7th of May, Tuesday.

Enthusiasm. Hitting the Target. Shooting.

Purchasing some Maumauland souvenirs, I gave some as gifts to Mariko, including Chitose-chan's share.

It would be strange to say I went there alone. And so, I said that I invited friends from middle school... But, Mariko still gave me a wondering look.

The friend that was supposed to go, on that day suddenly got a cold, so a ticket was left over. Was the setting I made.

I felt bad for lying, I shouldn't have bought any souvenirs in the first place and remained silent... after hearing Sayuri's description of the souvenirs and recommended some, I was overpowered and bought them.

Somehow, it feels like I'm making excuses blaming things on others.

Since Mariko looked lonely, I ended up saying "Next time I'll definitely invite you as well!". I don't know when will that happen, after saying it I felt a slight regret.

Mariko responded with "Yup! It's a promise!", she narrowed her eyes and smiled. Because of that smile, I felt guilt. Still, it was a reward for a light lie.

Fortunately, she seemed to like the souvenirs. There was a limited strap, as an limited edition item it was very hard to obtain.

After having such exchange I parted with Mariko, after coming home I checked the smart key.

The situation hasn't changed. Relieved, I headed to Tomomi's room.

I sounded the chime, then Tomomi had opened the door and pulled me inside.

"Nii-chan Nii-chan! Welcome back!"

Wow, her tension's way too high! Like that, Tomomi brought me to the living room.

With a T-shirt and shorts, it was Tomomi's rough dress-up.

"Being energetic today? Heck, you seem three times more energetic than usual."

"See, I mean. I fell asleep when coming back from Maumauland. Thanks to that I've charged my batteries, though I didn't talk enough about how fun was it."

"Judging from that, it seems like you enjoyed Maumauland."

"Right on! You know, that thing where you shoot aliens? It was awesome."

There was an attraction where sitting on a space ship-like gondola, you shot aliens with a built-in gun, certainly, Tomomi got a high score on the day.

Peeking into my face, Tomomi made a concerned expression.

"Nii-chan, you're not going to say it was boring, are you?"

"I've had lots of fun."

Tomomi was relieved, her chest rose up and down with that relief. Her chest looked cramped in that T-shirt... uu... she's my little sister yet my gaze was drawn to the valley...

Why did that happen. I'm disqualified as a brother.

"I'm glad. Relieved. If Nii-chan didn't have fun, I'd feel lonely you see! As a little sister I'm curious what does Nii-chan find fun."

"What are you saying all of a sudden."

"I-I don't think it's sudden, you know? I did a prelude to it."

Tomomi's eyes were swimming and she wouldn't look at me, her voice was excited.

"I think it was natural flow of conversation?"

"You okay? Your voice is being real weird."

"I-I-I'm all right. Nii-chan's such a worrier. Rather than that, be a responsible older brother and answer cute Tomomi-chan's question."

"What do I find fun? Was it."

She nodded strongly, moving her entire body. Naturally, my line of sight had gone into heavily shaking breasts...

C'mon concentrate, me. Uhh, let's see. Perfect, the current situation was very pleasant.

"I have fun when I'm with Tomomi and others."

"Uuu. Saying embarrassing things is banned."

Tomomi blushed and faced downwards.

"You were the one to say it."

"Y-you are right. But, other than that! Something else please!"

Suddenly, Tomomi had started to talk in polite speech.

Even though I considered again, I couldn't find anything. As I numbed in distress, Tomomi raised her voice.

"Then then then! A hobby! Tell me your hobbies Nii-chan! As long as it's not abnormal!"

"What the hell's abnormal. Heck, even if you ask me for hobby... I don't have any... I'm more overwhelmed by your hobbies."

"Don't say thatt. There has to be something! Like games, plastic models or air guns?"

When we were in Akihabara on a date, I've had an opportunity to get in touch with lots of things but I didn't find anything that would make me go "Oh! I want this!".

Seeing Tomomi have fun back then was enough to satisfy me.


As I started to think once again, Tomomi moved around the sofa and hanging over from behind, she held out a game controller to me. A soft bulge was hitting the back of my head but...

"All right. If you say so, let's play games!"

As she leaned a bit forward, I turned around to protest.

"I didn't remember saying anything like that, why game all of a sudden? Even if we go against each other, it will be no practice against you, right?"

"Not against each other, I want a game Nii-chan can genuinely enjoy."

"In that case... won't it be boring for you?"

Beside me as I played the game, Tomomi would be bored. She had come out from behind the sofa in panic, sat down next to me and spoke loudly.

"I-I'm fine. You know, like the streams you can watch on the net. Today, play live just for me, Nii-chan."

"Is watching a beginner's weak play interesting? Unless it's Ice Climber or other old games, I don't have any confidence."

"If you're scared to take a step forward, you won't progress. Try the remarkable development and evolution of the latest games! You might find something that's fun for you, Nii-chan. Also, it's because you're a beginner, a first time player, that you might do far beyond expectations! The spectators are usually expecting these kind of rare plays."

"Well, if you say so. Then, what kind of play should I do?"

Tomomi happily nodded and from the shelf under the TV that had a collection of games, she pulled out game software and piled it up on the table.

As she searched on shelf under, she protruded her butt towards me. She was wearing short pants so I couldn't see them but, how do I say it... staring at it directly made me embarrassed. Can't she have some more feminine shame.

I think that Tomomi's friend-like charm is cute but... hmm, should I make her aware or let it go. That is the question.

While I was lost in strange thoughts, Tomomi finished choosing and begun explanation.

"Umm. First, World Club Eleven. In this, there's lots of players from clubs all over the world that actually exist. The real names, really!"

"Is it that amazing? Actually, I'm not that interested in football."

"Eh. Does Nii-chan really have ballsies? Are you really a man?"

"Tomomi, you're a girl so stop saying such vulgar things."

"It's fine, we're siblings and all. Then how about tennis? The graphics evolved since famige era and it's just like live action, the game progressed too. You can do slices, top spin, flat and various other beats."

"Hmm. If it's that real, then isn't it better to play real tennis?"

"Don't say it so bluntly, Nii-chan. Then, this car racing game! You can't get a license yet, it's a perfect game experience. All the recorded games are super realistic! It covers everything from the latest sports cars to American and European classics."

"It would be appealing to someone who likes these."

"So even car games won't tickle Nii-chan's manly instincts, huhh."

Tomomi is doing her best, maybe I'm too prejudiced.

"It'd be great if you focused on one game and recommended it to me. If there's too many to chose, I honestly won't know what to pick."

"See, Nii-chan, if I recommend a game I'm having fun with, I'll end up doing my best right? That'll be a bit lonely. I want Nii-chan to choose the game."

Tomomi was unusually serious. The masterpiece games from various genres were still piled up on top of the table.

"Got it. Then continue explanation."

"Sure! Next's this. I introduced it before, but the series seventh work... this, is something like a side story of the second part, a popular gangster action game! You can parade in the city at night, blow away gangsters and thugs coming at you! You can go wild in cabaret or do gambling. It's packed with man's dreams!"

"Umm, pass."

"And here I thought it would be a good change of pace for herbivorous Nii-chan. Then, this after all? Become the lord of house of dread and kill intruders with traps."

"Splatter & violence are a bit..."

After that, Tomomi recommended me lots of games, but in the end I didn't get the "This is it!" kind of feeling. Even though I'm honest with my feelings, not getting hooked on anything was pathetic.

"I lost, Nii-chan. I didn't think Tomomi-chan's game collection would one day suffer defeat."

"S-sorry, Tomomi."

"No, it's a result of Nii-chan properly considering and honestly answering. Well then, let's return to previous statement..."

"Previous statement, it can't be..."

Tomomi prepared a controller for herself as well and started the game machine.

"Let's go back to beginning and play FPS!"

So it ends up like this after all, huh. I thought, but it was my fault in the first place for not deciding what kind of game I want to play.

Speaking of games I played with Tomomi, it was just the Railway King series, I was... weaker than the weakest computer character. Also, I had fun because I played with everyone. While I though that, a single question appeared in my mind.

"By the way, Tomomi. Can two people play an FPS at the same time?"

"Of course! Well, although it's a match I'm going to group up with Nii-chan, there's lots of various people blending together on the net. The screen will be split in two, Nii-chan's on the bottom."

"At least let me practice how to mov..."

"It's one of those where you get used as you play."

Tomomi pressed the game's start button. The screen switched and a blank column was filled with names of what it looked like other participating players, after a quick countdown the game started.

I saw Tomomi play it a several times, umm, the right stick on the controller is for aiming and the left one for moving... not good, there's too many buttons and I don't get it.

"Nii-chan, it started! Come this way!"

"E-ehh?! Wait a second. Wait, miss Tomomi."

On the TV with split screen, in the bottom stood my character. That said, what was visible was just the weapon I was holding. In front of me, my comrades started running all at once.

Using the stick to move my character I tried to move forward to chase after her. While the allies on the other side of the wilderness seemed to be trying hard, Tomomi raised her voice.

"Nii-chan, that's someone else! I'm over here!"

Even though we were comrades, everyone wore camouflage clothes and I couldn't tell which one was Tomomi.

When I turned my view around, I saw a character jump in place. So that's Tomomi, huh.

"Everyone look the same, I can't distinguish them."

"At times like these point the cursor on them and the name will appear."

Before long, the appearance of our teammates was gone. I heard gunshots from the distance.

"Ah! Behind you Nii-chan!"


As I stood there in daze, I was took down in an instant.

"So they've already come back from the behind. I don't hate people who come attacking."

Tomomi easily took down the enemy that defeated me. Speaking of me, my defeat was displayed in a replay screen. After that, I was suddenly switched to standing alone in the wilderness.

"Nii-chan, once you respawn start with hiding."

"What about Portugal?"

"Respawn I said! Hey, you died again!"

My character standing upright was defeated once again.

It was absurd to be defeated again after five seconds since I was resurrected, I didn't even know where was I shot from.

"All right, I resurrected. I just have to hide, right."

My third self that was in the middle of wilderness has aimed for a base-like building in a straight line.

"Ah! Nii-chan you're going there too straightforward!"

"S-straightforward, I'm just going to the hiding using the shortest route possi... I-I'm dead?!"

As I ran towards the building's entrance, I was shot by a sniper through a sniper rifle from a long distance.

I could tell as my hand on the controller sweated.

"Hey, Tomomi. Is there an item that makes you invincible?"

"Hmm, I don't think there would be one."

If there was one, everyone would be using it. And as I though that, the fourth me was born. By the way, ever since the game started I haven't shot my gun a single time. It seems like pacifists are incompatible with this game.

"I need to at least start shooting.'

Somehow, I tried aiming towards the sky on spot and shooting. *dadadadadadada*! The gunshots echoed.

"Ohh, my controller's shaking."

"Nii-chan, if you fire for no reason enemy will gather, you know?"

"I just resurrected, there's no way enemy will come so fas... ah."

The moment I thought I saw someone peek out from behind a building, my fourth self died.

And fifth, sixth, seventh, eight too. Yeah, I'm dying too much.

My ninth self finally discovered a shadow and hid in it. It was an accident, but a chance had come.

"Tomomi, I finally took one down! H--hey, the bullet's aren't hitting."

My character's gun was blazing. As I pulled the trigger button, the bullets were fired until they ran out.

"Nii-chan... that was me. There's a rule that bullets don't hit allies, so you can't kill them. It's treated as harassment when done to people you don't know, so don't do it."

While saying so, Tomomi easily defeated three people gathered by my careless gunfire. By the way, they were taken down before I could spot them.

"Nii-chan, it can't be helped since you're a beginner, but you're jumping out too much. Also, your gun is one that doesn't have a suppressor so if you shoot, you need to think of coming enemy. Also, if you're standing all the time the sound of footsteps can be heard. Especially in the interiors, you have to walk slowly as not to make too much sound. Also, when entering the room you need to do cutting the pie..."

"I can't do it all at once, give me advices one by one!"

Involuntarily I spoke very loudly. I've been taken down ever since earlier... so I was slightly angry. I was at fault yet... it was frustrating.

After I let out a loud voice, Tomomi's eyes rounded from surprise.

"S-sorry, did I surprise you?"

Tomomi's expression changed to a smiling one.

"No. Nii-chan, you've gotten passionate haven't ya. Makes me kinda happy."

"But I'm being a burden to comrades, aren't I."

"That's normal for beginners. Above all, I'm very happy to see Nii-chan play seriously. Ah! You have a chance now!"

An enemy soldier had jumped into the middle of my screen by chance. When I looked away, he stood in front of me but since I didn't move he didn't notice me at all.

The enemy soldier hid in the shadows and started exchanging magazines. His figure was in full view from where I was.

"Get him, Nii-chan!"


Even though I knew I'm shooting someone in a game, I still felt slightly resistive of doing that. Well, game is a game, more like it would be rude not to try to hit him properly.

I aimed with the right stick and pulled the trigger's button.

*dadadadadada*! And so, the bullets were fired. The enemy... survived. Or rather, my bullets hardly hit him. The enemy noticed me and showered me with bullets after he finished exchanging magazines. Once again I have lied down on the deathbed.

It seems like that was the last kill in the match, I have greatly burdened the team and we were defeated.

"Don't mind Nii-chan! If you aim properly next time it'll go well."

"Y-yeah! One more! One more time!"

Leaving it like that would be indeed pathetic. Also, I finally learned the basics of movement.

"Ohh! So Nii-chan's got guts. Let's go with the next match then."

After that, for three hours I've overdone it with Tomomi playing the FPS.

Or rather, it took me three hours to get one kill... in other words, I defeated one enemy. Meanwhile I was killed five hundred times. As expected, even I can tell I have no talent for it.

I put down the controller after finishing the game, leaned on the sofa's backrest and stretched strongly.

"It might be the first time in my life concentrating so much on a game."

Tomomi raised a bottle of cola she brought halfway through our gaming session and put it up to her mouth.

"Puhaa! Nii-chan's so bad."

"Don't say it. Also, seeing you actually play made me realize very well that you're amazing."

When I thought the enemy managed to dodge her bullets, she moved around aiming accurately, moreover there was another person lying in ambush, but it was like she knew as if everything played on the palm of her hand... anyway, Tomomi fought like a psychic.

"So, how was it Nii-chan? The kill you earned with your own strength."

"Tiring, but there was sense of accomplishment."

Condolences for the guy who got shot by a super novice like me.

"Nii-chan playing a game seriously is super rare, isn't it."

"This is no little fatigue. Please spare me from FPSes."

"How weak. Well then, Tomomi-chan will take care of Nii-chan's eye strain!"

She circled around the sofa and as if to embrace my head, she closed my eyes and started to massage the area around eyes.

The warmth of Tomomi's hands gradually started to feel pleasant. Also, two soft bulges were pressed against the back of my head... n-no good.

"W-wait a moment!"

"Noo waaiting. It's a massage punishment for Nii-chan! Objections are overruled."

Ahh, at this rate I'm going to fall to Tomomi's massage.

I'm getting sleepy real fast.

...speaking of which, when was the last time I've gotten serious with something, I wonder.

Ever since I've ended up in current situation, when thinking about Tomomi and other little sisters I was serious. I intended to face it seriously.

But that was something that had to be done... it was a very long time since I've gotten serious with anything else.

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  1. Roaming Reader

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    Should this be "and don't take a step", or is she saying that even if you try, as long as you are scared, you won't progress?

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