51 Summer Means Camping Day 3

Life on Deserted Island Third Day

We have prepared ourselves somewhat. We should be able to manage. Still, some things make us curious.

  1. There is something wrong about this forest?
  2. Some of the people who enter the forest seem to feel something.


Hm. It’s about time we went somewhere other than the Western forest. North especially. By all means I want a Wyvern blueprint. We haven’t seen them on normal fields yet… It might be a little hard on Ame-san and Thorin-san, but it isn’t like they cannot do anything.


Now, let’s make breakfast.



...Oh? I wondered who it was, but it was Clementia-san. She evolved.



“Good morning. You went to sleep very early yesterday, did you evolve in the early morning?”

“I was really near, so yes.”

“Is that Alraune? Or a Dryad?”

“It’s Alraune~. I safely turned into an Extra, he-heh.”

“So an Extra Race. Was there no items for it?”

“It’s a “requirement evolution”? It required clear water and interaction, a certain level of «Wood Magic», and a certain level of precise manipulation of vines on my head was necessary, too?”

“Hee… by the way, what are you riding there?”

“...Who knows? If I had to describe it, it would be a bud about to flower…?”


Clementia-san was sitting in something that could be described as a strange living creature, or a strange plant.


“Apparently it’s a plant? My movement speed decreases, but all my stats go up inside.”


Her main body is human, but her skin is a little green. Her hair is light green and her eyes are amber-colored. Vines entangling around her serve as her clothes and it looks wild. She has a flower hair ornament. Her height is about the same as mine, when she gets off… that is.


“...That looks kind of cute.”

“Right? This a-little-desperate feel is nice.”


When Clementia-san is sitting, the thing below her is moving… what is this…? Feels… kind of like how Goma-chan1Google it. is moving.

Most likely some kind of bud was used as a motif. The flower part is spreading a little, and inside there sits Clementia-san. The problem is that below the flower part… the torus part, was it? That part is swelled up and sepals are like whips. There is no peduncle and it sits directly on the ground.

In other words, the torus is lying on the ground, but there is part of the torus… a part that looks like a plain smiley face. Moreover, the torus has four parts that look like limbs similar to a turtle’s tail. It moves desperately using that, making it… pretty cute.2On the light novel illustration it looks like she’s riding/is embedded in some kind of animal/plant Pokemon.

“The vines that were on my head turned into those four. Moreover, those vines, they can be normally used for attacking… and they are freely extendable”

“Started to feel like a plant monster, didn’t it?”

“Right~? I took the «Whip» Skill.”

“So it’s under «Whip»?”

“Yup, experience over points.”


People whose main goal is combat are gradually reaching Lv30… I use some of my time for crafting, so I am a little behind. Also, ever since I turned into this race, my experience bar started to fill slower… Though, Zombie at first leveled too fast.


Well, in any case.

I investigated, and apparently when you leave the event field, the items that you acquired during the event are scattered all around you. In other words, the PKs from yesterday have already died once before they challenged us and are no longer here...

So if there is a place with items scattered all over… 


“Morning, Princess~.”

“Good morning, you look sleepy?”

“I will wake up eventually… Here, this is the thing you asked for.”

“This helps. Also, breakfast for you.”

“Thanks~~. Do your beeest...”

“I will, thank you very much.”


I received a bow and arrows from Primula-san. Since we are going North, I want to equip #1 with a bow. If it works well, I can order one after the event. It’s a trial shooting.


“Princess, what do we do today?”

“I want to go North.”


“Yes, you want them too, right? Ske-san.”

“Ha ha, of course. The summon costs will be nasty, though.”

“Are they big? ×6?”


Umm… they said they are Lv30ies. In which case it’s 300×6 giving us 1800… ×3 the cost gives us 5400. A single one blows away my Capacity...


“It’s about time we went in a different direction, so I don’t mind.”

““Can we go~?””

“That scythe can’t be stopped by scales and Thorin-san is using magic, so it should be okay. However, make sure not to fly too high.”

““Got ittt!””

“If we are going north, I do want to go together with another PT...”


Certainly, it’s recommended to go with two parties, so it would be good to invite another party… it would be nice if there was a party that had nothing special to do, now...

Mead-san’s party is gathering… let’s ask.


“Mead-san, have you decided on a destination already?”

“No, we were going to decide now.”

“We actually intend to go North to get Wyverns and other mob blueprints.”

“Hmm, with Princess’ party it would be possible to go North. What do we do?”


Mead-san’s party is… the same as yesterday, but there is a newcomer? Fairellen-san, Clementia-san, also Mohican-san and the wolf person… Cupid-san is the sixth.

Fairellen-san changed from a Fairy? She noticed my gaze and made a triumphant expression, at the same time, the wolf person approached me and started sniffing.


“No scent...”

“HYAHAHA, ain’t it rude to smell a lady?”

“Don’t lecture me when ya look like that! It’s public exposure dammit!”

“Dun wanna be told that by a NUDE PERVO with BALLS EXPOSED!”

“Stop trying to hurt my rep! I’m a WOLFF! And this character DOESN’T HAVE ‘EM!”

“...That’s true, there’s nothing here. I guess Management isn’t going to recreate such details.”



“GYAHAHAHA, it’s yer loss.”



If a male wolf had something attached, they would be bothered by it, hm? And this must also be related to adult circumstances higher up.

The self-introductions have ended with a “Stupid Mutt” comment. Mutt-san it is. He lies down on the ground and with a head on his forelegs.


“Mhm, even if you make a pose like that, your character is so pitiful that you aren’t cute at all, how about you give up?”

“I believe in Princess!”


He’s glancing at me, but I ignore him and speak to Cupid-san.


“It has been a while.”

“Been’a while~. Ever since church?”

*sob sob sob*...”

“Indeed. You have entered Mead-san’s party?”

“The timing was just right. Well… our build directions are kinda...”


Longbow and shortbow, pure magic, Alraune, a wolf and a dagger. On another look, this does feel off.


“Can it be that Clementia-san is tanking?”

“If it becomes necessary, probably~?”

“Up until now?”

“Bind and beat up!”

“Frons and… Shadow?”

“Yes. In some cases we thought of having Ellen take target from the air, but we have firepower so binds are good enough so far.”


Well, pretty much everyone in this PT is an attacker. Clementia-san has some sneaky attacks, though… well, as a party to go North together with, they are very reliable. Also, it seems that Mutt-san can use «Shadow Magic»… His fur is black so I did think he is dark-type, and it was correct.


“So, what did you become, Fairellen-san?”

“A lightning Fay! I became an Éclasídhe!”

“So that’s why you are crackling like that.”

“My flying speed is now higher than that of a Fairy, but control became harder...”

“That kind of direction, is it?”

“But since I found we can change into combined types, this is a big gain!”

“Thinking of the characteristics of the changes and the requirements for combined magic… Lv30 is the earliest?”

“Nnn… Fay are pure magic, so most likely 20 is enough. First batch found «High-Class Magic Ability» quite late...”


The way to acquire it is now publicly known, so it could be possible even at 20… she says. Speaking of which, when I got to the second area I wasn’t 20 yet.

Apparently Fairellen-san has wind, water and earth elements. Which means she has Storm, Wood and Lightning combined magic. I don’t know whether she took them all, though.


Well, we walk North in a crowd of eleven people. There are eleven of us, but only two humans, though. Mead-san who is an Elf, and Mohican-san who is human. Everyone else is inhuman. A Zombie, Skeleton, Living Armor, Wraith, Fay, Sexy Radish, Wolf and Angel. Our races are so varied it’s almost funny. Evolution tree-wise, we have three Wraiths, however.


“Ah, just to mention it, Cupid-san. We don’t need healing.”

“Ohh, yep. Kay, kaay.”

“I guess this is about all you need to be careful about?”

“That’s pretty much the only fatal problem~?”

“In regards to combat… it does not seem like our positions will overlap, so things will work out.”

“Isn’t it weird that there is no overlapping with this many of us?”

“We might be the same attackers, but we are all of different types...”


We have four flying members - one hit & run, one bow and two casters. Members on the ground are - one tank, one hit & run, one bow and three casters. The battlefield itself is wide, so if we spread we will not get in each other’s line of fire.

Oh, wild Raptors! ...they ran away. Do they have a condition regarding parties with a set maximum number of players they can attack?


“Their realistic actions are really interesting. It’s troublesome to hunt them, though...”

“The objective is survival, so it must mean “do your best hunting!”, right.”

“I am enjoying myself. The life of a hunter is nice.”

“Normally wolves hunt in packs, thoughhh? Where’s my female pair, huh? HUH?!”



That was Mead-san’s playstyle in the first place, so the environment matches her now? Since Mutt-san is chasing after people all alone, his pair is… well, do your best.



Now, North is not a forest, but a rocky area.

The things we can see on rocks here must be Lizardines. Wyverns must be on the mountain? This time’s goal is to absorb a Lizardine and a Wyvern, then probably hunt them normally. Apparently North is the nicest place to earn combat exp.


“Ohh… they are bigger than I expected. Heh, Raptors are gettin’ eaten.”

“Raptors are, well, about as big as we are… I see, about four meters big. That’s huge!”

“Wait… can it be that they might get a Huge treatment?”

“Cost ×6 might not be enough, huh?”

“Well… we will know once we absorb them. Let’s kill.”


I acquired some information from Tomo who went to hunt them together with Cecil-san. Well, it was more like a light chat after the hunt was over, however.

Although Lizardines don’t have many action patterns, there are things to be careful for. First, the basic attack is their bite attack which is really strong. It is necessary to stop them from biting. Also, it uses its tail to sweep. This attack has a big preliminary action, so it’s easy to spot, but due to its size it has a large range and will knock back everyone except for large shield holders.

Furthermore, as expected of a Sub-Dragon, it spits a breath in a fan shape when its HP goes below half.


“Also, Alf-san. It will use pillars so please leave the pillar’s range.”


“Apparently it also hits above, so do not fly into it.”

““Got itt!””

“Lastly… it might use mines, so don’t rush into those either.”

“If it uses pillars and mines… it’ll also throw magic missiles at us?”

“Most likely. I recommend giving up and blocking or deflecting them.”



Fairellen-san makes a grim look, but magic missiles are guided, have medium speed and low attack power. It’s better to block or deflect them rather than try avoiding, and use the time to attack. Apparently you won’t die from a single hit as long as you aren’t a Salamander… is what I was told.

However, if you don’t escape from a pillar and all hits get you, or you charge into a mine, you can easily die. They are easy to spot, which is why they are the super high-powered magic. Mobs are one thing, but there is probably no player who will take all the hits from a pillar.

It seems that they throw explosions at players when they group together, so their choice of spells is pretty good.


“Then I will lure him in.”



Alf-san is on standby some distance away from Mead-san with her longbow. We spread around with Alf-san as the center. If I took the usual triangle formation with Alf-san as the center, I would receive the attacks with him, so rather than stand behind him, I took distance to the side.

Mead-san released a【Meteor Shot】into the sky, then right away she nocked an arrow with【Magnum Shot】and shot it, releasing a sound that was hard to believe to have come from a bow. An arrow fell like a meteorite from above and the magnum’s physical phenomenon(?) flew straight to the target, both hitting spot on.


“It’s big, which makes it easy. Oops...”


The Lizardine that was lured in by Mead-san, released triple【Aqua Lance】at her as it ran in our direction. There was some distance, so she easily avoided it.

When it entered the range of【Appeal】, Alf-san started gaining hate. He placed the shield on the ground and supported the bottom part with his left leg and the upper part with his right hand, prepared to receive the charge… now, it’s combat time.


““Uhyaaa! SOO BIIIIG!””

“Attack him from behind while being careful with hate.”

““YES SIR!””

“When responding to a woman, it’s not “sir” but “madam”, so say “yes madam” or “yes ma’am”.”

““YES MA’AM!””

“Very well.”


During times like this, when playing, you often learn and memorize things, don’t you.

Well, with that said, I also start attacking with magic. There is magic I want to level more, but since there is recast cooldown, I use Light and Dark alternately.


“Even with two parties it’s this, huh.”


“ORYAAH!【Tonitrus Pillar】”

“Hm, looks like it might be good if I used a pillar type too.”


A crackling pillar swallowed part of Lizardine’s body and started dealing a fair amount of damage. Speaking of which, I don’t know how damage bonuses work with combine elements. I wonder how is their verification progressing? Let’s ask Fairellen-san when this is over.


“【Thorn Grave】...OHOOO!!”

“Wasn’t that damage nasty?【Frons Lance】...OHOOO...THIS IS…!”


Clementia-san and Fairellen-san started to act weird, but their «Wood Magic» deals really insane damage...


A blue magic circle emerged under Alf-san’s feet and a water pillar rose from there. It’s «Stream Magic»’s【Meer Pillar】, isn’t it. He left it after taking one hit.



“【Dark Heal】”



One second after the magic circle appears, there is the pillar and the damage starts being dealt. It lasts for 7 seconds and deals 6 hits. It took him two seconds to leave from the center of it, so it’s good enough. Thinking of the MP efficiency, it’s pretty good if you get about 3 hits in?


Lizardine took a step back and started an action. Meanwhile, Mutt-san was right in the middle of charging in to attack.


“Tail swipe is coming.”





A splendid swing using its entire body’s mass hit Alf-san’s large shield and released a roar. Mutt-san has also splendidly… failed to avoid it completely and was homerunned.

He jumped but was unable to avoid it in full, as a result he was hit by the upper part of the tail, resulting in a homerun. That tail certainly is fairly thick but… why did he jump onto the thicker part by himself…?


“【High Heal】”

“Thaaanks! Oufhh… if not for the heal, I’d have died from the falling damage...”

“Seriously, Mutt… why did you jump onto the thicker part...”

“No, uh. I wonder why? I should have jumped to the outer part.”

“HYAHAHAHA! Be careful, doggie? You got some speed, makes it more dangerous!”

“Sure. Sorry about that.”


He’s a wolf so he is fast… Seeing his movements, he definitely has «Lightning Fast». It does not change the top speed, but increases the acceleration. In just two seconds he starts moving at top speed… like a cheetah. At this point, only wolf and horse types can take it.

The problem is that it makes it harder to change direction… apparently it’s like a car that cannot stop all of a sudden. Considering the difference in weight, it’s like rushing a car at a dump truck, resulting in increased damage taken.

He was recovered by Cupid-san who has «Holy Magic», let’s leave it to her and continue attacking.


“Went below half!”

“Triples will turn into hexa, so please be careful.”

““How many is hexa?””

“Oh, it’s six.”



On the ground and in the air six of【Meer Mines】have emerged at random. Appearance-wise, they are simple blue balls. It seems that they explode when touched.


“HYAHAHA, whoa! Dat was dangerousss. I was about to run into dat!”




The hit & runners, Mohican-san, Fairellen-san and Mutt-san nearly charged into them. Since the enemy is far higher level, Ame-san is acting very carefully.

Mmh, Magic Power is gathering in his mouth?


“Alf-san, a breath might be coming.”

“Oh, seriously?”

“There is Magic Power gathering in his mouth, huh? «High Immortal»’s Magic Sight sure is useful.”

“【High Shield - Water】”


Enchant’s second tier magic? Cupid-san’s magic enveloped Alf-san’s body with a blue vortex effect and a blue shield icon appeared above him.

The magic power that gathered at Lizardine’s mouth was converted and a water effect was generated at its mouth. Confirmed to be breath.

«Necromantic Secrets’»【Force to Convert】is not exclusively for Servants, is it. Let’s forcibly convert Alf-san’s extra MP into HP.


“Alf-san, I’ll use your MP, okay?”


“【Force to Convert】”

“Alf, be careful for the ground~.”

“Yeah, right. Got it.”


Since Lizardine stepped firmly and entered a firing posture, Alf-san entered a defensive posture. Ske-san and I start channeling【Dark Heal】.

A fan-shaped powerful stream of water assaults Alf-san. The reason a triangle formation is no good, is because of this breath. It has a fan shape, so it would envelop all of us.

And we throw【Dark Heals】on Alf-san, but he had a leeway. The enhancement of the same element with【High Shield】and【Force to Convert】worked well.


“Where do you move?”

“We’ll match you, Alf-san, so move as you like.”



After the breath was over, the ground was lightly gouged and all wet. It was bad for footing, so Alf-san moves. We have it easier, so we match him.

In this event field, attacks apparently affect the terrain. If you use【Explosion】which is a target area exploding magic, it will gouge the ground. After a certain amount of time, the ground will recover automatically, but it will only happen after combat so it’s necessary to be careful.

In the main field there is no such thing, so it must be a special mechanic for this event field. In general, it’s hard to get an actual feel for it unless we use explode ourselves or fight with the Sub-Dragons in the North.


“Ske-san, continue attacking even when a breath comes.”



Breath has a fairly long cool down, so I should manage alone. Well, it would be a problem if it was used consecutively.


After that, Lizardine used two more breaths before we beat it


“Phew… he was strong.”

“Wasn’t he, above all, he had lots of HP.”

“Must be a race with nasty amount of HP bonus. And it was big, too?”

“This is certainly some sweet experience. Do we hunt Sub-Dragons today?”

“Yes, by all means.”

“Ske-san, go ahead and absorb first.”

“A’ight, great.”


The Capacity acquired when absorbing was 12. The cost is apparently (30×10)×8. 2400, huh… at triple the cost it’s 7200? I don’t have enough.


“Huh? There’s something special?”

“What has changed?”

“Extra cost summon is up to seven times the cost, but only one can be summoned?”

“I don’t even have Capacity for a triple cost summon… 16k, is it?”

“16800 it is… not even near~.”


It appears that depending on size, the number of summons possible changes. So they will not let us fill the party with five Huge summons… I haven’t seen it in detail yet, but I will know once I absorb a Huge mob.



““Isn’t it kinda biiig?””


“Is the difference in size caused by the fact it’s a summon? It’s also slightly different.”

“I did hear there are differences even among the same races~!”

“UHAHAHA! As expected of my child! It might be just passives that are affecting it, though!”

“Ahh, I see. Lich’s passive, is it.”


We continued to move and beat Lizardines along the way. I of course absorbed one of them. Looks like «Decomposing Body» disappears at 30, so Ske-san summoned a Lizardine as a Zombie-type and uses him as a sub-tank. Thanks to that, the enemy’s movements were limited by quite a bit and it became a fair bit easier.


What I learned after absorbing, was that Dragons and Sub-Dragons have different summoning conditions.


Dragons can be summoned with up to ×9 the cost, consume two slots and have a limit of 1.

Summons of Huge size can have up to ×7 the cost and a limit of 1. This is where Sub-Dragons are.

Big size summons can be summoned at ×5 the cost and have a limit of 3.

Others can be summoned just as usual, up to ×3 the cost and their limit is party slots.


In the book it was written that there are Pureblood Dragons, Mixed Blood Dragons and Sub-Dragons, but… maybe I should stop taking anything that’s written for granted…? Purebloods are Dragons and others are Sub-Dragons… or maybe Purebloods and Mixed Bloods are dragons, and Sub-Dragons are not even dragons?

I can’t judge it with only «Necromantic Secrets’» information… thinking of it well, I don’t think that humans can completely and correctly investigate the ecology of the strongest species. Take their blood and research DNA… is probably impossible.

Right now humanity thinks so… and categorizes them like this! Is how I should judge it.


With that said.

As long as you have Capacity, you can summon Huge, Big and the remaining ones up at smaller sizes until your party is full. Required costs? Ehh… a Lv100 blueprint would have an initial cost of 36k. Just a dragon’s initial cost is (100×10)×10, making it 10k. A full-custom dragon’s cost would go into millions. Well, it's a tale of the distant future.


I can’t summon it yet, so there are no changes for me.


“By the way, Fairellen-san.”

“What’s up~?”

“How are combined magic weaknesses determined?”

“Nnn… there still isn’t enough verification, but it feels like only the increments are calculated… maybe?”

“So weaknesses are prioritized?”

“Yup. Also, the Status Ailment resulting will be either the combined element’s Freeze or Paralysis.”


Hm… in other words, against Lizardines who are of Water element, it’s enough that there is an Earth element in magic? Earth, Land, Magma, Wood and Lightning, it was those right.

The Wyverns we are going to fight now are of Fire element, so we need Water. So Ice and Storm, as well as Wood…? Although Wood has water included in it, won’t it be bad against Fire…?


“We still haven’t met many enemies with elements, so verification isn’t progressing~.”

“In the main field… it’s just Water and Dark enemies so far?”

“Exactly that~.”


It’s only the Water types in the Southern sea and the Undead with Dark in the Old Temple area and Immortals’ racial starts. Certainly, there are still few enemies with elements.



“Now, everyone. About Wyverns, normally it’s necessary to strike them down before you can do anything about them.”

“Four of us can fly, but… it’s still too hard for the twins, hm?”

““Mid-air combat is impossible for us!””



There is a difference in levels, and ghost-types don’t fly too fast either so it must be difficult for them to fight in mid-air.


“The breath will be of Fire element, so make sure not to get burned, Clementia-san.”


“We just have to smash their wings, right?”

“Yes. It’s hard up until they fall down, but I heard that once they are on the ground they are weaker than a Lizardine.”

“Well… a Wyvern that can’t fly…”

“Sometimes a Lizardine can target us in the middle of the fight, so be wary of the surface.”

““We will look around~!””

“Please do.”


We will have it easier if they look from the sky. Let’s have the two do their best.


Wyverns’ action pattern is mainly based on attacking with Fire-type magic from the sky. However, their strongest attack is “high up you go”. To be precise, it’s an attack where he grabs someone and drops them from the sky. THE GROUND IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON.




“...Dammit. It started influencing kids in a bad way. Should I seal it for a while? No, but...”


Nfu-fufu… Mohican-san is fighting with his conscience...


“Let’s pray that they imitate Princess, yep. HYAHAHAHA!”



A free Wyvern… there’s one in sight. They said their scouting range is pretty wide… oh, it’s coming.


“#1, aim for the wings while it’s flying.”



We scattered as we avoided the【Fire Lances】that came at us, and we commence battle.

Alf-san lures it with【Appeal】while the ranged group aims for the wings.


“【Aero Flak】”

“【Ventos Lance】”

“【Nox Magic Missile】”

“【Gravitas】...It’s not falling, hm?”

“Haven’t its movements become duller? Does it have a different effect depending on the flying method? Wyverns are definitely flying with magic, aren't they?”

“I see, you have a point.”


There are birds who lower their weight as much as possible to fly, and dragons who go “who cares about that” and fly with magic. The former will fall when their weight changes, but the latter...

Still, despite the high cost, it’s not very useful… «Spatial Magic» that is.


Our three bow-users released a green light which burst near the Wyvern, nicely damaging its wings. #1’s bow sometimes sends arrows in strange directions, but it is his first time using it so that cannot be helped. He will get used to it eventually.

Fairellen-san uses her flying speed and is firing magic from behind the Wyvern into his wings at zero distance, huh…?


“Magic doesn’t hit the target? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO HIT! HAHAHAHA!”


“Predicting a position is hard~!”

“【Frons Lance】...Hnn? Not very effective after all?【Meer Magic Missile】”


Ame-san and Thorin-san are also doing their best...

Element-wise Clementia-san should be doing good, but it appears that «Wood Magic»’s damage is not that high. Her magic missiles assault the Wyvern and deal damage higher than【Frons Lance】dealt.


“Nnn… looks like other than Water and Earth, there is also a special Plant judgement. Let’s give up and use Water.”


Seeing how a magic missile which has low damage, deals higher damage than damage-focused lance, there has to be something there. Clementia-san switched from «Wood Magic» to «Water Magic».

Fairellen uses «Storm Magic» and we use Dark.


“HYAHAHA! There’s nothin’ to do ‘til he CRASHES DOWN!”

“Mohican, your magic is?”

“STERILIZE THE FILTHH!”3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N9ibJg2T18&feature=youtu.be&t=2 The line at 0:02.

“...Fire, huh. Got nothing else?”


“Ahh, «Scorch Magic»...”

“Hihihi, ‘rry up and come dooown...”



“He’s RPing so hard that he looks like a psycho, lol.”


...Seems fun.

We hold down the Wyvern that fell. Let’s crush its wings so that it can never fly again.

If their HP goes too low and their wings are still usable, they start using breath from the sky and it’s apparently quite nasty, but with this party it’s pretty easy.


After getting down it tried attacking with the tail, but Alf-san blocks it with his large shield.


“If we surround it with too many of us, a burst will come. Be careful.”

“Oops, right.”


Wyverns are higher level than Lizardines. Therefore, they can use more spells than Lizardines.

A red laser that is【Flame Ray】has pierced Alf-san and his shield and left a penetration effect.


“UUOOHH! So this is ray!”

““【Dark Heal】””

“This time it’s mines, huh. On the ground he ends up using more magic, huh.”

“It’s better if there we matched element, right?【High Shield - Fire】”

“To be honest, In regards to magic defense others are higher than me...”


There is another curious thing about Wyvern. It starts casting magic at targets other than the person with highest hate. It’s unknown whether it’s random, but apparently it also attacks second and third on the hate table. The condition is that he has less than half HP,  he starts doing it at the same time it starts using breath.


“Oh, it’s about time for a breath. Don’t stand behind me.”



Its HP went below half and patterns changed a little.

Out of six【Flame Magic Missiles】that Wyvern released, three headed for Alf-san, two for Mead-san and one for Fairellen-san.


“UEAA?! Fire is no gooood! Or is it? Combined prioritizes increases when attacking, but the opposite is… the risk is too high to verify here. 【Meer Wall】”


Alf-san knew there was no point in avoiding and just received it like it was nothing, Mead-san shot them down with her bow, and Fairellen-san flew low above the ground and put up a wall behind herself to block it.

Isn’t Mead-san’s bow all-capable? Well… hate goes back and forth quite a bit. Level-wise Ame-san and Thorin-san are one thing, but… I’m competing with Mead-san, Fairellen-san and Clementia-san.

Mutt-san and Mohican-san who fight in close combat have problems with attacking frequency. When they stay close for too long, they get【Fire Burst】-ed.

Ske-san and Cupid-san are adjusting themselves? They would have trouble dealing with attacks.


“Oops...【Royal Anti-Magic】”

“You deflect two…?”

“With such timing, I can deal with two within one activation of Art.”


I customized the Art to reduce the assist from the Skill and extended the effect duration, as well as reduced the cooldown. When I deflect things, the assist is weak, but it’s not interesting to play on auto in a full dive game, right? There is also my equipment’s effect, so this customization is really nice.


“Shield is running out.”

“Okaay.【High Shield - Fire】”

“Ah, breath is coming.”

“Yup, coming right in.”


Magic Power gathered on its mouth, and after a while a fire effect appeared which was released toward Alf-san.


““【Dark Heal】””

“Feels like 60% of my HP would be shaved away without matching the element, wouldn’t it?”

“It might be weak, but it’s still a dragon breath. Ha ha ha ha.”

“Allowing myself to be enveloped by flames despite knowing that, is kind of...”

““Do your best, tank!””

“Ha ha, leave it to me! HMPHH!”


Whenever there’s a chance, Alf-san swings the two-handed sword he is holding in one hand. Along with a dull sound, he strikes the Wyvern’s head and causes it to enter a faltering motion.

Mutt-san, Mohican-san and Ame-san did not miss it and attack. Magic and arrows struck the exposed parts.

I deflect the lance that Wyvern fired as a counter-attack.


“Oops… the frequency at which he uses magic is higher than that of Lizardine’s.”

“Must be because he’s bad at physical combat~? Probably has more magic-based stats.”

“Certainly looks like it.”


After that, there were no interruptions and we safely beat it.



〈«High-Class Magic Ability» reached level 25.〉

〈«High-Class Magic Ability»’s【Quadro Spell】was enhanced.〉


It turned into【Penta Spell】.

I have become able to cast up to five of the same spell at once. It’s one stage below what Wyverns are using. It will probably turn into six at level 30.


Wyverns also seem to have the same cost as Lizardines. Ske-san has acquired a powerful flying fighting force. Let’s have him do his best with this.

Now, let’s continue hunting.



About the time sunset begins.


“Let’s go and make the meat from today into steaks right away.”

“Steaks! Hurry, let’s go back!”

“GYAHAHAHA! Calm down, Mutt. We’re in Lizardines range.”


We beat the ones that are in the direction of our movement and ignore the ones on the sides as we headed back. What’s left is to go back, do some cooking and the third day will be over. Is what I thought, but it seems things don’t go so well.


『“COMMANDER! Commander in charge! Give orders for union to return!”』

『“What is happening?”』



Life on Deserted Island Third Day

We have prepared ourselves somewhat. We should be able to manage. Still, some things makes us curious.

  1. There is something wrong about this forest?
  2. Some of the people who enter the forest seem to feel something.
  3. The base is in a pinch. Plant monsters are heading West through the central part of the island, fight them back.




『“Commander to each officer. Please confirm your quests. Our beds are in a pinch. Return as swiftly as possible. They have to be removed for the sake of a refreshing morning. Listen citizens, seven hours of sleep is your duty.”』

『“Roger that, Ultraviolet-sama!”』4How many of you will identify this obscure ref by yourselves, I wonder?

“Looks like more people know it than I thought… maybe I should call them Troubleshooters from the start… well, let’s go back.”

“Go back hoom.”


We ignore Lizardines and walked straight back to the center, and what we found there was a battlefield.


“Oh, there they are.”

“We made you wait.”

“Enemy are plants, or rather, man-eating trees called Plantella Meat Choppers.”

“Meat choppers… are they really plants? That sounds disturbing.”

“Anyway, they are weak to Fire. Water and Earth are no good.”


We joined up with Ertz-san from the crafter team and received information from him. I see that Rina and Tomo are already on the frontlines.


“Well then, we’ll be off to the frontlines.”




Mead-san’s party charged right into the battle. We should go in too.


They are weathered trees without leaves, but they are swaying in a creepy manner as they attack in whip-like manner. Numbers-wise, there isn’t all that many of them? However, each of them is fairly big and tough.

Ske-san seems to be using a Lizardine, so I summon #1 and #2 as Owls and give them «Flame Magic». It should be good enough if we put them on fire.


“My, Tasha, you came.”

“How is it going, Ellie?”

“Blunt attacks get through fairly well, it’s so-so.”

“I have no blunt attacks, so I guess it will be just magic… well, see you later.”

“Yes, see you later.”


Dorie-san is fighting in super-close combat… Well, martial art-types use blunt attacks so it’s a good match… Abbie seems to be focusing on manipulating puppets from the back.

I should earn as much as I can, too.



...Hm, it’s almost over. It was sudden so there was a commotion, but enemies themselves weren’t so numerous. Here and there I can see【Lights】illumination.

There is nothing left to do, so maybe I should switch to cooking… Let’s make steaks.



〈«Cook» reached level 20. Acquired “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Cook»’s【Ingredient Appraisal】was acquired.〉



【Ingredient Appraisal】

A passive skill that increases the Ingredients’ quality by one stage. Works overlapped with «Appraisal».


Ho-hoh… This is nice.

Ah, I failed. It burnt a little. Wyvern and Lizardine meat is high level, so it’s pretty difficult...


“Onee-chan, MEAAAT!”

“Is it over?”

“Yup, it’s over.”

“Was anyone encroached?”

“They are looking now, but doesn’t seem like it?”



Maybe I should eat the burnt one myself...

Clementia-san came over, so let’s hear what she says as I cook.


“There was nothing about encroachment and such~.”

“Nnn… so they were purely plant-type monsters?”

“I think so.”

“Now, it said that they are going from East to West, is there something there? As usual, «Intuition» reacted in the Western forest’s direction...”

“I wonder~? The North is pretty sweet so I want to hunt in the North, but an investigation of the forest might be necessary...”

“Mm--agreed…. Let’s think about it tomorrow when we wake up.”


Tomorrow will be the half-way through the event. It’s about time something happens. Let’s think after the content of tomorrow’s quests.


“Hey, Primula-chaaan. Do ya know atlatl~?”


“A weapon also called a spear thrower, a device for throwing spears. Can ya make one?”

“Nnn, I’ll investigate~.”

“Hihehe, thanks.”


Mohican-san did say that he has «Throwing». Atlatl, hm…? Certainly, thinking of Wyverns, it might be better to have one.


Today’s harvest was acquiring part 4 of the Spice Set, and I also received part 6. The remaining ones are 1, 3 and 5. I feel that the numbers are dependent on the area they drop in.


“Ohh riite, Onee-chan.”


“Apparently, you know, there is a girl streamer who is like a princess or an idol(?), or something.”

“I see…?”

“Apparently she is pretty famous among the second batch? Among the first batch “Princess” = Onee-chan, but to the second batch “princess” can also mean her.”

“Mine is based on race, you know…?”

“I don’t know whether it is related, but maybe they thought you were also the same type of “princess”?”

“You mean that because I’m called “princess” they mistook me for that type of princess?”

“Hahahaha, our Princess is a warrior princess.”

『“Yup, yuup.”』

“...Does not change the fact that those newbie PKs were negligent at gathering information.”


After passing food to Mead-san’s party who were with us today, I split it between others who wanted it. Then after having a chat which included some information exchange, I go to sleep.

I’ll think tomorrow about tomorrow. Good night.


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