh though. [1 Partx2、2 Partsx4、3 Partsx6、4 Partsx8].

Summoning costs I learned so far are [(Summon’s Evolution Levelx10)xSizexBody CustomizationxExtra].

In other words, the total cost calculation will be[(Summon’s Evolution Levelx10)xSizexClass CustomizationxBody CustomizationxExtra].

And at this point the multiplication value for class customization is unknown.


Then, the initial costs and biggest costs I know at this point are...

The initial cost is 10 Capacity.

Using the higher cost ones it’s [(1x10)x1x8x3=240].

And once I know the Class Customization multiplication, it will further change. At the very least, it will increase by two times? That makes 480. With Rabbits and Wolves alone, they’re telling us to absorb 480 of them… This started to feel MMO-like!


For now… oh, let’s go back to my home (Catacombs) once. The blueprint acquiring is most likely… taking in one of each “Family”. I want a humanoid, so let’s go absorb zombies. By all means, let’s absorb them. Speaking of which, can I give humanoids equipment?

Well, I will know once I absorb them. But first let’s absorb the five that attacked me while I was checking things.




It’s been a while, my home. Your biggest problem is that you are far. I want a body I can ride. Looks like I’m getting greedy, but it’s important to maintain greed as a motivation in MMOs. Greed, he sure is strong, that one...


Hello, Mr. Zombie… FAREWELL!



〈【Dark Ritual】has acquired “Zombie” body.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉



Oh, that’s a lot of capacity. This is nice. Let’s verify while I’m at it. Need to confirm the 2nd and 3rd floors.



〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉


〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉



I beat them by groups of five on the second and third floor, but I did not receive bodies and only capacity. The capacity was fixed at 3. Is the capacity irrelevant to level, and dependant on size? They die right away when I cast light spells, so isn’t this pretty nice place to gather capacity?


The only problem is that my Base Level, «Luminous Magic» and «High-Class Magic Ability» are the only ones that go up, and other Skills don’t get experience.

The reason why I worry about that, is because dungeons seem to exist here. I don’t know what they look like, but I feel that without a good balance of Base Level and various Skills it won’t end nicely.


Let’s go back for now. I also need to go visit the general store’s granny. While going back, I check the result of Zombies.



Zombie and Skeletons were added, and both can have their class customized. It’s possible to make them into Fighters or Archers… And the cost is ×2. When you customize a servant’s class, their stats are redistributed in the chosen direction… apparently. Hmm...

Also, Zombie. It looks like they can wear equipment. Seems there is a need to prepare equipment now. I guess the day I go North to mine ore is near, hmm? The problem is that with too low AI level, I feel like they won’t be able to wield their weapons properly.


Customization, equipment, Skill setting and template save, summon...


The problem are Skills, it is possible to customize them to a certain extent, but there are must-have Skills. Zombie has a very unpleasant Skill called «Decomposing Body».

Looks like skeletons will become my main… but skeletons aren’t very suitable as main shield role due to their weakness to blunt attacks. When there is no one else nearby, it might be a good idea to use a zombies. «Decomposing Body» has no effect on me, since I’m also a zombie.

It’s all up to how tough a fully-equipped skeleton is… isn’t it. By the way, Zombies and Skeletons are Small-sized, so ×2 cost.


And the only Skills that I can grant with «Immortal Royalty» are Monster Skills… And up to one? ...Oh my? I can’t put «High Immortal» on them, but I can move a single effect out of it? So I can move Purification Resistance?! ...Ohh, but at this point «Super HP Recovery» is a must have. Otherwise, the moment I put them out in the daylight they will instantly get taken away by sunlight and my Capacity will decrease. What a trap. I was caught in it before, so I won’t make the same mistake again. ...I did almost get caught when my Skill got enhanced.

In order to prevent accidents, I first set «Super HP Recovery» on them. When it stops being useful, I will switch it with a different Skill. ...These guys’ Monster Skills, they are shared with mine, aren’t they? Back when I started I did not have «Physical Immunity» or «Magic Resistance», but they can get them… well, alright.

«Physical Immunity» should be most stable… Even if I take «Magic Resistance» they will melt anyway, right? «Physical Resistance Lv1» «Physical Immunity Lv1» «Low Undead» «Decomposing Body» and «Super HP Recovery Lv11», is it? For Skeleton, «Decomposing Body» is switched with «Bone Body».


Ah, but it seems like there is no need to worry too much. It’s possible to switch them around. Seems like it’s possible to switch them depending on what hunting grounds you are on. You can make templates for the hunting grounds and save them in sets of "◯◯ Map Build" format. Pretty kind of them.

Skill Level and Skill evolutions are dependent on «Necromantic Secrets»… which means? Regardless of SP, if you level your Skill they will go up. In exchange, it does seem like it will start going up really slowly later on.



Alright, I returned, but…let’s sleep! My home sure is far.

Let’s go visit the general store tomorrow. School will end after the big cleaning. I take a room in the inn, do stretches and log out.





“Today we are going on a date, you two have lunch with this!”


“We will do shopping and come back for dinner.”



Mom and Dad are going on a date the entire day today? Yesterday we had Moa Burgers, too? What do we have today, sushi?


“Not-rotating sushi vs rotating sushi.”

“Hnn… we will have lunch after cleaning, so rotating sushi! I want to eat plenty!”

“Nnn, then let’s have rotating for lunch today.”

“Grilled meat would be nice, too.”

“It will take longer to come back compared to eating rotating sushi, you know?”



I’m sure that in my little sister, there’s a three way battle - meat vs fish vs game time. Since I’m going to have a shower after coming back, it’s all the same to me.


“Decide before lunchtime.”



In the end, she continued to think even when we reached school, let’s leave it to her. If she doesn’t decide until lunch, I will decide. Still, just how fierce is that battle in her head…?


“Oh, morning~.”

“Morning, Kotonee-san.”

“Good morning.”


My name was said with a strange nuance, but that’s nothing new, so I elegantly ignore it.

When I talked with classmates, Tomohiro and Suguru came, then soon after the teacher came.


“A’ight, I’ll be taking attendance.”


Of course, the school is wide. However, it is cleaned normally as well, so this time teachers only tell the students where to clean up and we quickly clean things up while talking.

When cleaning is done, we gather in the classroom. Classmates who were cleaning elsewhere come back one after another.


After a while, Tomohiro came back in a good mood.


“Hey, Kotone.”


“Let’s go on a date later”

“Where to?”

“The sea!”

“Not happening...”

“Ah, no. I mean Southern Inbamunt.”

“Nn… ohh, I see. The Safe Zone?”

“It’s realistic and pretty, I thought it could be a good place to spend some leisure time. It doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t require guardians, and there is no need to worry about tan.”

“I would need to prepare a swimsuit.”

“I gathered materials already. I plan to ask Dantel-san to make the swimsuit, what kind of swimsuit you want?”

“Hnn… then a bikini… with a pareo?”

“The cloth thing around the waist, right. What color?”

“Anything goes.”

“Then let’s leave the color and detailed design to Dantel-san, hm. I’m sure he’ll get fired up anyway. And it’s a game so there is no need to worry about three sizes!”


He’s saying he will prepare it, so let’s accept that. Then I’ll take care of food… maybe I should prepare some sandwiches.


“Ohh, also. Date aside, how about having a barbecue? Calling our parties.”

“Hnn… I can prepare ingredients but… I don’t have sauce or tools.”


The Cooking Kit’s charcoal fire is a little small for barbecue. And I don’t have an iron plate for it… above all, there is no barbecue sauce. It would be good with just salt and pepper, but...


“Hmm… I guess you’re right, and Skill-wise it would be only you who’s cooking, right? Kotone.”

“Ahh… there is high possibility of that.”

“Then that’s no good. Can’t have you do everything alone.”


I don’t mind if it’s just for us four, but if our parties come it will be over ten.



My connect board started vibrating, so I check it.


“Hm, it’s Ellie. Nnn…?”

“By Ellie, you mean… Elizabeth-san?”

“She’s asking “did you eat lunch yet?”, did she mistake the recipient?”

“Well… kind of sounds like it.”


I haven’t eaten yet, didn’t you mistake the person to send to? I answer.


"And “Then it’s my treat!” she says… wait, I’m not sure I get it.”


While I was confused by Ellie’s message, Sensei entered the classroom.


“Hey, good job! I have a farewell gift for you, as thanks for cleaning!”

“Treat us to a drink!”



“I told you yesterday I’ll give it to you, right.”


He did say it...


“I think you know even without me telling you, but do check the amount of homework and plan your schedule. Alright, disperse! Don’t be late tomorrow.”


It’s almost lunchtime. Did my little sister decide yet?

As for Ellie. What did she mean by that? Might as well call her. It will be in English, but everyone here already knows I can speak English.


『“Good morning, Tasha.”』

“Good morning, Ellie. I read your message, what did you mean by that?”

『“I meant what I said. Where are you now?”』

“School. I’m going to have lunch now and go home...”

『“Then come back home right away. I should be there by 12.”』

"...So you are here?”

『“And so is Abbie.”』

"...In other words, Dad’s bad feeling was right on spot.”

『“As expected of him! By the way, what did you plan to eat?”』

“My little sister is troubled whether to eat sushi or grilled meat.”

『“Then let’s have sushi. I want to eat some, too. Let’s have grilled meat for dinner?”』

“Ahhh, you haven’t contacted our parents, have you?”

『“Of course not!”』

“I knew it. They went out saying they are going on a date, so looks like I need to tell them they don’t need to buy dinner.”

『“Oh my, are they out? What a shame. Father, apparently they are out, we can’t surprise them.”』


So they planned to surprise us after all. With that said, it’s almost lunch… It’s hard to tell whether I’ll have time to take a shower. Let’s go back right away.

Rather, she said “my treat” so it will be delivery anyway.


“Tomohiro, let’s go home.”

“Got it. Suguruu! We’re going.”



We head to the entrance and join up with my little sister’s group.


“Onee-chan! Let’s eat meat!”

“Unfortunately, meat has become dinner.”

"...HUH?!    W    H    Y    ?!

“Ellie and Abbie came over, so we’re heading straight home. It’s a raid.”

“Ojousama army is raiding?! ...Which means, the presidents are here too, huh.”

“Our right to choose the meal has disappeared, in exchange, the grade goes up by several stages.”

“Alright, I forgive it! Let’s go back!”


When we walked back home with the same members as yesterday, two clearly out-of-place cars passed by us. Oh, they stopped a little ahead. And a single woman in very peculiar clothing got off.


““...IT’S A MAID?!””

“Oh, it’s the first time you two see her?”

“Speaking of which, the two don’t know.”


When Tomohiro said so, I recalled that Yanase-san and Matsutake-san haven’t met them before. They haven’t matched the timing of them coming before.


“It has been a while, everyone. And you two, nice to meet you… is it? Please call me Colette.”

“I’m Yanase.”

“I’m Matsutake”

“Everyone, will you get on?”



For now, let’s head to the car. The road here isn’t all that wide, after all.

We can all get on if we split, but making Yanase-san and Matsutake-san get on alone would be cruel. The first one is Abbie’s. In which case my little sister will go there.


“Then, I will take the two and get on Abi-chan’s car, okay?”

“That would be for the best. Tomohiro, Suguru, let’s go to the front one.”




Tomohiro and Suguru met them a few times before, so it should be alright. We quickly get on and the car started moving. It sure is cool inside! 

Inside the car, there was a kind-looking man and Elizabeth a.k.a. Ellie, wearing a light one piece dress. There was also a driver and Colette-san, the maid who got off earlier. These people are from America and are related to Mom. Riding on the car in the back are people from England, and are related to Dad.


“Hey there, you are beautiful as always!”

“Thank you very much. I see you are in good health.”

“Of course I am! Well, Japan is as hot as always in this season...”


I agree with that. Yes, it’s really hot.

Since we were in a car, after talking for a moment we arrive at home. I passed the keys to Tomohiro and headed to my little sister’s car.


“『“Are you two going to eat lunch too? Of course, it’s our treat.”』 they say, how about it?”

“Then, you two, come eat with us.”



I follow my little sister who is pulling Yanase-san and Matsutake-san with her, and enter our home. The two are really stiff. Even commoners can tell apart a high-class limousine, it has some impact.

We are going to eat something tasty now, but I wonder if the two will properly feel the taste. They might not, considering just how nervous they are.


It seems like they will be here the entire day, so I order a delivery and go take shower. Let’s refresh myself and relax some.


Ellie is tall and the same age as me. Abbie is short and the same age as my little sister. They are both beauties, but they are a cool type and cute type. Tsundere ojousama and innocent ojousama types, you could say? No, it’s not like Ellie is a tsundere, but it’s the easiest way to imagine her. They could be also compared to villain lady and heroine...


“It’s been a while, Abbie.”

“It’s been a while, Tasha! Those boobies make me envious as always!”


I wonder why younger girls I am acquainted with all come clinging to me? My own sister included.

With that said, it seems like they put down two big bags in the corner of the room, what is that?

Noticing my gaze, Ellie gasped and made a pose, after which she raised her voice.


“Tasha! Looks like you’re doing something interesting, HM?! Getting those was really hard! Hard on Father!”



I feel like our hearts have become one.

My little sister nimbly approached the bags and peeked inside.


“Whoa, it’s FLFO. Are you going to play?”

“We are. We are going with blonde drill ojousama characters.”

“That’s not really a “character”, you are one.”

“But I can’t really do that hair in real, right? By the way, both of us will do it.”

“Huh? Abbie is going blonde drills as well?”


“Oh, I see… But there’s four of them?”


Hearing my sisters words, I reflexively looked toward the two presidents.


“Unfortunately, it’s not us… it’s really unfortunate!”



They really look regretful. Which means… This time I turned my gaze toward the maid duo.


“Yes, we will join as well.”

“I look forward to it.”


Their attending maids. Colette, a.k.a. Lettie and Dorothy a.k.a. Dorie. The reason why they are wearing maid outfits is their hobby. Apparently those clothes are work clothes, and very useful. They have a white and black long skirts.

Isn’t it hot in summer? I asked before, when I did, they pulled out ice packs wrapped in towels from those clothes. They can hide a lot of things in there and it’s hard to notice, which is why maid clothes are so good. It was a long explanation. As pros, they seem to be really picky.


So, real ojousama is going to do blonde drills, and have a pro maid follow them. And there will be two pairs of that.


“By the way, will we be able to acquire maid clothes?”

“We get nervous without these.”


Rather than being picky, it’s an occupational disease?


“Well… I think you should be able to… you just need to have someone make them for you.”

“Dantel-san will gladly make them. The problem is how much will a top crafter’s work cost.”

“How about a dress?”

“He will gladly make some, but we haven’t found silk yet.”

“So there is no silk yet… And the thing you are wearing, Tasha?”

“Oh yeah, I was also curious about it. Is that a game-specific thing?”

“Seems so. According to the description, it’s a fantastical metallic fabric. It does have metallic luster.”

““I SEE...””


Rather, why do these people know about it?


“Obviously, we saw videos. Thought it was you Tasha, and scavenged.”

“We also saw CMs and trailers!”


Ohh, I see. No wonder I got found out by the two.

And so, they charged to their fathers and the result is now. The hell you’re doing.


A *Ding-dong!* sounded, and when I checked it, it was the catering service.

We went to meet them out, and had everything carried in. Let’s take a picture of everyone around the table and send it to Dad.


After a moment, Dad side’s president’s, Louis-san’s connect board started ringing. Must be Dad, no doubt.

Louis-san checked who is calling, then while laughing heartily he took the call. A message from Mom came to me, let’s tell her about the dinner.


By the way, we do the same thing when we go to their places, so we are equal in this regard.



After eating first class sushi, we see our four friends off. It seems like the two calmed down enough to tell the taste, I’m glad we kept silent about those people’s identity. Though, they will probably be told who they are by my little sister. Tomohiro and Suguru already know, so there is no need to worry about them.


As we discussed, the conversation turned at one point and my sister said she will stream for everyone, and ran to her room.

I open her stream on the living room’s TV.


Although there is an automatic translation function for other languages, there is no need for that since she speaks English. Automatic translation sometimes mistranslates things, too.  My little sister seems to have turned off automatic translation to English.

From Ellie and others’ perspective, Japanese has a lot of difficult words and automatic translation can be pretty shady, so speaking the language was pretty important. Won’t viewers from English-speaking countries gather with just this? They said.


While we leisurely watched the stream, they said I can go play, so maybe I should log in as well.

Let’s go to Granny’s general store.


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