I don't have any parents, instead, I have Grandpa and Grandma. I also have a kind uncle.

I like historical dramas, I always watch them with Grandpa. Grandma is gentle and very good at cooking. And from time to time a kind Uncle comes and buys me whatever I want.

I don't have dad, but I think of Uncle as one. When I said that, Uncle got angry. I wonder if Uncle hates it?

Uncle takes me to restaurants and treats me to children's lunch, he takes me to amusement parks and buys me new toys.

Sometimes he has very lonely eyes but whenever he looks at my face he starts smiling again. I asked Uncle why is he kind to me, but he always responded with "That's because Yoichi-kun is a good boy".

When Grandpa and Grandma are talking with Uncle, I'm not to enter the room.

At first I endured it, but after that happened many times I got curious. That's because Grandpa was shouting.

I got worried. I didn't want Grandpa and Uncle to fight.

I knew it was a bad thing... but when Grandpa learned that I was eavesdropping he got very angry.

And then, I've been told that Uncle won't come to my birthday in May... and yet, Uncle still came to my house.

"But I was told Uncle won't come today?"

"There was a change of plans. It's your long-awaited birthday after all. Congratulations, Yoichi-kun."

"Yup! Thank you!"


That was the last day Uncle appeared in front of me.

Maybe he thought I'm a bad child because I was eavesdropping and that's why?

Not being able to see a family member was very sad.

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