11 thoughts on “Illustrations

  1. Renan

    My whole life has been a lie. I didn't think that Cloude would look this good. He always was a large-looking guy in my mind.

    1. Jahnox

      I always thought Cloude looked like Agil/Egil from Sword art Online... You're not the only deceived :-/

    2. DKnight

      I thought of Cloude as that weird effeminate pub owner from Zero no Tsukaima, Scarron. "Tres Bien!"

  2. Nekosama

    whaaat cloude kakoiii I thought he was full body muscle and kinda shemale =____= and black skin o.O

  3. Trainee35

    I wonder... are the potions on Yun's coat just decorations or are placed there to function like quick-slots?

    1. Seele

      They do seem like quick slots but if that where the case where are the gems and other items she always use? seems like a decoration for the cover

      1. krytyk Post author

        I'd say both. In OSO players seem to store their items in invisible inventory, but they can also carry them in their hands right? I'm guessing that as long as they have pockets or any other way to carry stuff, they can just put them there. I mean, do you, in your real life consider your pockets "quick slots"? "Let me pull out my wallet from the quick slot!"


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