58 Third Evolution and Equipment Change

〈Beginning evolution to Extra Race - Aversa Princess.〉

〈Evolving from High Immortal - Immortal Princess to Aversa’s Highest Immortal - Aversa Princess…………〉


This time too, my vision closed by itself and only the log’s text flowed.


〈Altering Monster Skills…………〉


«High Immortal» to «Aversa’s Highest Immortal»

«Aura of Darkness» to «Clad in Death»

«Immortal Royalty» to «Aversa Royalty»


〈Adjusting Skill Level of altered Skills.〉

〈Adding Monster Skills…………〉


«Darklight Eyes»……Acquired.


«Sword of Judgement»……Acquired.

«Soul Chaser»……Acquired.


〈Your job has changed.〉

〈You have become a royal/noble, you can now set a middle and family name.〉

〈Your element was changed.〉

〈…………Evolution complete.〉

〈Your Race Level is low, as such you cannot exert your full power. Part of it is restricted.〉

〈Your equipment was optimized.〉



Yup yup, it came all at once.

It’s time to enjoy myself. Time I confirm things one by one.


First, my status window.


Name: Anastasia
Race: Aversa Princess Woman Lv30
Job: Ruler of Afterworld
Job Name: Highest Judge
Element: Death
Genus: Aversa’s Highest Immortal
Family: Aversa Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 80


Ruler of Afterworld and Highest Judge… So I'm Enma-sama?

And my element changed from Dark to Death.

There is a mark by my name.



〈It is possible to set middle and family names. Once set, name cannot be changed, please be careful.〉



I see, let’s leave it for later.

Now, Skills.


«Aversa’s Highest Immortal»
Holy Damage Taken: ×1.5
The darker it is the greater bonus to all stats you receive: Max
Dark Element Magic Enhancement: Max
Dark Damage Taken Absorption: Half
Purification Immunity.
Critical Immunity.
Environment Damage Immunity.
Automatic Recovery-type Skill Effect Increase: Max
Immune to Body-type and Mental-type Status Ailments.
No food or sleep required.


...As expected of a Highest Immortal, I should say.

First, the corrections changed from Large to Max. Purification Resistance changed from Medium to Immunity. Critical Resistance changed from Large to Immunity, too.

Environmental Damage appears to be pointing at things such as heat and cold.

And above all, the weakness of receiving damage when exposed to the sun was overcome. Holy Damage Taken changed from ×4 to ×1.5 and Light is no longer my weakness. Conversely speaking, it means that until you get to Highest-tier you cannot overcome this weakness?

Also, the thing I’m really interested in is Dark Damage Taken Absorption: Half. Let’s go by all means have everyone hit me with Dark.

My Magic Sight and Night Vision are gone, but...


«Darklight Eyes»
You are unaffected by light sources, you can see souls, Magic Power and Spirits. Karma displays as the color of the soul.


It looks like it leveled up and merged.

So the lighter the color, the better the person, the darker the color the more evil the person is… it says.


«Clad in Death»
Causes Status Ailment: Deadly Poison, Curse, Weakness, Instant Death.
The probability of status ailment application increases with skill level: Deadly Poison, Curse, Weakness, Instant Death.
Every 10 levels the intensity of Status Ailment increases: Currently - 1 Maximum - 6


Poison turned into Deadly Poison and Instant Death was added.


«Aversa Royalty»
Enhances all Dark elements in the party.
Damage taken by Dark element is decreased by an amount based on the level of the Skill.
Based on the level of the Skill, you can grant your Skills to your summoned Servants.


It changed from Immortals and Undead to all Dark element characters.

These Skills’ levels have been turned to about half of what they were. I guess it must mean that is just how much their effect has increased.


«Soul Chaser»
You who are a Soul Chaser, have gained a specialty against souls.
Ghost-type bonus. Nullifies all of Ghost-type decreases and allows for punching the hell out of them.


So a bonus against Ghost-types. Certainly, it wouldn’t be strange if people in here had this.


«Sword of Judgement»
The judge’s attacks are changed into attacks against the soul and allow for only cutting the soul without harming the body.


Hm…hm? I first need to check «Judge» before I can say anything about this.


Good actions lead to good rewards, evil acts bring evil outcomes.
The agent of gods who leads souls, and at times gives them punishment.
Changes the amount of damage dealt based on the color of the enemy’s soul.
Decreased against bright ones, increased against dark ones.


A Skill that changes depending on the color of soul seen by «Darklight Eyes»? I don’t know what benefit it will give, but it doesn’t look like it will be bad for me? I won’t have many chances to fight against people with bright souls.

Nn… I can’t really tell what the usage of «Sword of Judgement» is. Is it for giving punishment… or something? It might be close to being a flavor skill.

Well, I learned it during evolution for free and did not use SP. I lose nothing, so it’s fine...



Now, next is my equipment...

...Huh? Rapier…my rapier...


[Equipment - Weapon] Athamé of Divine Protection Rarity: ExGo Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Its power sealed by the gods has been released and it has further optimized itself for its holder.
These Magic Catalyst daggers are said to be used for rituals. It was made by gods, so the material it’s made with is a mystery.
When held, it generates a blade of light so it can be also used as a rapier.
Deals SPI-based Physical Damage and INT-based Magical Damage.
【Libertà】: Consumes an Orb and grants bonus damage to the next attack.
【Element-Focusing Loop Mechanism】: Generates a blade using the holder’s elements.

«Identification Lv10»
Attack Type: Thrust, Slash
Applicable Skills: «Slender Sword» «Enten-style Princess’ Self-Defense» «High-Class Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv20»
«Enten-style Princess’ Self-Defense»: When in effect, gives a bonus to defending and parrying with a weapon.
«High-Class Magic Ability»: Freely Extensible
Damage Increase When Countering: Medium
Effectiveness Increase When Defending with Weapon: Medium
Impact Absorption when Defending with Weapon: Medium
Effectiveness Increase when Parrying with Weapon: Medium
Critical Strike Chance Bonus: Medium
Critical Strike Damage Bonus: Medium
Magical Attack Power Increase: Medium
Channeling Speed Increase: Medium
Defensive Skill’s Arts Cooldown Reduction: Medium

«Identification Lv30»
With the holder acquiring a god's divine protection, its power was released and it further optimized itself.


My rapier’s guard and knuckle guard were removed, and it has become something like a dagger. Furthermore, it had characters engraved on it like a magic item. I try holding the luxurious-looking ex-rapier in my hand.

When I hold it, it is clad in light and, along with a *vyyuin* sound, a blade, a guard and knuckle guard were generated from light. The blade was of the same length as my rapier so far. The reason my light sword’s color is black is because I’m Death element?

Nnn… it’s cool, so I forgive it!

【Ensol】is gone, but Light is no longer my weakness.

And【Spiral Magi-Amp】feels more like it has level-upped, received a light blade function and it’s blade turned into an elemental one?


By the way, the main body excluding light has about… 30cm. I know this. It’s the thing that’s called Light Saber or Beam Saber. Although, this one is not cylindrical. They must have made it into an Athamé because it works based on Magic Power.

Is there a fan among management? Should I spin it too? No, wait… Full swings had more firepower than bunts… in other words, swinging it around is actually logical? It isn't a very difficult thing to do. Practice… hm.


Well, let’s check the remaining equipment first.

From the looks of it, all of the Protection series names have changed… and all bonuses changed from Tiny to Medium.


[Equipment - Accessory] Ring of Divine Protection Rarity: ExGo Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Its power sealed by the gods has been released and it has further optimized itself for its holder.
Gathers the owner’s excess Magic Power and generates Orbs.

«Identification Lv10»

«Identification Lv20»
When used in the ring’s accessory slot, it enters Meditation state in place of its owner.
It has an effect of continuously using Meditation and ignores its negative effects.

«Identification Lv30»
With the holder acquiring a god's divine protection, its power was released and it further optimized itself.


[Equipment - Storage] Belt Pouch of Divine Protection Rarity: ExGo Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Its power sealed by the gods has been released and it has further optimized itself for its holder.
The sword belt and waist pouch are one set.

«Identification Lv10»

«Identification Lv20»
Inventory Expansion: Medium (20)
Storage Capability: 4
Storage Size: Medium

«Identification Lv30»
With the holder acquiring a god's divine protection, its power was released and it further optimized itself.


The ones that are fairly different are these two?

Ring which has been treated the same as a shield has turned completely into just an accessory.

Pouch’s Inventory Expansion increased from 10 to 20 and the number of items that can be hung from the belt increased from 2 to 4.


Also… rarity suddenly turned into ExGo… so, Extra God rarity.

And the color has properly turned white and black! I won’t let anyone say that its colors are off anymore.

The difference in my appearance is… honestly speaking, the equipment’s color is the biggest difference and the remaining parts are small details.



For now, let’s leave confirmation at this and return to the room next door. The chancellor must be waiting.


“Sorry to make you wait.”

“It appears you finished it safely. Then next, please confirm these.”


In the direction the chancellor showed me there was a shelf. It appears to be a simple storage shelf with a glass door?

For now, I was told to confirm, so I approach it.


...Why is something like this lying around like it was natural?

One item was a white, quite large key… yes, it’s as if it was made with silver.

The other one was a quite aged… old book.


“Only one who is qualified can hold these. By all means, please check it.”


I do want them for item effects, but knowing the original story behind them, it’s normal to hesitate...

But, in the end there is no choice not to take them.


Ah, I can hold them.

TERERERE~~. Anastasia has acquired a bizarre key and a bizarre book.




〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquire “Title: The Silver Key’s Owner”.〉

〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquire “Title: Book of Eibon’s Owner”.〉


So I acquire titles, too. No matter how you think about it, the specific requirements here are acquiring them.



The Silver Key:
You have been acknowledged as an owner of the silver key said to have power to open gates of time and space.
You will surely receive benefits regarding space and dimensions.
Allows equipping of The Silver Key.


[Equipment - Accessory] The Silver Key Rarity: Go Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A luxuriously-ornamented, large silver key.
Has power to open dimensional gates and bestows benefits regarding Spatial-type abilities to its owner.

«Identification Lv10»

«Identification Lv20»
Spatial-type Magic Enhancement: Max
Spatial-type Magic MP Consumption Decrease Max
Spatial Awareness Ability Enhancement: Max
Sense of Balance Enhancement: Max
Allows for free usage of Portals.
Allows for Creating Portal Gates in Safe Zones.

«Identification Lv30»
Apparently there is a gate that can only be opened with this key.
Now, what is there on the other side of it?



Book of Eibon
You have been acknowledged as an owner of a super ancient grimoire holding forbidden knowledge.
You will surely receive benefits regarding magic.
Allows equipping of the Book of Eibon.


[Equipment - Weapon] Book of Eibon Rarity: Go Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A super ancient grimoire holding forbidden knowledge.
Ivory Book… is another name it is called by.
It allows the owner to peek into the abyss of magic.

«Identification Lv10»
Applicable Skills: «Book» «High-Class Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv20»
INT Increase: Max
SPI Increase: Max
Channeling Shortening: Large
MP Consumption Decrease: Large
Alchemycraft Quality Increase: Large

«Identification Lv30»
As expected of a super ancient grimoire, the text written in it is quite old.
Now, will you be able to read it?




This can be called the cliche of MMOs - “first come first serve”. In general MMOs are all about fighting over resources. I will have these without any reservations.


The key is still okay, but…this book is extremely ominous…

I fearfully look inside and…what I find is…! That I can’t read it. There is no way I can read a super ancient grimoire. Yup.

I opened it and show it to Chancellor, but it appears he cannot see inside. He wrote some characters on a piece of paper, and after looking at the book I point to the same type.


“Ahhh… I see. No wonder you cannot read. It’s «Ancient Divine Linguistics». Do you possess «Linguistics» Sire?”

“I made it into «Magic Linguistics», but it stopped there.”

“I see. From here we need to teach you, there is no knowing how long it will take for you to learn it on your own. How about I teach you?”

“That would be of much help.”


Seems that he will teach me when I have time, so by all means let’s learn from him.


“In which case, it might be a good idea to learn swordsmanship...”

“Hm… do you have a form now?”

“I have what is called «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense».”

“Ho-hooh? That one. Then, what is your own style, Sire?”

“In general I use magic attacks, and when I’m attacked by an enemy I use parry and reflection. If I can’t do either, I block.”

“Then what you seek of the sword is a defensive form. Mainly the direction of parry and reflection, yes?”

“Indeed, if possible I would like to master reflection.”

“Hm. Then please say when you want to learn. I will relay this further.”


Looks like I will be able to do training. By all means let’s have them teach me. It might develop into some kind of Skill, too.

Now, I will do equipment verification later… oh right.


“By the way, is it better if I have a family name?”

“Will you be going to the surface, Sire?”

“Yes, I do want to raise my level.”

“In which case it is necessary. It will allow you to avoid trouble, if things haven’t changed, that is.”

“If things haven’t changed?”

“We haven’t received information from the surface for a long time, you see...”

“I see. Is there some family name I should use? Or should I think of one myself?”

“We don’t mind if you use any, but if you do not have any it might be good to call yourself Nemeseia. Middle name is all up to you.”


Nemeseia… apparently the meaning of it was something like “I’m dead so let’s forget about the surface and have fun!”.

...Actually there was something like that in real. A Nemeseia festival… Here it is, Nemeseia, the thing they based on.

『“The main reason for holding it is to avoid a grudge of the dead (nemesis) who did not receive a proper ritual.”』

If that is the meaning for holding the ritual on the surface, the reason for holding the ritual here is, well… something like the chancellor mentioned.

Nemesis was a righteous indignation that was deified. See the dead off properly, is what it means.


Well, let’s leave that and get back to names. What should I do about my middle name?

The parent of Nemesis is the deification of night, Nyx. Is there anything good that is related to Nyx…?

...Nnn? I actually am of Stellura-sama’s faith over here, so how is using another god’s name? ...Well, fine.


Hmmm… Three goddesses of destiny, Moirae. Among the three pillars, the one who has the role of cutting the thread, and has the meaning of inevitable - Atropos...

One who spins the thread, one who measures it, and one who cuts it. Each of them is working on human’s lifespan...


Gods who hold the meaning of death, Moro, Tanatos and Kery are a little… they would not sound too nice when used as middle? Moreover, they are too straightforward...


Anastasia Atropos Nemeseia should be fine, right?

I feel like this name is mainly used toward Residents, so I can remain as Anastasia to players, as usual. And I will be called “Princess” anyway...


I mentioned it to the chancellor and he said it sounds good, so let’s set it.



My name was set. I confirmed my Skills and equipment.

In which case, next… I finally get to housing?


Someone knocked on the door, so I give permission to enter.


“Chancellor, two Immortals have passed the trials.”


“Are they a Dullahan and a Lich?”

“That is what I hear.”

“It must be Immortals who aimed for Nether together with me. Nnn… then, there is something I want to do, have them pass to the throne room.”

“I shall do so then.”


When I confirmed the friend list I saw the two’s current position is Nether, so they will probably come here.

Then, let’s move to the throne room to have some fun. Seems that the chancellor is going to also join me, he sure is playing along well.


Ah, a call from Rina. So it came after all.



『“Onee-chan is now busy.”』

『“Yup, I know, but we want information. Location-wise, it must be you right, Onee-chan?”』

『“Nnn… to put it simply, I returned to my racial home so I received a castle because I’m royalty, in housing system there was deathpen setting so I lowered it a little?”』

『“...I get what are you saying, but I can’t comprehend.”』

『“When I came to Nether I acquired a home and was able to evolve. By the way, Nether is an event area. You cannot come here normally. Well, I will put information on boards once everything calms down. I didn’t grasp everything yet, so I can’t really give you much info.”』

『“Got iiit~~.』


I cut the call and standby on the throne...

After a while, the two came in.



“Welcome to my castle!”

““Princess seriously turned into a princess...””

“I just wanted to say this. Now, Alf-san will probably want to evolve first? Chancellor, a prayer?”

“Indeed. It’s better if the two go.”

“Then please show them the way. We can talk after that.”


I did what I wanted to do, so I move to my room and while looking at the housing menu I confirm with the chancellor things that I do not understand.



Although Afterworld includes both Nether and Abyss, bluntly speaking - there aren’t that many things I can tweak. Well, it’s only natural. There is no way they will allow one player to tweak with so many things.

Or rather, this castle is hardly functioning. The reason for that is simple. I mean, there is no need for that.

Everyone here are Immortals who do not need to eat or sleep. There are no fields and no kitchens, and naturally there are no bedrooms. Though, royalty does have some rooms prepared.

And since there are no visitors coming to a place like this, guest rooms aren’t used either.

Immortals are fundamentally different from humans.

Since there was no royalty, it was impossible to change the castle. Maids and knights only put up a pretense of activity.

There was no lord to serve, so their motivation must have been pretty bad.


When I was checking things, the two came back. Let’s have them join and delve deeper in.


In the end, places I can play around with are… my private area, as well as the castle’s ground development and maintenance. Development and maintenance of the place Outsiders come to when dying. The town’s development and maintenance, as well as development and maintenance of each of Nether’s facilities.

And the important part is… that the housing system like that of other players only applies to my private area, and other places are for doing racial work.

In other words, as royalty I am to develop the town and facilities, prepare an environment for my subordinates to work in.

Game-wise… to gather funds necessary for that, there is a deathpen fundraising done among Outsiders. Of course, deathpen funds can only be used for this work. Bluntly speaking, I get pretty much nothing from this. If anything, it’s only trouble to manage. Well, it’s an RP component.


The developed parts of the castle… they can be used by anyone who can enter the castle, but it’s mostly things that Immortals will not use, so it boils down to a storehouse only filling up.

In other words, the place called private area, a royal palace is my house. This one is completely equipped with a regular housing system. In other words, all expenses come from my own pocket.

Rather than to say I acquired a castle for free, it is more correct to say that I acquired a palace, a plot of land, as well as maids for free? As compensation, I received work that is called managing Afterworld...


“So… the castle is somewhat like a semi-guild house of the Immortal “race” as a whole?”

“Sounds like it~. Honestly speaking, all we get is just storage space for free?”

“Moreover, it’s only for people who passed the trial… isn’t it~.”

“Have you two received trials?”


“I was passed straight to the castle, though...”

“Going right past the trial, eh. We were exempted from some of trials, tooo.”

“Well, you are royalty, so… We also were exempted of some.”


The two are also Extras, so looks like they had some benefits of that.

To conclude, private area is normal housing. It is safe to think of other places being for RP work, and serve as a simulation game.

Well, let’s have the two use a room they like. There are just three of us here at this point, picking things first is the privilege of pioneers. They can get the best rooms.


“Now, I should do evolution.”


Alf-san started his evolution.

Ske-san became a Lich at 30, so his is still ahead.


“Now, Chancellor. What should I do first? What does it mean that I’m the Highest Judge?”

“Let’s seeee… First, become stronger. I don’t mind if you don’t do anything as a judge. People lower down will do everything. If anything, show yourself from time to time… I guess, mm… Also, it would be good if we could receive information from the surface.”


Go to the surface and get stronger. Come back frequently and show yourself to everyone. While you have time, gather information from the surface. That is about it?

Showing one’s face is a king’s work. Work as a judge is done by lower judges so there is no need to do it.

In other words, I need to come back in between hunts. Also, if I talk with everyone during linguistics lessons and sword practice, they will gain information about the surface world.


“So there is a need to speak and act matching my position, but you will not restrict my actions themselves.”

“That is how it is. If you are troubled over something, please tell us. We will not only serve with advice, but also do a general mobilization to resolve a problem.”


I took a glance at Ske-san and our eyes met. It will turn real bad if these folk move. Bluntly put, even the lowest of them is double our level, with the strongest being Lv100.


“Let’s not act for my own profits. It feels like Stellura-sama would get angry at me.”

“Well, she would be angry. Please be careful. When a blessing reverses, it turns into a curse. At worst, Outer Ones might move.”


...This, if I went “HYAHHA! LEAVE IT ALL!” on deathpen, wouldn’t it turn very bad? Damn you, Management! I can hear Important Person’s laughter in the back of my head!

As long as nothing happens, I will not tweak it any more.


“Stellura-sama likes people steady and sincere, you see...”


Thinking of the fact that Stellura-sama is most likely based on Yog-Sothoth… it’ss a little interesting. Yog-sama who likes steady and sincere people.


“Do not lie for the sake of your gain alone. Making things ambiguous and for the sake of others… the so-called gentle lies are safe. Did you look at Immortals with «Darklight Eyes»? They are all white. If they weren’t, they would not become Immortals. This surely means that this place cannot be left in charge of black ones. It appears that Outsiders follow a little different rules, however.”

“Is that so...”


I’m glad I learned the conditions.

With that said, staying conscious of it sounds cumbersome, so let’s act as usual.


Alf-san stopped shining, turned even darker and came out of the light. Seems he became a Nether Dullahan. He joins the «High Immortal» club. In other words, Alf-san, a tank, has acquired «Aura of Darkness»...


“Nnn… this is a REALLY nice skill.”

“By the way, Princess? Where’s your rapier?”

“Ahh, it turned much cooler. Just look at THIS.”


When I hold Athamé and focus, it turns into a rapier made of black light.


“A lightsaber, of all things.”

“What’s thatt, it’s COOL! So there are things like that too?!”

“Ho-hooh? Athamé, isn’t it? Can I see it?”


I cannot pass it to him, so I show it to the chancellor from up close.


“Hm-hmm… As expected of Gods. This is a really good item. I will tell the instructor to teach you swordsmanship with this as a premise.”

“Please do.”

“Eh, did it turn into Gods?”

“When I evolved, it changed into ExGo.”



Now, let’s equip the new items. To match that, I also tweak some positioning. The pouch and belt are a set, so the pouch is not counted among hung items.

Rapier that I had hung on the left side became an Athamé, so I move it to the right side.

Next to Athamé let’s hang The Silver Key.

In the place I used to hang my rapier, I hang Eibon, and leave both the pouch and the Disassembly Knife as is.


Oh my, by equipping The Silver Key I have become able to tell the strength of gravity and direction. I can also tell my posture compared to the ground. When I move, it matches my movements - a simplified version of me that I can see move as well.

It isn’t just me, it also displays the obstacles. The outline of the sofa that I’m sitting on right now is also displayed… if I get used to this, it will without doubt turn very useful. 

The biggest problem of it is the narrowness of the range, and the fact I can’t tell colors and texture?

Heck, if I was to go that far, I might as well close my eyes and focus on this. I can tell the shape of everything around me in 360° with that.


If I was to compare it… it would be a simplified me, being displayed on a 3D map? It only shows my surroundings, but since it appears in my head, it’s very useful.1To put it simply, it’s like a 3d map from DOOM (2016) and Doom Eternal.



〈You have fulfilled specific conditions, «Spatial Awareness Ability Expansion» was unlocked.〉



“Nnn… some kind of Skill was unlocked...”


«Spatial Awareness Ability Expansion»
In addition to bonus for «Uncover»-type and «Sensing»-type Skills, it adds a bonus to abilities such as deviation prediction and magic range prediction.


“OOHH… 16SP?!”

“Oh? Isn’t that a Rare Skill? Mine was also 16.”

“Certainly, it seems to be a Rare Skill. Mm… let’s have it.”


Enhancement of «Uncover» and «Sensing» type Skills is a must have-level for parrying and reflection. These require reading ahead in order to succeed.

Did the range of 3D map expand a little? Which means… it is a Skill that will go up by itself. It’s nice to have it easy.


“An auxiliary Skill, isn’t it. Now, I have plenty of things to verify, but…it’s lunchtime.”

“Nn-yeah. Let’s take a break.”

“Guess let’s do that, ehh. Free time in the afternoon?”

“I think that should be fine.”


The time is just right, let’s take a lunch break...

I say farewell to the chancellor, return to the royal palace and log out.


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