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【Environmental Destruction】General Crafting Discussion Thread 50【Is the Meaning of Human Life】
1. Nameless Craftsman
This is the general crafting discussion thread.
Talk about crafting in general over here.
Each crafting type has its own skill-specialized thread, so check them.
Previous thread: http://**********
Smithing: http://**********
Woodcraft: http://**********
Sewing: http://**********

>>980 Take care of the next thread!


474. Nameless Craftsman
Apparently the Mid-Tier Smithing Kit and Mid-Tier Cooking Kit were found in third areas, what about othersss?

475. Nephrite
There was Mid-Tier Craftsmanship kit in Felforge~.

476. Nameless Craftsman
Oh, wonderful!

477. Nameless Craftsman
I want to secure it before the event, is it hard?

478. Nameless Craftsman
South is pretty much impossible, North also seems to be havin’ a hard time?

479. Nameless Craftsman
Mixing, Woodcrafting, Alchemy, puppet and glass, etc is still missing.

480. Nameless Craftsman
I kinda want new fishing tools~?

481. Steiner
What about new farming tools?

482. Nameless Craftsman
Speaking of which, how are fishing tools and farming tools? Do they get more handy gradually?

483. Nameless Craftsman
Like an automatic reel?

484. Nameless Craftsman
The size of fish you can catch increases.

485. Nameless Craftsman
Ahh, naruhodo.

486. Nameless Craftsman
>>485 Ah, naru.

487. Nameless Craftsman
>>486 Ana…

488. Nameless Craftsman
>>487 I won’t let you!!

489. Steiner
Leave your ass be. For us, the speed at which we can plow increases. The time spent on work decreases. In other words, the size of the field we can manage increases!

490. Nameless Craftsman
>>489 Can’t you ask ol’ man to make something for you?

491. Steiner
>>490 It is one method, but things would go absurd if we had ol’ man make everything for us.

492. Nameless Craftsman
>>491 Ahh, costs...

493. Steiner
>>492 Our main tools are already made by ol’ man.

494. Ertz
Hey, good news guys! Something really special!

495. Nameless Craftsman

496. Nameless Craftsman
What, WHAT?!

497. Nameless Craftsman
As expected of our ol’ man!

498. Ertz
It’s possible to become a crafter’s disciple. You will receive a XX’s Disciple title.
The requirements for becoming a disciple are still unknown.
The benefits are free recipes and know-how in regards to crafting.
I don’t know what the disadvantages are yet. It might be dependent on whose disciple you become.

499. Nameless Craftsman
Apprenticeship, huh!

500. Nameless Craftsman
So it was possible after all?

501. Nameless Craftsman
Recipes and know-how are important… Apprenticeship, hm?

502. Nameless Craftsman
Disadvantages are… having to help out? But that actually is a benefit for us...

503. Ertz
>>502 You get quests to make various stuff. Honestly speaking, it’s nothing but a benefit from my perspective. I mean, the other side covers the costs of materials.

504. Nameless Craftsman
>>503 If the other side covers the costs, then it’s completely a benefit.

505. Ertz
>>504 It’s a part of studying under a master, I guess.

506. Anastasia
So you became a disciple too, Ertz-san? I think whether you can become a disciple or not depends on likability. And it’s up not to likability with the master, but the overall reputation in town.

507. Ertz
“Too”, meaning you are under a master too, Princess? Still, the reputation in town sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it?

508. Anastasia
Apparently they look at your behavior during apprenticeship and at your overall personality, but looking good in front of a master is something anyone can think of. Therefore, they apparently gather information from people in the town.

509. Ertz
So that’s it, huh… I did think that it’s better to have high likability, but looks like it’s especially important to crafters… The problem is, the way to confirm your likability?

510. Anastasia
It’s a game where you cannot even read stats, so calculating likability sounds pretty impossible as well. Well, in this game you should be able to roughly tell by the other party’s attitude?

511. Nameless Craftsman
Speaking of which, didn’t the Verification Team semi-announce before, that there are very few people whom child Residents approach…?

512. Nameless Craftsman
Ahh, there was something like that. Kids are very cautious, and kinda very honest. They’ll never approach someone they hate, even if they were told to by their parents.

513. Nameless Craftsman
Apparently it’s to the point where the Verification Team can make a list, hm?

514. Nameless Craftsman
A “List of people whom children approach”? The hell are they doing...

515. Nameless Craftsman
...Is Verification Team really okay? In more than one way.

516. Nameless Craftsman
Don’t say it to them, they do their best!!

517. Anastasia
Is that so? But they come to me often… children, that is.

518. Shirabesuki
In the Starting Town, by far the top of the “List of people whom children approach” is the Princess, with an overwhelming difference.
Or rather, according to various methods of observation, Princess has the highest likability out of all players in the Starting Town. Following that are the top crafters, such as Ertz. Cecil’s team is also high… but Princess is overwhelmingly higher. You can tell just by looking, it’s completely different.

519. Nameless Craftsman
>>518 Oh, it’s the pervert!

520. Shirabesuki
>>519 I’ll make you into a pervert as well.

521. Nameless Craftsman
>>520 What kind of answer is that.

522. Nameless Craftsman
>>520 Worry not! I already am a perv!

523. Shirabesuki
>>522 I see...

524. Nameless Craftsman
>>523 I felt really pitiful just now. Strange… why?

525. Anastasia
Speaking of which, I do have a title that makes my likability increase more.

526. Shirabesuki
WHAT?! Who cares about the pitiful pervert! Titles are important!

527. Nameless Craftsman
>>526 NO WAY! You were just playing around with me?!

528. Shirabesuki
>>527 SHADDUP!

529. Anastasia
It’s “Elegant and Calm Princess” title.
Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.

530. Shirabesuki
>>529 Ahh… a race-specific title…? If you got it along with evolution, then it’s impossible, ehh.

531. Anastasia
>>530 Well... I guess I can tell you. It’s a merged title of these two.
Calm Princess
A title given to a quiet princess.
Improves the impression others have of you.
Elegant Princess
A title given to an elegant princess.
Improves the impression given to royalty and nobles, but can make commoners be wary of you.
Elegant and Calm Princess
A title given to a princess who is both elegant and calm.
Improves the impression given to others and makes them less wary of you.
Calm: For three real days don’t make any more sound than necessary.
Elegant: For three real days maintain your posture and don’t run at all.

532. Shirabesuki
>>531 Many thanks! I’m really grateful but this… is impossible… Princess part is definitely race-related and… hmm.

533. Nameless Craftsman
No running in the game for 72 real hours, lol.

534. Nameless Craftsman
How did you even manage to take that title...

535. Anastasia
I started as a Zombie, so running was “impossible” for me in the first place.
With that said, apparently there are no mid and higher tiers of kits for Alchemy. I asked my master about this.

536. Nameless Craftsman

537. Nameless Craftsman

538. Ertz
So you became a disciple not with Cooking, but with Alchemy?

539. Anastasia
I cook in real after all. Learning Alchemy was more urgent to me. Well, it was by chance, however.
Apparently you end up using the Alchemy Kits’ refining circles until the very end.
I cannot introduce you to my master, but for you who want to raise Alchemy, I recommend you to become a disciple not under an “Alchemist”, but an “Alchemycrafter” since they possess the third tier of skill.

540. Nameless Craftsman
So you can’t introduce anyone, ehh? Must be the type of person who forbids you to speak about them.

541. Anastasia
My likability will physically decrease, so I will say absolutely nothing.

542. Nameless Craftsman
Oh come on, you can tell us, it’s not like you’ll lose anything… HE HE HE. Looks like the usual comment was sealed. But certainly, sounds like it would decrease.

543. Ertz
Yup, without doubt it would.

544. Anastasia
By the way, I was just thinking… This game has a distribution system, right? Aren’t you able to have a merchant “order” something for you from afar?

545. Nameless Craftsman

546. Nameless Craftsman

547. Nameless Craftsman

548. Ertz
...The price might increase by a bit, but certainly?

549. Anastasia
It might require likability with Residents, or rather, a degree of trust… but how about you try?

550. Primula
I’ll try it with my usual merchant!

551. Dantel

552. Salute
I see! Going to ask!

553. Nameless Craftsman

554. Nameless Craftsman



【What Was...】General Progression Thread 53【Progression Again?】
1. A Passing-by Vanguard
This is the general progression thread.
Let’s write about progression in here.
Previous Thread: http://**********

>>980 Please make the next thread.


253. A Passing-by Vanguard
Now, let’s forget all about the great people who left the main route to cross the sea on little boats and were lost to the sea. Are there any chances of clearing the instance event on the sea?

254. A Passing-by Vanguard
The progress is no good.

255. A Passing-by Vanguard
Heck, it’s impossible level-wise.

256. A Passing-by Vanguard

257. A Passing-by Vanguard
I guess the recommended level is 35+...?

258. A Passing-by Vanguard
Considering it’s hard to fight on the ship, that’s the least you want...

259. A Passing-by Vanguard
Depending on the PT, you need 40+...

260. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s hard on us muscleheads.

261. A Passing-by Vanguard

262. Mead
North/West progression team, around?

263. A Passing-by Vanguard
Am ‘ere.

264. A Passing-by Vanguard
Aye ‘ere.

265. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ain’t ‘ere~.

266. A Passing-by Vanguard
Am ‘ere, big sis.

267. Mead
Something came to my mind when I saw Princess’ posts, and I confirmed certain things. Looks like we’ll be able to progress.

268. A Passing-by Vanguard

269. A Passing-by Vanguard
What’s it?

270. Mead
There is no doubt the merchants manage to get past. And so, I went to ask a merchant.

271. A Passing-by Vanguard
Aaaah… yeah. Feels like we still aren’t used to this game.

272. A Passing-by Vanguard
I see… considering that people live here, they must have established ways to move around.

273. Mead
That’s how it is. They are probably telling us to rely on Residents more.
For Charm, we just have to look away. If we look away from enemies and only progress forward, we will not be affected by it.
Poison, Paralysis and Confusion are caused by insect scales, so we just have to blow them away with【Breeze】.
That is it.
Merchants apparently have horses carry magic tools with【Breeze】and stay in the carriage during the passage.

274. A Passing-by Vanguard
Seriouslyy…? Insect scales is the medium, huh.

275. A Passing-by Vanguard
I thought it was a select single target spell. So there was such a way of avoiding it?

276. A Passing-by Vanguard
They are making insect scales with magic and blow them on a single target, which is why【Breeze】allows avoiding it?

277. A Passing-by Vanguard
Speaking of which, Coatl’s poison was a projectile, right…?

278. A Passing-by Vanguard
I see. You don’t get poisoned if it doesn’t hit you. It’s just insect scales version of that.

279. A Passing-by Vanguard
So it wasn’t just a sudden poison effect on the character...

280. Mead
That’s how it is. And so, let’s try【Breeze】.

281. A Passing-by Vanguard

282. A Passing-by Vanguard
Your will!

283. A Passing-by Vanguard

284. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>283 Your favorite things?

285. A Passing-by Vanguard

286. A Passing-by Vanguard
...Fin de siècle...

287. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>285 Wait, you’re Mohican, aren’t you?

288. Mohican

289. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>288 Hey, so it’s not just your haircut but also your player name that’s Mohican dammit! That’s lol.

290. A Passing-by Vanguard
Speaking of which… there was a heavy guy who looked like he mistook games, he was loitering around in Northwest…

291. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah… the guy with mohican haircut, belts around his upper body and shoulder pads…1Literally this guy from Hokuto no Ken:

292. A Passing-by Vanguard
When it goes that far, it makes me wanna see an SS of him.

293. Mohican
>>292 If ya want one, I’ll let ya take it, ehhe? HIHIHI, IMMA ALREADY ROCKHARDD!

294. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>293 What part of you is hard?!

295. Mohican
>>294 Ya know well nufff‘!

296. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>295 *BLUSHES*!

297. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>296 STOPP! What if the thread gets deleted!!

298. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>297 It’s safe as long as it doesn’t get deleted when posting!

299. Management
Well… fine.

300. A Passing-by Vanguard

301. A Passing-by Vanguard
F O R G I V E N.

302. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ahh, thattt, I laughed when I saw him. Was surprised how he recreated it so closely.

303. Mohican
>>302 Imma real grateful to ol’ man and Dantel, ya’knoww?

304. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>303 T H O S E  T W O.

305. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>304 Well, it is armor, so...

435. Mead
Arrived in the third area in Northwest, Bellafont.

436. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ohh, you got there!

437. Mohican

438. A Passing-by Vanguard
Y O U W E N T W I T H T H E M ?

439. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah, we formed a party with the few of us that were nearby.

440. Mohican
Ain’t me to reject a pretty miss invitationn. GYAHAHAHA!

441. A Passing-by Vanguard
Sis, you invited THAT?!

442. Mead
Well, he’s good enough to have been there, so.

443. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yep, he was good at party play, so I can’t say anything either.

444. Mohican
Hihihi, co-op play with bros is obvious, ritee? If we don’t, WE DIE, EHH?

445. A Passing-by Vanguard
Hearing this irrational-looking and sounding mohican say rational things, almost physically hurts.

446. A Passing-by Vanguard
That’s lol.

447. Mead
The hyahha person was actually a good person. Anyway, rushing through with【Breeze】was correct.

448. A Passing-by Vanguard
GJ there!

449. A Passing-by Vanguard
So the way to go Northwest was secured, hm?

450. A Passing-by Vanguard
At this point South needs to be put away for later.

451. A Passing-by Vanguard
Nn-yeah. Time to wait for the event.

452. A Passing-by Vanguard



【Cute?】Minion-types General Discussion Thread 57【Cool?】
1. Adventurer with a Buddy
This is the general thread regarding skills that employ mobs.
«Tame» Tamer
«Summoning Magic» Summoner
«Puppet Magic» Marionetter
«Necromantic Magic» Necromancer
«Spirit Magic» Elementaler
Are the minion magic types. Let’s discuss about these ski9lls
Previous Thread: http://**********

>>980 Please make the next thread.


716. Adventurer with a Buddy
So at this point only Necro and Mario have humanoids?

717. Adventurer with a Buddy
Actually Summoner can summon stuff like Zombies when they beat them.

718. Adventurer with a Buddy
Ohh, right. But isn’t it better to use Necro for that?

719. Adventurer with a Buddy
Seems like it is, according to what Princess and Ske-san say, but Summoner has its own advantages so...

720. Adventurer with a Buddy
Doesn’t need flesh… was it?

721. Adventurer with a Buddy
Yeh. In exchange, they can’t customize, but probably can evolve them?

722. Adventurer with a Buddy
I don’t see Necros and Marios...

723. Adventurer with a Buddy
Tamers and Summoners are really good, or comfy, I should say.

724. Adventurer with a Buddy
Necros and Marios have it hard, and Elements can’t even make contracts at this point...

725. Adventurer with a Buddy
Skills other than Tamer and Summoner seem to be for enthusiasts...

726. Adventurer with a Buddy
I see Princess and Ske-san playing Necro, but what about Mario?

727. Adventurer with a Buddy
>>726 Went to save Peach Princess.

728. Adventurer with a Buddy
>>727 That ain’t what I meant dammit!

729. Adventurer with a Buddy
I see more Marios than Necros. But they’re still rare...

730. Adventurer with a Buddy
That’s cuz either of them need prior preparations~.

731. Adventurer with a Buddy
The problem with puppets is that they’re still being verified and there isn’t much of it on trade.

732. Adventurer with a Buddy
There must be people who aren’t interested in making them, so yeah...

733. Adventurer with a Buddy
Speaking of puppets, isn’t Princess selling something I haven’t seen before?

734. Adventurer with a Buddy
What, something puppet-related?

735. Adventurer with a Buddy
What was it again? I think it was some kind of clay.

736. Adventurer with a Buddy
[Material] Magiclay Rarity: Ra Quality:B-
Clay refined with magic power apt for making Puppets.
It’s this!

737. Adventurer with a Buddy
Heee! If Princess made it, then… Alchemy?

738. Adventurer with a Buddy
Must be either Alchemy or Cooking, so probably Alchemy.

739. Adventurer with a Buddy
They said that Alchemy is faulty, so...

740. Adventurer with a Buddy
It can make things in a very wide range, but the amount of materials necessary is kinda high, was it?

741. Adventurer with a Buddy
Yeah, that. And the biggest problem is that it can’t even make C+ quality… huh?

742. Adventurer with a Buddy
Hm…? HNNN?!

743. Adventurer with a Buddy
Made with Alchemy and...is above C…?!

744. Adventurer with a Buddy
She did say something about becoming Alchemycrafter’s disciple… didn’t she…?

745. Adventurer with a Buddy
That’s it! Well, this is minions board though.

746. Adventurer with a Buddy
Yeah, right. Piggs are cute.

747. Adventurer with a Buddy
They certainly are, but… isn’t it hard on you?

748. Adventurer with a Buddy
It is pretty harsh, but my other little ones are doing their best… and apparently there’re Pigg Monks, rite?!

749. Adventurer with a Buddy
Third area, was it?

750. Adventurer with a Buddy
Ahh, apparently there are some people who got beat by them on first encounter. Ske-san laughed his ass off.

751. Adventurer with a Buddy
And it seems like the damage they deal is no joke, apparently Ske-san would die on one punch.

752. Adventurer with a Buddy
Ske-san is not only weak to blunt attacks, but also pure magic...

753. Adventurer with a Buddy
Do your best, my little Pigg...

754. Adventurer with a Buddy

755. Adventurer with a Buddy
>>754 NOOOoooOOoooo.

756. Adventurer with a Buddy
The third area in the East is pretty hard, eh. Does anyone tame insect-types?

757. Adventurer with a Buddy
I’m a Summoner, but I do have a bee! And a spider, too!

758. Adventurer with a Buddy
Oh, how’s it?

759. Adventurer with a Buddy
Not bad. But, it’s hard to utilize the spider in open spaces.
Bee is a flying mob so it’s pretty good. The problem is… the buzzing sound is noisy…?
My spider is cute when it rides on my hands or shoulders!

760. Adventurer with a Buddy
The so buzzing, huh… speaking of which, didn’t Verification Team mention there are rules regarding to sound for active mobs?

761. Adventurer with a Buddy
They’re still verifying, but apparently it does have an effect. Apparently they are verifying it now in the dungeon for the second batch.

762. Adventurer with a Buddy
Well, my minions are also doing searches so… Yeah, most likely.

763. Adventurer with a Buddy
My rabbit brings me to the enemy! But he can’t really fight...

764. Adventurer with a Buddy
I guess the bunny ears are the charm? I have a Forest Wolf, it’s a safe choice...

765. Adventurer with a Buddy
Owls are nice, too… I have a Hawk, though.

766. Adventurer with a Buddy
As for me… it’s Brown Bear!

767. Adventurer with a Buddy
Is bear stronk?

768. Adventurer with a Buddy
STRONK. He’s very reliable. Completely a power fighter type.

769. Adventurer with a Buddy
I have… a Feelerkalkinion!

770. Adventurer with a Buddy
Srsly? You’re a hero dammit.

771. Adventurer with a Buddy
Hermit tentacles for a pet.

772. Adventurer with a Buddy
Appearance is one thing but… it’s strong, y’know? The number of attacks is bullshit. The problem is that it’s slow, though. I’m having it on standby on my wolf’s back.

773. Adventurer with a Buddy
I see… certainly, it was strong… But still, what does it evolve into?

774. Adventurer with a Buddy
I can’t wait for it. I plan to get to 30 during the event!



【Everyone’s】Princess’ Personal Thread 24【Princess】
1. I Want to Watch over Princess
This is a personal thread about a player, Anastasia-san.
It is possible that Princess herself will see this thread, so do not write anything weird.
Although, anything weird will be immediately purged by the management.

About Princess.
She is the real onee-chan of the halberd user, Akirina. This makes them pretty sisters.
Her current race is Immortal Princess, a Zombie-type Extra Race.
That characteristic dress is Extra Equipment and will not drop even if you PK her.
She has many fans, so you better be resolved in more than one way if you intend to PK her.
And remember, the person herself is strong too.

The reason she has so many fans is because she is pretty, a good girl, and strong.
She often provides important information on boards.
The discoverer of Extra Races, Extra Equipment, «High-Class Magic Ability» and «Necromantic Magic».
Her main weapon is a rapier. Her fighting style is Je*i. Imitate her and your weapon will break.
She has «Cooking» and «Alchemy» for crafting. She uses «Necromantic Magic»’s minions。
Racially, her main firepower is «Dark Magic».

The official videos that Princess appears in at this point:
The batch of TV CMs, defense battle. The second batch of official trailers, long version of the defense battle.

Her video site user page:

That’s it for now!

>>980 Please make the next thread.


857. I Want to Watch over Princess
Made it my wallpaper. Perfect.

858. I Want to Watch over Princess
A collector’s edition. I know.

859. I Want to Watch over Princess
Let’s share this with Father.

860. I Want to Watch over Princess
I will send mine too!

861. Tomo
I feel like I know who is behind the posts above...

862. I Want to Watch over Princess
What, real friends?

863. I Want to Watch over Princess
Being real friends with Princess makes me SO envious...

864. I Want to Watch over Princess
By the way, who took this?

865. I Want to Watch over Princess
Oh? Speaking of which, I wonder who.

866. I Want to Watch over Princess
Seeing swimsuit live… OUTRAGEOUSLY ENVIOUS!

867. Musasabi

868. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>861 Blow up.

869. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>861 Guilty.

870. I Want to Watch over Princess

871. Tomo
Damn you NINJA, you TRAITOR!

872. Musasabi
I just said what I saw-degozaruu~.

873. Tomo
NINJA got his friend-limited swimsuit version, too!!

874. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>872 Max penalty.

875. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>872 Send him to Siberia.

876. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>872 Burn at the stake.

877. Musasabi
HEYY, that was a secret-degozarouyo?!

878. Tomo

879. Akirina
Let’s just decapitate them both, okay?

880. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>879 Agreed.

881. I Want to Watch over Princess
>>879 AGREED.

882. Musasabi

883. Tomo


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    513. Nameless Craftsman
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    514. Nameless Craftsman
    A “List of people whom children approach”? The hell are they doing...

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    BBS chapters are gold, thanks Krytyk for translating this again! I really appreaciate the hard work!

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    This is just another example of why I love BBS chapters especially in these kinds of stories


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