57 Present World and Afterworld

After waking up today, I don’t enter the game and first take some time relaxing in the morning before logging in, matching the gathering time.


It’s where I logged out yesterday. There are no preparations I need to do in particular…no, I should stop by the union and arrange things.

Due to problems with MP during the event, «Spatial Magic» barely went up. I would like to level it up now that I’m back, but… in the location we are going to now, it’s better not to use【Inventory Expansion】.


Hm? Am I being followed? Are those PKs…? Considering they are being sneaky, it’s super suspicious. I’m at the union already, so let’s deposit the money with PK in mind.


I left money in tens of thousands, so I only left 2k at hand. Well, the Old Temple area is full of higher level enemies, so this works.

Then I merge sets I got with the Cooking Kit… there.

When I look at my belongings like this, I realize that I don’t have any rare items… If I was to name one, it would be the Dark Parts… as well as sirloin and tenderloins?

There is no worth in PK’ing me even if I say so myself… The cause for me having this few rares is the small range of my actions… No, I see. It must be because I was absorbing enemies for Capacity. The only chance for a drop is the ring that I received as a reward for beating a boss.

The World Quest reward that were Triffid’s wood materials will go to Primula-san later. I already have this for my equipment, don’t I. I should use money for Servants’ equipment. And maybe for housing...


Well, with that said, time to go.

I move through the statue in the center square to Belstead.


“Oh, heyy.”


“Good morning.”

“Should we go right away?”

“Let’s do so.”


I invite them to a party and confirm whether they hold money. Let’s tell them that I was being looked at by what seemed to PK. Of course, on PT chat.



“It’s been nearly a month since the second batch came, you see… it’s about time they grew active?”

“PK and PKK are familiar existences in MMOs...”


We all summoned horses and started moving North.


“Still, they sure are reckless to aim for you, Princess, aren’t they?”

“Considering that my weaknesses are pretty clear, I am an easy target? The problem is that the risk and return don’t match at all...”

“Can’t call them sane the moment they start aiming for you, Princess… must be a personal grudge?”

“If some kind of envy is the reason, then I guess they would ignore the return.”

“They sure are some small people… There is no point in even bothering about others in MMO.”



We ride North on horses and charge into the Old Temple area.

Ah? I could come solo and… it would be faster if I rode on a Wyvern from the sky? I think there are only Flying Heads in the sky so…

Well, it’s already too late, so let’s beat the enemies on the ground as we progress forward.


“The objective is the center of the area.”

“I did investigate a little, but there wasn’t much information...”

“What are we going there for?”

“Oh my, didn’t I mention it? Apparently there is an entrance to Nether in there.”

““HO-HOH. That makes me fired up.””


I explain this area to the two. That the biggest problem here are reinforcements and enemy cooperation.


“Nnn… in that case how about we split parties to do full summons and form a raid?”

“Ahh, that is an option. You two’s summons will work well here, right?”

“I see. We can summon up to four each like that.”

“I will leave the party, so stay as is, Alf.”

“Got it.”


I form a raid for multiple parties and invite Ske-san.

Thinking of the Capacity…I only summon armor as Lv30. I leave the remaining ones as Lv20 with extra cost and doge customized, for a total for 6000.

An armor, skeleton, Skeleton Wolf, and owl - a total of four. I equip the owl with «Luminous Magic».


“Listen, #1. No burst attacks. Also, use explosion only when I tell you to, in the location I specify. Normally use spells other than that.”



I do want to have enough Capacity to summon them all at Lv30 and extra cost, including wolf’s two customizations. In other words, I need 8100. I’m missing 1800 Capacity.

Thinking of having a Wyvern… yeah.


“I’d like to use a dragon-type, but… I first need to do something about Capacity, eh.”

“Right. 87 and 17 is a little...”

“Isn’t it~.”


The base is ×8 and ×7 of extra cost. One costing 17000 really hurts… At this point it’s impossible to make it a regular.

And there is a problem with size in a forest. Well, being able to switch around based on situation is a strong point of minion-types, so they are telling us to properly choose what to use.

I did summon an Owl but… I could also summon a spider in a forest. There are plenty of blueprints I have yet to try.


In any case.


“If they come from above I will kill them, so please take care of the ground.”



Alf-san has no ranged attacks. Ske-san will have trouble defending from magic attacks, so it is best for me to deal with them.

«Magic Catalyst» has【Material Barrier】and【Magic Barrier】Arts, doesn't it. Their strength is apparently dependent on INT and SPI? Should I take «Magic Catalyst» as well? This rapier seems like it would function as one.

But thinking of my SP… it’s questionable. From the looks of «Super HP Recovery» and «High-Class Magic Ability», secondary Skills’ limit is higher than 30. In which case, I still have a leeway, but...


Oops, a flying skull came.

While reflecting Dark-type magic coming from the enemy, I fire my own magic.


“Those heads, they might serve well as good reflect practice.”

“Flying enemies are pretty hard to hit~.”

“Well, we shouldn’t take too much time so… #1.”


I have the owl fire【Lumen Shot】from behind at the back of the head. Then when it stops, I cast【Light Lance】myself and beat it. It does have low VIT.

Let’s hurry and move forward.


Including the summons there are 11 of us, so we progress smoothly. Our levels have also increased, thanks to which it has become a fair bit easier.


“Oh, a shield, sword and bow, huh. They sure got nice balance.”

“I did manage to beat them, but I did not feel like I could get any further.”

“I will take that armor, take care of the rest.”

“Princess, will you take the bow?”

“I don’t mind.”


Together with Owl I take on the Skeleton Archer, have my armor take on Skeleton Soldier and leave the rest to go to the armor Alf-san is holding.

While the Soldier is being held by my armor, Ske-san will probably beat it up. Archer is being held by me and the owl’s light magic, so it will die right away. As for enemy armor, we can beat it up once we are done with our targets.


Even when I reflect Armored Skeleton Archer’s arrows, it feels poor. Arrows are piercing attacks, so their damage is reduced against bones.

With that said, having a choice of reflecting and not just parrying is a good thing. Although the damage is reduced, they aren’t immune to it so it isn’t pointless.


I fire【Light Arrows】and【Light Lances】, then when enemy nocks an arrow I activate【Royal Reflect】, move the rapier to the line shown by «Sensing Danger» and then do fine tuning.

This requires fewer movements than parrying, so I would like to by all means master it. With the addition of «Wild Instinct» and «Survival of the Fittest», there should be enough system assistance.


My owl casts【Lumen Shot】from above an Archer heavily cutting his HP down, and I finish it off with my attack.

Ske-san is almost done with his own enemy. Let’s kill the armor that Alf-san is holding.


“Alf-san, could you blow that one away?”

“Nn? Well, I think it’s possible.”

“Then,【Lumen Mine】.”

“I see.”


My servants and I move away.





Ske-san reacted to Alf-san's joke.


Alf-san got on a horse and after moving away a little he had the horse kick the enemy with its hind legs. With that, the armor was knocked back into【Lumen Mine】that I placed behind it - farewell.

What wonderful firepower.


“Yup, this is nice and easy.”

“By the way, Princess. Apparently mines can be moved with【Psychokinesis】?”


“Ball is our friend! It will kill us if we kick it though!”

“Well, we would die if we kicked a【Lumen Mine】...”


Ske-san also seems to have finished his side. Let’s continue forward.


“Should I take «Enchant Magic», too, eh?”

“Countermeasure against Undead?”


“Although we don’t get targeted by the same race, there are pretty much no areas with just one type of Undead.”

“Exactly… and in a party, we cannot just leave them be, can we?”

“Well, my Servants’ physical works good enough. But I could also use it on Alf, right?”

“There’s no elemental weapons yet, ehh..”


At this point there are no weapons that have an element, which are a staple of fantasy. Also, there is no resurrection. I feel it is about time we find some, but...



“Take this, killing blow! STAFF SMACK! ...UOOH, my staff’s Durability decreased!”

“The hell you doin’...”


A Magic Catalyst staff is not made for blunt attacks...

The enemy is Undead, so Dark and Shadow aren’t very effective. Ske-san himself seems pretty bored…


While beating Undead that come at us, we steadily approach the center of the area where the quest mark is. We are all above Lv30, so it’s going well.

Finally a human-made looking thing has come into our sight, but...


“Mmm? A Flying Head. There are some in the outer part and near the center, but there are none in the center itself.”

“If you are to look up, Princess then… should I also pull out armor?”

“...Ain’t this impossible?”


There was a great temple here so this place must have been flourishing. In other words, it should have been quite developed, but due to being left for a long time it was swallowed by nature.

However, there was a fairly open space there. In other words, unlike earlier parts the view is good. The greatest forte of Undead, strength in numbers will work here.


“Nnn… Flying Heads are Skeleton-type… #1, take a look at the town as Owl.”



“Ahh, I see. Enemies above and Archers are both Skeleton-types, huh.”


One of the benefits of being inhuman, is that enemies of the same type do not target you.

Using that, I share my owl’s sight to scout.


“It’s all swallowed by plants… There are entrances in the East, West, South and North. Enemies are… none?

“There is no enemy… What's the reason for that? Depending on the reason, it might be correct to charge right inside?”


Now, what did Lucianna-san say… my notes… let’s see...

Ehhh… the reason it was abandoned was due to Undead gathering. The reason behind that was Stellura-sama’s statue.

Therefore, they now place all four statues together...


“If the statue is the issue, what is the reason Undead cannot enter the town?”

“Even now there is only Stellura-sama’s statue in there, right?”

“I see. That certainly makes me curious.”

“For now we can move to about where the entrance is.”

“Let’s do so.”


It would be a pain if enemies linked, so after moving away once we started moving to where the entrance is.

While moving, I give instructions to #1 who is next to me. Thinking of it again, all of them are #1, so it is enough that I give instructions to the closest body to me for them all to receive them.

And so, once we calm down after moving, I have an Owl lure in armor and fly into the town. Let’s see what will happen to that armor.


Armor reacted to my Owl and follows him to the town. Then as it approached the center, its speed decreased… then it eventually collapsed and disappeared.


“Hm. The effect was a little special, was that purification?”

“They get attracted, but when they get attracted too close they get purified… no, are they being attracted for the sake of purification? Well, no clue, but I guess charging in is the correct choice?”

“Agreed. Ske-san, how about you fly over? As for me… I guess I will go by land...”

“Hmm. I’m not fit for charging through like that, so I guess I will do so.”

“Well, Princess… heads are one thing, but Archers will definitely react to you.”


And so, we see off Ske-san who summoned a Wyvern and flew away.


“We should go too… nn?”


“Ah, looks like he entered a solo quest.”


The moment Ske-san entered the town, Ske-san’s figure disappeared and when I looked at the friend list, it displays that he is currently doing a solo quest.


『“Something has just started for me, shouldn’t Princess have gone there instead?”』

“I think it is a different quest from the one I have...”

『“It says “The Road to Nether”.”』

“It is indeed a different one. However, our overall goal is that, so all is fine. We should go as well.”

“Can we charge through, mm?”


After dismissing everything, I summon a horse. Alf-san also gets on his horse, and onwards we go.


We charge through enemies other than armors who are in the way, and I only reflect and parry the arrows that are about to hit me. Alf-san only has to block them all, so he has it easier than me.


The moment we entered the town through the entrance, Alf-san who was riding next to me disappeared and we were separated. It appears that the enemy did not come.


『The Road to Nether』

Nether is the world of the afterlife where Immortal elite gathers.

Receive a trial on the road, if you are acknowledged you should be able to enter Nether.

  1. Head to the Old Temple.

Starting Condition: Immortal

Completion Reward: Right to enter Nether


I see. But first let’s do Lucianna-san’s quest.

The location of the Old Temple is where the quest mark is, so let’s head there right away.


Yup, all beat-up. At worst it could even crumble...

It was made with stone, but ivy had wrapped around it and the walls crumbled. However, pillars were still functioning and it barely maintained the necessary shape...

While it’s a complete ruin, it does have an atmosphere to it. It is without doubt a scenery one cannot see in real.

A decayed building and freely-growing plants. I quite like it.


Now, let’s stop the observation and enter inside.

There are crumbled walls, so the maintenance of the inside is the worst. There are plants inside too.

It might be good to walk around later, and if I find something I should pass it to Lucianna-san. I do want to gain Stellura-sama’s divine protection, so I don’t want to do counterproductive things. It was quite a long time, so the owner probably won’t be there, but… they could be in Nether.


Is this the chapel? Compared to other places, it is almost unnaturally clean.

The big door… will not work. I open the small door that is next to it and enter inside.


What entered my sight first, was a large statue of Stellura-sama. And on the sides, there were three small statues of remaining gods.

These three, they clearly appear improvised. I don’t know the situation back then, but… if the effect differs depending on the statue's size, I guess I can understand the current situation?

Small statues are unable to nullify the large statue’s effect so Undead gather, but purification has an effect in a range of about the town?


For now, let’s use【Clean】. Considering the range, I have nowhere near enough MP. Let’s do it while waiting for recovery. It appears to be a Safe Zone, so I should be able to finish it right away.


She did say something like ““All four need to be set up” is what we learned from that incident.”...didn’t she, so after they discovered this, they slipped past Undead and left three small statues here?

However, the central plaza has a single statue… can it be that its formula is different? I do maybe have some kind of feeling that it possibly might have a different effect.

It might have been faster to shatter Stellura-sama’s statue, but they probably did not want to do that.


Now, will… this be enough?



〈Quest: “Cleaning of the Old Temple’s Chapel” was completed.〉

〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquire “Stellura’s Blessing”〉



Stellura’s Blessing

Blessing given by vice-chief god Stellura.

Reduces cost of Spatial-type magic.



※Regarding titles received from gods:

When you act in this world, you might receive divine protection from gods.

Whenever you receive divine protection, it becomes stronger and its name changes between Blessing→Divine Protection→Affection.

Divine protection is displayed as a title and its effect and name are dependent on the gods who grant it.

And the condition to attain it is also up to gods.

If you seek divine protection, take action that will catch the gods’ attention.

Of course, in a good way. If you catch their attention in a bad way, their Outer One assassins will...


In other words, Blessing is one below Divine Protection. There is no change to the equipment… do I have to get Divine Protection first? Or maybe there is another condition that I’m missing…? It now says that evolution is necessary… yes.


Nether’s quest is… behind Stellura-sama’s statue…?

Uwaa… it feels like an entrance to hell. These pitch dark stairs leading lower than underground do require quite some courage, don’t they? No, I will go of course.


After a while of descending only accompanied by the sound of footsteps, suddenly my field of vision kind of opens and a passage appears.


“Oh my? A visitor, how rare. Please, come here.”


I could see the passage open, so the voice must come from there.

To be “acknowledged”, was it… that trial is probably done here. Let’s go.


“Welcome, o’ Immortal who aims to become an...elit............”


Welcome, I welcome you! Was the smile he made, but his expression gradually turns serious, are you alright? Rather, this person. He has proper skin.


“Do I have to undertake a trial here to go to Nether?”

“............A p-princess…? ...Come in, there is no need for trial… no, I shall guide you. This way.”


Uh...my trial… well, if he says there is no need, then let’s follow him. ...It appears this room is only connected with several straight passages?

This person is a level 80 Zombie-type. A «High Immortal» Murder Kreath, is it?


“Wasn’t that fast?”

“One waited for… has come.”

“By the goddess...”

“Good day?”


This time it’s an armor-type. A «High Immortal» Lethal Knight. Level 90+.

The room itself has a ring, or rather, a slightly lifted stage in the center of it. It must be a trial for close combat. There is an armor person, too, so...


But in the end I ignored all trials and I once again see black stairs from a passage that continued from the last room.

Every time I pass by a room, a new person joins in, but they are all «High Immortals». This is where they test people, which is probably why they are so high level.


“Please wait a moment. I will go ask Chancellor on what to do.”

“So there is a chancellor here?”

“An Elder Lich in the castle.”

“An Elder Lich, is it.”


I was prompted to sit, so I sit down. Let’s be obedient here, if it turns into combat I cannot win. Not only are they higher level, but it’s on a level of final dungeons...



It appears that he went at full speed, and he returned so fast that I did not need wait.


“He said to come straight to the castle without taking detours.”

“We did wait a looong time, y’know… What about prayer?”

“I was told to completely ignore it and bring her to the castle.”

“I see. If Chancellor says so, there must be some meaning to it.”

“With great vigour he said that she might end up taking a pointless evolution and hasten reaching the limit of her growth.”

“Now, let’s head straight to the castle.”


So the chancellor knows evolution routes? I’ll pass on a pointless evolution. Let’s listen to him well.

Brought by one person I descend down the stairs ahead of the passage… in the spread field of view I see an enormous river. Its width is without doubt measured in kilometers...


“I have been waiting for you. Welcome, you who possess the vessel of a king. We welcome you. Now, please get on.”


...Is that Thorin-san’s evolution? I get on a boat and am carried to the opposite shore.

Other than the boat I ride, there are plenty of other ones which were at this exact moment carrying souls. On my boat there was only me and my guide.

It appears that the place Immortals go to after overcoming the trial, and the place souls come is fairly different.

There are souls here, but appearance-wise it is no different than surface? Well, I will go into details on this later.


“...This river is enormous, but it did not take as much time as I thought?”

“It is a voyage to allow everyone to accept that they are dead. This time there was no such need.”

“I see… then I will be off.”


Seen off by the ferryman, this time together with souls I progress along a road to an enormous gate. It feels like a mansion of some noble.

There is a line, but we ignore it and pass by the side.

Inside, there is a place that appears like a court that can be seen in TV dramas sometimes. Let’s ignore the fact that the presiding judge’s job name is “Enma”. There is no need to say anything. I understand it well.


“We will pass through.”

“So you really came… welcome.”

“We are going to the castle, you can exchange greetings later.”

“Mhm, everyone is wishing for this. Hurry up and go.”


We pass by the right side and leave the building.


“This is Nether. If we passed by the left side, we would enter Abyss.”

“I see. Is that the Evernight Castle that I can see there?”

“Indeed. It’s worn-out, but that ends today. Now, let’s go.”


It ends today… so if royalty comes they will receive permission to do repairs? Conversely speaking, without royalty they cannot? That’s… a little bizarre.


There was Stellura-sama’s statue in the central square of Nether too.

Just as Chancellor… the Elder Lich said, we ignore it and head to the castle.

Speaking of Liches, are Ske-san and Alf-san alright? As far as my friend list shows, the two are probably in the middle of their trials...

Well, I will not contact them, so that I don’t get in the way of their solo quests. During a solo quest where you have no allies, a single mistake can often make you die. There are no allies to cover you. In options it is possible to set up what to do about messages during solo quests, it’s a prevention measure against sudden calls interrupting one’s concentration.


Nether is fairly lively, or rather, rambunctious… Rather than hell, it feels closer to being like heaven? It looks like a normal enormous city. It is fairly dark since it’s night, but the Residents here are souls, so they probably possess night vision.


Now, this is the first time I see a castle in this game. ...It is decrepit though. Rather, it isn’t limited to the castle - buildings here are all worn-out.


“Now now, this way.”


We aren’t looking around and I am taken somewhere. Chancellor… so we’re going to an office? 

There are maids here, too. They move to the sides right away making way, then lower their heads. Yup, I can feel that I became a princess.

Other than maids, there were also knights, standing sternly.

Well, their appearance is varied though.. There are bones, armors, ghosts. Ones who have human shape are on the better side. ...What a low hurdle.



We arrived at a large and gorgeous door. There are two armor people standing on the sides. They are levels 90+ like it was only natural. Ever since I entered the castle, even maids are at least Lv60+.

This feels so much like a final dungeon that it makes me laugh.


By the way, isn’t this the throne room?

Ahead of the door slowly opened by the two armors is… well, looks like it.

On an elevated place there was a large and gorgeous chair. Standing next to it there is a bone person.


“I brought her straight here, Chancellor.”

“Good work. I hope she did not pray, did she?”

“She didn’t.”

“First we need to have her sit on the throne and settle the owner, then we will go to pray.”

“Then I will tell everyone.”

“Take care of it.”


Aversa’s Elder Lich, is he… level 100.

Also, sitting on a chair before going to pray… so tagging a flag affects possible evolutions...

The person who guided me has quickly left the place.


“Both vessel and soul are sufficient. The fact you are an Outsider is a trivial issue. ...Please, take a seat.”

“Is it alright? For me to suddenly come and sit there.”

“It is enough that I see the color of your soul. And you do possess Stellura-sama’s Divine Protection, do you not?”

“I did receive one before coming here, but...”

“A problematic person would not receive one. Our goddess is fairly strict.”


Looks like it will not progress unless I sit down. Although I still wonder whether it’s really okay for me to sit there so simply, but if he’s saying it’s alright, then let’s have it.

I sit on the throne.



〈You sat on the throne. You grant power to people under your control.〉

〈You have fulfilled specific conditions, “Title: Ruler of Afterworld” was acquired.〉

〈You have acquired a home. For information on the housing system, please check help.〉

《A new king was born in the Afterworld. Afterworld recovers its original power. From here on, Outsiders’ Death Penalty is altered.》



Nnn…? The last part? Unghh, a housing menu opened.


“Aaah, wonderful. Finally…finally royalty is…a lord to serve is...”


Chancellor, sorry to bother you when you are moved, but this is no time for that. Come back, grandpa. Princess is troubled.


The first three are, well, I understand them. There is a need to confirm them, but they aren’t a problem.

The problem is the last one, you are no good, okay? Furthermore, it is a system message for everyone, too.

For now, first...



“What is it, hm?”

“What is Afterworld?”

“It refers to Nether and Abyss. In case of pointing at Stellura-sama’s entire domain, we say “Underworld”.”


I see. So the Ruler of Afterworld is the ruler of Nether and Abyss.


“By the way, the front… the surface world is called “Present World”.”

“I see.”

“Well, in general it’s this world and that world.”

“Well… I guess that’s it.”


The housing menu is… my home is BIG! It’s completely an entire castle. Maybe I will be able to play baseball in the garden?

The castle’s knights and maids do function as helpful NPCs.


“By the way, didn’t everything turn prettier?”

“It’s because everything was revitalized with the coming of a king! This is its original appearance. I won’t mind if you want to further change it.”


The moment I sat down and there were system log messages, there were also graphical effects. First, Chancellor received a red light of «Royal Authority» just like during a World Quest(?). Most likely everyone under my control, in other words, all Immortals in Nether and Abyss received it?

And from the throne came a wave of light which made everything prettier as it passed.


There are too many things to check… first, let’s check the death penalty.

Eeeh………...it’s in Housing menu?


Death Penalty (Normal)

Death Penalty (Red Player)


There are two settings, one for normal death, and for when a PK dies.

...Ahh, I see. When one dies they will not be revived directly at the Save Point square, but pass through Nether once.

What I can set here, is the cost of returning from Nether to the registered save point.

In other words, money that was lost up until now will now come to Nether.


When you are PK’d… you aren’t penalized by Nether in any way.

When a PK dies… when they are beaten by a player or a Resident, they are only thrown into a prison area. In case they are beaten by a monster, money that was lost enters Nether.


In general, everything but possessed money treatment is the same as always, then the dead person follows the setting and pays the money before returning to the Save Point… is it.

I can use others’ death penalty to expand things. How wonderful. Please forget to deposit your money and die.


With that said, up until now money cost was 50%. 75% for reds.

The setting range is from 10% to 100%. Let’s make it 30% and 50%.



《The amount of money for Nether’s Deathtime Fundraising Rate has been changed.》

《Normal Player: 50%→30%》
《Criminal Player: 75%→50%》



This should work.

Next is confirming the title.


Ruler of Afterworld
You have the right to order members of the Afterworld and your Death Penalty is lightened.
Evernight Castle is your home and you can expand the Afterworld.


I see, it’s a good title. When I die, there is no need for me to pay money.

Looks like the place Outsiders’ souls come to is in a different place from the one Residents come to. Once the fundraising gathers enough funds, let’s make it luxurious. It also looks like there are housing items for it...

Look at the church made with your death penalty money…!


Now, before I start staring at the housing menu...


“Chancellor, I would like to evolve first?”

“Then let’s go to the central square.”


So we head to Stellura-sama’s statue. Chancellor comes with me as we return the way I came.


The worn-out and decrepit insides now look like new.

I can check the layout in the housing menu, so I probably won’t lose my way. It should be enough that I take a look around just to confirm things.

It’s a castle, but it feels like a little lonely initial one. From here on I should be able to upgrade it as I like. This part is, well, very game-like.


Housing Menu can be opened anywhere within my owned land area… In other words, in my case I can open it when I’m anywhere in Nether or Abyss.


“Oohh… Crystal Lotuses have bloomed. I knew it, a king is needed...”


When I look in the direction Chancellor looks, I see Sacred Lotus. So a half-transparent crystal-like Sacred Lotus is Crystal Lotus? There are plenty of them blooming.

I think Sacred Lotuses only bloomed in the mornings, but the moment they are crystal, it turns pointless to think about it. Let’s look at them closely later.

When we got down to the town, knights have made their way and were waiting for us, so I pass through it and head straight to the statue.

The first person who guided me here appears to have been waiting by the statue.


“I have been waiting. Thanks to you, everything has become pretty and clean. I am grateful.”

“I did not do anything special...”

“The existence of a king is important. Please take care of us from now on, Sire.”

“I will also be in your care. I am still weak, after all.”

“You will become strong right away. That is how kings are.”


That’s how they are. Looking at it from a meta-perspective, the reason the speed of my growth is fast is because I’m a player.

I glance at Chancellor, and it seems that I only need to report that I arrived at the statue.


Let’s report to the statue that I arrived.



〈Your arrival to Nether has unlocked new possible Race Evolutions.〉



The mark in the corner of my sight started to self-assert itself. It’s been a while.


Nether Princess
A legitimate member of Nether royalty.
Finally returned home.

Aversa Princess
A legitimate member of Nether royalty.
The ruler of Afterworld, manager of Nether and Abyss.


Nether and Aversa, is it?


“Did Aversa appear, hm?”

“Nether and Aversa have appeared.”

“I recommend evolving into Aversa.”

“Same as you, Chancellor?”

“Indeed. Nether has at most two more evolutions. It would be a great waste.”

“And in Aversa’s case?”

“Now, that is up to you, Sire. In Aversa’s case, let’s just say… that the road to Medium will open.”

“So, to the Outer Ones...”

“You received Divine Protection. If you are to aim for it, we shall support you with all we have.”

“I understand. Then I would like to evolve, but...”

“I shall guide you to your bedroom.”


Along with me, knights who formed a corridor have also withdrawn. Is escort necessary in this world? Is what I thought, but apparently they just tried their best for the first time in a while, and they should calm down eventually.

It’s not like I’m bothered by it, so let’s let them do as they please.


Both Outer Ones and Immortals look bizarre, but don’t seem much different from normal people. They have will, which is also why they aren’t called Undead, but Immortals.


Still, the name they address me changed since I sat down on the throne. It’s not “your highness” but “sire”.

They are quite high level AI, so I should act as to have them acknowledge me.


“Please use this place.”


The place I was taken to, was a luxurious building a little away from the castle. Is this what they call a royal palace?


“This building will serve as your private area. If you need something, you can contact the maids or the knight.”


Maids are level 90+ Zombie type and Ghost-type. The knight is level 100 Armor-type? His job is a Royal Guard, that is pretty cool. But since he’s here, he must be of the royal guard I guess.


“This entire building?”

“Of course. That castle is ultimately a workplace. This is the home. Now, to the bedroom.”


It’s a room with good sun exposure… no, I guess that was not precise? It’s a room with good moon exposure, isn’t it? In our case, a room with good sun exposure would be completely harassment, would it not?

...Well, there is no “sun” in Nether in the first place.


“Then I will evolve now.”

“Yes. I will be waiting here.”


Umm, Chancellor? Aren’t you becoming a doting parent, or rather, a doting grandparent?


...Well, evolution first. Let’s leave problems for later. I feel like I won’t be able to do anything about it anyway...

I enter the soft bed… nope. I enter a simple bedding. Let’s change it eventually. Resident Immortals do not sleep, so they probably aren’t interested in beds.

Considering that, it’s good enough that there is anything.



〈Beginning evolution to Extra Race - Aversa Princess.〉


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