This page will keep track of the ebook uploads and contributions. The ebooks will have now basic quality requirements and we will keep track of the creation date as not to have outdated versions up.

The requirements for the ebooks are:

  • Providing a date of an ebooks creation.
  • Usage of black text on white background. Versions with white text on black background can be provided as an extra, only if you provided one with white background.
  • EPUB, MOBI, KEPUB are not to be made from PDF ebooks due to wrap problems which occur during conversion. Such ebooks will be ignored and post deleted.
  • If different types of ebooks (e.g. EPUB and MOBI) are provided from one creator, they should have the same creation date.
  • MOBI are to be made with MOBI file type: both (in calibre you find it in MOBI file output tab).
  • It is recommended to create MOBI files from EPUBs with Amazon's official KindleGen, which yields best results of all applications that automate the process.

From other notes, we will take in and list uploaded ebooks from multiple creators under the same series listing, however, we might delete older versions in case there were significant edits in the series and a new ebook upload appears.

The requirements only apply to krytyk's translations. Kadi's and Aorii's work on the blog can be included here, if they wish so.

Bareus has volunteered to take care of this section. May his valiant efforts never be forgotten.


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  1. AoriiAorii

    Hey Bareus: do you still edit the Daybreak chapters?
    Not sure since you haven't made one in a long time, and I'm not sure my beta-readers have improved [that] much in catching my mishaps =P

    1. Bareus

      I still edit your chapters... if I actually can. For some reason I couldn't find any major/minor mistakes in your chapter. I wonder if it's because there is this large time gap between chapter releases on this blog that I got out of shape... . Though I will find some time to re-read volume 3 when it's finished. Also I'm currently in a slightly straining time with uni exams and my bachelor thesis, so don't expect me to instantly read/edit your chapters when they are out.... for the next 3-6 months I guess.

      1. AoriiAorii

        As the time of this reply notes =)
        Thanks. I was curious, since it's been a while. Might have some to do with the switch to googledocs for beta read/editing.

    1. Bareus

      You have to edit metadata for autor and title. Autor of this book is Aloha Zachou, not A S U S. If you want to add some kind of credits for creating this ebook, you may consider adding a credit page in the book itself (see swhp's ebook above if you want an example)

    1. Bareus

      I just locked over it and you might want/have to change something. There are some lines in prologue that goes way beyond the page width which really doesn't look good (tested with Calibre). Also you set the wrong author name in the metadata of the epub.

      1. TheCrunchyBiscuits

        Hi Bareus, i do own EPUB version 1 - 11 (downloaded last time from here too before removed, i can upload it if you want)

        1. Bareus

          hm.... I think I prefer new ones, since vol 1 - 11 had been (heavily?) edited by krytyk before they were put back.

      1. Bareus

        Just saying: Epilogue and Afterword haven't been edited by me (and applied by krytyk) yet.
        You (or the one who does that) might have to re-do it again on a later date. At the earliest the next day from this point in time.

        1. AoriiAorii

          Hey Bareus... out of curiosity, have you not been bothering looking over Daybreak or just haven't been finding any mistakes?

          1. Bareus

            Don't worry, I always (immediately) read your Daybreak post when they come out :D
            The last few chapters I didn't find any mistakes, though it might also be because on those days I was either stressed out with uni or was to sleepy to find any minor mistakes. Or they were so good edited, that the major/minor error's are really hard to find ;)

          2. AoriiAorii

            Aha, thanks, that does alleviate xD
            Kadi has been on my case about quality control in the last few chapters (mostly concerned over tension/mood), so I've been worrying more than my usual.

          1. Bareus

            Hm... I should probably post it, eh? Epilogue and Afterwords have been edited etc.
            Happy ebook creating :)

  2. Regulus037


    I just saw the mesagge a couple of hours ago, but here are the v2 of the volumes 4-5-6 of OSO with the name changed (so... which name changed? xD).

    04v2: https://mega.nz/#!7pkgxJZR!bieJgm46LLPKBC9pZRB2DBqrrqGWHHM0yq9uSMaKHL8
    05v2: https://mega.nz/#!StsUwK5b!8fuukWR8gxLRAnydqtd8r81H6bYynxOpjETEZI8wIgw
    06v2: https://mega.nz/#!nw8hXIAb!-BWRYMFGHGg7HuB0P0MRRxn9WekNYU9nkprh8noFj28

    Thanks for the translation, and I hope it continues :D

    Also, could you update the links of Omae wo, please? they are in a post below (this is just to eliminate the older ones of my mega folder xD)

      1. David

        BTW, I was just reading chapter 9 of the manga, and they are spelling "Rirei" as "Lirei". I know either way, she loves yuri, but any guess as to what is correct?

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I didn't, and yeah, I used the names as written down by the author on these illustrations (in roman alphabet, of course).

  3. Regulus037


    Here is my version of OSO volume 8 PDF and volume 1 extra chapters 0 & 8.5.
    Also a v2 of mi previous PDFs. (better quality image, text without correction, only sourses)


    Volume Silver Muse: https://mega.nz/#!bpsAyLwK!FAAyfmqZA05ljISmUN4xbxWxiEnrNo6DAliIJNPp75k
    Volume 01 Extra Chapters 0 and 8.5: https://mega.nz/#!vl0HACzB!ssuS203QZfU6bF-cj37a5rNbfreCrO8tYt7C-bPeY4Y
    Volume 01: https://mega.nz/#!bktU2TDD!kC7vCrNq03ZywDU-yW_Pg2_bPQ8ONk1UpI8GAyShMzw
    Volume 02: https://mega.nz/#!jtURjS7Z!V0ZbpKXy9t787DlAkNhYp8ufHaOC0Fz_vG2LI2SMbp8
    Volume 03: https://mega.nz/#!6001kSxS!Tj5dMQgzBKPFKk6ZtnrPTA7hk509IrCqtsFY95xQSbk
    Volume 04: https://mega.nz/#!v0cA2IpT!_Vvh86tErK9hUUG6p8WNC_uU6cLwJ80S8Kblrli5aS4
    Volume 05: https://mega.nz/#!CxU0yIzL!yU7WYSBLA8KpTtH4boRaH3hwvXtawdVUpb2IJ9cC3A0
    Volume 06: https://mega.nz/#!K89FFaJB!bImzRqRM7Soj0QWDMepNpABst6DUg1pcRA-Lk3v3sY8
    Volume 07: https://mega.nz/#!PlN0gLqB!GOxeDdmHp_EoXK-Y9j3ivjO-NNzEKwkCZqCfwyVP3y4
    Volume 08: https://mega.nz/#!79s0xYDb!TF4exHh2esWmOdLbS4VI39dy9KL_OF2CMXWtnuDznZ0

    Omae wo Onii-chan

    Volume 01: https://mega.nz/#!HoFCADhD!qKezAikaYcy3f8bwYrkeuiWcGER6lx8Lqa8l9m4Oa24
    Volume 02: https://mega.nz/#!moNGRBpb!Be5eLKCeqX1bjNAa5rg8wtz-URsEijBHVWrqaMb_R2E
    Volume 03: https://mega.nz/#!Dtk2BTLC!mIaVqzkmG5D-ERpS-hx39JqoeCKJi0EGNpZVIwbq7qw

    Thanks for the translation :D

    1. God Ginrai

      Yea, I would really appreciate it if someone made epubs of Volume 8 and the new short stories.

    1. xleMnlx

      Please don't mind my first comment, I've already find a site to download it.
      Thanks Krytyk for translating it!!

  4. nCode

    Greetings! Since i'm still getting emails on a daily basis, i just wanted to let people know that yes i'm still sharing and i will be sharing for as long as people are interested in it. I'm saying this because a lot of people are starting their emails with "Are you still sharing?". So be at ease and feel free to ask.