21st of April, Sunday - Prologue

Fifteen minutes left until Monday.

I went back to my room and after lying on the bed face up and continued to think. Little sister candidates... no, let's stop using candidates.

The little sisters declared to me "Shall I make you a big brother?!".

After that, we normally ate a meal together and played a game Tomomi brought.

In the end, nothing was resolved.

Murasaki-san didn't send any confirmation after that.

I continued to be dragged with the flow.

After I finally stopped being forwarded to the little sister's rooms and was alone, the more I thought I felt relieved by letting myself get dragged with the flow.

Will the little sisters' support really be aborted?

At that time, I wonder what Murasaki-san thought as she looked at my back and at the girls. I have no clue.

If I asked her then I would probably be answered with "because that's what the will says" or "it's confidential". I wonder if it's all right as long as Murasaki-san gives a silent approval.

What do I want to do? What do I want to become?

I... I want everyone... Selene, Tomomi, Sayuri, Yuuki and Mika, I want to make them all happy.

Will tomorrow be like it's been up until now, and the smart key's number will change according to the day of the week?

First I need to check that. If the situation continues, then I'd like to once again properly talk with all the little sisters.

And if possible, to meet with Murasaki-san as soon as possible and directly speak with her.

For that sake, I need to use the time I should be spending with one of the little sisters to meet with Murasaki-san

Trying to grasp Murasaki-san's heart with Mika... is not a good idea. Also, it'll be already Friday before then.

Visit Murasaki-san's room together with Selene on Monday? Nope, I feel it's impossible.

Tomomi's really weak when it comes to dealing with Murasaki-san, normal Sayuri is fine but I'm not confident as she can lose her calm any time. Yuuki would probably understand, but her time would be lost. Yeah, I'm lost again...

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