Hello, ones whom I meet for the first time, and those who I met again. I'm Aloha Zachou.

To those who took have picked this book up, A-san in charge of editing, yukisan-sama who prepared wonderful illustrations, as well as those who read my previously published on the net work. You have my heartfelt thanks.

Following Volume 1, because many people have acquired Volume 2 as well I was able to prepare Volume 3.

Although those who read the novel posted on the net know it, but Volume 3 is something that was newly written.

As a result of re-structuring the web novel into light novel form, some scenes that have been cut out have appeared. What I'd like is to make sure that people who read first two volumes could read the web novel and understand its contents, as well as having the web novel readers connect with book version. Although that would be ideal, it's quite a difficult problem. As a result after meeting with A-san in charge of editing, we have decided to rebuild the story and insert cut out scenes.

As for the Volume 3, I have consulted with editor-san, created plot and wrote story. It really felt like work of a full-fledged light novel writer. I was made painfully aware that what I have been doing up until now were merely modifications and revisions. A-san in charge of editing, thank you very much for consultation. I'll be in your care in the future as well. To those who picked up the book, you can tell where were the cut out scenes inserted from by comparing the book version and web version.
I think this is enough formal talk for the time being, once again I prepared a small story to share with everyone. The story this time is about what happened in a certain game I used as a reference.
First of all, as for traps, I used 『Deception』 series game where I repelled intruders by usage of traps as a reference. The characteristic of this game is that a triggered trap can be chained to a next trap, and depending on the way you want to damage enemy, it's possible to infinitely loop traps. This time I used it as a reference for a trap that can be used to force someone into certain situation.

Next, the boss and the spirit's possession. The story I used as a reference for this were the Demon-Faced Warrior and Ghost Warrior from the 『Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer』. A few turns after his defeat the Demon-Faced Warrior turns into an enemy called Ghost Warrior and merges with another enemy, the enemy used as a base gets way stronger. That's the kind of enemy it is. This two-staged enemy gives a delicious amount of experience, on top of giving items it's also good for high-speed leveling.

The 『Deception』 is a dark game, while 『Shiren』 is a comical roguelike game. Although both of them have different atmosphere, I think they're good games. In this work of mine you can find good and interesting references from games like that. If you feel a déjà vu while re-reading the novel, then that would be a good thing I think.
From now on as well, please take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end, I'd like to once again thank the readers who have picked up this book.

I look forward towards the day I can meet you all once again.

August 2014, Aloha Zachou

5 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Anonymous

    Just to make it clear I mean "The Messenger of Darkness and Justice", not "Kry" but "Krytyk" is also nice

    1. bladerain

      And as a side note, there's a gamer on youtube who goes by the name "Cry". Also, shouldn't we think of other nicknames instead? And while we're at it, how about Kadi and the others? How about Harbringer of Fluffy Darkness for Kadi? And White Haze for Aorii? For Krytyk, I think that nickname is fitting.

  2. Sonoda Yuki

    It might not be the place for it, but. Thank you Zachou-sensei; thank you, Krytyk-sensei.


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