I log in, do stretches, then head to the general store.


“Hello. I reached «Alchemycraft» so I came.”

“Hooh… then I will share some of this old woman’s wisdom with you. Sit.”


I sit down at the chair that is for some reason next to the granny. Really, why is it here?


“Let’s confirm first, the moment I teach you, you will be treated as my disciple. In general, you won’t be able to learn from other alchemists. Are you fine with this old woman? Choose.”

"...I know no other alchemist, and… the knowledge of predecessors, especially old people, is very important so there is no problem.”

“Very well. Then first, basic knowledge.”


I get taught from the granny on what «Alchemycraft» can do in general.


“Using Magic Stones you get from monsters, creating items, their disassembly and control of the elements in materials. That is «Alchemycraft». What level is it now?”

“Right now… it’s 2.”


Hm? Why is it 2? Could it be that【Dark Ritual】is treated as «Alchemy»?


“Hmm… ohh, right. Do you have «Darkness Magic»?”

“I did learn it.”

"...then, «Necromantic Magic»?”

“I did take it… is there a problem?”

“I see. No, there’s no problem. You will soon learn【Golem Refining】with «Alchemy»”

“Golems? That makes me curious.”

“Simply put, it’s «Necromantic Magic»’s deteriorated version.”


“Make sure to follow what I tell you now. I won’t acknowledge you as my disciple otherwise.”


“I will tell you about【Golem Refining】,«Necromantic Magic» and【Chimera Creation】’s relationship.”


Ho-hooh?【Chimera Creation】, hm? That’s one more curious thing that appeared...



【Golem Refining】uses processed Magic Stones to make a Golem Core and use it to create a golem.. This golem… it only listens to simple orders. It is unable to listen to complicated orders. Which is why it cannot be used for combat, but is fit for simple work such as carrying things. Which is why, the great alchemists of ages researched if there is a way to use it for combat.

The problem with【Golem Refining】is that it isn’t too smart. It could be said to be the only and the biggest weakness of it. As long as there is Magic Power, even if it’s destroyed it can intake materials and continue moving. As long as the Golem Core is safe.

If there is no problem with the body, then what to do about the head? There, they put their eyes on… using the monsters that were plenty smart. As a result, the “forbidden” Art called【Chimera Creation】was born.


“Ahh, so that was it after all. They used «Alchemy» to change the body, yes?”

“Indeed. However, things aren’t so simple. Which is only natural.”


The creatures that had their bodies changed did not listen to them, and the spellcaster got immediately killed by the chimera. Their bodies do change all of a sudden, and there can be pain when they are remade.

And the biggest problem is…  that even if the caster dies, the crazed chimera remains. Unlike a golem, it’s a living creature.

The remaining chimera destroys everything in its surroundings. Other monsters, trees along with roots. The people left behind need to finish it off. Depending on what the chimera was created with, it can have a great variety of abilities. However, the ones to exterminate a chimera are usually not adventurers, the turmoil turns big enough for the knights employed by the country to be sent in.


“And the next problem is that Immortals have appeared. “The souls of the living are within Stellura-sama’s jurisdiction and are our duty. Surface-dwellers are not allowed to infringe upon them.” they said. It became a huge problem and alchemists altogether have investigated it, then banned the Alchemycraft called【Chimera Creation】.”


But humans aren’t good enough to give up with that.

There, this time they laid their sights on «Summoning Magic». “Hm? How does that work?” they wondered. And as a result of studying it, «Necromantic Magic» was born.

With that said, if they put their hands on the real “souls of the dead” Immortals would act. They were not as foolish as that. Therefore, while it is called «Necromantic Magic», it uses «Summoning Magic»’s “head” and “body” made with «Alchemycraft»’s【Golem Refining】.

Knowing that, all they had to do was to continue through trial and error research. As a result, they found that there is a top level compatibility between【Darkness Magic】and monsters' flesh.


“Which is why «Necromantic Magic» is a union of «Summoning Magic» and【Golem Refining】, it uses a type of golem and also something completely unrelated to souls of the living. Even if it’s beat, it does not reset to its initial state, and there is no need to worry about it being hurt. Well… in exchange, it is necessary to prepare flesh and bones, and it’s all Undead due to the materials used. It’s one of the reasons behind the naming.”


In other words, the principles and AI of «Summoning Magic» are used together with the vessel created with «Darkness Magic» and «Alchemycraft»’s【Golem Refining】to complete the entire process.

Since it’s a combination of «Darkness Magic» and «Alchemycraft», both Skills go up with【Dark Ritual】.


Well, I understand that the setting now. But aren’t Skills something prepared by gods? Is the question I will pretend not to notice. Yes, it honestly doesn’t matter. Let’s not just put it aside, we can throw it out of window.

What I’m kind of curious about, is Immortals appearing due to【Chimera Creation】. Is it because they are merging several bodies while they are still alive? In such case they would act up because there is a change in souls, but if one was alive and the other already dead… no, would a soul change to match the body? It happening artificially, done by humans, makes it NG?


In any case, there seems to be no worth in【Chimera Creation】. I mean, not only I would end up fighting the chimera I made, it’s pretty much decided that my fellow Immortals would appear. Moreover, even if I win against a chimera I would get to meet Immortals. If I lose to the chimera, most likely knights will come to eliminate it, right? And without doubt I would be put on the wanted list by the country and be kicked out from being a disciple. Furthermore, I would make alchemists all over the world my enemies. There is nothing good about it.

And first of all, I can use【Necromantic Secrets】.


“I understand. There is nothing good in it for me, so I will not put my hands on it.”

“Even if it’s an easy way to get a strong monster?”

“I don’t need a monster that won’t listen to me.”

“Mhm, very well.”

“First of all, I myself am an Immortal. I can’t afford to make enemies of my fellow Immortals.”

"...What? Ohh, now that you mention it, you were an Outsider. Hm...”

“Ah, speaking of which… Do you know where the entrance to Nether is maybe?”

“I don’t… is what I’d like to say...”

"...Is there one?”


I thought she’s just a granny and won’t know, but doesn’t this sound promising? I’m surprised, normally someone would answer “as if I’d know about something like the entrance to Nether”... right?


“I don’t know, but I know a place that sounds like it could have one. However, in the church there is a woman who should know better.”

“In the church...”

“You, based on your looks, you are high tier, right?”

“Yes, a High Immortal. You can tell by appearance?”

“Immortals are usually mummies or bones. With this appearance of yours I would be more surprised if you weren’t high tier. If you are one, you have purification resistance, right?”

“I do.”

“Even with Small, it’s plenty strong. With Medium you should be capable of entering the church. Go meet her. You can tell them “Megan told me to ask Lucianna”.”

“Lucianna-san, yes? I’ll go after this then...”

“Ohh and, Immortal, hm? In that case this should be of use to you… wait here.”


And all of sudden I hear her name for the first time. Granny Megan, is it. She walked more nimble than sluggish and eventually came back with a book in her hand.


“Ehhh……... it’s this. Memorize it.”

“This is… I wondered what I should do about this, so it is a big help.”



〈«Alchemy»’s recipe “Part” was acquired..〉



It’s a recipe for lost limb parts.

So it’s a synthesis of Flesh of the Living (Medium or better) and a Magic Stone. Let’s note it down… the quality of the consumable affects the penalty time. And A+ decreases the chance you lose a limb next time you die, you say?! This is nice information.


“Thank you very much.”

“It’s early to thank me. Read this first.”


My log once again is filled with a large amount of recipes...


“These are the basics of basics. They are recipes anyone who steps on this road knows. If you want to know something or have questions, come to me. Whether I teach you is up to your questions. There is no future for people who forget how to “investigate on your own”.”

“It’s not like I don’t understand that, but you are plenty strict, aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t make someone who can’t keep up into my disciple in the first place.”

“I see. Is there anything else to watch out aside from【Chimera Creation】?”

“Let’s see… did you use the【Magic Power-Refining Circle】you learned at 30 yet?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“First of all, learn how to draw a refining circle while looking at the cloth. That is the beginning. If you do, you will be able to do things with things that can’t be put on cloth.”

“Can it be that【Chimera Creation】is…?”

“It certainly uses【Magic Power-Refining Circle】, but it requires a special refining circle. Don’t do anything needless while you are still missing knowledge. Put it in your head that «Alchemy» is useful, but dangerous.”



Furthermore, I received an advice for «Necromantic Magic».


“«Necromantic Magic» is like a young kid at first. It’s not very smart, but learns fast. What kind of kid it will grow to be is up to how you raise it. It’s all right to use it as a meat wall, but don’t forget to put in some love. Also, make sure to praise it. This is a common point with «Summoning Magic», don’t forget it.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Well, then go.”


I got taught recipes and knowledge on how «Necromantic Magic» came to be, so the gains are plenty. I leave granny’s store.



〈You have fulfilled specific requirement, “Title: Alchemist’s Disciple" was acquired.〉



Oh my, so there is a title.


Alchemist’s Disciple.

You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.


Truly simple.

Now, let’s go to the church. It’s located in the Northwest of the Starting Town’s central plaza. I have avoided it so far, but it seems like the sensation of someone poking at me is here too. I ignored it and entered inside.


There… was a chapel. A big room with the statues of the four pillar gods and benches.

And praying in front of the statue… there was a player. This player was suddenly enveloped by light. ...I remember seeing this. I saw it happen not to me, but to Alf-san and Ske-san.

What appeared from the light, was a woman with a pair of white wings.




“Uheeh?! Ah… Princess?”

“Good day. I witnessed your evolution by chance, my natural enemy!”

“NO NO NO no… no? HNN… light-type magic enhancement...”

“So are were my natural enemy after all.”

“Dark Element Damage Taken ×4...”

"...So it’s mutual.”

"...Oh and, I’m Cupid.”

“My name is Anastasia, but you can call me as you like”

“Then, Princess.”


Right. I knew it.

She said she is going to change her colors to match the Angel race and then will put information on the BBS, so we bid each other farewell. Looks like the number of Angels will increase from now on.


Let’s ask some clergy nearby about whether Lucianna-san is here.


“Excuse me, is the person called… Lucianna here? I was told by Megan-san to meet her...”

“Lucianna-sama, yes? Please wait a moment.”


Considering she is referred to with -sama honorific, she must be someone in a high position? But looks like I can meet her as per normal… there is a possibility it’s thanks to Megan-san, hm?

After a while, the person with whom I spoke to and a granny came. The granny’s sister clothing decorations look extravagant...


“Oh my, what a beauty has come to visit me.”

“My name is Anastasia.”

“So that was it, after all. It’s famous that the lady in gray dress is very gently-mannered.”

“This is my first time hearing it...”

“It’s your reputation in this town. So, what is it about Megan?”

“Actually, I am an Immortal and I’m searching for entrance to Nether...”

“I see, which is why you came to me.”


After thinking for a moment, she prompted me to sit down on a chair nearby, so I sat down.


“It’s not like I know myself, but I know a place that… definitely has one. However, whether it functions… is something I cannot guarantee. Above all, entrances to Nether are something only Immortals can see.”

“I have zero information, so even a possibility is a great help.”

“Hmm… I see. Then, I will tell you the location, but could I ask you a favor in regards to it?”

“A favor… is it? If it’s possible for me, then I don’t mind...”

“Can you use【Clean】?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Then there is no problem. What I want you to do, is to clean, after all.”

“To clean?”

“Yes, to clean. The location that should have an entrance to Nether is Northeast of this town. It’s further beyond the now-unused catacombs. The place I want you to clean… is Stellura-sama’s old temple.”

“So there was an old temple further back, behind the Catacombs?”

“However, it has been long since it was abandoned; over a thousand years passed since then. I’m sure it is probably in ruins, but… there is a high possibility that the area near the statue, the chapel is safe, so I don’t mind if you only clean as much as it is possible. Please clean up while you look for the entrance.”



〈Quest: “Cleaning of the Old Temple’s Chapel” has emerged.〉




So it’s the type of quest you receive directly from Residents.


“Cleaning of the Old Temple’s Chapel”
Go to Stellura-sama’s Old Temple that is Northeast of the Starting Town and clean the chapel.
Requester: Lucianna
Reward: ? ? ?


It’s a favor Lucianna-san asked in exchange for information, so there should be no reward, but there will be a reward from the game itself… is what it means? The secret reward makes me curious.


“There is no time restriction, so just be careful. The temple prospered quite a long time ago, right now… I guess you will be able to tell the road? But otherwise it’s an unexplored land.”

“Is there information on monsters that are nearby?”

“I believe there should be Undead monsters nearby, but I don’t know the details. Please ask in Belstead’s Adventurers’ Union.”


Apparently with just Stellura-sama’s statue, Undead will gather. That was the reason that land was abandoned and why currently in churches there are statues of all four gods. I guess these are some game lore tidbits.


The catacomb Northeast of the Starting Town… in other words, my home. Apparently it’s further beyond it, but area-wise it’s in the back of forest North of Belstead? Then certainly, it might be better to get information at Belstead’s Adventurers’ Guild.


It seems like Lucianna-san goes back to her work, so I said my thanks and left the church. Let’s return to the square. I mean, the place called church tries its best to purify me.




Now now, since I have finished what I want to do. What should I do next? …Looks like Ske-san is not here at this hour. Let’s tell him later.

Hnn… there is nothing in particular to do, so should I go to Belstead? It’s a quest without time restriction, but I am curious about the secret reward. ...Let’s go.


While watching several Devil-type people head to the church, I jumped to Belstead through Stellura-sama’s statue. Let’s go to the Adventurers’ Union.



“Welcome to Adventurers’ Guild. Do you need something?”

“I would like to ask about information on the area beyond the forest in the North, is there any?”

“I do not recommend going there unless you absolutely have to… but there is.”

“It’s fairly important to me personally, so could you tell me about the enemies? A person from the church mentioned that there are Undead in there...”

“The ones that appear are Undead. However, they are of Mid Undead class. Of course, they aren’t Immortals so their intelligence is low. However, in exchange they have wild instincts.”

“In other words…?”

“For example, Armored Skeleton Wolves can cooperate with each other.”


...Wild instinct. Well, let’s leave it at this. It is a game. Let’s not retort to this or I’ll lose. It’s harder to find a game where there’s nothing to retort to. And above all, if I asked what’s going on with the ecosystem I would have to question the entire game.

Yup. That aside, Armored Skeleton Wolves… First time hearing of them. Moreover, if they cooperate, then they must be linked. Ahhh… a【Light Burst】will also involve me, so this is troubling...

For now, let’s hear information on enemies.


Armored Skeleton
A skeleton wearing chainmail armor, tougher to beat with blunt attacks.

Soldiers holding swords, and Archers holding bows are confirmed.

Armored Skeleton Wolf
A wolf version of the Armored Skeleton. Does surprise attacks with «Shadow Magic» so be careful.

A Zombie-type devoid of «Decomposing Body». It moves normally and is tough.

Forest Wolf Zombie
A Forest Wolf from the North turned zombie. Has no «Decomposing Body» either.

Flying Head
A flying skull. Attacks with dark-type magic from above.

Phantom Knight
It’s a Living Armor-type, so it’s very robust.


“Do you possess «Discern»?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then please be careful if you find a Leader or General. They possess leadrship Skills, so the difficulty will greatly go up.”

“Is there a possibility of them being there?”

“Yes. If you are going there, light magic-type is a must have. If possible, secure «Holy Magic».”


«Holy Magic»… at worst I can get involved in it… I can probably ignore Revenants. They are of the same family. But if a link of other guys attacks me, I’ll cry. What I’m curious about, is the Wolf Zombie. It’s a zombie, but can I Ignore it?


I say thanks to the receptionist girl who explained it to me and… before I leave the Adventurers’ Union, let’s withdraw some equipment. It’s the equipment I acquired during defense of Starting Town. There’s a sword, spear, axe, daggers, greatsword, helmet, armor, gauntlets and greaves. Let’s throw these into the «Necromantic Secrets», it won’t take equipment slots. I also pull out Magic Stones out of the storage.


For now, let’s take a look. I won’t know how strong the enemy is until I go there. I have over 40k of money on me, so let’s replenish vegetables and pig intestines. With this I’ll have about 10k left on me.


...I have 39 capacity so I can summon something… but won’t the second area be too hard on a servant? Well, I might as well try. For the weapon… an axe, no armor for now.

In order to summon, it is necessary to select a location and use a keyword such as [calling out words + the type you call], the two parts can be interchanged. Hnn… it’s a Servant so… using an order-like tone would be best?

The summon placement… wait, this is pretty hard? …I pull out the rapier and point it at the ground in front of me. Yup, this is pretty stable. Looks like it is necessary for me to get used to setting summoning location.


“Come, Skeleton.”


The【Dark Ritual】’s magic circle… there is alchemy included in it, so I guess it’s a refinement circle? Well, anyway. A black magic circle appeared in the place I selected and a Skeleton has crawled out of it. He was properly holding an iron axe. His appearance was that of a normal Skeleton. Yup, it’s bones. It doesn’t really feel like he would be capable of fighting in the second area?

Should I give him full iron equipment…? Hnn… can it use Magic Stones? I show him Goblin’s Magic Stones, but it feels like he doesn’t want them. Do you understand what I say?


“Is an axe good for a weapon?”



Along with a *KLAK* sound he tilted his head. Isn’t he… unexpectedly cute? No, he’s still level 1. I need to ask him questions in a way that takes it into consideration.


“Can you use a sword?”



He nodded, hm? It feels like he’s saying “yes”, so he wants a sword? No, it’s still early to judge it.


“Can you use a spear?”


“Can you use an axe?”



……...Can it be.


“Any weapon is fine?”



Yes. Ehh... um.


“You will learn to use any weapon you are given, so anything is fine?”



Looks like it’s correct. As expected of my servant.

Seems like he is pretty capable of answering questions. I don’t know whether it’s a royalty-specific thing, or because I’m also undead. By the way, the only thing I hear is *KLAK* *KLAK* sounds when he shakes his head. The secondary voice is just enough for me to understand what he means.


Oh, I forgot to ask the important thing. I don’t know if it even makes sense to ask him, but might as well. Also, I can’t tell what “not very smart” means at this point.


“Do you need a name?”



No need… is it?


“If I summon multiple times, is the soul shared between summons?”



In other words, it’s cloud-based? I see, then certainly it might be best to have him learn everything.


“You need time to get used to your new body.”



I see, I see. So if I give him a different weapon to hold, he will get experience in using it. However, if his body is used to it. When I use customization he will have to practice with it in a weaker area.


"...Do you need Magic Stones?”


“So you need them? ...But not as they are.”



In that case, let’s use «Alchemycraft»’s【Magic Stone Processing】. I change Goblin Magic Stones into Magic Stone(Tiny). Goblin Elite Magic Stones into Magic Stone(Small). Troll’s Magic Stone into Magic Stone(Medium). And Goblin General’s Magic Stone into Magic Stone(Large). 18 of them in total.


“You can use them now.”


“Then, let’s see… have this medium one.”



When I passed Magic Stone(medium) to the Skeleton, the moment he ate it, it melted and disappeared.



〈Servant Level has increased.〉



Servant Level… “servant level” sounds strange. It’s as if it was me having a servant level. Well, it’s about the servant’s base level, so the AI level must have increased. So I can give him Magic Stones. He received 4 levels and is now at level 5.

...Speaking of Magic Stones, how about Orbs?


“Can you use this?”



That’s intense. Let’s give it to him.



〈Servant Level has increased.〉



……...Hmm-mm-mm? This is strange? He’s over level 30?

Umm, GM Call… no, let’s put in an inquiry...


Possible bug. I gave an Orb to my «Necromantic Secrets» Servant, please check if experience gained value is correct… there.


Taking the Skeleton whose movements have clearly gotten better, I have him fight a Pigg.


“Now go, finish the pork off!”



Oh, he went. A jump slash with a one-handed axe. I do want to give him a shield… Piggs attacks are easy to avoid, so he had no problem fighting it. Since the Skill level is low, his stats themselves should be low, but due to the bug(?) or whatever it was, the AI level went up by a lot… Did his processing speed increase? Well, I don’t know how it was before, so I can’t compare it.





A cute cartoonized piggie and a skeleton are fighting, this is surreal...


While I watched them fight, a message came from the management.

Apparently it was a bug! No matter how one looks at it, it gave too much experience, they say. Umm… when preparations are complete we will send you a message to log out, then please wait until we send you another message saying you can log in… it says.


After the Skeleton safely beat the Pigg, I dismissed him. I disassembled the mob and headed back to the town. A message came on the way back, so I logged out the moment I entered the town.

A message came when I was stretching after logging out, so I log back in.


According to the message I received, the Orb and Servant Level increased by it were rolled back.


“Hello, Anastasia-san. I’m Kuon, a GM.”


Before I realized, a GM appeared behind me...


“As an apology for encountering a bug and thanks for reporting it, please select one of these items.”


What was displayed to me, was money in the amount of 50k. A set of combat consumables (like potions). A crafting set (materials). A 1 Hour Skill Experience Boost Ticket (need to be used within a day). And 3SP.

The combat consumables set is pretty trash to me...


“Can I ask what kind of rules the crafting material set follows?”

“When you use the crafting consumables set, it will check which crafting Skills you possess and grant you materials you can use. However, the materials you receive are based on Skill level. Of course, it can’t be traded.”


I see. So it’s impossible to have someone with high Skill level open it for you.

The combat consumable set is also based on your base level and the items that appear change.

The experience ticket disappears after a day, so it’s necessary to be careful. And how much it increases is a secret, but it depends on each Skill. Apparently it can be felt best when raising first tier? Is what she said, so it isn’t too high of a boost.


"...Then, 3SP please.”

“3SP, yes? You cannot change it later, are you sure?”


“I will pass you 3SP then.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Oh no. Please check now if there are any problems.”


My SP… increased. And I got the Orb back. ...The Servant Level isn’t 5 but 7, why? 


“My Servant’s level is 7 though?”

“That’s... it seems like the experience from the Pigg remains.”

“Oh, that. I thought it would be rolled back due to a bug, so I tried having him fight.”

“We don’t mind if you benefit from it just a little. Is there any other problem?”

“No, it’s alright.”

“Then, please continue enjoying FLFO.”


Kuon-san disappeared, melting in the thin air.


I once again summoned Skeleton. ...Why are you looking so dejected, #1. Is it because you were rolled back? It can’t be helped. Let’s give you 3 Magic Stones(Medium) and 5 (Small) ones.

He quickly ate the Magic Stones and the Servant Level has become 23. With this, he should be matching the map… is what I want to say, but it’s just AI level. Let’s have #1 do his best. ...I call him #1, but all of them use the same AI.


His level decreased by about 10 levels compared to earlier, so let’s have him fight a Pigg again.



...So there is an effect on the processing ability? It seems like his response time is slower than before, and so is his decision-making? Hmm… looks like there would be lots of trouble with low AI levels. I can raise it with Magic Stones, so let’s give him all that I acquire. In a way, I’m in an advantageous position since I regularly acquire Orbs. I don’t use【Libertà】too often anyway.




Looks like he safely beat it. Let’s head North and have him fight Piggs along the way



〈«High-Class Magic Ability» reached level 5.〉

〈«High-Class Magic Ability»’s【Overspell】was acquired.〉


...It went up even though I wasn’t in combat. My «Spatial Magic» went up to 3, so it must be this guy’s fault.


The next spell you use will have twice the consumption and be cast with twice the power.


I see. It has an effect often seen in games. Looks like I will use it quite often. Mainly when I need to quickly finish things off.


I enter the forest. It seems to be the same as the forest in the South, it’s on the level of me not having any problems walking.

...Hm? Can it be that I mistook the timing? It’s almost night. ...No, it’s not just the enemy but also me who gets stronger. If anything, I’m a «High Immortal» so I get higher increases than the enemy… but I don’t know how much of it is limited due to my Base Level being too low… right.


Asking about enemies in the back, I forgot all about this forest.

...Forest Wolf, huh. A slightly greener one meter-large doggie. Speaking of which, are there active mobs reacting to smell? Depending on that, the dog-types’ evaluation would change. Is there information on the boards?


Well, it’s in the direction of my travel so let’s fight. I do a preemptive strike with【Dark Lance】and have #1 stand next to me. If he had a shield, I would have him stand in front though. Maybe instead of having him hold one-handed axe, I should give him a greatsword and make him an attacker? But we are in the forest right now. It might get in the way of the swings… I could make him only do slashes from above?


For now, I told him that I will take the enemy on myself and to attack when there is an opening. Looks like #1 is attacking from behind. …#1EEEE! Looks like the wolf got annoyed with being attacked from behind, and kicked with hind legs like a horse, cutting lots of #1’s HP. Instantly putting him in the red zone.

In a normal game, as long as the tank holds hate and there are no area of effect attacks, it would be safe, but it looks like that isn’t the case in this one… Speaking of which, during the world quest, the general attacking tanks also involved the surroundings in his attacks.

For now, it looks like attacking directly from behind is no good. I should have him attack from a diagonal position in the back. A spear would be good for attacking from a distance, too. This is difficult.

While #1 is waiting to recover, I beat the wolf.


"#1, let’s change your equipment.”



Considering his HP, I resummon him. And while at it, I absorb the Forest Wolf, before summoning #1 at double the extra cost. With this his stats should go up by a bit. The #1 who crawled out from the ground, had the «Sword» Skill and was holding a greatsword.

When I have #1 with me, my «Nercomantic Secrets», «Supervising Undead», «Immortal Royalty» and «Royal Authority» all go up, which is nice. Let’s have #1 do his best.


“Listen, #1. Attack the wolf diagonally from behind. After attacking once, move away.”



Very good. Then, let’s start proceeding again.

I want more Capacity, but Forest Wolf drops make me curious. Let’s see, the drop information board… Forest Wolf… huh. Wolf Leather and fangs, Wolf Meat. Yup, no need for that. Absorbing them all in. If I want wolf meat, I will hunt wolves. While Wolf gives 1 Capacity, Forest Wolf gives 3.


Since I opened the BBS, I might as well check enemy information.

The other enemy here is Aquilegia…? A plant-type monster that has something like a skeleton hanging off it. Its weakness is fire and because it cannot move, it’s really easy to beat. If you get too close, it will entangle you by surprise which spells trouble… it says. If it doesn’t move, might as well ignore it.


I progressed deeper and deeper into the back while beating Forest Wolves. I saw several Aquilegias along the way, but they were just as information said, so I ignored them.


#1, who had his style changed, is doing well as an attacker. That’s good. The enemies are wolves, so he sometimes misses, but it cannot be helped. At this point his stats are low. It’s all fine as long as he doesn’t die. I have no leeway on Capacity right now.


Speaking of which, when you use【Dark Ritual】you get experience with «Darkness Magic» and «Alchemy», but in exchange, «Appraisal» and «Disassembly» don’t go up, do they? This is truly troubling.


According to the map, I’m already in the next area.

I dismissed #1, leaving him behind. Enemy should be stronger by an entire stage, doesn’t seem like #1 will be able to keep up.


The area that has the old temple also seems to be a forest area. However, this one could be said to be a dense forest. Looks like there is hardly any sunlight or moonlight passing through the trees. An eerie forest devoid of human touch where Undead appear,. 


That’s… a Revenant. He has no «Decomposing Body» so his appearance is that of a human… is what you could say? The rags he is wearing aside. His movements are slightly off. In any case, the Revenant is not targeting me...


A red diagonal line…! Above me?! Flying Headdd… that was close! Oh but, there is no need for me to get all desperate to avoid considering it’s a dark element attack. Well, there is no reason to get hit on purpose either.

Was Revenant linked? ...But he isn’t attacking. His marker shows a link.


I begin a magic battle with the skull in the sky. Of course, with light magic. The enemy uses dark magic. But the problem is that the skull doesn’t stop. So aiming for his flight trajectory is necessary. Well, when I start channeling it shows me the skull’s predicted movement. However, this line shows where the skull will be “in case it continues to fly in the same direction at constant speed”. A slight change in speed or direction and my attack will either graze it or miss. It’s one thing from above, but attacking upwards is especially hard.

While responding to the enemy's magic with【Royal Defense】I attacked back with【Light Arrow】and【Light Lance】. The ball-type bullets are slow, so the least required speed is that of a lance. ...So I can beat it with two attacks. It has low endurance so probably one and a half is enough… This is pretty harsh. Other enemies will need at least three hits.

Let’s disable «Spatial Magic»’s【Inventory Expansion】for now. I’m definitely going to be short on MP. Let’s get in a state where I can use【Overspell】without problems.


A few seconds after I beat Flying Head, the Revenant’s link was removed and it returned to normal state. It’s decided, they won’t go after me as long as I don’t involve them.


In the middle of the area, there was a quest mark, so in there must be the old temple. Let’s head straight there.


If I carefully listen to the sounds, I can roughly tell where Flying Heads are? There is a sound of leaves rustling that comes from above. It’s the “I heard something above us!” thing.


Looks like enemy respawns aren’t too frequent? I think I’m the only one in this area… although I do have night vision, this is a forest so my line of sight is pretty bad.



...Mm? Is something there? Most likely just now that was «Intuition», but… it’s… not my imagination! OWaa!! Coming at me from three directions is NO FAIRRR!

When the enemies’ attack came, «Sensing Danger» activated and a line was displayed showing their attack path, so I avoided it and parried. Mr. «Butō» is wonderful. And «Sensing Danger» shows me the range of enemy attacks just like it's shown in classic MMOs. With the Skill level its precision will probably increase. This is pretty useful, or rather, a must-have when playing solo?


Armored Skeleton Wolves, is it. The thing just now was probably a surprise attack using «Shadow Magic». It was pretty harsh. Even now it’s harsh seeing as I’m surrounded from three directions! It would be much easier if I could use【Light Burst】. But I’ll be blown away as well if I use it, you see.


Maintaining a triangle around me, they continue to circle. HAHAHA, I’m not going to panic. I’m in general a counter-attacker.

I created a【Light Lance】on the tip of the rapier and directly hit the ske-dogs with it as they jumped at me one by one. I used【Light Ball】and【Light Arrow】to keep them at a distance. It’s enough if it disrupts their cooperation’s timing. I also mixed in【Dark  Bursts】. While the enemy has resistance, I have enhancement. They don’t have absorption or immunity, so I discovered that it’s fairly effective for making enemies falter.

Looks like I can unexpectedly manage this. No, I received plenty of grazes and some HP damage. But let’s have my automatic recovery Skill do its best. With that said, I’m at 60% so I recover with【Dark Heal】. At 80% now.



〈Your Race has reached level 20. Some Monster Skills have been unlocked.〉



As expected of higher level mobs, pretty sweet. However, I don’t have time to check Skills in a place like this. Let’s note it and check later.

So level ups recover everything? Thanks.


That’s… Armored Skeleton Soldier, Armored Skeleton Archer, Phantom Knight link? Bastard sword, short bow and mace with a large shield. Troublesome.

Hn?! I got found by an archer?! Whoa, running straight for me. A bow… let’s use【Royal Counter】against the bow and do my best with【Royal Defense】against normal attacks. When I use arts I get an assistance that allows me to slash them down easily, a normal【Parry】is pretty difficult, but not impossible. I can tell rough trajectories thanks to «Sensing Danger», so it’s on the easier side.


Before he arrives I should shoot magic toward the archer. Let’s go with【Overspell】【Light Lance】, how about… it! Mm… still standing. As expected of Lv36.


Still, the Phantom Knight is pretty slow. I can’t tell if it’s faster than I am, but… oh? PLEASE STOP THAT【Arrow Rain】DAMMITT?! ...Nn? Hahahaha, trees are OP. Looks like Undead aren’t smart enough to select Skills matching the map. The most annoying Art can be neutralized with some branches.


【Overspell】has a pretty long cooldown, and the soldier carrying a bastard sword came over so I used【Light Arrow】on the archer.

I’m kind of a bad match against Skeletons. Although my weapon is magic-based, the rapier’s attack type is thrusts.

I repelled the attack of the charging soldier with【Break Parry】and when he lost balance, I create【Light Lance】on the tip of the sword and slash. Lost balance makes one receive double damage for three seconds. But I still didn’t beat him!


The Phantom Knight joins. This guy is troublesome. His weakness is blunt attacks and light. Even if I want to use «Slender Sword»’s【Penetrate】, there is no weaknesses on Undead!

Arrows continue to fly at me, the Phantom Knight holding a large shield stands in my way and the soldier’s attacks are pretty dangerous… this won’t work, will it? Looks like those guys are the main enemy here, or rather… the very basic spawn combination. In other words, if I have problems against them, then this area isn’t good for me. Even though I somehow managed against the 3 wolves!


I blocked two arrows from【Rapid Shot】, parried a mace and finish off the soldier who tried a jump slash - farewell! Next is the archer who’s low on HP.

My remaining HP is 60%... it’s about time I heal up. But first let’s use【Light Arrow】on the arche...hnn?! WAI--, SKE-DOG! Nonono, wait, LET’S BE CIVILIZED... gueh?!

If this is how it’s to be, then I’ll take the archer with me! Stop biting on my arm, SKE-DOG! The Phantom Knight swings the mace at me so I use the ske-doggo as a shield. Serves you r… oufh. Isn’t three extra ske-doggos a little, way too much?

I do【Dark Burst】and then【Light Arrow】...alright, archer is down.

Ske-dog armshield is strong against a mace. Farewell, ske-doggo. Mace is a blunt attack. And farewell me. I’m sure the next me will do better...




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