“Onee-chan, what will you do in the afternoon?”

“Probably do union requests and level my Skills for some time?”

“Ahhh, you were in Catacombs after all.”

“Yup, with just Zombies, my Skills will go up unbalanced.”

“What are you leveling?”

“Nnn… combat Skills in general?”

“Onee-chan, you were using a one-handed sword right?”

“No, a rapier. I also took «Light Magic» and «Dark Magic».”

“So it was a rapier… and you took «Light Magic», too.”

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it, but it was among the Initial Skills.”

“Ahh… that part is kind of a mystery.”


Apparently Devil-types can’t take light magic, and yet Undead can.

However, Undead appear to have low INT, so they aren’t too good at magic. I had no MP as a Zombie, right. They say that if you want magic, you should go Ghost-type. 

Undead can take Dark Magic as a Monster Skill. The other ones can be taken as Initial Skills, but Light costs less points than the other four elements. Why the other four and not Light? Everyone is mystified by this.

Devil-types have Dark Magic as a Monster Skill from the start, but they can’t take Light Magic at all. They can however take the other four elements at the average cost of 3 points.


It does seem like this mystery has something to do with gods. Stellura-sama is said to be governing over light and darkness.

Well, it’s miscellaneous knowledge. If others still don’t know about it when I read books about it, I’ll report this.


“Since there are devils there must be angels as well, some people thinking so are frantically searching all over.”

“Ahhh, angels, yes. The final form being seraph?”

“I beeet… with evolutions every 10 levels for 9 ranks of angels?”

“The problem is that they don’t know how to become one.”


“Well, sounds like Zombie-chan me’s natural enemy, however...”

“Well… yes. By the way Onee-chan, be careful of «Light Magic» okay?”

“It is times four, so I will...”

“No, I mean when you are using it too.”


“【Light Burst】is a spell activating in a circle with the caster as the center. Apparently it affects Undead who use it...”



...I don’t feel like I could survive my own firepower.

Although my equipment raises my Magic Defense, there is no way I’m surviving ×4 is there?


“Where are you hunting?”

“Eastern forest.”

“Eh, you’re solo, right?”

“Of course. I just arrived in town yesterday so I have no friends yet.”

"...going well?”

“As far as efficiency goes… not really? There’s too few enemies. When I beat Bears and finish the extermination quest, maybe I should go South where apparently there’s lots of enemies?”

“So you have no problem beating them...”

“They are a bit more mobile High Zombies? Living Dead are nastier than that.”

“I’m more surprised you’re beating Living Dead y’know?”

“I prepare a【Light Ball】on the tip of the weapon and stab from behind, they die.”

“Ahhh… four times light and a surprise attack bonus...”


It’s an example of a too successful tactic.

However, the only Skills that will go up with that are «Sword» and «Light Magic».

Above all, my life in Catacombs was long, so I’d rather avoid them for some time.

That place is purely for the sake of gaining Race experience, not one to have fun in.


Oh, right.

I forgot to tell my little sister the most important thing.


“By the way, I heard from a union’s member that there are people with bad attitudes?”

“Hm? Ohh… there are~...”

“I also heard there’s the talk of banning them from entering stores.”

“Eh, banning from entering?

“Yup banning from entering. Apparently doors at stores are usually magic tools. When you get banned, you can’t enter the store and you get automatically kicked out if you’re already inside.”

“A ban from an NPC store, of all things...”

“It's the player's fault for deciding this game is the same as those before. Since you can talk with them like this, it’s better to treat them as humans like the official site suggests.”


“By the way, I recommended him to ban them. Those stores were in the town before we appeared, there should be no problem if Outsiders who weren’t here before, are banned.”

“That’s true. You reap what you sow, huh. But… depending on the scale, Outsiders as a whole can get banned… Should I write about it on BBS?””

“Dumbasses getting banned from entering happens in real life as well, it doesn’t matter much, does it?”

“Then let’s just mention this to acquaintances...”


If anything, it would be a bigger problem for us if NPCs eventually got tired of enduring it and banned “Outsiders” as a whole. It’s better if they ban singular Outsiders before that happens.

With the solution decided, we cleaned the dishes and logged into the game together.



When I logged in, I was in the Eastern forest’s safety area.

According to information from Akina, ahead of the safety area the spawn numbers increase, so depending on how much they increase, maybe I’ll seclude myself here?

If there’s few, then South?

The Eastern materials are most expensive, and the mobs are the highest level in the Starting Town surroundings. If possible, I’d like to earn money.


〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquired “Title: Calm Princess".〉

〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquired “Title: Elegant Princess".〉

〈“Title: Calm Princess" and “Title: Elegant Princess" have been combined.〉


Oh my?


Calm Princess
A title given to a quiet princess.
Improves the impression others have of you.

Elegant Princess
A title given to an elegant princess.
Improves the impression given to royalty and nobles, but can make commoners be wary of you.

Elegant and Calm Princess
A title given to a princess who is both elegant and calm.
Improves the impression given to others and makes them less wary of you.


I see, so it has that type of effect.

This probably means it will be easier for me to raise likability with NPCs.


The condition for the calm one is… For three real days don’t make any more sound than necessary. 

The condition for the elegant one is… For three real days maintain your posture and don’t run at all.

When they combined, their effects joined together and seem to have improved.


Three days must be login time. Otherwise I would have received it earlier.

Which means that I passed over 72 hours of game time. Mmgrr… I’m really into it, aren’t I?

Well, it doesn’t hinder my daily life, so there is no problem.

Still, isn’t this kinda that? Three days is one thing, but isn’t “don’t run” a savage requirement? Honestly speaking, when I was a Zombie it was more of “I can’t run”, and even now I don’t feel like running in a dress… my situation is quite the rare case...



Well, let’s go.

I left the safety area and entered further into the back of the forest.

As I search with «Sensing», I gather all materials that appear in my field of vision.



Brown Bear Lv17 Active
Doesn’t show mercy to enemies that enter his territory.
Will eat you even if you pretend to be dead, so don’t.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Durabiltiy: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Bear
State: Normal



There he is. Finally.

...So you get eaten, hm? Well, of course he would eat fresh meat if some dropped.

According to Akina, Mr. Bear only appears in the back of the forest.

His weakness is… neck and chest, which are pretty normal for living beings and also… his limbs.


Let’s do a preemptive attack as usual.

I want to raise my dark a little more, so【Dark Ball】it is.




Mr. Bear, who gets hit by magic, stands on his rear legs and roars at me.

He isn’t cartoonized or anything, so the real-looking bear has quite some impact.


Wait, whoa...

He got on four legs and dashed at full speed before swinging his right arm at me.

I could only receive it from the front, and I was knocked back along with a loud sound.

It’s the first time since Living Dead that my guard was broken. He sure has some Attack Power doesn’t he?


As I slid back, the Bear followed up with an attack using its right arm, which I parry before slashing at him to finish him off.



〈«Defense» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Defense»’s Art【Defense Sense】was acquired.〉

〈«Parry» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Parry»’s Art【Parry Sense】was acquired.〉



I stab the Disassembly Knife into him and check drops.



[Ingredient] Brown Bear’s Meat Rarity: No Quality: C
Meat that is considered a treat. Mostly used for a stews.



Kumanabe, isn’t it? This time it’s three pieces of meat. It’s decided either by the enemy's size, or maybe the drop range is decided by the size… well, I will know when I beat more.


Still, that leap had some serious attack power.

Maybe it will be easier to fight in close combat from the start, without luring them in with magic?

I lose about 10%, so I will heal it up though.


Umm, Arts I learned are… passive ones that make it easier for me to defend and parry, huh.

In other words, Skills that give positive adjustment.


The sound when I defended was fairly loud.

I’m glad I received that title before this.

How much sound specifically is the limit, I wonder? Over those two weeks, I only spoke with an NPC and… through Whisper with Akina. I didn’t talk with anyone else.

As for combat, I only slashed zombie-chans with a sword.

Yup, certainly I was fairly quiet. I mean, it was an environment devoid of people.

In regards to the princess part, it must be influenced by my race, nothing to add there.


Oh my, «Sensing» reacted.

Let’s continue the hunt.



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Dark Magic» reached level 10. Gained "1" Skill Point.〉

〈«Dark Magic»’s【Dark Arrow】was acquired.〉



I beat three bears, let’s go back to report for now.

In regards to meat, it’s most likely that the drop range is decided by size… is the most likely possibility. Mr. Rabbit always gives 1 after all.

Certainly there were many enemies in the back. If this is the case, it might be good to go back and forth between here and the Adventurer’s Union… it is time-consuming however. My movement speed is slow.

Well, let’s go back for now.




I cut the notification for Skills that don’t possess Arts, but they are slowly going up. It’s about time I touch on crafting Skills...


Now, I finally reach the town. My movement speed looks to be the bottleneck after all.

I saw a carriage, so maybe I should think of buying one?

Or maybe buy just a horse… I wonder if there’s a «Riding» Skill? It’s difficult to think there wouldn’t be one. Akina said there are horse players out there.

It seems it would be difficult to get a horse this early in the game.

Heck, I only have 1000 on me. Not happening.


For now, let’s go to town…...hm?

Wow...t-that’s… it’s one of races reigning at the top of the unpopular ranking...


THE Sexy Radish!1A trivia: author mentioned in footnote on one of the pages, that Sexy Radishes start by escaping a wealthy farmer's farm.


...It’s being gnawed on by rabbits.

Seems to be harsher than being a zombie, isn’t it? At least in regards to enmity from animals.

Well, appearance-wise… and in regards to mental health, my case was harsher...

By the way, Sexy Radishes’ appearance is that of a Japanese Radish.

A radish with the tip which is split into two which acts as legs and hands that are two small protuberances. Also, it has leaves on its head.

It’s really a moving radish. So surreal… I don’t hate it, though.

I actually hesitated between picking a Zombie or that.


That must be its Monster Skill, «Wood Magic»?

The Rabbit whose movements stopped because it started gnawing on the radish, has been entangled by plants and had its movements stopped, then was repeatedly kicked by those short legs. It was a really fun-to-look-at tactic.

Looks like Rabbit’s AI changes when facing a Sexy Radish. It doesn’t headbutt, instead gnawing on it. None of them run away, they all come to gnaw on it. ...It does look like a radish, after all.

Looks like there is no need for it to be a carrot.

Thanks to «Wood Magic» and being gnawed on, the decreased HP and MP is recovered through the Monster Skill «Photosynthesis» and the sun. It’s a race that’s like the opposite of us.


Looks like there is no need to help out, so let’s deal with my own matters.

We go out of our way to select Inhumans, times like that are really fun, aren’t they?

As two rare Inhumans, there should be an opportunity for us to talk someday.



Alright, I just arrived at the town so there’s lots of things I would like to do.

For now, after fighting some a simple thought came to my mind - that this hair length is a bit problematic. Let’s tie the end with a ribbon. It doesn’t seem like there would be a hair tie here.

There should be some in a general store, right?


What’s left is to report to the Adventurers’ Union and deal with drops… but that one is a problem.

The materials at the union looked to be twice as expensive, though I don’t know the actual prices… It's a staple that trade between players is more profitable.

Issue is that I don’t know who to sell it to.

Should I open a stall? I might open a stall and touch some crafting in the meanwhile...


Well, for now let’s buy some ribbons. Let’s come back to this topic afterwards.

I don’t think ribbons will cost more than 1000.




“Oh, it’s you.”

“Do you have maybe something I could tie my hair with?”

“Hmm… I have only ribbons and kanzashi, mm?”

“You have kanzashi…? Well, I don’t mind a ribbon.”

“50 each. Choose a color.”

“Please give me two blue ones.”

“Here you go.”


I leave Granny’s store and return to the main street.

Next is the union nearby. Let’s go to report.

About when the Adventurers’ Union came into my sight, at the entrance I found a familiar person.

Oh, she did a double-take my way.

It’s a girl with bluish-silver hair, in leather armor, carrying a halberd.

Well, my little sister.




...She’s fast, high AGI, huh.

I catch Akina who charges straight my way while screaming lightly.

Her clinging to me tightly and pushing her face into my cleavage, is her usual behavior.


“Haaa, can’t get enough of this!”

“Don’t talk while clinging to me.”

“You feel a little cold, Onee-chan...”

“Looks like it. And I feel you are strangely warm.”


Well, I am an Immortal, so my body heat must be low. Still better than being completely cold, I guess?

If I’m moving due to some magic, then there is no reason to have body heat...


“You’re just in time. Could you tie my hair?”

“Okaay. Where do I tie it?”

“Around waist length?”


I passed a single ribbon to her and had her tie my hair.


“Mmmgrr… this sword is so cool...”

“Isn’t it?”

“But be careful for PKs, okay? It’s not recommended, but there are people with strange tastes.”

“Even if I’m PKd, this equipment is exclusive to me and won’t drop.”

“Ah, is that so.”

“Yup, aiming for my equipment is a complete waste of time. By the way, do you maybe know a crafter that would buy leather from me?”

“Yeah, I intended to introduce you in the first place, want to go now?”

“Can I report extermination requests first?”


“Then wait here a moment.”


I leave my little sister and head to the union to report quests’ completion.

Rabbits, Wolf, Deer, Boar and Bear requests resulted in a total reward of 3300.

200, 400, 800, 900 and 1000 respectively.

One trip back and forth turns into a beginner’s crafter kit, I guess it’s not too bad?

If I’m going there anyway, I might as well take new ones before leaving the union.

There were a fair amount of enemies in the back.


“Made you wait.”

“Nn, he says that he’s in his usual spot, so let’s go South. Well, it’s close.”


I followed Akina in the direction I haven’t been to before… to the area in the Southeast, a little detached from the main street.

The person I’m going to meet is probably a top smith. A famous one.

I say probably, because nothing is certain in online games.


“Old man!”

“Hey, you’re here Girlie!”

“This is my Onee-chan so take care of her!”

".........Is that your setting?”

“No, she’s a real one.”

“Oh, from back then.”


Why “from back then”?

More importantly, should I stop her from calling him “old man”?


“Most beta players know that I received a main unit and game set.”

“Ohh, I see… that’s why from back then. I am Anastasia, nice to meet you.”

“Yes, nice to meet you too. I’m called Ertz. Usually I RP as a cordial dwarf, please take care of me.”


Ohh, I see.

Then calling him old man isn’t a problem.


“So, Onee-chan’s character name is Anastasia… you sure went all-in...”

“Yup, I thought no one would realize.”

“Ahhh… certainly. Normally no one would. By the way, I’m Akirina!”

“So you mixed yours.”

“Heck, you’re sisters yet you learn your character names just now…?”

“Because Onee-chan selected Inhuman race, we met in the game for the first time just a moment ago...”

“Eh… she looks like a normal human to me…?”

“Despite the looks, I’m an Immortal-type that’s being burned by Mr. Sun as we speak.”

“Heeeh! Seriously?! Makes me wanna introduce you to them.”


“Yeah, a pair of Immortal players from beta. They were Spectral and bone-types, they continue those for official release too. They are fairly famous - they stand out.”

“I see, I did a special evolution, but I’m a Zombie-type.”


“Mmm, then I’m off to hunt. I leave Onee-chan to you!”

“Sure. Hurry up and open the North”

“Can’t do Golem yet!”


While saying so, Akina leaves in a run.


By the way, my name is Tsukishiro Kotone. My little sister is Tsukishiro Akina.

The meaning behind “went all-in” and “mixed” is because we both have two names.

Our mother is a Japanese, but our father isn’t. We have one name for use in Japan, and one for using overseas.

My other name is Anastasia, and my little sister is Katrina.

While I used mine as is, she mixed Akina and Katrina to make Akirina.

I think Anastasia is a fairly major name when it comes to ingame characters, which is why I thought no one would realize. Moreover, I don’t use this name in Japan so the only ones who know it are our family and long time friends.

And even when I am called by it, it’s usually Tasha or Stasha, so being called Anastasia is actually quite fresh. I myself was born and raised in Japan, after all.

During summer break we sometimes go to our father’s side grandparents’ home, so I can speak English.



Well, in any case, Ertz-san.

He is a male Dwarf. He has dark red hair and orange eyes. And of course - a beard.


“The North had mines, right?”

“Mhm. The boss - Golem isn’t beat yet, y’know. Unless someone beats those bosses, it’s going to continue being harsh on us crafters. It’s hell dammit!”


When an area-unlocking boss is beaten by someone once, they become weaker from that point onwards. In exchange however, the people who beat them first get a bonus. Is what was written on the website.

Since no boss was beat yet, the details of the bonus aren’t known yet.


“Rina muttered something that she can’t get Iron unless the North is opened.”

“I want to mutter too. I can’t do anything without materials.”


I look at the stall next to him.


[Equipment - Weapon] Bronze Estoc Rarity: No Quality: B- Durability: 120
A slender sword for beginners, made out of bronze.
It has no blade so it can only be used for stabbing.
It was carefully-made, so its effectiveness is higher.
Creator: Ertz

«Identification Lv10»
Attack Type: Thrust
Applicable Skills: «Rapier»

«Identification Lv20»
Critical Strike Chance Bonus: Tiny
Critical Strike Damage Bonus: Tiny


Ohhh… the quality is B-. It’s my first time seeing something above C. My Extra Equipment doesn’t count. And it looks like those two critical strike effects are a normal thing for slender swords?  

Estoc was sharp only on the point and had no blade, so it was completely thrust-specialized.

When I naturally compared the two, a reverse triangle was displayed next to ATK.


“For now, a friend invitation and… the list.”



The list was a function for making trade simpler.

It was a function mainly used by crafters as it made purchasing materials simple.

Material names and prices are lined up on the list, both things you receive and things you give are displayed along with prices.

When the player who made a list is nearby, you can trade through the list, allowing you to put all items on the list into the trade with one button, or select the items you put in by hand.

And the buying side also can put the payment with one button, which is why it’s very useful.

As expected, the list has to be updated manually, but the receiver of the list has the price changes reflected in real time.

It’s handy because there is no need to move the items to slots by hand.



Umm, looks like the only material that can be used by smith is Boar Leather.


“What are Deer Horns used for?”

“That… I think it was for «Handicraft»’s accessories?”

“Ahh, I see. Then I would like to sell the Boar Leather.”

“Sure, Eastern materials are always welcome.”


Three Boar Leathers sold for 2000 each, turning into 6000. That’s sweet.

Thinking of my earnings so far, this was quite expensive, but it must mean there is just that much of a demand. If the crafter himself says it’s fine, then I have nothing to say.

He will craft using it and sell, and the investment will return itself. That’s what crafters do.

Oh and, now that I earned money...


“Do smiths deal with Disassembling Knives?”

“Yeah, we can make them. But at this point they are not much different from the NPC one so we don’t make them.”

“Which means, you will start making them later.”

“Probably will. I did make one to check before. They do have durability so bring it to me before it breaks. It’s cheaper to repair one.”

“Now that you mention it. I understand. Do you have a pickaxe?”

“Of course”


[Tool] Bronze Pickaxe Rarity: No Quality: B- Durability: 120

A tool for mining made with bronze.

It’s carefully made so it will be easier to use and more durable.

Creator: Ertz


“That’d be 1500.”

“Then one for now.”

“Sure, thanks for the purchase. Are you going to do smithing?”

“No, I’m thinking of mining some if I stumble upon a mining point.”

“If you’re selling, then sell to me! I really want regular customers. By the way, how are you doing with combat? If you can get Boar Leather then I’d like to ask for more.”

“Oh yes, I don’t mind. I intend to go there again, so I will bring some back.”

“Then please do. If you have some other materials you want to sell, I can introduce you to some crafters?”

“I intend to sell items that aren’t food ingredients or alchemy materials but… the only place I’ve been so far is the Eastern forest, so I don’t really have much to sell.”

“So you have «Cooking» and «Alchemy»?”

“I do «Cooking» in real life. And I took «Alchemy», because fantasy.”

“I see. Both of them are treated as hobby Skills but… well, as long as you’re havin’ fun. And at this point we don’t even know how they will derive.”

“Yes. At that time I will decide by the mood on what to do.”

“That’s fine. Oh, and depending on taste I think there will be people who buy food. Field rations might be easy to get, but they’re quite nasty...”

“The demand isn’t big enough for players to make food for themselves, but they would buy if there was some to buy, you mean.”

“Yeah. There’s the issue of Skill Points, and field rations ain’t too expensive. And so, no one picks Cooking. But well, there are folks who want to make a cooking guild!”


In this game it’s possible to make teams called “guilds”.

The reason the Adventurer’s Union is called “union” and not “guild”, is because you can form a team called “guild” at the union… is what was written.

I wonder if there are guild quests from the union for guilds to do?

There is also a housing system called Guild House. Of course, housing is not limited to guilds and a single person can possess their own home as well. As long as they have money, that is.

I want one someday… I guess? I want one at least to the point of thinking so. Honestly, I would probably only use it as a base for crafting activities, but just how much will crafting facilities for housing cost?



As I sold materials and spoke with Ertz, the sky started to dye red.


“Mmh, evening came… feels like they’ll crawl out soon.”


“The two Immortals from beta.”

“Ohh, certainly sunlight damage just decreased. The sensation of pain has weakened.”

"...You sure have it hard.”

“Just by being hit by sunlight we get to raise our automatic recovery, so it’s not such a bad thing.”

“Ahhh, they also said so. That during the day they get to raise their automatic recovery, so it’s not bad in itself...”

“Leveling it the normal way is a pain, after all. If you get to the point where you can stay outside, it will go up by itself… Oh, it went up.”

“Automatic recovery heals a set amount every second, if I’m not wrong?”

“We can’t use potions, so in exchange we get automatic recovery as a Monster Skill.”


As to which one is better, both of them have their pros.

You have no need to buy consumables such as potions, but it’s difficult to quickly recover from large damage.

On the other hand, as long as you aren’t dealt a large amount of damage all at once, your HP continues to remain full.

There is no need to go to the town to buy potions when they run out.

It’s overwhelmingly strong against weaker enemies, but against higher level enemies who deal big hits there is a need to plan your combat well.


It was a good opportunity, so I examine Ertz-san’s weapons as we talk, when suddenly I start hearing the sound of metal rubbing against one another and a chattering sound.


“Hey, you guys!”

“Hey heey, Ertz.”

“Did you finish my equipment?”

“Yeah, I thought you’d come and was waiting.”


A Skeleton person holding a staff and a Living Armor came.

Living Armor is a moving armor. Is the inside empty?

The Skeleton person was bones, the type commonly seen in fantasy, but the color of his bones were red. Must be a higher race of a Skeleton.


“This is the bastard sword you told me to make.”

“Let’s see...”


After checking his surroundings, the Living Armor started swinging the sword.


“Yup, feels nice.”

“Great, the shield is this.”

“Hmm… yeah, no problem it seems.”


A Living Armor with a bastard sword and a tower shield.

Going completely tank, aren’t we? Still, he’s quite cool.

Normally a full plate is too heavy in this game so one can’t move well while wearing one… but a Living Armor is a plate armor in itself so it doesn’t matter to them. And they get their armor for free. 


“So guys, there’s someone I’d like to introduce to you.”

“To us?”

“Yeah, this Miss here. She’s the “onee-chan” from back then.”

“Good evening.”



Might as well, so I followed the motion assist and did a curtsy greeting.


“Eh, you are a player, right?”

“Onee-chan from back then, you mean… ahhh, Akirina-san’s?”

“Uh-huh. Several moments ago she brought her here and went to hunt.”

“I see. My name is Alfreet. As you can see, a Living Armor tank.”

“I’m Honehone~. As you can see, a mage-type Skeleton!”

“I’m Anastasia. Despite my looks, I am a Zombie-type.”




Nnnn… it should be faster to ask imouto.


『”Rina, you have time?』

『”Suure, what is it?”』

『”I just met Alfreet-san and Honehone-san but, can I trust these three?”』

『”Alf-san, Ske-san and old man are no problem. Their lips are tight. Good people.”』

『”I see, got it.”』

『”If you want to talk secrets, then make party and use party chat, or there’s no meaning~.”』

『”Okay, I’ll do that.”』


Rather than decide alone when I just met them, it’s best to ask my little sister who knows them for much longer.


“I got my little sister’s recommendation, so I will show you part of my status.”

“Oh, seriously?”

“Is that okay?”

“Well, I’ll just show the race part.”


I invited Aflreet-san, Honehone-san and Ertz-san to party.

Then I turn only the upper part of the status visible to the party… there.


Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv11
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie


“High Immortal?!”

“Royal Zombie makes me lol.”

“This, it’s a special evolution isn’t it? Was it okay to show this?”

“I heard from my sister that you three are discreet. Also, it’s possible that we will get along for a long time.”

“Hm? Hey, Alf, aren’t we getting some buffs?”

“Eh? That’s true, what is this mark?”

“I got one as well, a leadership-type?”

“It is indeed. My Monster Skills must be raising your stats.”

“So it’s a Monster Skill!”

“Ah, maybe it’s because… it’s a princess race?”

“Makes sense~. Speaking of royalty, they are the higher tier of leadership-types.”

“Umm… it’s these two.”


«Immortal Royalty»
Immortals in the party receive a bonus to stats based on the Skill level.
The damage received from Immortal enemies is decreased based on the Skill level.

«Royal Authority»
When the leader, group members have all stats increased.
The increase rate changes based on the Skill level and the party's scale.


“I see, without doubt the authority is a high-tier leadership-type Skill.”

“Both look tied to the race~.”

“A dedicated one for Immortals, huh. Honestly speaking, we’ll probably be the only ones benefiting from it?”

“Immortal-types are unpopular after all...”

“Rather, among Inhumans, Devil-types and fluffy-types are just too popular.”

“Everyone, do you know about Extra Races?”

“““What is that?!”””


So they don’t know after all.

It was newly added to my help, so it’s not known this early into the game.

Rather than teach them, it should be faster to show them the help window.



“Hooh, so there was such a thing...”

““I-I seriously wanna know…!””

“No breaking taboos you two.”


“Rather, it’s impossible to share the method I used.”


“My Immortal Princess is limited to me. The item for unlocking the evolution can no longer be acquired. And it’s impossible for a Living Armor to go the princess route in the first place. And so, you need to search for a different one.”

“It says that “There is a fair amount” of them, after all.”

“Yes. As for me, at my race start in the Catacombs, I found a hidden room with a key item. If you two know the position of your racial start, then I believe it would be a good idea to investigate them. Although, I can’t guarantee there is anything in there.”

“Still, is it really okay to give us such important information?”

“I became one by chance, so I don’t mind. I won’t be disadvantaged, so I have no reason to panic.”

“I see, ‘cause there’s no possibility of overlapping, is there.”

“Yes. Which is why I’m telling you, fellow Inhumans and my little sister’s acquaintances, as well as Immortal comrades.”

“Alright, let’s search.”

“Yup, let’s go search.”

“Oh and, there is a possibility there might be Extra Equipment just like this equipment of mine, so make sure to search every nook and cranny.”

“I was curious about it, so there’s even Extra Equipment, huh?”

“It has a really wide range of effects and abilities, but the fact they do not break or drop is very reassuring.”


Let’s show them Extra Equipment’s help.


“Hmm, I see. Well, it doesn’t seem like there would be too many of these, so I won’t go out of business.”

“I have nothing else to tell you, but… when I acquired the key, my body’s control was taken away from me, so it might be similar in other cases.”


“Well, for now a friend invitation… Let’s get along.”

“Take care of us! Our Princess!”

“Please take care of me.”


Alright, with this, information should spread. They seem to be famous, so let’s have the two put it on the BBS once they find their own. Dealing with that would be troublesome.


I guess it’s about time I went to hunt some, hm?


“I’ll be off to look right away.”

“Yup, me too.”

“I will go East to hunt some.”




After disbanding the party I leave Ertz-san’s stall, then after finishing Rabbit and Wolf exterminations I enter the forest.

The evening changed into night and moonlight became the only source of light, but it did not affect me since I possess night vision. 

Night vision possessed by Immortals and the «Nightvision» Skill apparently are different in specs, with the Immortal’s one being far superior. They are residents of the night after all.


Let’s wander the Eastern forest today until I go to sleep.

For dinner I can always log out in a Safe Zone.

The only thing I need from the town is to report the quest in the union and update it. But it’s much more profitable to gather and sell materials rather than go back and forth every time I beat a few animals.


Well then, let’s hunt until sleep time.

If I only hunt, it will become repetitive firepower-based work, so now that I finally get to move properly unlike when I was a Zombie let’s forget about preemptive attack with magic and try fighting in close combat alone.

But I do want to raise my magic as well, so I guess I will use it about half of the time.

Let’s research footwork and various other things to find the best way to fight. It’s a full dive game, so it will be more interesting this way.


Looks like it’s hard to receive a Boar’s or Bear’s charge from the front.

On the contrary, parrying them is extremely simple. Must be caused by the difference in stats.



While at it, let’s examine the «Aura of Darkness» too.

It seems to receive a roll upon touch, and then additional rolls as long as it remains in contact. Sounds like erosion?

There are effects of Poison, Curse and Weakness. If I touch anywhere on the enemy, the aura clings to them and has a certain probability to put a status ailment on them.

However, just by touching the enemy it’s hard to poison them, and it’s easier when I cut them with the sword. Most likely it acts like an infection, it enters through the wounds.


Poison is the staple continuous damage one.

Curse decreases the effect of recovery items.

Weakness lowers all stats.

All of them are troublesome effects.


Just by protecting myself from close combat attacks the aura counts it as contact, so if the opponent in PvP eventually gets Weakness (6), all that is left to do is to deal the finishing blow.

I only have to attack with magic while defending myself?




〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Sword» reached level 15.〉

〈«Sword»’s Art【Ironcutter】was acquired.〉

〈«Defense» reached level 15.〉

〈«Defense»’s Art【Magic Guard】was acquired.〉

〈«Parry» reached level 15.〉

〈«Parry»’s Art【Magic Parry】was acquired.〉

〈«Aura of Darkness» reached level 10. Effectiveness increases.〉



【Ironcutter】is a staple defense-ignoring attack.

【Magic Guard】and【Magic Parry】are both Arts for preventing magic attacks.

For single attacks it’s【Magic Parry】and for AoE magic it’s the【Magic Guard】that works better.

«Aura of Darkness»’s Status Ailment Intensity seems to have become 2.


These are still Initial Skills and basic Skills, so they go up quickly. How sweet.

I did not meet anyone when I was hunting, so I do light core training in the forest’s Safe Zone.

And then I log out and do it in real, too. And good night.


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