Once the unimaginable shockwave was gone, Ouka ran over the school's grounds which had become a nearly vacant space.

Although she shouldn't have moved away from Takeru in order to release his God Hunter form, but she was blown away by the overly-large shockwave from his secret technique.

"Vlad! What happened to Takeru?!"

《"Wait... I'll search by smell."》

After waiting impatiently for about five seconds, Vlad reported the result.

《"——He's alive and safe. It seems like there's no after-effects of the God Hunter form. He's conscious too."》

"...I see!"

Relieved from the bottom of her heart, Ouka rushed towards where Takeru was.




After cutting Orochi, Takeru fell on his knees and rested his body.

It was really strange that he was safe. Even his headache was suddenly gone.

Takeru exhaled and when he tried to stand up, he realized his body was all ragged-up. It was beyond what could be called wounds, there was no place on his body that wasn't wounded.

There was no pain even though he received this much damage.

Most likely, his sense of pain was dead.

"I see... no wonder my headache's gone..."


"You don't have to worry about it. It was necessary. Both Demon's Knowledge and God Hunter form. Also, I know that you did everything you can in order to release God Hunter."


"If not for your voice, I'd go beyond the point of return."

There was no need for her to concern herself.

He was the one who decided to use it. The responsibility lied with him.

He too, had to turn his attention elsewhere.

Because the fight wasn't over yet.

It was no time for feels after killing Orochi. If he slumps right now, Orochi would be furious.

"So I caused this destruction... are Ouka and the others safe?"

《"Yes. It seems like they're safe. Since you have launched a light-speed attack, normally the damage wouldn't have settled with just this. It seems like... Gungnir's enchantment's effect absorbs any kind of energy."》

It must have been a higher level of 《Twilight Enchantment》 and 《Ragnarøkkr Enchantment》 or similar, huh. Since it absorbed any kind of energy, it was strange for that attack to have gone through.

《"It must have had the same condition of having the energy touch the blade... because Host's slash was faster, the effect of their enchantment wasn't demonstrated fully."》


《"...I have confirmed that after we cut Kusanagi Orochi, Gungnir's blade had sucked-in the majority of explosion's energy. The amount absorbed went over the limit and after losing the Host, Gungnir's whereabouts are... unknown."》

Although Takeru didn't understand the explanation too well, apparently in the end, Mother Goose had protected his comrades.

He didn't know what was the true reason for her protecting his comrades after her defeat, but he could only thank her.

Takeru stood up with his beat-up body.

"...let's rejoin Heretic Alliance then find Kiseki and Chairman."

《"About that... don't you think it's strange? That Ootori Sougetsu still hasn't had Hyakki Yakou enter combat. Valhalla had invaded this deeply and yet..."》

Told so, he thought it certainly was strange.

Even though Sougetsu's objective was to be killed by Takeru, it was incomprehensible for him not to use Hyakki Yakou.

As Takeru thought it was suspicious, there.


Hearing a familiar voice, he turned around.

He could see Ouka run towards him alone.

Takeru who maintained Witch Hunter form for the sake of recovery was relieved that Ouka was safe and ran towards her.

And, the moment they were about to reach each other——


——A pillar of red meat had suddenly protruded from the ground.


Hindered by the red meat, Ouka and Takeru stopped moving.


Although he called her name, there was no answer. He noticed that red meat had grew from the ground as to surround him.

The mass of red meat had piled up like a mountain in an instant.

And on top of it——there was a white figure.

A figure dear to him.


Calling the figure's name, he faced it with sword in one hand.

He faced his little sister, Kiseki.

Kiseki stared at her brother coldly.

Takeru resolved his faltering heart and returned Kiseki a glare.

——We finally meet, finally.

"Yo... aren't you quite late."

He said that to her as if it they have scheduled to meet up.

"Just as I declared... I'm here. Let's begin our sibling fight, eh?"

On top of the undulating meat, Kiseki overlooked Takeru with unchanging expression.

Takeru knew she was angry. He provoked her on purpose too.

It was a fight where they clash their feelings against one another. Just like Mari said, he'll save Kiseki even if he has to force her.

His resolve hardened.

However——at the same time, Kiseki's will hardened as well.

"Kiseki too... did as she declared..."

Hearing these words, Takeru didn't understand too well.

Declared... what did Kiseki said she would do?

Recalling that, he had a bad feeling.

A chill had gradually rose up his spine.

What did Kiseki said she'll do?


『"——First, I'll kill all the people in the world."』


He recalled it. That's certainly what Kiseki said.

Takeru's fearless smile froze and changed into speechlessness.

The wall of meat has disappeared and on the other side of the school there was the scenery of the destroyed city.

Since the academy was on top of a hill, it was possible to overlook the city.

The scenery seen there had,

Far surpassed Takeru's imagination.

"...Kiseki wondered what does she have to do to kill all humans in the world..."


"After thinking a lot, this was the answer."

Kiseki's cold expression thawed and she made a peaceful smile.

"Look, Onii-chan."

She pointed at the city.

There——overflowing from the underground was a sea of red meat swallowing up everything, not only in the city but it also had spread to the other side of horizon.

His expression stretched, he looked at Kiseki once again.

Kiseki smiled mischievously and turned her squinting eyes full of murderous intent at Takeru.


"You see, first——Kiseki thought of making this planet hers."


The reason why Kiseki didn't appear on the battlefield until now.

It was because she dove deep under the ground,


——In order to devour this planet itself.




Ever since Orochi's army had attacked the city from the north and carried out the slaughter, in the densely-populated residential area south of the city——


A man with blonde hair shining even in the darkness had brought a young girl's face in front of his and faced her.

The girl had a relieved smile.

The blonde man too, had faced the girl with a similarly calm smile.


He looked incredibly happy.

Placing his hand on the girl's cheeks, he made a smiley, smiley, smiley, smiley smiley smiley smiileey expression.

Beside him, a woman whose soul had left her body was lying on the ground, incontinent.

What she's been looking at, was the girl the blonde man was facing.

The girl's head, as she had nothing below.

The young girl who smiled despite being only a head.

Countless human corpses were lying in the man's surroundings. The only ones alive were the man and the woman lying on the ground.

The woman was the girl's mother. When the war had began and they tried to leave the city, this slaughter had happened in the residential area. The woman lost her sight of her daughter and went around looking for her desperately in middle of the massacre.

When she finally found her, the daughter was together with a gentle-looking man.

Surely, he protected the lost girl and looked for her mother together.

Thinking so, the woman rushed happily in order to hug her daughter, and then the man suddenly cut off the girl's head.

*plap*, with such a comical sound rather than brutal sound, the human head was ripped off.

The woman surely, even now was thinking it was a bad dream.

Thinking of that, the blonde man——Haunted was fulfilled.

And, as he was excited about such modest despair, there was a much more outrageous explosion on a distant hill.

Astonished, Haunted looked towards the explosion.

The moment he noticed it was at the location of AntiMagic Academy, his smile stiffened.

"...mm? ...eh? ——E-eh?! Can it be, possibly that.... I'm..."

He started to overflow with sweat and his body trembled.

His beloved sword Dáinsleif, Nacht had imperceptibly appeared beside him and squinting, she looked at the explosion in the same way.


"Completely late indeed."


Haunted placed the girl's head on top of the soulless woman's knees, fell on his knees and holding his head, he screamed towards the sky.

"N-n...now I've done it... haven't I?!!"

"...no, it's your own fault for saying slaughter isn't your specialty and making the city residents' despair one by one, y'know?"

Having that pointed out by Nacht, crying like it was a joke, Haunted raised his head.

"B-but, but...!"

"Don't 'but' me, are you a kid?"

"Isn't killing people in the city just like that, rude?! They lived with all they had! They lived without discarding hope in this hopeless world! Simplistic killing like that of Orochi-kun's and Mother's is too much, right?! It's the life's finale you know?!"

"...no, yeah, well, I kind of get it, but I don't."

As Nacht returned that coldly, Haunted began to cry holding his knees in the middle of the road.

In fact, he had lots of plans. The massacre was an appetizer, and since it would be no good to fulfill himself completely he would remain in the back, then once Kusanagi Takeru's and Orochi combat began he'd do something as they bond themselves as mentor and student. Then Kiseki-chan would appear in front of disheartened Takeru, Haunted would watch the dangerous scenes, and once they regain their bonds as siblings and despite that they still have to continue fighting, he'd do something again.

"And then the main dish was supposed to comeeeee... served with secret ingredient Mari-sannnnn...."

"What 'served', you..."

Then, Haunted remained completely stunned.

Nacht heaved a sigh, I've had enough of this contractor... when she was about to say that, her searching capability reacted.

There was a reaction below. The reacting area was vast.

Staring at the ground, Nacht poked Haunted's shoulder with a finger.

"It seems like it's not over yet?"


Haunted momentarily raised his pathetically-looking face.

Pillars of meat had protruded all over the city.

Forming something that looked like a red forest, the meat stretched thick trunks into the sky.

An apocalyptic sight had swallowed the city in a blink of an eye. Red meat was also ejected where Haunted was and a wave of meat surged on the road.

——Haunted stood agape at the appearance of Hyakki Yakou, but he immediately had tensed his expression.

He fixed the collar of his priest's clothing, he washed off the blood with magic, fluttered his long skirt and made a loud sound with his boots.

Then, with a strong gait he began to walk towards the wave of red meat.

"Nacht, is Kusanagi Takeru alive?"

"Yep. He defeated Orochi and somehow survived."

"And M-MM-Mari-san?"

"............ She's alive."

"Great...! That's how it must be!"

Shine returned to his eyes and he expanded a magic circle.

"I've eaten a bit too much of the appetizer, but my hunger still hasn't been satisfied."

"...no point acting cool now. Wipe your nose."

While saying so, Nacht stopped using her human form and changed into particles of magic power, becoming a sword held in Haunted's right hand.

Haunted sniffled, slurping back mucus to his nose.

He squinted sharply and raised Dáinsleif like a knight in front of the approaching threat of red meat.

《"Kusanagi Takeru and Kusanagi Kiseki's main body are in the school. It's quite far."》

"Hmm. There isn't much time... but don't fret. Whaat, it's an old saying y'know."

Then, Haunted swung his sword and started running.


"——Hero* always comes late!"


Nacht thought deep in her heart.

What the hell is this guy talking about... that is.

*Note: Where Haunted says "Hero" the kanji used says "Despair".

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