54 Summer Means Camping Day 5

Life on Island Fifth Day

That was horrible, but we safely reached the fifth day.

As a result of investigation with our comrades, we feel that the island’s ecosystem is strange.

  1. Determine what is happening on the island.


Hm-mu… so the ecosystem was the correct answer? It appears there is something on the island that will make things certain, and they are telling us to seek it...


“Ah, good morning, Clementia-san.”


“I wanted to ask but, were there seeds scattered all over during that storm?”

“I didn’t really find any… or rather, if that happened we wouldn’t be able to do anything, right? Even if they were given gamey treatment, it would be weird shining objects flying at us? Wouldn’t be any fun to be honest.”

“Well, I agree there… Considering the dragon was the center, the wind’s direction was turned to the outside, hm?”

“Right~. It wasn’t a circular wind like that of a typhoon.”


Although there are parts that are made realistic, they avoid making us do cumbersome and unfun things. Leveling of ground for base is a common work to do, but… in full dive, it directly connects to comfort of sleep. I’m sure everyone will gladly do it.


For now, we presume that in the East there will be a large-scale event. So while remaining on guard from the East, we should investigate North and West.


“Princess, I have a report!”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Wyverns and Lizardines in the North have their spawn rate reduced today as well!”

“I see, so the prospects of using them for leveling are low. Meaning the focus will be on investigation...”

“I will go take a nap then!”

“Yes, thanks for good work. Have nice sleep.”


This saves me trouble of having Ske-san go investigate it. This must be management’s set-up in order to make us progress the event. Or it might be a notification that fun survival life is over.

There are four days left including today. Now, how will it turn out…?


“There isn’t much, but farm-fresh stuff here!”


Let’s cook.


“Waking up to the sound and scent of cooking, feels like newlyweds!”

“Go sleep talk in your sleep.”

“It’s the scent coming from your neighbours.”

“I’m sad.”


The scent of baking bread is one thing, but I believe barbecue is too heavy for breakfast in real...

People started waking up en masse, the fifth day begins.


“Now, my friends! ...What do we do?”

『“How was North?”』

“I received a report on that just earlier. Wyvern and Lizardine spawns remain drastically reduced.”

『“I see…”』

“Considering the East is the main objective, do we get serious about investigating North and West?”

“Considering the spawns decreased, it should be easy to investigate.”

“Exactly. Knowing there is nothing is already a good result.”


Just as Cecil-san says, we should split between North and West. Parties with members that can fly go North, and all other parties go West? In other words, the North will be mainly inhumans - Fay, Devils, Angels and Ghosts.

It looks like splitting between parties with fliers and those without is enough, so let’s go with that. We have Ame-san and Thorin-san, so will go North.


“The problem is that we have no idea what can be the key...”

“That is exactly it...”

“Well, let’s move from the outer part to the big tree. Seems like it isn’t a normal tree.”

“In the North we’ll just explore for now. Everyone from the crafting group, please take care of the base.”



Now that it is decided, let’s get to action right away. Everyone starts marching in North and West directions.


We progress through the North over bare rock exposed by the water which washed off sand. The scenery changed quite a bit. It feels fresh. The method everything changed however, was also fresh and dynamic...

When we approached the mountain, we took the Wyverns’ target on ourselves and had fliers investigate the mountain. We also had people who are bad at fighting Wyverns and Lizardines to investigate tunnels.


“Breath is coming heree. Don’t come close!”


“This time it’s coming here! Don’t come close!”


“Sky peoples, when we beat one, another will spawn. If you are targeted, come our way.”



I spur #1 on the enemy and sometimes cast spells, meanwhile I adjust the location of each party and summarize the information from the scouts.

It took a fair amount of time, but it also could be said it did not take very long. The number of enemy spawns was smaller than expected, so the exploration progressed well. Certainly, this is very inefficient for leveling.


We searched the North while taking a lunch break in between, but there was wonderfully nothing here… The mountain has crumbled because of the storm and changed appearance, but we did not find anything special thanks to that. Oh right, apparently new ore was found, and a Knocker person has already started mining it.

Speaking of which, my «Mining» is not going up at all… Well, let’s level it when I am in a mood for it.


『“Princess, you have time now?”』

“Cecil-san, is it? I don’t mind now.”

『“We found the identity of «Intuition», or rather… its source.”』

“So it was finally found. What was it?”

『“More like it has approached us on their own. Looks like it’s an event NPC.”』

“Huh? A human?”

『“No, it was a level 64 talking Ginko - a Silver Fox. And you see, it’s telling us to call the leader. We were told that it’s the one related to Stellura-sama, so that’s probably you, Princess?”』

“Ahhh… most likely. Where do I go?”

『“Large tree in the West, thanks!”』



After notifying Alf-san and others, I change #1 into a horse and start moving.

A Ginko… I think it was said to be a good fox. I remember there was heaven, golden, silver, white and black. I don’t know how they are in this game, but Lv64 is stronger than we are.


I ignore enemies and hurry to the big tree, I see the first batch’s parties gathered, and over a meter-large silver-haired fox sitting there quietly.


“Oh, there she is.”

“I made you wait. Did you call for me?”

“From what I have seen, you are the most suitable person to take command.”


So they are looking at the commanding Skills just like during the World Quest? In which case it would still be me. I have yet to hear of any other royals appearing.

Or it might be because I’m the leader of the union here… that is also a possibility.

Well, it doesn't matter. Let’s hear it.


“You people, lend us strength if you want to survive.”

“Please tell us details.”

“Did you go East? At the very least you saw them, yes?”

“Others have gone there. From the looks of it, it is just a forest.”

“East was originally a plain. Before we realized, it turned into that.”

“...How many years ago was it?”

“The problem is, that we are not talking about years here. It has been merely half a year for it to turn into that.”

“I see, that certainly is abnormal.”

“Indeed. We did try to burn it down. But not only failed to finish it off, we cannot even put a paw on it now. We still manage to defend ourselves, but how long will we be able to...”

“Then the scars looking like there was a battle in the central part are...”

“They ARE scars after a battle. You also fought against them, haven’t you… they are his vanguard.”

“You mean Seed Kokkes and Plantella Meat Choppers.”

“That’s right. We cannot overcome them alone.”

“His… what is the cause of all this?”

“A tree monster. The great tree in the East - Triffid.”


“I remember hearing of it… my, what was it again?”


Several people who listened together have reacted, so let’s ask them.


“Did they bring in a Triffid to have a meat-eating plant?”

“That big tree isn’t moving, right? Will it start moving now?”

“In other words, it is a moving, meat-eating plant? Fantasy-wise it isn't such a rare sight.”



Ahh, I think there was something like that in a movie…

Well, for now, subjugating the great tree Triffid… is this camp’s finale. In which case… the remaining four days from now on will be used for suppressing the Eastern forest?


“He is fairly stubborn, and he already set his eyes on you. Will you do it?”

“There is no choice to refuse here, is there?”


“And so, we will cooperate.”

“You have my thanks.”



《World Quest has started.》

《Location: Event Area - Deserted Island》

《Outsiders who are within applicable area will be automatically moved to state of participation.》

《Confirming the quest’s scale…… complete. Setting as WQuest.》

《Outsiders, please select your «Role» within the time limit.》



Ahh, so that’s it. This one will also be of war scale.

Let’s check the help for «Role Selection» since it’s my first time choosing...


※About the Roles to choose from for quests:

Role Selection is a choice which job’s role will you act as...

The shield who attracts enemies to themselves… a Tank.

One who single-mindedly attacks… an Attacker.

One who heals allies… a Healer

Leave reconnaissance to me… a Scout.

A life line of the army… a Rear Support.

And so on, depending on each event the roles change. And based on the role you choose, there are possibilities of specific events occuring.

Crafters and players bad at direct combat - let’s select Rear Support. Preparing equipment, Potions, meals and transporting them will be your work. War is not just combat. There have to be both front and back, or the army will be annihilated.

There is variety among tanks, Large Shield? Small Shield? Or maybe an avoidance tank?

Even among attackers there is a difference in weapons? Maneuvering-type? Or maybe specialized in the sky or the sea?

Healers also have differerent types, are you healing, or maybe a support-type?

There is a great variety of builds. You can change selection as long as you do not confirm, so confirm once you are certain. However, be careful about the time limit.

“Actually I have a build like this: I can act as XX”... if this applies to you, please send a request to Management. During the regular maintenance we will add the role so that it can be chosen next time. However, we will freeze your account if you abuse it.


Hmm… I see.

I am an attacker. Magic Attack type and my element is Dark. For movement, it’s possible for me to ride a mount, but… it’s a forest, so let’s put in walking.



《All Outsiders have finished selecting their Roles.》

《Searching Residents for required positions for WQuest…...》

《Commander… complete. Officers… complete. Sending requests to each player.》

《All requested members have confirmed their participation.》

〈You have become a Commander, so your Role Selection has been changed to Commander.〉

《Beginning split of members among each division.》





Even us, the first batch are… ahh, seems like potential parties have been made… It is different from the defensive battle, it could be said that Role PTs were made.

And the role I have selected has been quickly overwritten with Commander… well, that is just how it is.



《World Quest: Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!》

《Location: Event Area - Deserted Island.》

《Scale: WQuest.》

《Victory Condition: Crushing the Eastern Forest’s Great Tree - Triffid.》

《Defeat Condition: Passing of the Event Period.》

《Phase 1: Reconnaissance Phase Start.》

《Let’s dispatch scouts to the forest and gather information.》



Hm-mm… so the Starting Town’s defensive battle was something like a tutorial. Still, this is completely different, so it did not work.

Umm, the list of divisions is...


Commander    Anastasia
 Land DivisionA    Cecil
 Land DivisionB    Kotatsu
 Land DivisionC    Ruzebarm
 Land DivisionD    Musasabi
 Mobile Division
 Scout Division    Mead
 Music Division    Norbert
 Aerial Division    Fairellen
 Rear Division   Elliza
  Supply    Steiner
  Arms    Ertz
  Consumables Salute

  Transportation1There are no names on some positions, but it actually means that Tasha doesn’t know the people who are on them. So they’re just hidden, and only her acquaintances are listed. It might be changed in the LN?


Hm… why is Ellie an officer…? I certainly think that she is good at consolidating things, but still. Mead-san too, she isn’t in the Land Division but in the Scout Division. And Musasabi-san is in the Land Division.

I don’t know the people in the Mobile Division, Gathering and Transportation.


“...Musasabi-san, why are you in the Land Division?”

“H A H A H A H A, there’s no way a ninja would do scouting, is there?”


“Speaking of which, these people are ninjas, but of the NINJA SLAYER type...”



Originally ninjas’ main work was gathering information. Musasabi-san’s group who specialize in killing are just a group of assassins. If I was to call them something, it would be “psychos”.

Now, before we start moving all-out, let’s confirm with Ginko-san.


“Umm… is it all right to focus on the East?”

“Mhm. We are keeping North and West in reign, you crush the East.”

“Then we will start acting right away, but, who are those?”

“We will also act. Don’t attack animals. They will fight back.”



Ginko-san stood up in a way I almost heard “heave-ho”, then as she walked trudgingly she disappeared like a mirage. I see? So that’s what «Intuition» reacted to.


“Now, my dear Troubleshooters. Mission time.”

『“YESS! UV-sama!”』

“What is this? This sense of unity.”

“Good day, Ellie. You are an officer.”

“Yes, for some reason. What should I do?”

“For now, we have to move. Center should serve as a base.”



We immediately start moving.

While moving I relay to other officers that we are making the center our base and have everyone gather. It would be difficult for the Rear Division if we used anything but center...


“Now, Ellie. Let’s explain.”

“Yes, please do.”

“The objective is to break that big tree. Well, that’s something for the Land Division and others to do, so let’s skip it.”

“Work on the frontlines, isn’t it.”

“You are an officer commanding the Rear Division, so your job… is to consolidate the crafters.”

“Can I do it?”

“If you grasp on what has to be done, it will be easy for you, Ellie. First, memorize people who are stickied to the Rear Division on the UI.”

“Ertz-san, Salute-san and others, yes?

“These people are leaders of each field, so you only have to make their exchange fluent.”


“Most likely I will be saying what we are lacking on the frontlines, so please give instructions to each of them. I think materials other than those for Alchemy are easy to tell apart, so it should be alright. When I’m not saying anything in particular, you only have to make it so that materials go around in between the Rear Division members.”

“Hm-mmm… I can have Abbie and the two become sub-officers to support me?”

“You can. You can have Abbie become a sub-officer and have Letie-san and Dorie-san follow each of you, it will be easy then. Work the people in transportation really hard.”

“Very well, understood.”



Why “eh?”? No matter how you think about it, the people in Transportation will have it hard. They will definitely be working like cart-horses… ah. The leader of the Transportation is a horse person… It’s all right. Cart-horses are merchants’ partners, they are treated very well, don’t worry. I think you should have Primula-san make a cart for you. The problem is whether it can be used in this island’s terrain...

Ahh, but, there is inventory so they can carry items themselves and then further carry one person riding them. There is no need for a cart. Inventory sure is useful.


“Ah, Onee-chan! Quest has changed!”


『Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!』

  1. The East apparently used to be a plain. Strike down the big towering tree!
  2. Let’s investigate the Eastern Forest we have heard about from a Ginko. Reconnaissance Phase.


※Time Remaining: 3 days 10 hours 35 minutes.


“I see, looks like this quest will continue from here.”

“I can’t wait!”

“Princess, can I?”

“Oh, Mead-san. Are there rules for scouts?”

“It seems that when all areas are 100% uncovered or when all Scout Division members are dead and chased out, the next phase will begin. It’s up to how much we can manage to raise this… If we take too long with this, we might be at a losing position for the latter half.”

“What about the number of deaths?”

“Apparently they are not counted in. It’s up to how much area scouted we can gain until we die. Map rules used are the same as ones for dungeons, so areas are split into circles.”

“Then there is a reconnaissance rate for each area?”

“Looks like it. It is unknown whether we must uncover 100% of each area before we move to the next part.”

“Need to scout shallow areas moderately, and properly check the part deeper in...”

“If possible. I plan to leave the shallow parts to the second batch.”


The further they go… in other words, the more they close onto the Triffid, the danger increases. First batch owning high level skills will be in charge of the deeper parts. It does not seem like we will be able to contact each other once they start, so I leave everything to Mead-san who is the officer of the Scout Division.


We arrived at the base in the island’s center, so everyone split between divisions and gathered in groups. This should serve as a meet-together.

A golden crown has appeared above my head and a silver crown above each division’s officer. A symbol of each division can be seen behind each crown, making it easy to recognize at a glance.

For example, the Land Division has a boot and a character. The Mobile Division has a horse and a character. The Music Division has a music note and a character. The Aerial Division has wings and a character. Furthermore, matching each character there is a different colored border.

Marks used were overall simple, but Ellie’s Rear Division looks to be the most garbled one?

Leader of each field has no crown, and only a symbol… is it?

And so, one can tell right away where the leader of each division is.


“Land Division Alpha, gather here!”

“Land Division Bravo is here~!”

“Land Division Charlie is here!”

“Land Division Delta is here-degozaruyoo!”

“Scout Division this way.”

“Music bands just come over here for now.”

“Mobile Division, let’s move away a little.”

“Fliers gather aboveee!”

“Rear Division gather in groups based on each field and prepare for crafting. Take enough space for yourselves!”



Hustle and bustle started along with everyone’s actions.

Each field of crafting opened their crafting kits and the leaders of each field moved them to positions to make them easy to use.


“We’ll decide on what to grow, so make the field ready for use! For now, this part will be wheat-type! East of it will be space for processing, so spread the field in directions other than East!”

“Then, we cooks will take position near the processing space.”


Looks pretty easy when you have excellent subordinates~. Each of them will do their thing, so all that is necessary is to have a grasp on them and prevent them from colliding with one another as they do their job.

The Rear Division will also have its own war.


“We will use that part for transportation, so leave it open!”

“And here?”

“No problem there.”



Looks like Ellie has no problems. I should act too.

First, what’s necessary is escort for the gathering and transport. I can make Mobile Division escort the Transport, let’s have them do hit & run tactics while at it.

We can have the Aerial Division split between Land Division and follow them. Let’s tell Fairellen-san about this.

The music band is naturally with the Land Division, but we will have some stay with the Rear Division. I’ll contact Norbert-san on this.

Also, if there are cooks who can make distilled water, let’s have them make it. Salute-san’s Consumable field will use it in copious amounts.



“What is it?”

“There were fishermen in the Supply field!”

“Fishermen… in which case, Ellie!”


“Can I borrow some of the Alchemy group?”

“Well, I think it should be alright.”

“Then please make them into groups with fishermen which will go to the coast. Have them supply everyone with potion bottles and salt.”



There is no need for horse carts thanks to inventory, but it would be efficient to have a carriage to carry people… In which case… let’s call Primula-san and the horse person. To be precise, he’s a Centauros though.


“What’s up~?”


“Is it possible to make and use a carriage to transport people? Also, speak Japanese, K?”

“Making a carriage itself should be possible, as long as there are trees. But I can’t guarantee it will be comfortable.”

“HA HA HA HA, the destinations are?”

“Alchemists and fishermen to the coast. Miners to the North.”

“Nnn… South is possible. North is up to half of the distance. When rocks start, a carriage won’t work.”

“Hmm… how long will it take to make a carriage?”

“We have plenty of woodcrafters so… about ten minutes?”

“There won’t be as much transportation. One carriage is plenty. I leave it to you.”


“Transport group, please use here as the center and take care of the East, West, South and North.”

“You sure work horses hard, Princess! Leave it to meh!”


This should do.

While seeing off the Scout Division led by Mead-san, I continue to work to get a grasp of the whole situation.

Looks like Scout Division plans to take no longer than until the end of the day.


At this point the Land Division is not dispatching, so let’s have one division act as escort for the gathering group.


“Cecil-san. I would like to ask the Land Division to act as escort for the gathering field, can we move people?”

“Nnn…it’s…possible. We will further decide when information comes from the Scout Division, but at this point we plan to dispatch divisions to the East, West, South and North of the forest. So should we have the Division in charge of the West act as escort?”

“Yes, please do. Then I will call the leader of the Gathering field.”



Eehh…what’s left is..mmhm? Ahh, Ellie is acting naively honest with someone.


“Don’t get in the way!”

“AAaa? SHUT UP! We can do as we want here!”

“What did you say…?”

『“Rear Division officer’s smile is super scary, kek…”』

『“So that’s what they mean when they say “eyes aren’t laughing”…”』


Well, Ellie and Abbie are smiling even when they are angry.

Still… that whip you are holding in your hand fits you really well, doesn’t it? Ellie. Please be careful not to twist young men’s fetishes.

With that said, the match against time has already started, so let’s mediate.


“Ellie, there is no need to straightforwardly keep them company. It’s an online game, so there is a certain amount of these people. In fact, even the Commander has no authority to order anyone to do anything, so just treat them as if they do not exist. Even as we speak the event points are decreasing, so there is no need to keep them company, okay?”

“So you say, but they are quite in the way, you know?”

“How about you tell someone from the Land Division about this and have them do some practice-swinging?”

“I see, practice-swinging… is it. Warm-up exercises are also necessary, aren’t they.”

“Yes, sudden exercises are quite dangerous, after all.”


『“The fact the two smile is all the more scary…”』

『“Practice-swinging, kek.』

『“Practice-swinging is important.”』



Rina came over while swinging her halberd around.

Ah, they ran away. She did take second place in the combat tournament after all...


“A child’s play...”

“Rina, which division?”

“Cecil-san’s division.”

“Then, escorting?”

“I’m bored so I’ll be off.”

“I see, do your best.”

“We will have it easier later thanks to this.”


Said Rina and walked away… while practice-swinging. There's a sound of air being cut coming from that… It’s a weapon, so her halberd is a lump of metal. That makes her a dangerous person, but let’s pretend I saw nothing.



People from the Transport field run all over, and in places decided by Ellie they take out items from the inventory and leave them there.

The fast part of the Rear Division is the Transport field. Fast-moving combat-types must have been assigned into the Mobile Division. In other words, horses and wolves have been assigned into those, making those divisions full of inhumans. Also, there are Tamer and Summoner people with mounts there. Both groups use movement speed as a selling point, so it’s only natural.


“Tasha, Ertz-san is calling.”

“Understood. I’m off.”


Ertz-san was the leader of the Arms field, but the Arms field is Rear Division so they contacted me through Ellie. Let’s go over there right away.


“Did you call me?”

“Yeah, call leaders of each Land Division. Finally made stuff better than Steel.”

“I see, so you will change up. Let’s call them right away.”

“Sorry to bother!”


I call Cecil-san and others, they came right away. As expected, attraction of weapons from new materials is no joke.


“Better than Steel I hear?”

“Cobalt HSS.”


“If I am to tweak the mix, it’ll be after the event… We’re during the event, so I leave it as is.”


Cecil-san and Ertz-san are talking, but Cobalt HSS? I have no clue about it. Apparently it is using Steel, Chrome, Cobalt and Molybdenum, as well as Vanadium or something.

It’s apparently called high-speed steel, but I know nothing about it. Cecil-san doesn’t seem to know either. It’s probably enough to memorize that game-wise, Cobalt HSS is treated as a material one step above Steel.


While I do not need to change weapons… I need to seriously think about enhancing mine. In regards to attack power of the weapon and such, in this level range my equipment is losing completely.

An attacker needs to avoid ending up with a weak weapon. A god’s divine protection… is most likely a title… Is frequent visiting the church and helping out Lucianna-san the shortest path? Well, first is the revenge challenge against the Old Temple area.

Based on what «Identification» is saying, if I receive divine protection, not only my weapon but also my entire equipment set will be enhanced… the problem is, how many stages are there? Isn’t it.

For now, during the event no matter how hard I try it’s impossible, so let’s drop it for now.


“By the way, Princess.”

“What is it?”

“Can you take short sleep-degozaruka?”

“You mean the small amount of sleep just enough not to receive a penalty and so on...?”

“That’s it-degozaruna.”

“Not a thing to boast of, but it’s impossible for me, you know?”

“A DECLARATION-degozaru.”

“It appears that I hate having my sleep disturbed to the point where I kick out my little sister when she sneaks into my bed. Though, my little sister isn’t one to give up...”



My little sister discovered the conditions required for her not to be kicked out in no time, and even now sneaks in like it’s nothing. I think what is necessary is speed in sneaking in. Also, there was something about reducing the amount of movements to minimum when taking a position… was it?

It’s all up to sneaking and taking a posture before I decide that she gets in the way of my sleep… she said, I think.

I don’t know what makes my little sister go this far, but she is pointlessly serious about this.


“I immediately decide to go back to sleep, so getting up halfway is impossible. I might wake up if monsters attack, but...”

“Well, if you are sleeping then we should decide a contact network for when you sleep, right-degozarou? I’m confirming for that-degozaruyo.”

“Ahh, certainly. I will probably be sleeping about the time the Scouting Division returns...”


Distribution of equipment had finished and after Ertz-san returned to his smithy, we consult on what to do about when we sleep.

We cannot all sleep at the same time, so Land Divisions split into a few waves to split between those who stay in the frontlines and those who sleep.

Ruzebarm-san and Musasabi-san are saying they will stay up, so I, Cecil-san and Kotatsu-san go to sleep first.

In the Rear Division, Ellie and Abbie will sleep first and Leti-san and Dori-san will stay up.

Likely each leader will appoint an assistant, so they will shift the time to sleep with that person a little.


“Main stage will be either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?”

“I get all fired up-degozarunaa!”


There should be no big movements until the Scout Division returns, so we should cooperate with Ellie’s group while we can and prioritize upgrading the base.

I would love to say that war is numbers, but before that, it’s preparations. If without resources we cannot maintain numbers, we are done for.

While I don’t run around, I am wandering around the base to confirm changes and look out for problems. Then, I share problems with others and throw them at people who can solve them.

Indeed, a Commander is a person in a position that uses others. Please take care of it.



The remaining three days seem like they will become a long battle...

I’ll be off to sleep then, I leave the rest to you.


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    Cobaltheiss -> Cobalt HSS (from High-Speed Steel)
    maybe it's weird in katakana?

    1. lacius96

      on that note, I wonder why author choose hss as next tier material
      I mean hss is used as cutting tools and drill bits material but there are a lot steel alloy for knives, axes and such too
      there are things like titanium alloy, duralumin, tungsten carbide...
      oh well...

    2. krytyk Post author

      I could go Cobalt HSS, but then I would have to explain the "HSS" acronym.

      1. lacius96

        isn't it already there?
        "It’s apparently called high-speed steel, ...

        you can change it a bit to something like
        "It’s apparently acronym of high-speed steel, ...

        you do have a choice of not explaining it, even I don't know why it's called that while still using it :D

  9. silla

    “Waking up to the sound and scent of cooking, feels like newlyweds!”

    “Go sleep talk in your sleep.”

    “It’s the scent coming from your neighbours.”

    “I’m sad.”

    I'm sad too

  10. Walter Kowalski

    Starting within the last day or two, this site causes my browser to give warnings the site is not secure. Something is wrong that will likely cost you much of your traffic.

    1. krytyk Post author

      I'm not making any money from the site, so it actually doesn't "cost" me anything.
      The issues are on the server side, but I am not the owner of the server; merely a guest who gets free hosting from a nice guy over in Germany. He'll probably fix them in time even without me pestering him.

      1. gumtreeblossom

        This is probably a comment about the SSL certificate again. I noticed it myself, although since I'd discussed it with you, once prior, in the comments... I simply made a temporary exception and moved on.

      2. Walter Kowalski

        I didn't mean "cost" necessarily as money, but I figured you wouldn't be doing this site if you didn't want people to read it, and a lot of people will see that warning, and then be scared away and not click through it.


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