Under a gentle blue sky, the sun sparkled with energy.

The classroom in school was very quiet and I could hear the sound of pens hitting displays.


...I finished resolving tests and waited in my seat, this time sure is boring. The sun works too hard and it’s harsh. But it’ll be over soon.


“All riiight, time’s up. Put down your pens and pads. Gather them starting from the back.”


The silent, slightly tense atmosphere in the classroom has softened at once and it was filled with energy.

Students in the back of the classroom picked up pads from students sitting in front, then passed them to the teacher before coming back to their seats.


“Alright, with this, tests are over. You can go back today without cleaning up.”


Some of my classmates stood up in a hurry, but were made to sit back down.


“Wait a moment, sit down. First I need to tell you the schedule from now on.”


Tomorrow we come to school in the morning, and before noon we will do a big cleaning, after which we will go home. The day after tomorrow there will be a ceremony, after which summer break starts. The ceremony is supposed to end before noon.


“After cleaning ends tomorrow, I will give you your homework.”


“Heh, you look happy.”


“Shaddup! Listen! Don’t bring me trouble during summer break! I’m on vacation! If I’m called out, my mood will plummet, so don’t do anything stupid!”

“Sensei, what will you do during summer break?”

“Playing game.”

“What gaame?!”

“FLFO’s 2nd batch! FINALLY…”


“So yeah, do your homework, okay? According to patch notes you can now do homework in game, right? I don’t mind teaching you in game sometimes.”


That’s really generous of him. It’s not like he will get paid for teaching in game. ...Rather, are patch notes out already? Tomo and Sugu also had “seriously?” written on their faces.


“If we meet, that is...”

“Meeting a teacher inside a game would only demotivate me...”

"...Well, I don’t want to meet you guys either… I would suddenly be brought back to reality. Well, that aside, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you come to school at the same time as usual. I’m going to do scores now. After scoring is done, the work is… yeah. You can go now!”


Sensei said so and left the classroom, and the classmates suddenly grew noisy.


Now, today is Wednesday. On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was doing my best with «Alchemy». About today my «Alchemy» should get to the second tier, and «Light Magic» should also level up. It would be nice if «Gathering» also reached second tier.


“A’ight, let’s go back.”

“What’d we do after coming back today?”

“We decided on free actions today, haven’t we?”

“I guess. Should I go around the town, mm?”


I go back together with Tomohiro and Suguru. The two’s party members seem to be acting on their own today.


“What about you, Kotone?”

“It’s about time my «Alchemy», «Light Magic» and «Gathering» went up, so I will do those. When I gathered materials there’s fewer enemies than I thought there would be, and my magic did not go up yet.”

“So this week you’re focusing on crafting, huh.”

“There is a crafting event going on right now, after all.”


When we walked while talking, at the school’s gate my little sister and her friends were waiting. Yanase-san and Matsukane-san, it’s been a while in the real, hasn’t it. We go back with the six of us.


“By the way, little sister.”

“What is it? Elder sister.”

“Sometimes female players come to ask me about beautification methods, you know? There was a GM among them, too.”

"...They seriously went to you?”

“After several people came, I started passing them notes.”

“Well, yes. I said that you know well, but they really charged right in, huh?”


I split it into several steps and had them try them. If they can feel the effects of the lower steps, it means that their skin is quite damaged… is the method I passed to them. Also, I split them between cheap, normal and expensive, recommending some cosmetics.


“Ahhh, I need to buy lunch. What should I have today...”

“I might go to the bakery next door.”

“Bread, huh. Well, I can have some sandwiches.”

“Onee-chan, let’s have Moa Burgers! It’s been a while!”

“NNn…? I guess it’s alright sometimes.”


It seems like Yanase-san and Matsutake-san had a meal ready at home, so we split up in front of a supermarket.


After coming home, it would take some time until AC cools the living room down, so we end up eating in my room. ...You aren’t going to carry it to your own room, but eat in mine? Well, fine...

While eating, we check the patch notes.


“There’re the things that were mentioned in the interview, guilds, elite mobs and a dice roll function added...”

“1D3, 1D6, 1D100 were prepared, and it’s also possible to put in numbers manually? It’s pretty rich...”

“Well, dice rolls can get handy, right? The limit is 10D1000, huh. Honestly, 1D100 is enough.”

“Furthermore, there are bug fixes and… a student support campaign.”

“If you’re saying you support us, then why don’t we get anything! Give us SOMETHING!”

“We’ll make it so you can load it into the game so do your best, is what they’re saying. We shall bestow upon you the right to do homework in game.”



Looks like there are no nerfs for Skills, and nothing that would stand out. The update will come in three days just as scheduled.

After eating, let’s take a shower and log in.




I do stretches on top of a bed in the inn, then leave to the outside. Yesterday I logged off after mass-producing potion bins, so I’m still in Inbamunt.

Now, how about going to the shore to level up «Light Magic»? And after that, I can do «Alchemy» while «Gathering»… let’s do so. I first receive requests at the union before heading out.



The shore South of Inbamunt. The beach around the port is treated as a safe zone, so I move away from there a little.

It’s currently noon in real, so morning in game. There is splendid clear weather and the sea sparkles as it reflects sunlight. I’ll tan, so the sea is my enemy. In real, I never go to the sea. And there is a problem that it’s far, too.


...In game first of all, it’s on the level of being dangerous to my life! Do your best, automatic recovery and parasol.


Ahead of my gaze there was another player in combat. There are five enemies confirmed on this shore. Carabin Toxo, Fresh Fish, Sea Turtle, Fraiastelly, Feelerkalkinion. So, an Archer Fish and Arrow Fish(?) a turtle, a starfish, and a hermit crab?


Carabin Toxo is a super annoying one that shoots from the sea. Fresh Fish is a fish that flies and charges at you like an arrow. Sea Turtles are, well, they are turtles with high physical defense that attack with magic. Fraiastellies are flying starfish that spin as they charge at you. Feelerkalkinion’s are… well, less crabs and more hermits. They are literally tentacles borrowing a shell. What are those tentacles…?

By the way, since they are confirmed to be of levels 24~30, it was quite a high level hunting ground. It seems like Inbamunt’s beach is the strongest location so far. It seems like it would be even harder if you entered the sea, but at this point fighting in water is impossible for me.



Now, let’s hunt. There are plenty of actives here, and there are enemies that attack from range, so I pull out my sword from the start.

This hunting grounds’ problem is simply that enemies attack all at once… and that if you have «Disassembly», enemy bodies remain. Carabin Toxo’s attack from the sea, and you naturally attack them from range and beat them… you know what happens next, right?


When I walked down the beach, suddenly a red line appeared within my line of sight. It was «Sensing Danger» that displayed the enemy’s attack’s area of effect. Since it was a single straight line, it was the Carabin Toxo… a stationary cannon. I think they overdid it with them shooting attacks predicting my movement. Looks like AI started to get smarter. Well, if I stop moving they miss, however.

Carabin Toxo had an AI that shot in places that you were moving into, so if you match the timing you could induce them to fire ahead of you and miss. Well, it was quite difficult though.

They attack after jumping out of water, and then after finishing an attack they go back into the water. In other words, if you don’t match timing they will go back inside water, avoiding your attack. They are without doubt, horribly annoying.

The enemy’s attacks are water-type magic, arrows and lances, as well as explosions. Also, they are using low range high damage “Shot” magic, too. And they were casting one more unknown spell, but considering it was a wall of water, it’s said it was probably “Wall”.


I want the Shot-type magic. It has quick channeling and super low range, as well as high firepower. I want it since it matches my combat style, but it seems to be learned on level 5 of the second tier. First I need to make my «Light Magic» second tier.


I avoid the first arrow by stopping in my tracks, then respond with a【Light Lance】. It has few HP so one hit takes 40% of his HP. Just two more left.

I parried the second attack, a lance, with【Magic Parry】that I used for the first time, then returned the attack with【Magic Arrow】. With this the toxo has lost 70% HP and has only 30% left.

For the third exchange, I dodged an arrow and returned a【Light lance】to finish it off. The body that fell into water started floating, but was quickly taken away by waves. That was definitely kidnapping. Farewell, my drops… Although, apparently sometimes it is carried our way by waves.

Arrow spells are faster by a fair amount than Lance. However, water is much slower than any other element, so it was not a problem.


On this hunting ground maybe I should unequip «Disassembly». It can’t be helped… let’s move it to unequipped. The amount of drops decreases when you remove it, but if you can’t secure the body you get literally nothing. It’s better than losing all drops.

Since enemies have finally started using magic, my «Magic Resistance» should start increasing. It’s good that resistances go up even when I guard or parry.


When I unequipped «Disassembly» and walked forward, a red line has extended from the sea to my torso. It’s Fresh Fish this time, hm? It has a thin body, sharp front end and flies through the air like an arrow as it comes my way.

Being conscious of parrying I deflected the Fresh Fish coming at me at high speed, and onto the ground. In this game speed has an effect on damage, the fish slid on the sand and a lot of its life decreased. I pierced the Fresh Fish as it flapped on the ground. There was sand beneath, so the pierce went right in, there was continuous damage while the sword was stabbed in until the enemy turned into polygons and disappeared.

They say that Fresh Fish fly around players and are really annoying? Fish have low HP and defense so it’s easy to beat them. In exchange, they have high ATK and AGI.


Fraiastelly… for the flying starfish, I smack it down on the ground in the same way and stab it to finish it off. It seems like Fresh Fish do thrust attacks and Fraiastelly do multiple slashes.


And there are Feelerkalkinions. They attack using tentacles like whips. Their attack type is blunt? The problem with these guys is that they are using tentacles, so they have high attack speed and multiple attacks. They have no magic, but their tentacles extend far and they can attack while moving. Honestly, aren’t they the strongest in here?


Sea Turtles are… turtles that use water magic, so it’s enough to smash them with blunt weapons or burn them with fire magic. The types of magic they use and the requirements for using them are the same as for Carabin Toxo. If anything was different, it would be the fact that they are on the beach and that they don’t predict your movements when attacking.


Certainly our enemies have gotten stronger, but this is pretty much it for 1vs1 combat. This is the field right outside the town, after all. However, the number of actives has definitely increased.

Although Feelerkalkinion’s and Sea Turtles sight was not that good, everyone else had good eyesight. In some cases, you get attacked by multiple Carabin Toxo’s at once while fish and starfish fly at you.


Drops were carapace from Sea Turtles and horns from Fresh Fish. Looks like the drops were fixed and their number has decreased, turning more MMO-like.

Also, it must be thanks to «Appraisal», but C+ drops started to mix in among others. By all means, do your best «Appraisal».



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Light Magic» reached level 30. Gained “2" Skill Points.〉

〈«Light Magic»’s【Light Burst】was acquired.〉

〈«Light Magic» reached the maximum level, «Luminous Magic» and «Holy Magic» were unlocked.〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Spatial Magic» was unlocked.〉



So it’s finally here. «Light Magic»’s evolutions - «Luminous Magic» and «Holy Magic».

Also the «Light Magic» and «Dark Magic», as well as «High-Class Magic Ability»’s combined magic is «Spatial Magic», hm? Most likely it’s related to Stellura-sama.


«Luminous Magic»
Normal evolution of «Light Magic». Allows you to acquire Light Element Attacks.

«Holy Magic»
Special evolution of «Light Magic». Allows you to take magic specializing in recovery and anti-undead.

«Spatial Magic»
Combined magic of light and dark. Allows you to acquire spells manipulating space.
It has overall bad consumption and no direct attack magic, which is why it has few users.
It is said that skilled users can manipulate pull and repulsion, as well as create Safe Zones..


Should I take «Luminous Magic» that’s the normal derivation? The problem is that «Holy Magic» is troubling for me. It has recovery and anti-undead effect, good for using in PT. But, I can’t use it in a party with Alf-san and Ske-san. And I can’t use it on myself. ...While I do have a leeway on SP right now, let’s ignore it.

Of course, I’m taking «Spatial Magic». It’s related to Stellura-sama, after all. It would be nice if my inventory problems were resolved, but… I wonder?

So both cost 6SP, hm. I use up 12 and have 30 left. This is bad, it went down all at once.


The magic I learned are【Lumen Explosion】and【Inventory Expansion】.


【Inventory Expansion】
Increases the size of inventory based on the skill level, but decreases the maximum MP of the user.


Umm, I’ll know once I use it.

...Wait. WAIT? WHY DID 80% OF MY MP GO GRAY? Looks like it can be switched ON and OFF. ...Just 1 inventory slot has increased?! If it’s equal to the skill’s level, then it will increase to 30 eventually. But still, fight with the remaining 20%? But considering it’s constantly enabled, the Skill level will continue to go up by itself? In that case… Well? I feel like 80% is something I can agree on...

Bad consumption is lightly said… Umm, SP-wise it’s a second tier Skill, so there should be more than 30 levels to it. If the used maximum MP decreases every 10 levels, it will take about 50% at level 30? But even with it being constantly enabled, isn’t it plenty hard to level up second tier Skills?

I have a lot of MP, so I can fight even with 20%. At worst I can always fight in close combat. However, my main firepower is without doubt magic. During boss battles I won’t have enough MP. ...Since I have taken it, might as well level it up. I can always turn it off before fighting a boss.



After finishing elimination requests from the union, let’s go level my «Alchemy». From here on I will use dark element, so it should get easier.

I used magic to beat the enemies that fired magic at me, and smacked the incoming enemies to stab them with my rapier. As for the thingies that do a tentacle dance on me, I cut them up and throw them away.



〈«Slender Sword» reached level 5.〉

〈«Slender Sword»’s Art【Penetrate】was acquired.〉

〈«Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense» reached level 5.〉

〈«Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense»’s Art,【Royal Counter】was acquired.〉


Releases a piercing strike, deals triple damage when it hits a weakness.

【Royal Counter】
Blocks and parries any non-magic attack.


This overwrites【Arrow Guard】and【Arrow Parry】, right.

I finally received a new Art for the rapier, but it does not say anything about how it works when it doesn’t hit a weakness. Either it deals normal damage when it doesn't hit a weakness… or at worst, deals less damage than a normal attack. Well, I will know once I try.

...It’s… not normal damage. The damage increases slightly. This is a happy miscalculation, but considering MP cost, it’s better to attack with other arts. Seems like they are telling me to use it only when I’m certain to hit a weakness.


Now, let’s go report to the Adventurers’ Union, take consignment money from the Merchant Union, deposit it, and get to crafting.




I teleport to the Starting Town, then before heading East I log out and stretch my body. Then I log in again. Let’s level «Gathering» until it levels up or it’s dinner time. Oops, let’s put «Disassembly» back on. It’s wonderful on land.


I diligently plucked herbs and mushrooms, sometimes slapped boars and deers who picked a fight with me, and continued to pluck. The Eastern forest’s enemies are nothing but an obstacle now. These days I’m more likely to use Rabbit and Wolf meat rather than boar and bear meat. If I’m to gather some, it might be best to do so before the second batch comes...



〈«Gathering» reached level 30. Gained “2" Skill Points.〉

〈«Gathering» reached the maximum level, «Collecting» was acquired.〉


There is an increased chance to gather additional two items which is based on the Skill level.


So I will be having two additional items? And it’s the usual 6SP. I’m acquiring it. I have 26SP left.

My «Spatial Magic» has reached level 2… inventory expansion slots turned into 2. So it’s 1 level = 1 slot? No change to MP.


There is still time until dinner. Let’s go back to the Starting Town and level «Alchemy» next.



“Yo, Princess.”

“Oh, Ertz-san. You are early.”

“There were too few things to do, so I came back early. Happens sometimes. Oh and, this is Nephrite. The one who made Salute’s glasses.”

“I’m Nephrite, leveling «Handicraft». Let’s get along?”

“I am Anastasia. Please take care of me.”


Nephrite-san. A machinery woman who has green hair and eyes. It seems like she was busy with work up until now, and it has finally calmed down so she has a day off today.

I sold Wolf Claws and Deer Horns to Nephrite-san. And BoarLeather to Ertz-san. Earned 37k in total. From here on the second batch will come, so it seems there will be demand.


I do not put out a stall, but I open cooking and alchemy kits next to each other. I put fire to the Cooking Kit’s charcoal and put a distiller on top. It’s a game, so glass doesn’t turn black.


“That’s luxurious. Distilled Water, huh?”

“With the materials on hand I should be able to get to the second tier...”

“What are you making?”

“HP Potions for contribution.”

“So you’re going with numbers.”

“For now… I have materials for 155 attempts. And also for the beginner’s ones.”

“During the event low level recipes give extra experience, I guess you’ll manage somehow.”

“I hope I will, but… I still haven’t opened either North nor West.”

“What, really?”

“I was busy with «Cooking» and «Alchemy», as well as magic… Oh, right. I should share information with the magic board.”



I poured the Distilled Water into potion bins, then while making more I wrote information regarding «Spatial Magic» and【Inventory Expansion】on the magic board. The information on «Luminous Magic», «Holy Magic» and «Collecting» is already known, so that should be about it.


“This sounds… like it has serious problems with consumption?”

“It should get better as it goes up, but 80% is harsh...”

“The fact that it doesn’t say gravity, but pull and repulsion makes me curious.”

“You could fly?”

“The MP consumption sounds worse than expected. Just how many seconds can you fly? Is the result I’d expect.”

“Certainly, it would be just seconds.”


I also feel that might be the case.

By the way, let’s see what other magic types there are. There is a summary.


Skill Name                Art Name           Requirement
«Fire Magic»          Fire
«Flame Magic»         Flame                 Fire's Second Tier
«Water Magic»         Aqua
«Stream Magic»       Meer                Water’s Second Tier
«Wind Magic»           Air
«Air Magic»               Vento                     Wind's Second Tier
«Earth Magic»           Soil
«Land Magic»            Earth               Earth's Second Tier
«Light Magic»            Light
«Luminous Magic»   Lumen               Light's Second Tier
«Holy Magic»             Various?                  Light's Second Tier
«Dark Magic»          Dark
«Darkness Magic»     Nox                         Dark's Second Tier
«Shadow Magic»       Shadow                   Dark's Second Tier
«Ice Magic»                Glacies                     Fire + Water + High-Class Magic Ability
«Scorch Magic»      Ignis                          Fire + Wind + High-Class Magic Ability
«Magma Magic»     Tera                          Fire + Earth + High-Class Magic Ability
«Storm Magic»          Ventos                      Water +Wind + High-Class Magic Ability
«Wood Magic»          Frons                         Water + Earth + High-Class Magic Ability
«Lightning Magic»    Tonitrus                    Wind + Earth + High-Class Magic Ability
«Enchant Magic»      Enchant & Shield     100 Support Uses + High-Class Magic Ability  (3 SP only)


With this, Light and Dark’s «Spatial Magic» will be added. But the name its Arts use is still unknown, let’s write it down once I learn it.

«Enchant Magic» uses only 3SP so it’s thought to be equal to a first tier Skill. Elemental enchants… I would receive nasty damage from my racial weakness, but how does damage increase against enemies that only possess an element in their status…? About x1.2? Is what was written. So it’s a magic strongly suggested for having in a party. A hard choice.

Well, I have no SP to spare though!


Now… let’s mass-produce.

I line up materials on top of the synthesis cloth and【Synthesis】. Line up and【Synthesis】. Then sometimes I replenish Distilled Water and【Synthesis】again...


“Isn’t putting Distilled Water in potion bins the most annoying part?”

“Salute also said so, that she wants an automatic distiller.”

“One that puts water into potion bins? I do want one.”


I become a machine for potion making.



When the materials for HP Potions ran out, I synthesize HP Potions and Distilled Water next. With this I make two Beginner’s HP Potions. They are getting diluted. Water down, water down.

I put Distilled Water into bins, take out HP Potions and do【Synthesis】. Crafting is work… THINK NOT, DO… thinking is your enemy...


"...Doesn’t Alchemy feel like tedious work?”

“Y’know… that’s the biggest reason it’s unpopular. And the quality stops at C.”

“In the games up until now it was normal, but in FDVR it’s too plain, right.”

“Mmhh… «Cooking» is more fun than this...”


On top of that, there’s a slight wait because of «Spatial Magic»’s max MP limitation… I end up having to wait a moment. Well, I can move Distilled Water during that time.



〈«Alchemy» reached level 30. Gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Art【Magic Power-Refining Circle】was acquired.〉

〈«Alchemy» reached the maximum level, «Alchemycraft» was unlocked.〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Necromantic Magic» was unlocked.〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, a Skill has been modified. Modified Skill: «Necromantic Magic».〉



“Alright, I’m don… hnn?”

“What is it?”



I reflexively stared at the log, then tried to move away from it, but there was no change.

When I looked at the list of Skills that can be acquired, there was «Necromantic Magic» in gray and I could not take it. It cost 12SP, but it’s a mob using-type so let’s ignore that.

The problem is that it’s in gray and I can’t take it. «Alchemycraft» is… well, 6 points. Ehh… OHH, among Monster Skills there’s «Necromantic Secrets». It costs 8SP. COME OOON, my remaining SP will turn 14… But I WILL take it!



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, “Title: Alchemist" was acquired.〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Supervising Undead» was unlocked.〉



Cease this madness! My SP will turn 0!

Umm… it’s a high tier of «Commanding»-type… It only costs 3SP since it’s a Monster Skill… I have 11SP left? As expected of the ROYAL leadership ability. My SP has become its victim...



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, a Skill has been modified. Changed Skill: «Immortal Royalty».〉





“Why are you making such strange moves?”

“My SP just melted. Don’t mind me...”



Now, let’s confirm the skills and arts.


In addition to granting knowledge and techniques relating to Magic Stones, allows for manipulating materials’ elements.

【Magic Stone Processing】
Processes ◯◯ Magic Stones and changes them to an usable state. Converts to ◯ Magic Stone (Tiny~Max).


So I finally put my hands on Magic Stones.


«Supervising Undead»
A Skill allowing to supervise your, or your party’s Undead.
Increases all stats of Undead and increases their AI level limit based on the Skill level.


The AI level limit makes me curious. Well, it should be written on «Necromantic Secrets». Let’s read on how «Necromantic Secrets» works. I took the summon skill.


«Necromantic Secrets»
Allows for creating Low, Mid, High Undead at size up to huge and commanding them.
Based on the Skill level, all stats, Skill levels and the maximum number of summon slots increases.
Capacity can be increased with a Dark Ritual.
A servant can be summoned with extra cost up to the triple of their level.
By modifying bodies, you can create special undead.


Umm... in other words.


Skill Level: All of servant’s stats, increase of possessed Skills levels, increase of maximum number of summons.
Base Level: Increase of AI’s ability.
Capacity: The amount of flesh. Increased by taking in flesh.
Body Customization: By customizing it’s possible to make custom mobs like ◯◯ Fighter.


By taking in bodies with Dark Ritual, the amount of body types you can recreate increases. This means that you get a blueprint? However, you lose drops.

By using specific items, or by taking in enemies you have taken in already, you increase your capacity. This must mean that you need to acquire materials for necromancy (flesh and bones). Of course, farewell drops!

If your Servant is defeated, you lose 10~20% of capacity used, if he’s purified you lose 20~40%.

And you can dismiss them by using MP.


And as for the crucial difference between «Necromantic Magic» and «Necromantic Secrets»...

Without «Necromantic Secrets» you can’t use Dark Rituals to increase capacity? You need to use specific items.

«Necromantic Magic» loses more capacity when the Servant is beat.

And it cannot customize bodies...


It could be said to practically be a summoning magic exclusive for Immortals. If you want to be like them, do your best. And the capacity drops are definitely endgame drops.

Actually, Immortals can’t take «Taming». In other words, they can’t play as tamers. If they want to use mobs, they have to become either summoners or necromancers.

This is pretty much all I learned from the explanation in help on «Necromantic Magic» and «Necromantic Secrets». What is left is to test it for myself.

Also, «Necromantic Magic»-type summons are called “Servants”...



As for «Immortal Royalty» which had changed...


«Immortal Royalty»

Undead in the party receive a bonus to stats based on the Skill’s level.

The damage received from Undead enemies is decreased based on the Skill level.

You can grant your own skills to the Servants you summon, the amount of Skills possible for granting is based on Skill level.


The last line, hm? This is strong. I need to check whether there are skills that can’t be granted, but it’s nearly dinner time so I have to take time confirming it later...


"...For now, I’m off to eat dinner.”

“Sure, see ya.”



I log out for now.

Now, what should I do? ...First, let’s have Ske-san take «Alchemy».

Name: Anastasia
Race:  Immortal Princess Woman Lv19
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 11


«Slender Sword Lv5» «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv5» «Light Armor Lv6» «Luminous Magic Lv1» «Spatial Magic Lv2» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv4»
«Sensing Danger Lv4» «Intuition Lv4» «Butō Lv9» «Cook Lv10»  «Alchemycraft Lv1»  «Collecting Lv1»  «Appraisal Lv23» «Disassembly Lv21»
«Identification Lv27» «Discern» «Linguistics Lv10»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv2» «Necromantic Secrets Lv1» «Aura of Darkness Lv27»
«Physical Resistance Lv27» «Physical Immunity Lv24» «Magic Resistance Lv8» «Super HP Recovery Lv11» «Supervising Undead Lv1»
«Immortal Royalty Lv18» «Royal Authority Lv18» «High Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.



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  1. Nekoyashiki-san

    Thanks for the chapter! ^^
    Yeah! Grinding and skill level il Time! XD
    The students should be grateful about being able to do homework ingame. Because time flow faster, they can save more time to play than if they did it IRL. x)

    1. dawnseeker

      umm i don't think it works how you think it works. time doesn't change while playing the game. the days are just shorter. 24 hours is still 24 hours. there is a reason its called game time.

  2. gumtreeblossom

    Oof... I know that feeling about SP melting. Usually though I've planned things in advance, so the feeling is dulled a bit when the time actually comes.

    Reading through the comments, I noticed extra details on why Chapter 28 was skipped. Hmm... I guess I should revisit the Table of Contents, to see if I missed mention of it via there somehow.

    I'd forgotten that Honehone was looking to be a Lich, that was discussed/revealed after he found the special racial evolution, right? A book, from memory, the Necronomicon. Thanks to reading the comments, I managed to remember those little details. The chapter was slightly confusing at the end I remembered, where she mentions telling Ske-san to pick up Alchemy.

    Thank you for the chapter! I guess I'll be back... sooner or later.

  3. Incompetence Hunter

    "Fresh Fish is a fish that flies and charges at you like an arrow"

    I think that is a sword fish. Or a flying fish.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Read post. I'm skipping "Future Software" perspective chapters for now because they're full of spoilers reaching dozens of chapters of content ahead.

      I will add them in at some point.

  4. pokeperson1000

    Thanks for the chapter.

    〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Necromantic Magic» was unlocked.〉

    〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, a Skill has been modified. Modified Skill: «Necromantic Magic».〉

    Is the second line supposed to be about «Necromantic Secrets»?

    1. krytyk Post author

      No. It's literally Necromantic Magic that is modified into something else.

  5. Death Fairy

    Thanks for the Necromancy!

    “Meeting a teacher inside a game would only demotivate me...”
    - That had happened to me before. The next day he then called me with my in game names. What happen after that, I don't want to talk about it.

    “Sometimes female players come to ask me about beautification methods, you know? There was a GM among them, too.”
    - Told ya...

    【Inventory Expansion】
    Increases the size of inventory based on the skill level, but decreases the maximum MP of the user.
    -Even though it's harsh, I'll still prefer this rather that paying using Cristal or Diamond to increase my inventory.

    1. krytyk Post author

      I think Inventory Expansion maxed out at 50 slots for 30% of MP decreased, which is pretty good if you've got loads of MP.

      1. pokeperson1000

        Do you mean 30 slots for a 50% MP decrease? Since the chapter said 1 slot every level and 10% MP every 10 levels.

  6. Spectrum

    > “Sometimes female players come to ask me about beautification methods, you know? There was a GM among them, too.”
    :snicker: I guess they can tell even through the screen that her skin is just that good.

    > It’s good that resistances go up even when I guard or parry.
    Oh, that's handy. Too many games where you need to be actively masochistic to stat grind toughness...

    > I pierced the Fresh Fish as it flapped on the ground.
    Of course after she unequipped Disassembly XD

    > ...Wait. WAIT? WHY DID 80% OF MY MP GO GRAY?
    OOF. It seems the inventory struggle is real in every game...

    > Allows for creating Low, Mid, High Undead at size up to huge and commanding them.
    Time to summon a skeletal horse. No need to pay for ruinous mount fees!

  7. ReikoLupus

    How unfortunate, I was hoping for Light Magic and Dark Magic to combine into Chaos Magic XD.

  8. AfterLemon

    “changesthem“ needs a space.

    Also, where is she getting water for her distiller? She doesn’t have water magic right?

  9. T1stG

    Ooo she can make her own army now (or royal guards) :D then ske-san can work towards being a legit lich with raise the dead

  10. Canelé

    Thanks for the chapter ~

    Seems like she will be getting OP when she gets her unique servants, hope there's growth rate for them too...

  11. Pandora Caitiff

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Hmmm. Undead guards sounds good, but if she can grant skills can she create an undead potion factory? :D

  12. AfterLemon

    So is this how she gets her mount? Or even a flying mount?

    Also, glad I’m reading “The Summoner is Going” as it has a similar magic system which was why I thought time/space would be the new magic. Whew.

  13. JaegerFX

    Thanks for the chapter

    Did we skip 28 or did I miss a note somewhere explaining something

    1. JaegerFX

      Lol nevermind.
      Half asleep I didn't read the initial post.
      Best go to sleep lol

  14. AfterLemon

    The dream of an undead army, umm team, can now be realized! 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️

    1. Counter

      What happen if the teacher also play as undead, and met Anastasia in-game...

      This sounds like fun

  15. Tedrea

    Thanks for the chapter! Also what happened to her Spatial Magic? I don't see it in the status at the end.

  16. Watson

    The SP's melting is real.
    Thank for the chapter !
    I like the Alchimy, simple, a little jack-of-all-trade type of crafting-skill, but a legit condition for unlocking specials skills


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