This page will keep track of the ebook uploads and contributions. The ebooks will have now basic quality requirements and we will keep track of the creation date as not to have outdated versions up. The requirements for the ebooks are:
  • Providing a date of an ebooks creation.
  • Usage of black text on white background. Versions with white text on black background can be provided as an extra, only if you provided one with white background.
  • EPUB, MOBI, KEPUB are not to be made from PDF ebooks due to wrap problems which occur during conversion. Such ebooks will be ignored and post deleted.
  • If different types of ebooks (e.g. EPUB and MOBI) are provided from one creator, they should have the same creation date.
  • MOBI are to be made with MOBI file type: both (in calibre you find it in MOBI file output tab).
  • It is recommended to create MOBI files from EPUBs with Amazon's official KindleGen, which yields best results of all applications that automate the process.
From other notes, we will take in and list uploaded ebooks from multiple creators under the same series listing, however, we might delete older versions in case there were significant edits in the series and a new ebook upload appears. The requirements only apply to krytyk's translations. Kadi's and Aorii's work on the blog can be included here, if they wish so. Bareus has volunteered to take care of this section. May his valiant efforts never be forgotten.

177 thoughts on “Etc

  1. Tarugoth

    Thank you for your hard work translating Only sense online! it is by far my fav light novel keep up the good work! Much love Tarugoth.

  2. Dyeyson

    Only Sense Online Volume 10 is finished right? Can someone make a PDF of it? Thanks everyone!

  3. Aorii

    Hey Bareus: do you still edit the Daybreak chapters?
    Not sure since you haven't made one in a long time, and I'm not sure my beta-readers have improved [that] much in catching my mishaps =P

    1. Bareus

      I still edit your chapters... if I actually can. For some reason I couldn't find any major/minor mistakes in your chapter. I wonder if it's because there is this large time gap between chapter releases on this blog that I got out of shape... . Though I will find some time to re-read volume 3 when it's finished. Also I'm currently in a slightly straining time with uni exams and my bachelor thesis, so don't expect me to instantly read/edit your chapters when they are out.... for the next 3-6 months I guess.

      1. Aorii

        As the time of this reply notes =)
        Thanks. I was curious, since it's been a while. Might have some to do with the switch to googledocs for beta read/editing.


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