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  1. Kazama Winchester

    are you planning to translate I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine or I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated - Tensei Shitara Kendeshita or Isekai Monster Breeder version Light Novel ?

    1. Frozen

      Looks like people took interest in that teaser, haha. Hope someone picks it up someday :3

  2. Frozen

    Hey, Krytyk. I believe you've read Vanquish Overload? I remember you putting up that hellish puzzle I wrecked my brain to solve before....xD
    So in any case, was wondering how I should go with this. (need it for a teaser)
    The cover has it translated as Vanquich Overload. Leaving Vanquich aside, "Overload" part is most likely Author's screw up of Overlord since オーバーロード is the furigana for 覇王 in novel.
    Not sure if I should name it Vanquich Overload or Vanquish Overlord. What do you think?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Yeah, definitely Overlord for 99.9% of the book. The only instance it's user differently is vol 4 last chapter (just did a quick search now) where "Vanquish Overlord" is an ability called 奪還者の右腕 (Right hand of the Retriever(?)). Something like that.

  3. Averyderpycatfish

    Hello? Is anyone here? Anything? I will take anything, just hopefully not another astral kraken. How those things found their way from metaphysical space and into the internet is beyond me...


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