To those whom I meet fist time, to those whom I'm meeting again, hello. It's Aloha Zachou.


Towards those who took this book in their hands, A-san in charge of editing, Yukisan-sama who prepared wonderful illustrations and towards those who have seen my work on the net before it was published I'm very grateful.

Also, Only Sense Online's comic version is being serialized in Age Premium. I'm deeply grateful to Hani Kuraun-sama who is in charge of drawing the comic version.


This time, I structured 4th and 5th volume as a set and the events will continue in 5th volume.

As a result of rebuilding the webnovel in form of a light novel, there were some scenes cut out, scenes revised and new scenes. Recently, I've been thinking 'it sure changed lots' with a distant look in my eyes.

For the volume 4 and 5, I've consulted the editor a lot as to how should I rearrange the plot and what kind of charm would be best, fretting a lot. It'll become some good memories. Thank you very much for agreeing on the consultation.


Just like last time, and the time before that I'll end the formal talk like this. This time I also prepared a story to share. Just like last time, it's a story about a game.


I watched a number of game live streams on niconico douga, stocking up on stories. Despite how I am, it's not like I'm using all of the stories I've collected from the live streams in my work.


I tried incorporating them into the novel, but it didn't work. One of them was a game called 'NecroDancer'. It's a rogue-like game where you have to match the rythm, this game makes players battle while matching the BGM's rhythm which is very refreshing.

In the novel, it would be difficult to express music and BGM, the rhythm wouldn't give all of the readers the same image even if line breaks were used. That's why, even if I'd like to put in a music element, it's imposisble isn't it. Thus I gave up in the middle of it.


The next time I felt 'impossible' was when I saw management simulation games. Specifically, I mean games like 'SimCity' and 'Banished'. In these games you freely develop and manage cities, so to speak, the player manipulated the world from a God's point of view.

The management simulation's lack of objective makes it slightly similar to online games, but since I would have to rework or start over again which makes it difficult to incorporate it. Also, to add a large system of uncertainities like disasters to operate in the novel, I would have to significantly simplify it. In that sense, we could call the 【Atelier】 a simplified management and a system.


Like that I looked for various stories in the games, but the amount of live streams was a mere fraction of the ones out there and there's still a lot of interesting games out there. While at it, I'm having fun trying to develop a new game genre not seen before yet. I think it's a good way to enjoy myself.


From now onwards as well, please take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end, let me once again thank you, readers who have taken this book in your hands.

I look forward to the day I'll be able to meet you all again.


Aloha Zachou

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  1. Truth

    Im actually really curious as to what the inspiration for OSO was, and banished is a fun game lol


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